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    Korps Commandotroepen (KCT) Multicam

    The Korps Commandotroepen or KCT, the Dutch Special Forces, started receiving their new combat uniforms with the Multicam Pattern last 23 October 2017. In the following weeks, the whole Corps will be using the new uniforms. The KCT are perform full spectrum special operations and that includes counter terrorism and they can be deployed anywhere in the world as the need arises.

    In the news report at the KCT website, the development of the new combat was done in collaboration with the Interservice Knowledge Center Special Operations (IKCSO) and MATLOGCO (Materieellogistiek Commando Land or Material Logistics Command - Land) to make material acquisition faster. This is part of the recently formally launched ‘maneuverability’ pilot program.

    The use of the Multicam pattern for use by the KCT is not exactly new, but used for interim or adhoc purposes. There is a need for a “functional combat clothing” for the KCT and but these clothing were purchased separately for each mission with some seen using commercially available A-TACS uniform. Multicam uniforms are already being used by KCT un Afghanistan have also been seen worn by soldiers of the 11 Luchtmobiele Brigade (11th Airmobile Brigade) who operated in Mali in 2014, and by the Maritime Special Forces (MARSOF) of the Royal Dutch Marines.

    As explained in the KCT news post, in order to overcome the urgent need for functional combat clothing, a test case was started within KCT, where the clothing was purchased directly from 8 different suppliers off the shelf. During the implementation, a thorough evaluation process will be carried out in cooperation with the KPU company. This test provides for flexible adaptability to its dynamic operational environment in the future.

    Whilst the KCT wears the Multicam pattern uniforms, the Royal Netherlands Army have been said to have started adapting the Netherlands Fractal Pattern which will be available in a temperate/woodland version (NFP Green), an arid/desert version (NFP tan).

    Top Photo:A diver of the Dutch Korps Commandotroepen with a HK416 D10RS (Source: Wikipedia)

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    Amy of All Things Speedsoft and Gun Gamers

    On September 12, the Gun Gamer’s SpeedSim Series on YouTube released one of the most honest and brave videos an airsofter could ever make into the wild. The video, which is about an important update on the SpeedSim series and Gun Gamers YouTube Channel, began with co-host Andre’s introduction:

    "What’s up, guys? I’m Amy.”

    It was a first in the male and cisgender-dominated airsoft community.

    There were less than enthusiastic responses, some of which questioned if it was an elaborate prank.

    (Source:All Things SpeedSoft On Instagram)

    Despite the negativity, Amy has been receiving well-deserved support and encouragement.

    The video’s description formalized the announcement, standing by their friend and teammate:

    So this video has been a long time coming, but we finally thought this was a good time for it. Enough of the double life, from here on out on the channel, Andre is Amy. Ultimately, this really changes nothing on your end, SpeedSim will continue and Amy will continue to appear on the channel, finally as herself. It's just a change that needed to be made as part of the transition. We support Amy's choice to go forward with the coming out process, and we stand with our friend 100%. - E House, and the rest of Gun Gamers.

    A long way from neighbourhood Nerf wars, Amy Rivera now proudly sports Tapp Airsoft and SpeedQB merchandise on Gun Gamers’ YouTube show, SpeedSim. If she’s not working six days a week or tinkering with old and new gear, she spends weekends at River City Airsoft.

    Armed with customized colourful builds, and honest to goodness commentary and reviews, Amy Rivera is indisputably a trailblazer on and off the field.

    Ms. Amy, good day and thank you for giving us the time to chat. :)


    Popular Airsoft: Not many people know about you outside of what’s on YouTube and other social media. Can you start by telling us briefly about your life outside of airsoft?

    Amy: Outside of airsoft, I work two jobs. I work at my mom’s landscaping company where I work six days a week. I also work at my family's airsoft field from Friday-Sunday. Besides that, I usually hang out with the Gun Gamers crew and/or play video games with one or more of the Gun Gamers.

    What do your non-airsoft friends and family think of what you do?

    Funny enough, most of my friends and family are in the airsoft industry. They know what I do and have no problem with it.

    If you didn’t get into this sport, what do you think you’d be doing instead?

    If I didn't get into airsoft, I think I would have gotten into producing video game content on YouTube or continuing my tattoo career.

    When you started getting into airsoft as a teenager, what was your first impression about it?

    My first impressions of airsoft was how realistic the guns looked and functioned and immediately fell in love.

    Can you describe to us the evolution of your loadouts?

    My loadouts throughout the years started off very similar to most players my age. I had a UTG M14 with a cheap paintball mask and surplus vest. From there, my loadouts became very MilSim. Plate carries and whatnot, then not too long ago I became very interested in speedsoft and my gear slimmed down a lot along with my guns.

     Can you tell us about River City Airsoft?

    River City Airsoft is my family’s airsoft field and shop.

    Gunsmithing is a highly valued skill that you’ve been successful with. Can you tell us about what made you decide from being a consumer and buyer of airsoft guns to a builder?

    Teching on my equipment was very nerve-racking at first, but with the help of my brother teaching me the basics, made it very easy to get into. Then knowing what to look for in good guns helped me learn more about AEGs, but my pistol adventure of learning how to tech was purely on me. Took me a long time to understand the ins and outs of a hi-cap. Now I own 12 of them!

    You have a lot of custom guns and builds! Can you tell us about your favourite build so far?

    My favorite build so far has to go to my very first one. Going through so much trial and error on making it work perfectly was so much headache and fun all at the same time.

    What’s it like being part of Gun Gamers and producing SpeedSim?

    Being part of Gun Gamers is amazing. Not only are they supportive of every topic each one of us brings to the table, we also support each other emotionally in times of need. If one of us needs help with anything, there’s no hesitation to help one another out. Producing SpeedSim with my best friend Eric is super fun. We see eye to eye on a lot of things even though we have different play styles and this is super enjoyable.

    Can you describe to us your three most favourite game sites to play at?

    My favorite game site of all time has to be Insight Interactive. That field when it was still open was super fun. They kept it fresh and fun.

    My second favorite has to be TAC City. When I went there, that field taught me a lot about CQB and being quick on your feet.

    My third favorite place to play at has to go to my field. I just love our community and field layout something to do for every play style. It’s just so much fun.

    Do you have a wishlist of game sites you’d like to visit?

    So I actually do have a few sites I wanna visit. First one being HSP Combat Center, then CQB City, Gamepod, and Miami Airsoft.

    We’re curious as to how you have a better grip on speedsoft over MilSim. You said you gravitated towards the former for its aggressiveness and skill, but can you tell us more about how this came about?

    My speedsoft days came about when I was on YouTube watching airsoft videos as many of us do. I came across a team that unfortunately no longer exists, but their aggressiveness and MilSim style with dye masks just caught my eye because they just had a flow with their team members. I was super intrigued and started to give that play style a shot at my home field and quickly found myself in love with this play style. I still find myself learning new skills every time I go out.

    Have you ever gotten trolled by Eric and company or other people in the airsoft community for being a speedsofter? Have you ever trolled back at the stereotyped MilSim-ers?

    Oh my gosh yes, the trolling never stops at Gun Gamers. It’s all in good fun, but I rarely troll back. Only certain situations allow me to troll back, but when I do get the chance, it’s usually very funny to watch people’s expressions.

    Many players get bored or lose interest in the sport as time passes. What keeps you interested in it?

    My interest in this sport continues not only because of the new innovations in the industry, but mostly with how the Gun Gamers crew keeps people engaged and excited to go forward with this sport.

