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    ONR Augmented Immersive Team Trainer (AITT)

    For geeks who are into very much into airsoft, this technology being tested by the U.S. Marines is something that they would wish be available for civilian use too. In a press release last 31 August 2015, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) announced that their augmented reality technology was used for the first time as part of a live firing exercises.

    Called the Augmented Immersive Team Trainer (AITT), this system allows infantry to super impose images in a live environment. Augmented reality is very much in use in civilian applications, especially in gaming using smartphones, and for military training applications, it is the ability to superpose virtual military vehicles, smoke, enemy or friendly troops, and even air support in a training area. Even a golf course such as what they used in Quantico can be immediately converted into a war zone with the use of augmented reality.

    The immediate benefits of the AITT is obvious: lower costs and logistical concerns.

    “The AITT system is like the Marine Corps itself: lean, agile and adaptable,” said Brig. Gen. Julian Alford, vice chief of naval research and commanding general of the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. “This affordable lightweight system can be taken anywhere—turning any environment into a training ground—and could be used to prepare Marines for real-world situations and environments they will face.”

    (US Navy photo by John F. Williams/Released)

    Putting together a live fire exercise that will involve vehicles, aircraft, munitions, and other elements to make it the training environment realistic will involve more time in planning and preparations, more people that will be involved, and money that is required to move such elements into place. With the AITT, a commander can decide a training exercise be conducted and it can be immediately put together and executed at the earliest time possible. The soldiers can repeat such exercises as often as they can without worrying about the logistical costs of putting an exercise together as the AITT will be cost-effective.

    According to the ONR, the AITT program—part of the ONR Capable Manpower Future Naval Capability, will wrap up its fifth and final year with a large-scale demonstration at Quantico. Scheduled in October 2015, the program will then be turned over to the Marine Corps Program Manager for Training Systems for further testing and development if the USMC assessment will result into further use of the program.

    This would be nice to use for Milsim events as it will simulate more elements in an AO that many milsimers would love to have without the costs involved. It will be mainly rental of such equipment if the U.S. Marines would allow for its use. But then, some enterprising company might just develop a version for civilian milsim purposes, and that would be very much welcome.

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    Radom MSBS-5.56 Rifles (Photo by 762 PR)

    And it's a big family indeed. We get to see the family in a report from Janes that Fabryka Broni fully unveiled the whole family of MSBS-5.56 during the MSPO 2015 or the 23rd International Defence Industry Exhibition 2015 in Kielce, Poland that ended yesterday. The MSBS-5.56 rifle is presently on order from the Polish Armed Forces and seen as a replacement of the SKS rifles  and the kbs wz.96 Beryl.

    At first glance, it looks similar to the ACR and can easily take in the Magpul PMAGs, but it is an indigenous rifle developed by the Radom Arms Factory in Fabryka Broni Łucznik where the Beryl also comes from. With Poland going full steam ahead in their military modernization efforts, the MSBS-5.56 is going to the rifle for the 21st Century Polish Warfighter.

    MSBS-5.56 Standard Rifle Configurations

    Chambered in 5.56x45mm and equipped release barrel, you will also notice that apart from the classic rifle look, it also has bullpup rifle models. Both standard and bullpup configurations share a common upper receiver, making the rifle family a unique one. Also both configurations have 5 five variants each that have interchangeable parts. This is a good design choice in terms of logistical concerns as a soldier can take parts from a variant to repair another rifle, lessening the need to worry about spare parts when supplies have a hard time reaching the frontlines.

    MSBS-5.56 Bullpup Rifle Configurations

    Furthermore in the Janes report, the Polish Armed Forces are in the midst of testing the standard rifle configuration of the MSBS-5.56 which is said to have already passed all qualification tests and ready for production. In 2014, the Polish Armed Forces ordered 14,000 MSBS rifles its Tytan Advanced Individual Battle System programme.

    Looking at both standard and bullpup rifle configurations, any airsoft manufacturer that gets to licence will have a field day that with just one weapon platform, can produce 10 types of rifles which hopefully can have interchangeable parts too like the real MSBS-5.56. For Polish airsoft players, that's 10 airsoft rifles that they can collect to that they can proudly claim to be Polish.

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    Airsoft Surgeon 3rd Euro Championship

    Competitive airsoft practical shooters in Europe and in Asia will be converging again in the United Kingdom as they try to win the in the various divisions at the 2015 Airsoft Surgeon Practical Airsoft Shooting European Championship. Now on its third year, the Airsoft Surgeon Practical Shooting Airsoft European Championship is the best known international airsoft practical shooting event in the world.

    According to the hosts, RedWolf Airsoft UK, there are even more shooters who have signed up for this year as compared to last year. For this year, the event goes fully indoors as it will be held at the Strike Force CQB in the city of Gloucester. In the past two years, a combination of indoor and outdoor shooting courses were put up at The Grange, Balsall Common, Coventry.

    For confirmed shooters needing more details of the event (registration is already closed), here is what we can gather:

    Match Director: Clarence Lai

    Chief Range Officer: Jim Sephton

    The Airsoft Surgeon European Championship will consist of 16 stages for an approximate total of 300 rounds. The Championship will be shot over three days of competition and one day for the Pre-Match.

    Divisions are as follow:

    • Open (Max 28 rounds BB in each magazine)
    • Standard (Max 18 rounds BB in each magazine)
    • Classic (1911 single stack GBB only) (Max 10 rounds BB in each magazine)


    • Male
    • Lady
    • Junior (11 - 17 years old)


    StrikeForce CQB, Morelands Trading Estate, Bristol road, Gloucester, Gloucestershire. GL1 5RZ. UK.

    RO Pre-Match: 10th September 2015

    Main Match: 11th, 12th, 13th September 2015

    Registration: 11am 11th September 2015

    Match Starts: 1:00 pm 11th September 2015

    BBQ Evening: 12th September 2015 Evening (if warehouse permits)

    Award Presentation: 13th September 2015 Late Afternoon / Early Evening

    Also for the third year, Popular Airsoft will be covering this event. Expect the tournament reports, photos, and videos to be posted by us right after the event. We'll try also to tweet events, dependent on internet connectivity at the StrikeForce CQB.

    Shooters! Are you ready? If yes, see you all on Friday!