    Has there ever been a moment after you got into airsoft when you stopped and realized that this sport could really help people as more than just a medium for entertainment?

    So I didn't realize how it could help people until I met Eric when he was still overweight. He started to treat airsoft as his gym and quickly started to slim down. Obviously not with airsoft alone as he did hit the gym in conjunction with airsoft, but that was the point I realized that airsoft could help kids in getting out and playing.

    What types of behavior from other teams or players do you most admire?

    I admire SYG for their continued support in the speedsoft game. They continue to engage people and teams to get out and give our play style a shot.

    It’s amazing and inspiring to see how much more open society and the airsoft community has gotten. I understand why you were uncomfortable with coming out earlier. Can you tell us about any expectations you had when you released the September 12 coming out video? Can you also tell us about any conflicts you might’ve experience since?

    My initial expectations were that everyone would unsubscribe from our channel and would ridicule me for being Transgender, but after releasing that video, the amount of support from the Gun Gamers crew and community was just awesome. I couldn't have asked for a better sport to be in. There aren't a lot of conflicts I’ve had aside from my family not supporting my decision. Obviously, I’ve had community members hate, but it rarely happens.

    If you could improve airsoft in any way, what would it be?

    One thing I would love to be changed is parts support from more companies. More companies need to offer parts for their products. It's such a hassle getting parts for a gun or gear that is proprietary.

    Can you describe to us why it’s important for our communities to treat each other equally and respectfully?

    If our community doesn't treat everyone with the utmost respect, you are driving new players away because they are different from you. Yes, this sport is very male-driven, but if you treat others with disrespect, you're just creating a toxic community that no one will want to be a part of and you will have no one to shoot at.

    To cap off, what’re your plans for the rest of the year and beyond? Do you have any gear upgrades you’re planning, other sites and games you’ll be playing at, and events you’ll be dropping by?

    I don't have any plans for the rest of the year besides going to Shot Show again hopefully.

    Thank you so much for taking an interest in me and doing a full on interview. I hope I could give more people insight to what I do and what I have been doing all these years!

    For more on Amy, check out Gun Gamers on Youtube and Facebook as well as all_things_speedsoft on Instagram.


    Photo Credit: E. House

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    Krytac Owners Meeting Volume 2

    Everybody had a blast during the Krytac Owners Meeting Volume 2. Owners of Krytac AEGs converged at the Tokyo Sabage Park in Chiba Prefecture last 4-5 November 2017where they had a meet and greet, compared their Krytac airsoft guns and meet the Krytac-KRISS crew represented by Tim Seargeant and Allen Lau; the Founder and CEO of RedWolf Airsoft, Paul Chu; and the Evike Chang, the CEO of

    The Krytac Owners Meeting Volume 2 was hosted by Laylax, the sole distributor of Krytac products in Japan, and they surely know how to host one with the support of Alpha Industries.

    On each day, 200 airsoft players attended as the organizers capped the number of guests in a day. A total of 400 airsoft players from all over Japan made it to this weekend. They were greeted with treats and by the Alpha Industries and Krytac Girls.

    At the event, there is something that airsoft players in Japan should look forward to. A Krytac TR-47 which will be released exclusively for the Japanese market was announced. Based on the SR-47 design of the Knights Armament Company, it is an AR-type rifle that can take in AK-47 magazines. We shall assume that this will have the Krytac reinforced gearbox with the built-in MOSFET. It features a KeyMod Handguard and Krytac Battery Stock that is seen in the Trident and Alpha Series, especially the longer AEGs.

    If you live outside Japan and want to get one of these Krytac TR-47s, then you better start a petition now to get Krytac’s attention and consider a worldwide release.

    A “Custom Gun Tasting” was one of the activities that guests had fun with. Laylax invited 7 custom gun shops to show their custom work on Krytac airsoft guns and they can shoot them at the range. People queued up to the guns as they are all amazing. Laylax via their brands have upgrade kits for Krytac as well as Cerokoted custom guns such as the Krytac PDW that was made to look like the A-10 Warthog. One of the main custom work shown were the Krytac KRISS Vector AEGs that have the Strike Face and an unusually long front-end, probably the longest KRISS Vector of any type in the world.

    The CEOs of RedWolf Airsoft and had a blast as they worked together in the “Polaris Shooting Challenge”. In this challenge, two players shot at targets whilst riding a Polaris, one player the shooter, the other the driver. The duo with the fastest lap wins in this challenge.

    There were also caterers to meet the needs of guests when they got hungry. One is the Krytac-Yaki which is yummy. Next time, we hope they create a bento box with each section of the box a food in the shape of a Krytac AEG…just wishful thinking. Other shops selling gear as well as Arms Magazine, were present.

    There were fun and games, such as the skirmishes for those with itchy trigger fingers such as the speedsoft tournament. There were stuff given away as well as opportunities for airsoft players to interact with the Krytac crew to give feedback and suggestions.

    Krytac is one of the rare airsoft manufacturers that hold such meet and greet with their customers. It is a good thing to hold an owners meeting as they are usually the best group that will market the products provided that they get listened to.

    No plans yet for Volume 3  in 2018 according to Masaki Koshida, Laylax’s International Operation Director. But if there will be one, definitely it will be Laylax that will be holding it in Japan.

    Thanks to Masaki Koshida for helping us put this report together.

    More photos at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 All Heroes

    Bear with us if you are not a Star Wars fan, but be prepared when this Holiday season will be full of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi marketing as the Disney marketing juggernaut goes full crescendo. We really do not mind at all, for many of our readers grew up with Star Wars, watching the latest episode for Christmas is already a holiday gift for them.

    But before Episode VIII gets released, EA will have to pave the way with the best marketing tool that Disney can deploy, a video game that builds on already a successful title. By November 17, Star Wars: Battlefront 2 gets released and will probably aim at knocking off Call of Duty: WWII from the top spot as the no. 1 FPS video game title this Christmas.

    The Star Wars HQ YouTube Channel released on the 1st of November the "All Heroes Gameplay" video, showing the 14 heroes that you can play with Star Wars Battlefront 2 gets released. By now, many are also excited about the single player campaign which they included whereas the first Battlefront came out as a multiplayer game only.

    We haven’t tried the beta yet, but with the list of heroes that you can play with such as the baddies in the form as Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, The Emperor, Darth Maul, the Boba Fett, General Grevious,  and the main character in the single player campaign, Iden Version which puts a more human story of one member of the Empire. Then we get the good guys such as Princess Leah, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Rey, Lando Carlissian, and Yoda. Finn and Captain Phasma are said to be added for free in December.

    If you have not placed your pre-orders, then better do so as you can as it will be released next week. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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    IWI MASADA 9mm Pistol

    Hot on the heels of the launch of the new 7.62mm Tavor Bullpup Rifle, the Tavor 7 AR, Israel Weapons Industries (IWI) also launched their Masada Striker-Fired Pistol Series. IWI Masada Pistol Series is aimed at the for military, law enforcement and civilian markets, with the first model being a full-size 9mm handgun that will be available by the first quarter of 2018 and will be exhibited at Defense and Security Thailand, Milipol (Paris) France, and Expodefensa Colombia.

    Shlomi Sabag, IWI’s CEO,  said in a press release that, “We are proud to launch this new line of pistols – the MASADA – following a development process that took several years, based on requests from our customers. The new Striker-based line places special emphasis on operational safety and simplicity of maintenance, as well as a high level of ergonomics and ease of use. The pistol will be available to our customers from Q1/18.”

    Further on the press release, it is said that the MASADA has several advanced safety mechanisms including a firing pin block safety, a clean and crisp trigger reset with a built-in trigger safety, and a fast, easy and safe takedown without the need to pull the trigger. It also has an easy racked slide tha has improved front and rear cocking serrations; enhanced ergonomics with the IWI grip angle; and it has a low barrel axis for reduced recoil. As for the body, it is a glass-reinforced polymer frame as well as a polygonal cold hammer forged barrel with a 1:10RH twist rate. The pistol can be provided with or without manual safety.

    The MASADA has the following other features:

    • Striker-fired pistol
    • Easy racked slide with improved front and rear cocking serrations
    • External extractor integrated with a tactile and visual loaded chamber indicator
    • Cold hammer-forged polygonal rifled barrel
    • Integral MIL-STD 1913 picttiny rail
    • 17+1 rds. black magazines with visible round count
    • Fixed 3-dot Tritium illuminated night sights (optional)
    • 100% interchangeability, with an interchangeable trigger mechanism housing that reduces maintenance and life cycle costs

    The MASADA will be available in four colours upon the first release next year: Sniper Gray, OD Green, Black, and Flat Dark Earth. No other information yet which other pistols will be released under this line.

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    Tokyo Marui Festival 2017

    Tokyo Marui just concluded their 4th Tokyo Marui Festival, their event where they introduce airsoft to the curious and beginners as well as delight their loyal customers with the new releases. Many have been waiting what the company will be releasing in the following months and so far they did not disappoint.

    We are not done with our full report yet, but we do have initial images and information of the products and that is what our story will focus on. Full report as soon as we get more. So enjoy for the meantime what we have ready for you.

    Type 89 Gas Blowback

    MTR16 Gas Blowback Rifle

    Scorpion Mod M AEG

    M45A1 CQB GBB Pistol

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    Sgt. Devin Hughes of the Marine Shooting Team with Glock 19

    Finally, Glock has gotten somne good news in the U.S. Military after not getting the contract from the U.S. Army for the Modular Handgun System (MHS). Their Glock 19M pistol has been finally adopted  by the U.S. Marine Corps and being given the designation as the M007.

    Sounds like James Bond? Indeed, as those who will be carrying it will need a concealable weapon just like the Bond, such as the CID (Criminal Investigation Division) and Marine One personnel. The USMC requires that when they are on duty wearing civilian attire, they should be able to carry a concealable weapon.

    The Marine Corps Systems Command website quote Gunnery Sgt. Brian Nelson, Individual Weapons project officer at Marcorsyscom saying that, “The M007 has a smaller frame and is easier to conceal, making it a natural selection to meet the Marine Corps’ conceal carry weapon requirement.”

    USMC Gunnery Sgt. Brian Nelson With Glock 19M(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Jennifer Napier)

    The M007 was already issued early this year to Marine and civilian members of the CID, as well as members of Helicopter Squadron One, tasked to ferrying the U.S. President, and more famously known as Marine One, in coordination with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). They used the data already with the FBI, allowing them to reduce testing time.

    Nelson further said that, “Aside from concealability, the M007 has several physical improvements over its predecessor. The grip lacks finger grooves but has a textured frame, improving the ergonomics of the weapon and providing a consistently comfortable grip with traction for a wider range of users. The ambidextrous slide stop allows for both right- and left-handed use. The magazine release of the M007 can also be changed and the magazine well is flared, making the system easier to reload.”

    Learn more about the Glock 19M/M007 pistol in this Marcorsyscom Tactical Tuesday episode on YouTube:


    Top Photo:Sgt. Devin Hughes of the Marine Shooting Team with Glock 19(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Cameron Storm)

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    This War of Mine: Father's Promise

    Many video games with war themes revolve around the story of a soldier as he goes on shooting the bad guys. That’s always a sure-fire formula and will remain that way. But in 2014, the gaming industry got its first war-themed game in which it is seen through the eyes of those who are trying to survive, mainly the non-combatants caught up in war.

    Poland-based 11 Bit Studios released their game called This War of Mine revolving around a group of civilians trying to survive in a fictional city of Pogoren, Graznavia that is under siege. The player has to ensure they are alive as snipers prevent them from going outside during the day, allowing them to search for food and tools for survival at night.

    The game was inspired by what Bosnian civilians endured during the 1992–96 Siege of Sarajevo. When it was well received that the development costs was recouped in just two days.

    If you call it a “survivalist” sim game then you are not far off as the main game can be considered as such. But with the release of a new DLC, this might want you to take a box of tissues with you when you play the game.

    11 Bit Studios are releasing the “Stories” DLC series as they try to tug gamers’ hearts as they show that war is hell perspective. The first story will be “Fathers's Promise” where the gamer has to play the role of Adam who will attempt to save her daughter to survive and escape the besieged city.

    The story still takes its inspiration from the Siege of Sarajevo, but they also add narratives based on the audio drama written by Polish author Łukasz Orbitowski. The DLC has 4 completely new locations, 5 reconstructed and remastered locations, and a set of new game mechanics: dialogue and clue searching system.

    We highly recommend the game to airsoft players so used with first person shooter games and try to experience a game that is not based on just shooting the bad games. War is hell, and for the innocents caught up in the middle it, they have a story to tell and now can be experienced in a video game.

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    GEIO Battle Bots

    Perhaps you are still ruing with disappointment that the much anticipated Giant Robot much was more of a letdown rather than point the future of robot fighting. If you are, why not do some robot battles yourself without breaking the bank? You might just get the opportunity to do it albeit you will have to make do with tiny battle bots.

    In this case, you might want to check the GEIO Battle Bot and get to battle other GEIO Battle Bots using First Person View (FPV). Yes, the FPV that we see in being used in racing drones. GEIO Battle Bots get to shoot at each other whilst being controlled remotely using Augmented Reality:

    GEIO is engineered to present you the most indulging robotic battle experience, equipped with First Person Shooter (FPS) and Visual Recognition system. The power behind GEIO is attributed to the groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

    Not exactly as exciting as those battle bots that you see on TV or the already available Gankers, but you can have good robot fighting sessions with friends with the GEIO as they are affordable enough to get a set and have a battle bot party. You get to control a GEIO with a smartphone. The GEIO bots are agile enough that running after one to “disable” or “destroy” should be fun.

    Too bad they do not fire projectiles like those mini airsoft tanks in the market.

    A curious feature of the GEIOs is that they can scan a totem or symbols that are printed on cardboard boxes which are placed in a set battle area. Special abilities or powers can be achieved and used against the opposing GEIOs such as freeze powers, confuse the enemy, or increase firepower, or energy recovery. Even more curious is that it will have its own personality --- “GEIO will show you its feelings from curious, grateful to melancholy.”

    Unfortunately, you can’t have this for Christmas, even as the Kickstarter page says that that the team behind GEIO has already achieved the funding goals. Their target for shipping out will be in February 2018 so some patience will have to be required before you get your GEIO.

    We might get our own GEIOs as it would be nice to do some robot battles inside the office as we wait for the next airsoft weekend.

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    The latest online multiplayer game that airsofters are absorbed with when not playing airsoft, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), is about to get a new set of maps set in the desert. NVIDIA reported about the new maps in a news article at their website.