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    Drone In Crosshairs

    Drones are now a fact in everyday life wherein it does harmless chores such as taking videos of what's happening below and ferrying goods. It can also do some life saving tasks such as helping first responders assess a life-and-death situation quickly with their aerial footages. Or it can do deadly things such as giving intelligence to troops or doing missions by being directed to fire missiles at enemy concentrations and vehicles.

    The last part is what concerns the U.S. Military as drones are now effectively being used in the battlefield and they want to deny the enemy the use of drones when war erupts. From the 26th of July to the 7th of August 2015, the Department of Defense (DoD) conducted a joint exercise of various military branches called Black Dart in Point Mogu, California wherein they test countermeasures and defenses against unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Black Dart is is DoD's largest live-fly, live-fire joint counter-UAS technology.

    Various defense companies also participate in this annual exercise where they showcased their latest UAV and counter-UAV technologies. While the military UAVs we know of are the Reaper or Global Hawk, for this year, the concern of the military cover the smaller drones. In recent months, small  or micro drones are turning out to be dangerous threats to civilians and even the government due to increasing use of commercial drones by private individuals. A drone crashed recently near the White House and a drone being piloted by a teacher crashed during an ongoing tennis match of the U.S. Open 2015. Airline and helicopter pilots have been complaining about near collisions with such drones.

    It is just a matter of time that someone with a more nefarious motive to arm a small aerial drone and unleash it to the unsuspecting public below or have a camera drone to harass or do surveillance on sensitive government and military installations. In 2011, a former Northeastern University student, Rezwan Ferdaus, was arrested and convicted the next year for plotting to pack C-4 plastic explosives into RC models of F-4 and F-86 fighter planes and to crash them into the Pentagon and Washington D.C. He is now serving 17 years in prison.

    Some of the defenses were straightforward and low-cost ---- just to shoot them with guns of snipers or machine gunners in choppers. In one instance a U.S. Marine sniper was able to hit a drone UH-1Y Huey, making it the first recorded instance of a drone being a shot down by a sniper while airborne in a chopper. According to Breaking Defense, the poor drone was a FireFlight UAVS Flanker though it wasn't revealed how it was able to bring it down. The Flanker drone looks big enough that it might take a .50 caliber bullet fired from Barrett  Sniper Rifle to bring it down.

    Photo: Fireflight UAVS Flanker Drone

    A video from the Black Dart Exercise 2015 below shows a chopper gunner firing at a Flanker drone and also bringing it down:

    No further details on what happened during exercise as the most was kept secret since Black Dart was started in 2002. Most have remained secret to prevent other nations, especially the hostile ones, from learning the countermeasures developed against drones.

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    Baby and Guns

    Probably one of the most difficult tasks apart from giving birth to a baby is finding the most appropriate name. Many a couple would fight over deciding the name for their baby and if you add the in-laws, it becomes a frustrating exercise. Even with help of Google or the book of baby names, sometimes it looks like the name for your kid hasn’t been found yet that you have to invent the name yet. Or you love a hobby so much that you start naming your child after a car or name the kid after a city where he/she was conceived like the Beckhams.

    Though honestly, I find it fun going through the list of baby names as it is also educational in which you learn where the name is derived from and it is usually something dignified, beautiful, brave, intellectual, biblical, or noble.

    But what if some parents name their kids after firearms? Yes! Guns!

    According to the baby names website, Nameberry, parents in the US naming their babies after guns, gun terms, firearms manufacturers, weapons, and warriors are on the rise. One name, Gunner, has even made it to the list of top 200 names for boys:

    "Names related to guns and firearms manufacturers are one of the most dominant types of violent names on the rise. The most popular of all: Gunner, given to over 1500 baby boys last year. Taken together with the 750 boys named homonym Gunnar, an authentic Scandinavian name meaning "bold warrior," places it among the Top 200 boys’ names. Cannon is also in the boys’ Top 1000. Other gun-related names chosen by US parents in 2014 include Trigger, Shooter, Caliber, Magnum, and Pistol. The names of gun manufacturers may have images that transcend their relationship to guns, but they’re on the rise for whatever reason and include Barrett, Remington, Kimber, Ruger, Wesson, Browning, Benelli, and Beretta."

    So far, Nameberry hasn’t mentioned gun models being picked such as 1911, M16, M14, or ARX-160. Just imagine naming your eldest as AK-47? Probably, most schools in the USA would be hesitant to accept such a kid named after a gun model given that some of the worst mass shootings in the USA happened in schools. And we strongly recommend not naming a kid "TEC-9". Do you know of anyone who does?

    Some individuals are concerned with the rise of such "violent names" as a reflection of a violent gun culture in the U.S. But knowing some parents, a few have a tendency to name their kids after "tough names" so they won't get bullied when they grow up (unless the bully is named "Howitzer" or "Tank").

    Do you believe that names of people are usually reflections of the times when they were born? If you do and if they are named after guns and firearms companies, then what does it mean to you?

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    Land Rover Ranger Rover Sentinel

    Riding an armoured vehicle doesn't necessarily mean that you have to get on a vehicle that looks like something that will intimidate other road users or will look like an MRAP lacking some sexiness and finesse. If you have the money and the taste to ride in style whilst protected inside from anyone who wish something bad on you, then the Jaguar Land Rover's Range Rover Sentinel is the vehicle for you.

    The new Range Rover Sentinel is the first luxury armoured vehicle to be fully engineered by Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations (SVO). Hand-built from their Oxford Facility, this vehicle was designed to withstand attacks. If you are a very important person with a protection detail, your head of security would highly recommend this vehicle to make their task of protecting you easier.

    To protect the VIP, super high strength steel was used to bild a six-piece armoured passenger cell. As for the glass windows, multi-laminated armour privacy glass was put into place where it provides a clear view for the occupants of the vehicle while providing protection from bullets.

    Such protection would enable the Sentinel to withstand attacks from 7.62mm bullets and armour-piercing rounds. It can also withstand explosions caused by 15kg of TNT and grenades lobbed on the roof or under the floor. Also part of keeping the vehicle ready to go are  the self-sealing fuel tanks, tamper-proof exhaust, auxiliary back-up battery, and a split charging system.

    To get out of Dodge, flat run inserts fitted into the special 20-inch split rim alloy wheels help the vehicle escape the ambush area even with deflated tires. But the most important thing to really survive a determined attack is to have an engine that will give all the power to get through obstacles and terrain which a Range Rover is well-known for.  That's where the 340PS 3.0-litre V6 supercharged petrol engine comes in and combined with the specially-calibrated ZF 8-speed automatic transmission, it will reall work hard to get you out fast. With the Command Driving Position which is standard in Range Rovers, the driver gets a good and unobstructed view which is important when leaving the scene of attack.

    There are a lot of extras designed for optimum protection and survival of the occupants in the Sentinel. In case the vehicle gets disabled and unable to be driven off, there is an escape system beneath the rear seats. To avoid frequent opening of doors, there is a 100mm opening at the driver's window to pass documents or identification.

    To be on display at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI 2015) expo in London from the 15th to the 18th of September, the Sentinel has a guide price of €400,000 and comes with a three-year, 50,000-mile warranty. No idea yet if the vehicle package also includes some extra offensive or defensive capabilities that would make James Bond ditch his Aston Martin DB10 in favour of this.

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    Nootropic Design Defusable Clock

    The story might amuse you due to the naïveté of the young man for carrying a fake time-bomb inside Toronto International Airport that he was charged with mischief. He was carrying the fake alarm-triggered dynamite bundle inside his carry-on luggage when it was found by a screening officer and caused alarm with a bomb-disposal team sent to the scene and most of Terminal 3 shut down for 3 hours.

    The fake time-bomb is a product of Nootropic Design and is actually a defusable clock which is harmless enough to be set on anyone's bedside table. Of course, with the fake dynamite, wires, and timer airport security or any public building would be alarmed as it does not appear to be fake for the first time.

    If you're planning on bringing such a device along with you, it's best to have it shipped to your destination with "toy time-bomb" written all over it so as not to make the courier panic while he's on his way to deliver it to your address.

    For airsoft players, especially game organizers, it is best to keep in mind this incident. Airsoft usually has game scenarios where airsoft players are given the objective of the planting or defusing a "bomb" and the Nootropic Design Defusable Alarm Clock are used by some game sites with one model with fake plastic explosives rather than dynamite. Well, there are many more like this in the airsoft market.

    If you  are carrying one of these contraptions, please be mindful to treat it the way you carry your airsoft guns to the game site, keep them out of sight from the public. I would strongly recommend these being brought into airplanes whether inside checked-in or carry-on luggage as airport and airline security are some of the most paranoid in civilian facilities. It will be very hard to "defuse" a situation like this and in the case of the Canadian teenager, he was lucky that he was not charged with any crime. You might not be lucky in your own country if you do the same stunt.

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    Jionikku M-120A1 Zaku Machine gun

    I always look forward to knowing the winners of Hyperdouraku's Custom Gun Contest, an annual airsoft custom contest where the creative minds of Japanese airsoft players (overseas entries are also welcome) really are just on another level. For this year, the winner's designs were just awesome and wish that their creations can go into mass production.

    Whilst most of the entries are really nice to have, the winners of the Gold and Silver Awards, based on online voting show how this year's designs took custom work up notch. The OICW XM29 entry, which was one of the Gold Award winner and this one of the guns that I want to see produced as an airsoft gun. The other Gold Award winner, the Jionikku M-120A1 Zaku Machine Gun is a favourite of overseas voters and it is a gun that looks it's the child of the Lewis Automatic Machine Gun and the Calico Light Weapon System.

    Both the Silver Award Winners are custom airsoft pistols. The first one, a customised P08 Desert Ruger, is what a Ruger's evolution if the model was continued into the 21st Century. It has a more modern pistol grip, an under rail, and a reflex sight. The second  winner, Full Frontal Wind FN5-7, could comfortable be designed for use in another Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare game or any futuristic FPS video game or sci-fi movie. For me, are items that I'd be hesitant to use them in a game as they're just beautiful.

    To learn more about these winning custom guns, click on the links below. For the full list of entries for this year's Custom Gun Contest, click here.


    OICW XM29 (Entry no. 070) by Yuji

    Jionikku M-120A1 Zaku Machine Gun (Entry No.035) By Suregga Lieutenant


    P08 Desert Ruger (Entry No.087) by Eddie

    Full Frontal wind FN5-7 (Entry No.068) Take.R

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    Kalashnikov Concern

    The press release from Kalashnikov Concern last week is a heads up to those who intend to use the names and intellectual property of the company around the world that they intend to enforce their ownership. Slowly, they have been building up their intellectual property portfolio. Last year, they applied for 3D trademarks of the AK and AKM family rifles.

    In December 2014, it was announced that they were applied for a word trademark for "AK-47" including for goods of 28 class under the International Classification of Goods and Services. According to the TASS news agency, this classification, that was established under the NICE agreement, the goods of 28 class are games and toys, gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes and decorations for Christmas trees.

    They sued for early termination of the trademark protection that is owned by M.T. Kalashnikov, a business agency established by the designer of the AK-47, Mikhail Kalashnikov, together with his daughter and grandson, with a focus on photography and use the trademark that is made of the AK-47 rifle and the AK-47 name in toys and games. M.T. Kalashnikov appealed to the Russian Supreme Court to challenge the decision of a lower court to reconsider the lawsuit filed by the company after the family won in their favour in 2014.

    Last week, they announced that they have successfully registered their trademarks in Russia that cover Kalashnikov, Baikal and Izhmash with plans to enforced their trademarks internationally:

    (Moscow, Russia) September 10, 2015– OJSC Concern Kalashnikov today announced the successful registration of trademarks Калашников/Kalashnikov in the Russian Federation. These trademarks were issued by Rospatent (the Russian Patent Office) in August 2015 and cover the production of firearms and ammunition.

    The registration of these trademarks is the first step in a comprehensive, worldwide strategy to consolidate the global intellectual property rights of Concern Kalashnikov.

    “The registration of the trademarks Калашников/Kalashnikov in Russia is an historic event for our company and the start of our efforts to consolidate and protect the legendary weapons brand both in Russia and abroad,” said Concern Kalashnikov CEO Alexey Krivoruchko. - We are in the process of formalizing ownership of trademarks across several key product classes throughout the world and will aggressively prosecute those brand pirates who attempt to illegitimately profit our brand.”