    PUBG is a highly successful game that sold 20 million copies when it was introduced via  Steam's early access program in March 2017 with a peak of 2 million concurrent players making it the most played on steam. Some of the famous airsoft players we know of that play the game are Marck, Tim, and Max of RWTV, as well as guys from NODE of Corridor Digital, Jet Desertfox and Unicorn Leah.

    Inspired by the Japanese film “Battle Royale” which was released in 2000 and which Hunger Games was said to be based on (unproven), PUBG is a death match game of up to hundred players at any given time. Players have to find weapons and equipment as they try to survive in the map they are in with the safe area decreasing over time with the last player or team standing winning the round.

    The game is still in Early Access but an update has been made this month with the vaulting and climbing features added. Also the ballistics have been adjusted to make it more realistic. According to the Kitguru dataminers have been combing through the update and they got a better look of the desert map and new vehicles. Below are the sceenshots as provided by NVIDIA.

    The Desert Map will be available for PUBG once it exits the Early Access later this year.

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    BO Manufacture MTO Phantom

    We have been wondering what happened to the MTO Phantom that BO Dynamics almost announced two years ago. The MTO Phantom is vaunted to have a dynamic airflow with 97% power efficiency and battery consumption down to 90% making it the most power efficient airsoft tech.  Plus, it has excellent trigger response and a guarantee that it can fire a million BB rounds.

    That is, if it ever gets to be released. But with the updated posted by BO Dynamics on their Facebook Page, it looks like the MTO Phantom is a still born project:

    Nous avons bien pris connaissance de vos nombreux commentaires à propos de la solution MTO appliquée à l’airsoft sur laquelle travaillait notre partenaire Magneto Research.

    Après de longs mois d’attente, et suite à un changement radical d’orientation de la part de Magneto Research, BO Manufacture a décidé de mettre un terme à sa collaboration avec cette entreprise. En effet, Magneto Research qui nous proposait ses services en sous-traitance, a choisi d’abandonner les applications destinées à l’airsoft.

    Toute l’équipe BO Manufacture comprend votre déception et se recentre sur son savoir historique, au plus proche des terrains et des joueurs, pour vous proposer des répliques fiables, originales et accompagnées d’un service de qualité.


    L’équipe BO Manufacture

    English translation via Goggle Translate:

    We have taken note of your many comments about the MTO solution applied to the airsoft on which our partner Magneto Research worked.
    After long months of waiting, and following a radical change of direction on the part of Magneto Research, BO Manufacture decided to put an end to its collaboration with this company. In fact, Magneto Research, which offered us its outsourced services, chose to abandon applications intended for airsoft.

    The entire BO Manufacture team understands your disappointment and refocuses on its historical knowledge, closer to the fields and players, to offer you reliable, original replicas and accompanied by a quality service.


    The BO Manufacture team

    The MTO Phantom is a different type of airsoft tech as it uses lesser parts as well as does not depend on an external tank or a gas source. If it uses electro-magneto-pneumatic propulsion (that’s how we understand it), then it is indeed a more efficient way to push the BBs out of the barrel. However, we may perhaps not get to understand it fully and the closest we can get to knowing about it is during the presentation of Eric Gautier of BO Manufacture/BO Dynamics at the Airsoft Meetup during the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016:

    Afterwards, nothing much was heard about the project with announcements that production is delayed and appearance at CES 2017.  The last major announcement being the termination of cooperation with Magneto Research as posted on the BO Manufacture Facebook Page.

    We got in touch with them and they indeed confirmed that they are stopping the prhat they will be focusing on the fully licensed Fabarm Professional STF/12 Airsoft Shotguns as they have the licence from Fabarm of Italy. They are cooperating with VFC for the CO2 version of the shotgun and a springer version will also be released.

    Will the magnetic airsoft project remain dead? We cannot say as there have already been ideas in the past about magnetic airsoft guns prior to the announcement of the MTO. Someone may just pick up idea and come out with their implementation in the future.

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    Z-Shot Odin Innovations M12 Sidewinder 02

    Airsoft replicas. It’s in the words that define most anything we may use in the hobby. Replica guns, replica gear, replica optics, replica uniform and so on. How do you draw the line on anger of a replica issue in a world in which everything is rooted in clones or knock offs? When does it make sense to be upset and when is it just an acceptable norm? No one is innocent and everyone has fed the clone/knockoff industry. So we need to find a line that’s logical given the reality of the world we live in. Straight idealism without realism is not the answer to a complicated situation in the hobby.

    Before we can find the right middle ground or threshold for where we should truly be upset we need to admit the truth about ourselves. We all have to admit to ourselves that we have or still buy knock offs. We have to admit we prefer cheaper when it’s convenient to us getting what we want. To pretend like that hasn’t been part of our player history is to ignore that the problem starts at the consumer that drives any market. We create the demand that results in the knock offs and unlicensed clones, and when money is tight we are grateful for. Or even when we have the money airsoft is a hobby and the expense of the real deal product isn’t justified for the weekend BB slinging.

    Here’s where we have to face a reality about how we spend. A clone or a knock off isn’t just a choice made by the new player short on funds. It’s a choice on where your disposable income goes in relation to the importance to the hobby. We will buy knock offs or clones all day long of something like EOtechs and not bat and eye lash over it. EOtech aggressively goes after those selling these replicas but players still buy them from any source they can find. The more realistic the better even as EOtech fights the dangers of these replicas in the market. Yet, there is no outrage anywhere in the airsoft community.


    EOtech may be an American made product, it may employ American workers and is by far the better product over any replica made of it. The problem is that it’s just not a practical purchase for airsofters in general. It is a small minority that uses them for airsoft and those that do are mostly doing it as a status symbol. For most people the expense of an optic that may cost two or three times more than the gun it’s on just doesn’t compute. So in comes the market demand for a cheap replica that looks the part and does the job for airsoft. Now are airsofters destroying EOtech by buying these replicas and not the real thing. The answer is obviously no and that airsofters aren’t EOtech’s target market. Replicas are dangerous to EOtech when people try to sell them to real steel shooters passing them off as real units. So that’s an example of how replicas or clones themselves aren’t the problem and buying them is in certain cases completely logical. Should real companies look for their share of the pie and license more products? Sure, it’s a capitalist market in which you should work to make more money whenever possible. If you can’t beat the replica/clone market, take advantage and profit from the game.

    EOtech is one example within a very expensive industry, the consumer demands an alternative that will force the creation of clones. Airsofters that get angry over a soft stance on clones or replicas often forget that we by far are not the intended end user of the expensive real gear we buy. Airsofters are the ancillary business that would not ruin a company to lose. Crye Precision, LBT, AimPoint, Colt or EOtech won’t go out of business if the hobby disappears tomorrow. The replicas created aren’t eating into the market share represented by airsofters. It’s a threat of a very different kind when they are passed off as the real deal. But that’s not the argument or conversation the community is having right now.

    Odin Innovations and companies like it are a direct product of the hobby and count solely on the hobby for its sustainment. We need to divorce the conversation a bit away from the idea that all replicas or clones are bad. They have a very logical place in the economics of the hobby. Spend less on gear, have more money to play and keep the community alive. Playing less because you can’t afford to travel to an event after blowing all your money on Crye didn’t help the hobby. It just gave you something to look good in as you walk around your house poor. The line comes at the products that are a creation of the hobby for the hobby. We have to be realistic in this view of clones/ replicas in order to know how to correctly pick our battles and direct the conversation positively without just calling everyone a hypocrite.

    I own an Odin Innovation speed loader and think it’s a great product. I own replica optics like the EOtech and replica flashlights like Surefire produces. I also own real EOtechs and real Surefires I use on my real guns. To me replicas have a logical place in the economics of my hobby. I feel no issue being outraged with what’s happening to Odin Innovation because it has its place in the hobby and nowhere else. There is the line and one that makes sense to the greater picture. When an industry eats its own it’s as many have said kills the potential for others to rise up and create for the hobby. Arguing over to buy clones/knockoffs of not to buy them is the wrong argument. Clones/knockoffs have a place in the hobby that can’t go away. We can choose to spend our money on quality and support the original design. But with the removal of clones/knockoffs so goes the hobby itself.

    Photo:Some of the M12 Sidewinder Clones under different names.

    The argument should be one of Odin Innovation a small company bringing a niche market, a niche product that it needs. Now here comes a company in the same space killing the original designer in its actions. The line is drawn in the consequences for the original designer by having the product design copied. Valken did not produce the clone Odin Speed loader, they are just selling it. They are being hammered so hard publicly because of a bad reputation and because it’s seen as a big company trying to smash a small company. This isn’t about to clone or not to clone but do we allow the destruction of a small company that only really caters to airsoft by a company that could choose to support others in its niche but doesn’t. Pushing out the competition with its own design is a low we shouldn’t tolerate. We can and should continue to vote with our wallet. That is how change is made in a free market capitalist economy. We can’t pretend to be outraged over clones/knockoffs like they are the devil but forget it’s the drug airsoft won’t ever quit. Focus your energy on where your dollar goes and if you do that the steam will correct itself in support of the original designers of key products needed for the hobby produced by those in the hobby. It makes all the difference to remember that when deciding when and where to be outraged about in the industry of airsoft products.

    Javier “Darkhorse”
    One Grunt’s Opinion


    About The Author

    Javier "Darkhorse" Franco, formerly from This Week In Airsoft, runs his own Airsoft Blog on Facebook called "One Grunt's Opinion."This article has been posted here as contributed by the the author.

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    Megabots Eagle Prime and Iron Glory

    After the giant robot duel in which their Eagle Prime won over the Suidobashi Heavy Industry’s Kuratas, Team Megabots take another step in realizing their dream of having a Giant Robot Fighting League. With robotics teams from around the world now coming forward to challenge Team Megabots, they want to raise more funds by going back to Kickstarter for another crowdfunding round:

    We have more than 3 years and $6.5M worth of investment into developing these robots and this sport. We have one of the founders of the UFC on our staff, we've been working with the former video production staff of Mythbusters on our videos, and our engineering and fabrication team comes from high end robotics companies, defense contractors, and industry leaders. We have the best shot in the world at making this sport come to life within the next decade.

    We need your help. We have the technology, the rockstar team, and the ambition to make this sport become a reality, but we need hardcore fans to help us fill an arena to watch the first live tournament, watch our videos, and advise us as we create the sci-fi-inspired sport fans want to see. By participating in this campaign, you're sending a message to potential investors and big media companies - you want this sport to exist so badly, you're willing to help build it from scratch.

    If you want to see the mecha and giant robots of science fiction come to life, we need your pledge now. This campaign is the culmination of years of planning, and failure of this campaign will likely mean MegaBots closes its doors.

    The Chinese want to take on Eagle Prime according to Team Megabots such as the GREATMETAL, creators of Monkey King and Fighting My Bots, the creators of Yamantaka. Overall, they have from 20 other teams in China, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and the USA who want to attend. Now, that surely is real giant robot party. These teams are just waiting for the tournament details for them to commit.

    It is just a wonder why they still have to resort to crowdfunding when they have the rockstar team, and not try to start tapping big sponsors. Red Bull is one company that is crazy enough to fund unique sporting feats and events, pushing the boundaries of human endurance and technology. Surely, a Giant Robot tournament is something they can be interested in. With automation, AI, and robots now getting into the more mainstream debate that the tech titans can look into what Megabots are proposing and perhaps throw some of their funds from their billions in their investment stockpile. Surely any technology that is developed in such a tournament can be used for civilian purposes. Just look at F1, the pinnacle of motoring tech. A lot of F1 technology are used in cars we take foregranted.

    Here are the goals of the crowdfunding campaign:

    • Host the World's First Giant Fighting Robot Tournament in the San Francisco Bay Area in Q4 2018, where 4 teams will compete for the international title. This event will be live, unscripted, and professionally livestreamed. We will confirm a final date with our fans 6 months in advance. There is a possibility this date will be pushed back if teams aren't ready, or if arenas aren't available, but we will communicate with our fans every step of the way. We are no longer under any NDAs like we were during the Giant Robot Duel, and are free to communicate about our plans openly.
    • Make our MK2-class Iron Glory robot open source, so anyone in the world can build their own mech. It should be possible to build all of the components of a MK2-class robot in a garage, so long as you assemble it outside...
    • Produce MegaBots Season 2, where we show you our own R&D AND the progress of teams around the world as they prepare their mechs for the tournament.
    • Host a series of MegaBots LIVE! events at our headquarters, where you get to be up close and personal with the robots and watch us test new technology/rules/weapons/etc live. 

    Do you agree with such goals and share the vision of a Giant Robot League? Well, then open your wallets and help fund the next step, the 2018 tournament. Sometimes building things meant to destroy others help in the progress of humankind.

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    Shayetet 13 (Wikipedia)

    SIG Sauer’s MCX Rifle now has an airsoft version in the form of the Cybergun SIG MCX AEG with Vega Force (VFC) Company being the OEM. Many have been looking forward to getting an airsoft MCX which is probably the newest rifle that caught the eyes of airsoft players looking for a new AR-style rifle. But certain airsofters usually buy an airsoft gun that goes with a loadout that they are putting together. So what loadout should the MCX be with?

    The London Metropolitan Police’s SCO19 and or the Eckernförde Länderpolizei  in Germany can be examples. But if they are looking into a special operations unit, then they have to look at the Israeli Navy as their version of the U.S Navy SEALS and the British Special Boat Squadron (SBS), the Shayetet 13, are evaluating the SIG MCX that can potential replace 5 weapons that are in used by the highly trained unit.

    According to Ynetnews, the “The multi-purpose MCX rifle by US company SIG Sauer is one such weapon, considered by the IDF for its ability to hit its target for several different distances.”

    SIG MCX (Photo by Sig Sauer)

    The unit uses the M4, CTAR-21, X95, Uzi SMG, SR-25, and even the Kalashnikov in operations. Having a multipurpose rifle to consolidate use of parts and ammo does make sense for the unit as it lessens training time for its operatives.

    Whilst Ynetnews mentions the SIG MCX, it does not mention the other rifles that the Shayetet 13 are looking into as potential replacement.

    The Shayetet 13 is one of the most secretive units in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Their operatives and mission details are kept classified. Volunteers for Shayetet 13 are required to be in service at least four and a half years as compared to the mandatory 36-month service in other IDF special operations units.

    New Shayatet 13 Vest

    In the same news report, the unit recently received a new vest that does not soak up water and can be carried in wet or parched terrain, given that they are primarily a waterborne special forces unit. Its compartments accommodate can electronic devices, commando knife, water drinking kit, explosive charges, and grenades.