    Trademarks are an essential indicator of quality and aid the buyer to find the genuine article. The Kalashnikov name is known throughout the world as a symbol of engineering and design excellence. Its development at IZHMASH (now Concern Kalashnikov) is also well known and its intellectual property rights will now be protected.

    “Kalashnikov is a renowned global name and this registration is a great first step in the protection of its brand,” said corporate reputation management expert Patrick Jephson. - Like other global brands such as Cartier or Apple, pirates will attempt to illegitimately profit from such an established reputation and in the process damage and dilute the strength of its brand. Concern Kalashnikov can now take firm actions against pirate production and build the long-term value of its brand.”

    But it looks like that it will be long process for them to enforce their intellectual property globally, especially in the U.S. With the ongoing sanctions against Russia due to its involvement in the conflict in Ukraine, they are unable to prevent a U.S. based company, Kalashnikov USA, from selling Kalashnikov Rifles in the USA. It is impossible for Kalashnikov Concern to register a trademark in the USA as long as the sanctions are in effect. Before the sanctions took effect, they were selling up to 200,000 guns in North America annually.

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    Revision Military Cobra Plus Head Protection System

    Revision Military is going from strength to strength, and now has established an even bigger presence in the European military market with a win in the United Kingdom. Just yesterday, they put out a press release announcing that have won the head sub-systems part of the contract that was won by Source Vagabond Systems Ltd. overall. The contract is about the Virtus Programme or the provision of the Virtus Body Armour to British troops.

    The Virtus Body Armour gives the same level of protection as the Osprey but is lighter by 4.7 kilograms and provides a slimmer profile to the user.

    For the head protection system, Revision Miitary's responsibility is to supply the Batlskin Cobra Plus which is the company's complete head protection system that they have designed over the year. The Batlksin Cobra Plus is designed to be easily configurable to meet the mission requirements and operational environment and it includes full face coverage and mandible protection which is part of the patented Modular Protective Attachment System (MPAS).

    The Cobra Plus head protection system is expected to start delivery in Autumn 2015, with 9,000 full systems to be received by the British Army.

    With increasing sales outside of North America, Revision Military decided to open a UK facility to support business opportunities in Europe since apart from the British Army, they also have Denmark as a client. They have appointed Brigadier Peter Rafferty (Ret.) to head this new facility which will be based in Bristol.

    Press release of the contract below:


    Montreal, Quebec (September 14, 2015) – Revision Military, a world leader in integrated, purpose-built soldier solutions, has won the head sub-systems portion of the contract awarded to Source Vagabond Systems Ltd., to provide UK Troops with new kit as part of the Virtus program. The Revision custom-designed head protection solution, known as the Batlskin Cobra Plus, offers an ultra-lightweight helmet that exceeds the UK’s stringent ballistic and impact requirements and can be coupled with the patented Modular Protective Attachment System (MPAS) for full face protection. In addition, the Revision Sawfly Spectacle and WolfSpider Goggle Systems will be provided for use when full-face coverage is not required.

    The first deliveries of Cobra Plus head protection systems are planned for quick shipment with 9,000 full systems scheduled for Autumn, 2015 enabling fielding to first-recipient troops in early 2016.

    The Cobra Plus helmet, fitted with the Modular Suspension System – a fully adjustable liner and retention system designed to maximize comfort and stability during long periods of wear – also carries an integrated front mount and mini rail system to attach NVG’s and accessories such as flashlights or cameras.

    The MPAS consists of a ballistic Mandible Guard for lower face and jaw protection as well as an optically correct Visor that can be completely closed and sealed for full protection, vented for additional air flow, or put into an upright locked position when not required. This flexible facial protection solution is equally suitable in riot control scenarios as it is fulfilling different mission requirements on the battlefield.

    “Revision is extremely pleased to have been selected to supply this proprietary head protection system for UK soldiers” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Military. “This fully integrated and fully modular protective system is a result of our intense R & D efforts and highest quality manufacturing. We are confident it offers the best in comfort, protection, durability and flexibility for the mission at hand whether on the battlefield or during peace-keeping assignments.” Jonathan continued, “Revision strongly believes in constant innovation and product improvement. It is our intention to offer incremental innovation over the service life of the Cobra Plus Head System to ensure the very newest technology is made available to British soldiers.”

    As a part of the vertically integrated manufacturing process Revision will utilize its expertise in molding, cutting, finishing as well as production quality testing at its in-house ballistic range and laboratory during production of this protective equipment.

    Revision has recently supplied approximately 8,000 similar helmets and face protection systems to Denmark; those have been put through the rigors of the Afghanistan theatre and have been extremely well received by the Danish Forces. Revision supplies Advanced Combat Helmets to the U.S. military and has manufactured over 1.3 million life-saving helmets in its Newport, Vermont facility, primarily for U.S. troops. In addition, Revision is the solitary supplier of Canadian CG634 and CVC helmets. Numerous Special Forces operators and SWAT teams globally continue to trial and select Revision’s lightweight, modular and fully integrated solutions as their preferred head protection equipment.

    To learn more about our Cobra Plus Head Protection System, click here.


    Revision develops and delivers purpose-built protective soldier equipment for military use worldwide. The company, which began with eyewear, has expanded to face, head and torso protection as well as energy storage and power management products, continues to develop innovative capabilities for integrated, performance-enhancing soldier systems. To that end, Revision brings together the most advanced expertise, state-of-the-art facilities and finest technical minds. Privately owned and ISO 9001:2008 certified, Revision’s operational headquarters is located in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA, with additional offices in Luxembourg, Canada and the UK. For more information,, write, or call +1 252-288-5805.

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    AMS SR-25 Gun Builder

    If we're talking about a unique online airsoft shopping experience, then we should be talking about Airsoft Megastore. Why do I say so? It's because they are the only airsoft retailer (and also wholesaler) that lets customers build their own custom guns in an interactive way online. You can build your own custom AR or AK airsoft rifle in either AEG or Gas Blowback configurations that suit your taste.

    Airsoft Megastore is heavily focused on making the Custom Gun Builder a showcase feature at their online store, believing that customers prefer to have a hand in the customization of their airsoft rifles. With the Custom Gun Builder, the customers and Airsoft Megastore can easily understand each other on how the customization shall proceed and within the specifications that can be met by Airsoft Megastore as parts are already based on existing inventory.

    Now, they proudly present the SR-25 Gun Builder for those looking into a custom DMR to bring to the next milsim event. While at first glance it looks like another M4, it still has a different configuration to have its own section in the Custom Gun Builder. It has an elongated Version 2 Gearbox since it has a bigger upper and lower receivers designed to take in a 7.62mm magazines for DMRs.

    I am actually surprised that there is a selection of rails for the SR-25 and there are KeyMod rail systems available for it. You can still go for the traditional front end and upper if you still prefer the old look of the SR-25. Just like the other weapons platforms that are available in the Custom Gun Builder, right after making your selection of parts to put the rifle together, you then get to select the accessories and consumables that will go with it. While you are making all the selections the Custom Gun Builder automatically calculates the total so you can keep track if you’re going over your budget or not.

    Using the AMS Custom Gun Builder is very much straightforward and a lot of thought of making it an easy-to-use online airsoft shopping tool was put into it. The list of airsoft guns that can be customized with it is getting longer and Airsoft Megastore are open to suggestions on what airsoft gun you think they should prioritize to add to the Custom Gun Builder in the future.

    It would be interesting if they build a mobile app version of the Custom Gun Builder for those who are on the go. I have tested it on a mobile phone (iPhone 6) and it works good as long as the screen is big enough but would be chose using it on a smaller screen. A native app is probably a good answer for using the Custom Gun Builder on a mobile device.

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    TrackingPoint - Shooting Reimagined 2015

    The photo above is something that will be frowned on by airsoft players as it shows someone in the act of doing blind-firing. Or is it really blind-firing? The shooter in the photo is using the TrackingPoint Smart Rifle with the rifle transmitting what it sees to the shooter who is using something like a Google Glass to track, mark, and shoot the target.

    Earlier this year, many have wondered about the future of TrackingPoint as a company when it stopped taking orders due to financial difficulties and laying off of staff. With its Xact System which is the heart of the Precision Guided Firearm that allows anyone with just minimum instruction, to shoot accurately like a pro or a highly trained sniper.

    According to the, TrackingPoint has resumed shipping orders of the smart rifle after coming out financial and operational restructuring. There has  been new capital infusion and that co-founder John MacHale shall be CEO of the company. The company reported rapid and strong growth in 2014 but the problems they encountered in 2015 was due to the company's operations being overwhelmed by its rapid growth. In July 2015, a story was posted that hackers can disable or change the target of the TrackingPoint remotely.

    With its relaunch, the company says it has streamlined operations with a smaller research and development budget and reduced staffing and costs of operations overall. Several engineers will be retained as contractors for the company. The company will renew its focus on law enforcement and military.

    Press release from the company right below the video:

    TrackingPoint Emerges From Restructuring a Leaner and Stronger Company

    Founding Management Team Returns To Lead TrackingPoint Forward

    Pflugerville, Texas (September 15, 2015) – TrackingPoint announced today the successful completion of a financial and operational restructuring. The company is accepting new orders while fulfilling its backlog of existing orders. In the spring of 2015, TrackingPoint temporarily suspended production and deliveries in order to put the company back on a strong financial footing. TrackingPoint previously announced 2014 year-on-year unit growth of 281%, and its management indicated that the rapid growth subsequently outstripped the company's ability to manage its operations.

    TrackingPoint's founding team of John Lupher and John McHale has returned to manage the company going forward. John Lupher reassumes his founding role as Vice President of Engineering, while John McHale, formerly Chairman, returns to his original role as CEO. "We were successful early on, so John Lupher and I decided to go back to our roots and take TrackingPoint to the next level", said McHale. Frank Bruno, Chief Operation Officer, and Richard Wierzbicki, Chief Financial Officer, bolster the team to ensure the company operates efficiently going forward.

    The company has a five person board of directors that includes Eric Olson, the first Navy Seal to rise to the rank of four-star Admiral. Olson, a Navy Seal for 38 years and retired former Commander of the US Special Operations Forces, helps lead TrackingPoint's defense strategy and initiatives. "I'm glad to see TrackingPoint moving forward with renewed focus on law enforcement and the military. This is innovation at its best, with a real and meaningful purpose for security forces and war fighters," said Olson.

    "This is a new beginning for TrackingPoint," said McHale. "We will focus intently on the consumer, continue to innovate, and operate in a way that ensures long term success." The company's investors include the Friedkin Group, Goff Capital Partners, and McHale Labs.

    About TrackingPoint

    TrackingPoint is based in Austin, Texas, and created the first Precision-Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new shooting system that puts fighter jet lock-and-launch technology in small arms, enabling shooters to make shots previously considered beyond human ability. For more information, please visit

    Media Contact:

    Kimberly Chung
    Marketing Communications Manager
    TrackingPoint, Inc.

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    Funker Tactical: "Is It Okay to Look Down at Your Holster When Re-holstering?"

    Most probably the most "tacticool" people in the interwebs would crucify you for this blasphemy --- looking down at your holster when placing your pistol back to your holster. They might even call on their gods to rain bolts of lightning on you for such an uncool way of re-holstering your gun. But if common sense prevails, then you're ok to look down when re-holstering.

    In this video from Funker Tactical sans Instructor Zero who might be somewhere in the world showing his awesomeness to his audience who watch him with their jaws dropped, Combat Weapons Master Instructor Daniel Shaw explains why it is ok for you to look down at your holster when re-holstering:

    The lesson in the video is simple: unless you are absolutely sure that there are no more threats, then you should not put your pistol back to your holster (and better put in a fresh magazine quick whilst scanning for threats after the first encounter). Only if you have determined that there are no more threats then you can holster your gun again and you can look down to ensure that you holster properly and without any getting in the way that might just cause a negligent discharge, especially if you are using a concealed holster.

    There is nothing wrong if you also want to re-holster without looking, as long as you are comfortable doing it and sure that you will avoid mishaps when re-holstering. It is something to ponder on as part of weapons handling as we go on to the weekend for that airsoft game that we are looking forward to.

    What do you think? Does it make sense or not?