    Top photo:Shayetet 13 in training (Photo source: Wikipedia)

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    Noveske Rifleworks Ghetto Blaster Rifle

    Not impressed with the SIG MCX nor the Honey Badger even if they have airsoft versions?  Perhaps this new series from Noveske Rifleworks might just get your attention. Noveske do have licensed products in airsoft via MadBull Airsoft and hopefully their new offering would get into the hands of airsoft players as well.

    So what are they called? They’re called the Ghetto Blaster Rifles. Well, if they sound like the boom box in the 1980s that breakdancers used on the streets for their showdowns (Ghetto Blaster is another term for the boom box), then they will be a blast to use, no pun intended.

    Initially starting with three models, the Ghetto Blasters are available in different lengths and are customized versions of the companies Gen 4 receivers with Ambi bolt release, Norgon Ambi magazine release, and Ambi 60 degree STS safety selector. Customers can choose either M-Lok and KeyMod versions.

    According to the Truth About Guns, since this is designed in cooperation with Kevin Brittingham of Q, who is the designer of the Honey Badger, the Ghetto Blaster Rifles can be used with the PDW stock of the Honey Badger and can also mount the suppressor for the Honey Badger. Kevin is the best friend of the late John Noveske, the found of Noveske Rifleworks.

    The initial releases in the Ghetto Blaster Rifle series are the 7-inch and 16-inch configurations. The 5.25-pound 7-inch version can be outfitted in for either 5.56mm or 300 BLK while the 16-inch version is configured for the 5.56mm only.

    Press release below:

    GRANTS PASS, OREGON, NOVEMBER 21, 2017 — Noveske Rifleworks is proud to announce the Ghetto Blaster Rifle — the introductory rifle configuration on our new Gen 4 platform. This lightweight rifle (5.25lbs in the short configuration) features a customized version of our new Gen 4 receiver set, collapsible stock and Noveske Rail system (MLOK or Keymod option). Adapted to accept a collapsible stock, the receiver set also includes ambidextrous controls, flared mag well, and new geometry relative to our Gen 3 set. Additionally, the rifle features a Magpul grip, adjustable gas block, and Geissele SD-E trigger. We teamed up with Kevin Brittingham and his team at Q to incorporate the collapsible stock and BCG in this rifle.

    At launch, there will be three configurations available for pre-order:

    • 7.94” 5.56 Stainless barrel, w/7” NHR
    •  7.94” 300BLK Stainless barrel, w/7” NHR 
    • 16” 5.56 CHF barrel, w/15” NHR

    Other configurations available in Q1 2018 include: Suppressed 300BLK Model (Ghetto Blaster NSD), as well as 10mm.

    Pre-sale starts today!

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    Tokyo Marui 4th Festival Type 89 GBB Presentation 02

    The Tokyo Marui Festival is the last major event for the venerable Japanese airsoft company to make major announcements in terms of product announcements and product plans. For the 4th Tokyo Marui Festival, the company has revealed more gas blowback products, especially gas blowback rifles that airsoft players can look forward to next year.

    For customers and fans of the company, the event, which took place last 11-12 November 2017 in Akihabara, the excitement of new products from the company made them queue up near the entrance as early as 8 in the morning. Long lines were observed as loyal customers and those who are curious about airsoft and Tokyo Marui waited for the opening of the event.

    In the earlier events such as the Shizuoka Hobby Show and the All Japan Model & Hobby Show, it is more of the AES and New Generation AEGs that were prioritised especially with the SGR-12 and its special big brother, the Thor’s Hammer for Capcom’s Resident Evil 7 “Not A Hero” DLC; and the latest electric blowback and recoil new generation AEG , the AK47 Type 3 NEG.

    By this time, most of you have probably aware of the new products that were unveiled at the Festival: the Type 89 GBB Rifle, MTR-16 GBB Rifle, Scorpion Mod M AEG SMG, and the M45A1 Gas Blowback Pistol.

    This is feature is not more about what happened at the event, but what we have observed about the direction the company is taking in producing new airsoft products:

    More M-LOK

    We noticed that Tokyo Marui prefer developing new airsoft guns that use the M-Lok Rail System, rather than the KeyMod. Examples are the SGR-12 and the Thor’s Hammer AES, the MTR-16 GBB, and the Scorpion Mod M4 AEG. Many airsoft manufacturers are now shifting from KeyMod to M-Lok realising the advantages of the latter, but it is Tokyo Marui that is solely making airsoft guns with the M-Lok.

    Will they be releasing more AEGs, AESes, NEGs, and Gas Airsoft Guns that will have the M-Lok as the mainstay handguard? With the 4 examples above, we may just see more.

    More Original Designs

    With the revelation of the SGR-12, the company just announced to the whole world that is getting more adventurous in terms of coming out with airsoft guns that are designed in house. Though it is not the first airsoft company to put out original gun designs, as ICS and G&G Armament have gone ahead with their own designs.

    The MTR-16, or the Multi Tactical Rifle 16 Inch, is a gas blowback rifle that is the second original design from the company. It does use the MWS-ZET gas blowback rifle system as seen in the M4 GBBs Tokyo Marui released, it is still is an AR-style GBB rifle.

    The Scorpion Mod M Electric Airsoft Machine Pistol will immediately give us an impression that it is based on a CZ Škorpion vz. 61 Machine Pistol that has been updated for the 21st Century. However, there is no real world Scorpion Mod M made by Česká zbrojovka, making us conclude that is an original airsoft design by Tokyo Marui that probably takes its inspiration from the Škorpion vz. 61.

    Whether it was intentional or a coincidence, the Scorpion Mod M was announced 10 years after the release of the Tokyo Marui Škorpion vz. 61  AEP in 2007.

    The Type 89 Gas Blowback Rifle

    The main star of the 4th Tokyo Marui Festival is the Type 89 Gas Blowback Rifle as the company catered mainly to a Japanese audience and thus presenting an indigenous design for them to appreciate what the company does. It is the second Type 89 released by the company with the first one being an AEG.

    The Type 89 GBB has a realistic take down, ambidextrous controls as well as a three-round burst. The dimensions are exactly the same as the real Type 89 that is in use in the JGSDF. It is expected to be released in Spring 2018.

    Apart from the new releases, the visitors were treated to handling the airsoft guns that were on display, listen to presentations, check the illustrations of guns and girls with the Tokyo Marui guns of course, try to shoot some of the guns as well as buy merchandise from the offline version of the Tokyo Marui Webstore.

    The next major event that Tokyo Marui shall announce new products will be at the Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018 which will take place in May. For now, we wait for the company to release the new products to distributors and resellers for the Holiday season and Spring next year.

    Photos of the 4th Tokyo Marui Festival at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    Dutch Open 2017 AAR

    One of the biggest events in the airsoft practical shooting/action air calendar in Europe is the Dutch Open. Organised by the NABV’s International Airsoft Practical Shooting (IAPS) group, the tournament has moved to what we might call its permanent home, the NABV National Airsoft Centrum in Geldermalsen, The Netherlands. In the first two years, the Dutch Open was held at the National Sports Centre in Papendal, Arnhem.

    The NABV National Airsoft Centrum is the first of its kind in the world. Whilst Dutch airsoft is one of the youngest in the world, having been formally legalised five years ago, it is nevertheless the most organised in the world. The National Airsoft Centrum is proof of that organisation and they also have the best resources amongst airsoft players’ organisations in the world.

    The Dutch Open 2017 took place last 11-12 November.