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    "BIOHAZARD UMBRELLA CORPS" Live Action Trailer

    It looks like Biohazard/Resident Evil meets CounterStrike when it Capcom annouced Biohazard: Umbrella Corps during the Tokyo Game Show 2015 (TGS 2015) early this week. With the announcement, a live action trailer was released in cooperation with, the central source of anything military, tactical, and airsoft in Japan, and should give you an idea how the game play will be when its released:

    Umbrella Corps looks like a three on three multiplayer third-person shooter game with the Biohazard zombies sprinkled around the game maps to remind players that they are in a Biohazard world. There will be access to weapons and a Tactical Shield that allows to use zombies as cover which sound a good option to use when moving forward. Other anti-zombie weapons such as the Brainer combat axe will also be available for use by the players.

    At first thought, we don't know how this will be received by players, given that in 2012 there was the Operation Raccoon City four-player coop multiplayer shooter that didn't really get much traction. But who knows this time? It might take off as players wait for the next Biohazard/Resident Evil release.

    Just like CounterStrike, players only have one life per game. Once fragged, the player has to wait for the next game/map to play again. For one team to win, it has to eliminate all the players of the opposing team.

    Going back to weapons, apart from the shotguns, assault rifles, grenades, and pistols, there is the Zombie Jammer which is a backpack that is worn by each player. The Zombie Jammer allows the players to go on playing without worrying about the zombies attacking them. Now, if you take out the Zombie Jammer by shooting it or disabling with the Jammer Buster which is an explosive designed to take out the Zombie Jammer, the player wearing the Zombie Jammer faces another problem --- the zombies will attack him/her.

    The Zombie Jammer is a nice device to have but I would rather suggest it to be a perk that can be picked up somewhere in the map than a regular equipment for the players. The team should be dealing with the zombies and against the opposing team at the same time throughout the game. This makes it a more interesting gameplay where the shooters will have to be on their toes all the time again, having to watch out an enemy shooter who pop out around a corner or a flesh-hungry zombie.

    Umbrella Corps is set to be released in the first part of 2016 and will be available for the Sony Playstation and Windows PC.

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    The internet meme generator would probably go on overdrive if the "Taken" prequel series finally goes into production and released for the boob tube. If you were hiding inside a dark cave when the first of the "Taken" movies got released in 2008, then you wouldn't understand about the buzz generated for the TV series. "Taken" is what probably is Liam Neeson's most remembered movie when it became a surprise hit and turned him into an unlikely 6- year old action star.

    Last week, NBC ordered production for the "Taken" prequel series, with Luc Besson's EuropaCorp., the owner of the "Taken" franchise teaming up with  Universal TV for co-production. For this series, the character played by Neeson, Bryan Mills, is still a young man with no wife and no daughter to kidnap.

    Being one of the most quotable movies, the TV series will take off from a line from the movie in which Mills says, “What I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career; Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.” The TV series will be about how the young Mills was able to acquire those skills which eventually shaped the man he is in the "Taken" movies. You would rightly assume that the show will be based on the "past" but you will be surprised that this is going to be set on "modern times".

    Before everyone gets excited, we still do not have a idea when the series will be released since they are still in search of a writer and will have to announce the cast. What everybody will be interested in is who will play the young Bryan Mills.

    We just hope they get the right writer for the prequel as we know that a lot of airsoft players are fan of the movies and waiting for more quotes to use if the series will come out fine as the movies.

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    Tokyo Marui 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

    September is quite a busy month for Tokyo Marui as they have three big events to take care. The first one was solely their own, holding the 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival in Akihabara early this month. Last week, they were at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2015 in cooperation with Capcom for the Biohazard/Resident Evil as they produce the game's airsoft replicas.

    For this weekend, Tokyo Marui will be at the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Scheduled on the 25th to the 27th of September, the first day will be mainly for trade guests with the public able to enter and check out what will be on display on the 26th and 27th. The venue is the Tokyo Big Sight, West Hall 2.

    Tokyo Marui, always one of the bigger exhibitors of the show, is expected to have a big display floor for this year. Last year, they had an shooting range for visitors to try out the various products they have and perhaps they might have it this year again. At the 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival, guests had the opportunity to actually hold and fire the upcoming AA-12 AES and they may have a second opportunity again at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show.

    The Tokyo Marui AA-12 AES is the most anticipated product from the company this year, with many airsoft players in and out of Japan planning to own this shotgun that shows how the company out innovates competitors. A triple barrel airsoft shotgun, the demo shows it has a good range and accuracy apart from the fact that each of the barrel in the AA-12 AES has its own hop-up unit so the shooter can adjust its different settings for each barrel.

    Another anticipated product is the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS GBB which the engineering department of the company are taking their time to make it right and may just come out to be a game-changing product when it's ready to be released to the world. Also expected to be released this Fall (or perhaps during the Holiday Season), the M4A1 MWS already go an update with the Zet or "Z-System" that comes with a powerful recoil, blowback, and more durability that is touted to outlast the competition.

    If you're in Japan and got time to visit the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show, make sure you visit the Tokyo Marui exhibit space. We'll post updates or news here once information comes in from the usual sources.

    And if you're one of those who want either the AA-12 AES or the M4A1 MWS Zet, I'd rather suggest you start saving up as you might want of these wrapped in time for Christmas.

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    Boston Dynamics Spot

    Canines (K9) units have been indispensable in modern warfare. From Military Police to Special Operations Forces, K9s have been brought to some of the most dangerous missions in the world, and many have been awarded accordingly and given even proper burials when they die in action. Now, the U.S. Marine Corp are looking into working with robotic versions of the military dog than can do tasks that flesh and blood K9s are too valuable or unable to do the task.

    Last 16 September, members of DARPA and Boston Dynamics help train U.S. Marines operate a prototype robotic quadruped called "Spot"in Quantico, Virginia. "Spot" is the smaller brother of the more famous "Big Dog" that is also developed by Boston Dynamics (which is owned by Google). Spot is the a 160lb and more agile electrically powered, hydraulically actuated robot that can help the Marines in tight spots.

    The U.S. Marine Corps have been testing robotic systems and autonomous vehicles, deploying them in various terrains such as hills, woodland, and urban environment. So far, Spot was able to perform in these terrains as compared to other prototypes, including the "Big Dog."

    Controlling Spot requires an operator with a laptop controller that can send commands to Spot from up to 487 metres. As Spot was put into various conditions during the test, its being more quiet and agile makes it useful with the Marines.  Spot was sent to scout ahead where usually live dogs were used, it can peek around corners and even sent inside buildings to search for the bad guys before the Marines can come in, helping eliminate the element of surprise in urban combat where casualties are usually high. It can also be used to carry loads need by Marines in combat.