    On the first day of the event Master Chief and I arrived at the National Airsoft Centrum, hitching a ride with Luuk Van Hulten at the hotel that they have arranged for us in Zaltbommel, about 15 minutes away from Geldermalsen. Amazed at the look at layout of the place, we were briefly shown around and had breakfast with the ROs for the event. All were ready to officiate, as well as the shooters who were all ready for two days of shooting through 24 courses of fire of varying difficulty. We went quickly with our breakfast, got our shooting (read: cameras) gear, and off to the briefing area for us to start covering the Dutch Open 2017 officially.

    Gerard Timmers, the Director of the National Airsoft Centrum as well as from the NABV IAPS Competition Committee and Chief RO, Bart Verwijst welcomed all the competitors by 0900H and done a quick briefing as well as announcing the squad leaders for the different squads that the 120 shooters from The Netherlands, Great Britain, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Poland, and Slovakia belong to. The briefing was quick as it will be a long day ahead of 12 stages, as each day has been allotted 12 stages each.

    The shooters immediately broke up into 10 squads. There were 12 squads in total with squads 11 and 12 already had their Pre-Match shoot as they are the ROs and competition support staff. Having no idea which squad to follow first, I climbed up the scaffolding the NABV IAPS crew setup in the middle of the facility giving a bird’s eyeview of most of the COFs. Right below me was squad 1 comprised mainly of the Germans and immediately started snapping away with my camera as Day 1 action started. Master Chief was in charge of the video so he was roaming around following any squad that will start a stage immediately.

    The layout of the COFs were different as what we were used to in Papendal. Just like the Strike Force CQB in Gloucester where the Airsoft Surgeon European Championships were held, there are certain areas with an existing infrastructure for airsoft training, and the match officials have to be creative in designing the COFs and factor in these as they designed liked rooms for CQB. This meant that there were some really tight spaces that were tough for the shooters but even tougher for me as it was hard to follow the shooters at certain stages. As for Master Chef, had the luxury of a tripod for the video camera that he can use to record the action by hoisting it up over the walls.

    Just like the previous years, the Match organisers went about their jobs like clockwork, shuffling the squads, taking care any issue that arose, and did fixes when technical problems happen at the COFs. It has always been a treat to see the NAVB IAPS work as things look effortless, though we know that a lot of hard work had been put into holding the Dutch Open.

    As for the shooters, many of them are familiar with each other as they are competitors in the Airsoft Surgeon European Championship and the Dutch Open, and to some extent the Belgian Open, which was first held last March. The familiarity also meant they know the strengths of their fellow shooters as they try hard to beat the times and scores to be in the podium by the end of the second day. The top shooters working hard to maintain their to be one of the best in Europe whilst for others, shooting in the presence of their peers from other countries is already a satisfaction for going to the Dutch Open.

    As for the shooters, many of them are familiar with each other as they are competitors in the Airsoft Surgeon European Championship and the Dutch Open, and to some extent the Belgian Open, which was first held last March. The familiarity also meant they know the strengths of their fellow shooters as they try hard to beat the times and scores to be in the podium by the end of the second day. The top shooters working hard to maintain their to be one of the best in Europe whilst for others, shooting in the presence of their peers from other countries is already a satisfaction for going to the Dutch Open.

    But one thing’s for sure, the level of intensity in terms of competition is very high. As for friendship and sportsmanship amongst the shooters at the event, much even higher.

    As Day 1st ended and shooting gear stowed away, the shooters were treated to a dinner by the NABV. Tired but smiling and of course hungry after a long day, they grabbed platefuls of food and munched them down with much gusto. We joined them as we were tired as well as standing up for most of the day following squads go through the stages would also take a toll on our aging legs and arms.

    After dinner, we went back to the hotel, dropped off our gear inside our rooms and freshened up a bit. We went down for some drinks at the bar but we did not stay long as most would rather hit the beds and call it night. We were to be up early as we needed to be at National Airsoft Centrum as Day 2 will start at 0800H. So back to our rooms and for me I still had to transfer the videos and photos of the Day 1 action before I hit the sack for a deep slumber.

    For Day 2, it was David Meuken who kindly gave us a ride back to the venue. We were happy that all our stuff fitted inside his hatchback as we planned on going to Amsterdam right after the awarding ceremonies to spend the night there before flying back to the UK. The hotel packed our breakfast since we didn’t have the luxury to eat them there so once we got back to the National Airsoft Centrum we quickly went through our packs then grabbed our cameras, ready to start Day 2.

    The energy level was still the same as Day 1 as shooters went through the stages, now more intent in improving their scores. A bit weird arrangement for the Airsoft Ibiza Pistol Shooting Club (AIPSC) shooters, they had to end their shoot by noon time as their gear needed to be carried by one of their shooters who was able to arrange with the airline to bring them as checked luggage. However, he had to leave early as his flight back was in the afternoon. The rest of the AIPSC shooters did not have the same arrangement with their airlines. That meant that they cannot finish going through remaining stages in Day 2. But for them, they were still glad that they made it to the Dutch Open, as it was their first time to participate at the event. Hopefully they can remedy that problem if they intend to be shooting for next year.

    Day 2 is very much straightforward, no drama at all. By 1700H all the squads have gone through the remaining 12 stages and were eager to learn the results. But before that, a raffle draw was conducted where lucky winners get to bring home some gear and airsoft guns as contributed by the sponsors of the event.  NABV Chairman, Alex Leenders was there to grace the event and present the raffle prizes and awards.

    Notable in winners in the categories and divisions are families. The Wyborns, led by the Dad, Tim Wyborn, all got into the podium. Tim got 2nd place for the Senior Division, European Championship whilst Matt won the Open Division, European Championship. But the youngest Wyborn, Paul, bagged two: as European Champion Junior Standard Division and third place, European Championship Standard Division.

    The father and daughter tandem from Belgium, Joeri and Lani De Haes, made news for winning in their divisions. Joeri as the European Champion Standard Division and Lani as the European Champion Ladies Division and the youngest to achieve it still being in her tweens. It was an emotional moment for Joeri as Lani finally joined him in bringing home a Champion trophy.

    The organizers thanked all the shooters and support crew for the Dutch Open and hoped to see them all again next year.

    Just like that, the Dutch Open 2017 came to a close, in an efficient and orderly way the NABV is known for. By 1830H, we were all on our way out of Geldermalsen, with many shooters needing to catch their flights or those who need to catch the train to cross the Eurotunnel. Luuk dropped us off at the Geldermalsen train station and we thanked him for the assistance. Tired as he was, he drove away to join David for dinner before they separated to get back to their homes.

    Here are the winners of the Dutch Open 2017:

    Open Division European Championship:

    1st: Matthew Wyborn (XPSC, GBR)
    2nd: Maciej Piwowarski (Legia Warszawa, POL)
    3rd: Jurgen Ronsse (TGS Bauffe, BEL)

    Standard Division European Championship:

    1st: Joeri De Haes (AAD, BEL)
    2nd: Pavol Babenský  (ŠKP Luger Žilina, SVK)
    3rd: Paul Wyborn (XPSC, GBR)

    Production Division European Championship:

    1st: Don De Rooij (SV Langedijk, NLD)
    2nd: Marc Cauchies (La Defense, BEL)
    3rd: Balte De Wit (TAG IAPS Team, NLD)

    Ladies Division European Championship:

    1st: Lani De Haes (AAD, BEL)
    2nd: Marianne Gundayao (LPSAA, GBR)
    3rd: Dionne Reugebrink (NABV Promo, NLD)

    Open Senior Division European Championship:

    1st: Chi Hong Ho (NLD)
    2nd: Tim Wyborn (XPSC, GBR)
    3rd: Jon Cull (WPPC, GBR)

    Open Super Senior Division European Championship:

    1st: Alphonse Defgnée (Coyote Team, BEL)
    2nd: Paul Van Den Bosch (WPPC, GBR)
    3rd: Fred Jansen (NLD)

    Standard Junior European Championship:

    1st: Paul Wyborn (XPSC, GBR)
    2nd: Thomas Coquelle (La Defense, BEL)
    3rd:  Alexandre Coquelle (La Defense, BEL)

    Standard Senior Division European Championship:

    1st:  Harry Ter Borg (Bunker 501, NLD)
    2nd: Marco Van Der Muelen (Hot Shots, NLD)
    3rd: Rene Hoeck (La Defense, BEL)

    Stand Super Senior European Championship:

    1st: Marcel Smeers (Marilles, BEL)
    2nd: Guy De Backer (La Defense, BEL)
    3rd: Mark Van Den Bosch (WPPC, GBR)

    Open Division Dutch Championship:

    1st: Chi Hong Ho
    2nd: David Meuken
    3rd: Luuk Van Hulten

    Standard Division Dutch Championship:

    1st: Harry Ter Borg
    2nd: Jamie Duikersloot
    3rd: Ingemar Bouwhuis

    Photos of the Dutch Open 2017 can be found at the Popular Airsof Facebook Page. Videos to follow. Our thanks to all the participants and the NABV for organising such an en excellent event and congratulations to all the winners.

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    8th APCA Nominations Period Announcement

    Many have been waiting with their list of favourites to submit for the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards and we have received enquiries on how they can get nominated. Now, they can all do those as we have officially opened the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Nominations Period. There are 25 categories for the Awards and that means more will get recognized for their efforts.

    If you cannot read further on and would like to nominate immediately, click here.

    For this awards period we are supported by the following:



    ASG APS Gunfire

    Laylax RedWolf Airsoft Military 1st


    Specna Arms Airsoft Atlanta Low Speed Gear Airsoftjunkiez WGC Shop

    Here are the categories for the Awards:

    • Best Airsoft Retailer for North America
    • Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe
    • Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia
    • Best Gear Retailer for North America
    • Best Gear Retailer for Europe
    • Best Gear Retailer for Asia
    • Best Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)
    • Best English Language Airsoft News Website
    • Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website
    • Best Airsoft Blog (Regardless of Language)
    • Best Airsoft Community/Forum
    • Best Airsoft Video Posted Online in 2017
    • Best Airsoft Event (Over 500 Players)
    • Best Airsoft Podcast or Video Channel
    • Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker
    • Best Airsoft KABOOM (Grenade/Mine/Mortar/Rocket/Pyro) Maker
    • Best HPA Airsoft Engine (New!)
    • Best Airsoft Pistol
    • Best Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle
    • Best Airsoft Shotgun
    • Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle
    • Best Airsoft Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)
    • Best Airsoft Manufacturer
    • Special Airsoft Player Award (Male)
    • Special Airsoft Player Award (Female) (New!)

    There will be raffle prizes comprised of some of the coveted products amongst airsoft players. They will be announced when the Voting/Finals Period. If you nominate and vote during the Awards, your email address will be entered twice which means you got more chances to win a raffle prize.

    So, let’s get going! Nominated your favourite now! The Nomination Period will close on the 29th of December 2017 at 2400H PST.

    Big thanks to the following for helping in language translations: Tokyo Marui, 0'20 Magazine, Airsoft & Milsim News Blog, Gunfire, and Red Army Airsoft Club.

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    Arlington Police Photo Of November 26 Incident

    Any person who points a replica firearm, whether airsoft, BB gun, or a non-firing prop at an armed police officer will get shot. Incidents like this are usually fatal to the person holding the replica firearm. But in this case, the person in question is lucky to survive after being shot by a police officer inside an Arlington Mall in Texas over the weekend.

    Local news media report that a suspected thief inside a mall was in critical condition after police shot him when he pointed a replica firearm. The 20 year old suspect pulled the replica from his waist, perhaps thinking the police would back off. But then, he forgot that the police are armed with real guns, so he got shot when the police officer reacted to his action of pointing a BB gun at him. For the police, they cannot readily distinguish a replica from the real thing as they look the same, and they will always treat a replica as a real gun, especially when it is pointed at them.

    Mall security personnel were following the suspect, who was said to have stolen two pairs sunglasses from the local Sunglass Hut branch last Sunday according to Dallas News. He then fled from them and went down the escalator where one on-duty officer on the lower floor was responding while another responding officer stayed on the upper floor. The suspect then pulled the BB gun and pointed at the police officer on the lower floor who then fired, believing it was a real gun, wounding him.

    Will Johnson, Arlington Police Chief, tweeted photos of the incident and the BB gun recovered from the suspect:

    No other injuries were reported and the name of the police officer who fire on the suspect was not revealed.

    While the replica firearm is an actual airsoft gun, as it looks like a Marksman BB .177 Air Pistol, it should not mean that the airsoft community will feel relieved. Airsoft guns are considered replicas or real imitation firearms, they can be lumped together with other replicas, and thus airsoft can get affected. Can incidents like this be stopped altogether? Perhaps not. There will be those with criminal intent who will use anything to achieve their goals, including the use of replicas. But let this be lesson (again) for airsofters that pointing replicas at the police can lead to dangerous situations, such as injuries or loss of life.

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    Operation Soleil Rising Patch

    Good deeds always produce good outcomes. For the Filipino airsoft community and other airsofters around the world who took time to help raise funds through Op Soleil Rising to bring Amari Soleil “Riley” Palad home with her parents, airsoft RJ Palad and his wife Inna.

    We posted the story a month ago, as medical treatment in the Philippines is very expensive, and that the family needed to raise funds to pay for the medical bills of Riley who was confined to the hospital NICU for almost a month as she was born prematurely and fought a bout with pneumonia. Since then, the airsoft community rallied to their cause and they put up fundraising events various locations in the Philippines and sold Op Soleil Rising patches that was made for the cause by Cary Legaspi. Apart from airsofters, friends and family of the couple in the Philippines and overseas, also did their part, contributing whatever money they could.

    Now, in one of the happiest moments in the lives of the Palads, Riley turned for the better and by the 24th of November 2017, the family announced that she has finally come one home. As her father, RJ, posted on Facebook:


    Airsoft has been a big part of my life. It seems like it’s going to be my daughter's too.

    A significant chunk of the medical expenses was covered by our fund raising drive thru games, private sales and the patches. Words are not enough to express how grateful we are to fellow airsofters who have been with me and my family since day 1.

    To those people who helped conceptualize this whole campaign, to the people who in a heartbeat put up fund raising games, to the airsofters from abroad who in their own ways sent their support, to those who don’t even know me but was there because of the cause, to those who joined the games, to those who bought the patches, to those who bought my guns and gear, and finally to our prayer warriors who made sure that we are consoled even thru pms, from the bottom of our hearts, we thank you all. Every one of you is a blessing to my daughter.

    Riley is finally home.

    All is well that ends well. We also give our thanks to those who heeded the call. And for Riley, we wish her a full life.

    If you still want to contribute, please do contact the parents on"Warrior Princess Riley" Facebook Page.

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