    However, Spot is not meant for operational use. The prototype serves as a an evaluation unit and they are still testing other robotic units. The lessons learned in operating Spot can serve to further development of such types of units that the Marines will be confident enough to use in theatres of operations in the future.

    Photo Credits: Sgt. Eric Keenan, USMC.

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    François Hollande with Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos (Wikimedia)

    If it were not for Thumpy's ever watchful eyes scanning the media for some interesting tidbits, the airsoft community would probably not know and appreciate Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos. Both childhood friends, together with their travel companion, Anthony Sadler, and British Chris Norman, were hailed as heroes as they took down a terrorist who started shooting inside a Paris-bound train in France last 21 August 2015. French-American academic, Mark Moogalian was injured in the attack with a gunshot wound and was hailed a hero as well.

    According to Thumpy, if it were not for the Sacramento Bee's report, we would have never known that they were airsofters too. It's a quick mention, but it's something to feel good about. While airsoft is getting bad press due to irresponsible individuals toting airsoft guns in public or using them in crime, it's a welcome change to even just find out that the two heroes in the terrorist attack on a train in France have been avid airsofters.

    Here is the excerpt in the Sacramento Bee story:

    Friends from age 7, they played with their siblings and neighbors up and down Woodknoll Way, favoring games such as Airsoft, in which participants shoot each other with realistic-looking replica guns that fire plastic pellets, said Peter Skarlatos, Alek’s older brother. Later at Del Campo High School, they played football, lacrosse and other contact sports.

    After being honored in France, with French President Francois Hollande awarding them the Legion of Honor, which is France's highest recognition, the friends are now back in the USA where they are recognized as hometown heroes in California and were also invited to the White House by President Barack Obama.

    Apart from being airsofters both are servicemen with Skarlatos a member of the National Guard who has just come back from his tour of duty in Afghanistan and Stone is an Airman First Class in  the US Air Force. Their training in the military is a factor in their weapons proficiency when they decided to charge the terrorist gunman, 26-year old Moroccan Ayoub el-Khazzani, when he was reloading his AK-47. Their action prevented mass casualties or even a potential train wreck.

    With the American media now after them for interviews and show appearances, it will be no rest for them for now. We don't know how the airsoft community can honor these two childhood friends, but if the airsoft community and industry in California have plans to, we would be happy to learn and report about it.

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    Hyperdouraku TM HK416C 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

    The airsoft world are waiting for Hyperdouraku to give the first report on what took place at the Tokyo Marui display area at the ongoing 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show and Yas did not disappoint. Whilst before we always get 4 product teasers before any major trade event Tokyo Marui, this time there was none. But we did get a heads up from Tokyo Marui early this week that there will be new product announcements.

    For HK416 fans, it's something to look forward to as Tokyo Marui unveiled the HK416C NEG. Set for release in Spring 2016, Yas sees that its pricing would the same as the Tokyo Marui HK416D NEG. The HK416C is easily identified with its unique telescopic stock that has been copied for the AR platform, allowing the shooter to use it as an SBR or as a PDW. It has the usual HK416 markings seen in the HK416D and HK416 DEVGRU Custom and the foregrip that comes with it is also based on the Heckler & Koch design.

    There are two ways to power TM H4K16C NEG. The first is the use of a Mini-S Nickel-Metal Hydride battery that is located in the 30-round magazine which will come with the package. The magazine has a terminal that connects it to the AEG and for milsim or training situations this would probably an acceptable magazine to use. The second way to power this NEG is to use the PEQ box that can be mounted on the flat top rail system of the TM HK416C where you can use it as a battery box to power the HK416C. This allows you to use the regular 80-round or 430 high capacity new generation M4/HK416 magazines from Tokyo Marui.

    It looks like for the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show, the new products are more suitable for close combat airsoft battles as the next one is really good for that ---- the Tokyo Marui M4 Patriot High Cycle (HC) Custom. You are probably already well acquainted with the High Cycle series as these have higher rates of fire (ROF) as compared to the regular releases.  Pricing is seen to be the same as the M4 CRW and most probably it will also be released in Spring 2016.

    It comes with Patriot markings and if you want to really sow mayhem in the CQB facility, you can get the optional twin-drum magazine that can carry 1,200 rounds. The charging handle is located at the handguard area and can be operated on either the left or right side. Yas says that the inspiration for this design is probably from Rock River Arms, who are known for the M4 Patriot Pistol AR designs.

    We were also advised early this week that there is a new update for the AA-12 AES that will be revealed at the Hobby Show and it’s a mounting accessory that have to be purchased separately. This mounting accessory provides you with a  flat top rail mount at the front area for you to mount optics and a laser or PEQ box.

    Some of  those on display you probably have already read in the report of Hyperdouraku at the recent 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival held earlier this month such as the Z/ZET System update for the Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS, thetan colours for the MP7A1 and the wood stock for the Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas-Powered Shotgun. For pistols it is the Glock 34 Gas Blowback Pistol.

    We'll be posting a full report on Tokyo Marui at the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show soon after we publish our full report on the 2nd Tokyo Marui Festival. For the meantime visit Hyperdouraku for the full updates on Tokyo Marui at the Hobby Show.

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    Airsoft Surgeon 3rd Euro Championship 02

    It's just getting bigger and even more successful each year. The Airsoft Surgeon European Practical Pistol Championship 2015 held last 11- 13 September 2015 at the StrikeForce CQB in Gloucester, United Kingdom saw over a hundred airsoft practical shooters shooting it out for the top spots in the various divisions and categories.

    Friday, 11 September, saw the opening of the championship with the various shooting squads moving to their assigned stages by 1300H. For the whole weekend, all shooters will be going through 16 stages with the courses of fire in various sizes and configurations. These stages range from easy to difficult, from small to big and tested each shooter to bring the best out of him or her.

    StrikeForce CQB, located in the Morelands Trading Estate in Gloucester is good pick for a venue. All the stages were able to fit inside the facility and sheltering the players and targets from the elements. It has good facilities such as the lounge area that can accommodate all the players and their shooting gear, it has its own reception/bar, and not far from restaurants where the shooters and airsoft players can get to choose where to eat and go out at night. Many of us were fortunate enough to book at Travelodge which was just a short walk from the venue and also a short walk to the Gloucester Quays Centre where good bars, restaurants and shops are located.

    Since the Championship started by 1300H, whatever stages that can be finished for the first day was pushed hard as the organisers have the objective of ending early on Sunday to give time for participants to travel home earlier and safe. It was already a bit dark when they called it a day, by around 1800H as the visibility was already poor for the shooters to aim properly.

    After resting a bit at  the hotel, I met up Luuk, Gerard, and Dionne from the Dutch delegation NABV and Alpha Maniacs where we did some catching up at Fridays. The Dutch shooters are some of the biggest delegations amongst European shooters for the European Championships. The Finns were not represented this year as there was a conflict in schedules as they had to compete in an international shotgun competition that took place in Italy on the same weekend.

    We called it a night early as the shooters had to rest early as Saturday will be exhausting, being the longest day of the Championships. Shooters will have to start shooting by 0930H and with some short breaks, will have to shoot on to complete as many stages as they can throughout the day. 

    Right on  the dot, Saturday saw Jim Septhon, the Chief Range Officer, immediately did a short briefing for the players by 0930H and saw off the squads to start going through the unfinished stages for the day. For the Ranger Officers and us from the airsoft media, it will be a grueling day as we try to follow almost each and every shooter go through the course. But it was worth it seeing the shooters try to best the times of others and their own times as they pile up the points to get up on the leaderboards in the different divisions and categories.

    Near the entrance leading to the stages, Champion Real Steel Practical Shooter Saul Kirsch of Double Alpha setup shop where the shooters can get their shooting supplies from him. Also on display were the self-setting targets he invented and shooters who were on their breaks can try to give their best time shooting at them and the shooter with the best time gets to bring home one of these self-setting targets.

    The challenge for the shooters got harder as hours went as it is now more of stamina and endurance to give their best times in the stages that they went through especially in the late afternoon. But that's how it goes in the Airsoft Surgeon European Championships, you need all the strength and will to finish all the 16 stages in three days. And with over a hundred shooters for this year, it was not that quick to go through the stages as each squad had to wait for the other squads to finish the stages before they can. It was only by 1830H that the organisers called it a day.

    Unfortunately, the planned BBQ night with the Airsoft Surgeon supposed to be doing the BBQ was more a cocktails night as doing some grill inside an indoor facility would be hazardous. Still, it was great to see the smiling faces of tired practical shooters as they helped themselves with the food prepared by the organisers.

    Day 2 of the 2015 Airsoft Surgeon European Championship ended by 1900H.  We again took the opportunity to spend a portion of the evening at the Gloucester Quays Centre for dinner. It was hard to find a restaurant that night as it seemed like the whole of Gloucester was out here. Since I was with the whole of the Dutch delegation, who numbered around 12, it was hard to find a table for us. Eventually, we found a table though it was already a bit late. Luuk, Gerard, Jeroen, and I separated from the group after dinner and  capped the night with some beer and Long Island Iced Tea at Fridays.

    With most of the stages completed by Saturday, Sunday or Day 3 was the lightest day for the shooters, but there were some big stages that they still had to go through and this meant a lot of running and going around obstacles.  For all the players, the remaining stages were their last chances for a slot in the top three positions in the categories and bring home a trophy. By around 1400H, all the shooters have gone through the stages and what remained was for the results and winners to be announced to conclude the 2015 Airsoft Surgeon European Championship.

    The host of the 2015 Airsoft Surgeon European Championship, RedWolf Airsoft UK, led by Chris Kong and the Airsoft Surgeon himself, Clarence Lai, and ably assisted by Danny Yau and Chris Pun, started the closing ceremonies thanking all the shooters for their participation and cooperation. This year, there were lots of raffle prizes awaiting the winners, and with more airsoft pistols and highly customised (read: expensive) race pistols given away, apart from the prizes from Viper Tactical and Double Alpha.

    The tandem of Chris Kong and the Airsoft Surgeon is always comedic with their antics that make the closing ceremonies of the Championship much colourful and memorable. For us from the airsoft media, it was a busy photo session as each raffle winner, as each category winner, and as each sponsor were called to the stage by Chris and Clarence. But the after three tiring days of competitive airsoft practical shooting, the smiles from the participants were all that mattered for the organisers. Most, if not all, were happy with how the 2015 Airsoft Surgeon European Championship was conducted and are looking forward to next year's Championship.

    Chris Kong, the Airsoft Surgeon, and the rest of RedWolf Airsoft send their thanks to MadBull Airsoft, Sky Blue Kangaroo, Strikeforce CQB, Viper Tactical, Elite Shooting Centre and Double Alpha for supporting the event. They also thank the airsoft media as represented by the Airsoft Action Magazine, Airsoft Media Ops, and Popular Airsoft for covering the event.

    But very important was their appreciation for the officials and staff: the Scorers, Range Officers, CRO Jim, RedWolf Rob and Double Tap members taking on full responsibility building the stages. Without them, the event would never take place.

    Congratulations to all the winners, shooters, and organisers 2015 Airsoft Surgeon European Championship. Photos are now at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page with videos soon to follow.

    Here are the winners:

    Super Seniors Standard Division

    • Guy De Backer

    Super Seniors Open Division

    • Paul Van Den Bosch

    Seniors Standard Division

    • Rene Hoeck

    Seniors Open Division

    • Gerard Timmers

    Juniors Division

    1. Matthew Wyborn
    2. Dave Chan Chun To
    3. Paul Wyborn

    Juniors Open Division

    • Benjamin Farrar

    Ladies Open Division

    1. Maria Christina Palmones
    2. Dawn Williams

    Ladies Standard Division

    1. Dionne Reugebrink
    2. Paulina Wolyniec
    3. Barbara Rosłanowska

    Classic Division

    1. Andrew Inglis
    2. Herman Mok

    Open Division

    1. Cyrus Lai Pak Lam
    2. Maciej Piwowarski
    3. David Meuken
    4. Jeremias Palmones
    5. Paul Courtney

    Standard Division

    1. Samson Chan
    2. Joeri De Haes
    3. Justin Cooper
    4. Matthew Wyborn
    5. Dave Chan Chun To

    European Champion

    • Joeri De Haes -Belguim

    The organisers are currently working on plans and dates for the next tournament and they look forward to everyone again at the 4th Championship.

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