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    InstaCool Vest

    Summer just keeps on getting hotter and hotter each year and it’s the peak of the Airsoft year. This means that we have to ensure to keep ourselves cool to keep and avoid heat stroke.  With all the gear we’ll be wearing how can we keep ourselves cool during the hottest season of the year?

    There is one option, getting the Qore Performance IcePlate that is available at some airsoft retailers. Designed like ballistic plate, it is a cooling plate as well as a hydration system. It can be fitted in plate carriers but its temperature is not adjustable and it can only cool certain parts of the body.

    What if you can wear your own Airconditioner? Sounds preposterous? Well, there is the InstaCool Vest which its maker says is an outdoor cooling vest that cools you down in 10 seconds.

    On Indiegogo right now to raise funds for its production, InstantCool vest is a wearable AC unit to cool you with ice water circulated from the reservoir via a high-efficiency battery powered pump. Just like the IcePlate, it can also be used as a hydration system.

    Since it has a water pump, InstaCool is able to circulate water around the different parts of your body core including the chest and back area. It has one touch button for temperature control; can keep you cool for 4 hours with its Powerbank; and the Vest itself is washable as long as you remove the water pump, powerbank, USB port, and the icebox.

    Since it’s a vest, InstaCool can be worn almost anywhere as compared to the IcePlate which of course will make you look out of place on the high street or anyplace outside an airsoft field or a training range.

    On Indiegogo, you can pledge US$139 to get an InstaCool vest which is 30% cheaper than its planned retail price when it get produced. Consult the sizing chart as the production is to be done in China as the CEO of InstaCool, Eddy Yue is based in Shenzhen and Asian sizing is different.

    If production is on schedule, the InstaCool vest will soon be shipping to its backers in June 2018, just in time for summer. Will you be one the first to wear it at an airsoft game?

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    Border War 10 (Photo by Loopol)

    Border War MILSIM X – THE BEAST SLAYER has marked a decade of a series of MILSIM games organised by the Border War Crew by offering an even more outstanding experience to the players. The BW Crew has again pushed the benchmark further in the sense of extended battlefield, higher levels of operational performance and a new style of gameplay. Border War MILSIM – THE BEAST SLAYER is a significant milestone in airsoft history.

    Border War MILSIM 10th Episode – The Beast Slayer was held in the Czech Republic in the first half of April in Ralsko, a former military area. Participants came from over 33 countries from around the globe. The players experienced intensive 50 hour day and night infantry MILSIM battle engagements under demanding weather conditions affecting a large scale terrain. A festive party with a celebration concert was held on Wednesday night to mark ten years of MILSIM done the Border War Way. Free merchandise was handed out during the show to the cheerful crowd of Border War fans, beer was flowing and the happy crowd sang along to the classic rock songs performed by a well-known Prague band called Free Ride.

    Border War 10 has again offered enhanced services to the players. Fast pace registration completed in two days prior to the event created a registration speed record in Border War History- all participants were registered by 17:00 of the second day of registration without hiccups. Border War 10 has again secured its position as a leader in Airsoft MILSIM event organizing.

    BW 10 traditionally hosted historical vehicles, including the in-game BVP-1 which was last seen at Border War 1, and VTOL aircraft for in-game drop of airmobile players into the heat of the battle, fortified bunkers, antitank obstacles, armored vehicles, ammo crates, rockets, satellites and much more including brand new game props planted across key game locations intensifying the game experience.

    The game area got significantly extended for the jubilee event creating the largest battlefield used for Airsoft gaming in Europe up to date.

    A LARP city featured 21 buildings, and was attached to the PMC barracks. The LARP element this year had around 150 LARP characters performing in the game scenario.

    Community Assistance Program

    Border War MILSIM is actively participating in the Local Community Assistance program sponsoring projects aimed at enhancing the infrastructure of the locality where the events take place.

    Cooperation with Natural Park

    A pilot biotope cultivation project was held together with the Natural Park and Department of Forestry, where tracked vehicles returned to the area for the first time since 1991. Former military presence in the area has created a specific biotope, which is finally diminishing. The BVP-1 cultivation ride was under the strict supervision of Natural Park Engineers creating with its tracks special nesting areas for vertebrae species. This was a project we have been preparing for 5 years and so far it is a great success. There have been much more Ecology focused features done in synergy with the event. The Biotope cultivation project is solely financed by the Border War Crew.

    Cooperation with the Forest Bureau

    After Border War 9, there where some roads that were damaged by player vehicles driven through mud due to heavy rain. This year, the Border War Crew repaired a significant part of the forest roads in the game area, bringing in bulldozers and 120 tons of gravel to upgrade the roads for subsequent use by BW ambulances and logistics units. Players were able to experience the new roads built for faster ambulance performance and logistical supply in the area of Guerrilla FOB. Forest road building was completely financed by the Border War Crew without any monetary support from other authorities.

    Support to Local Municipality

    The town of Běla pod Bezdězem received a sponsor gift to support a local Kindregarden in gratitude for allowing us to hold these events for a decade. The City Mayor has again visited our event and congratulated us with the 10 year anniversary.

    Celebration of 100 Years of the Creation of the Czech Republic

    A very Special exhibition about the history of the Czech Legions and the Battle of Zborov was made available during the event. The exhibition was displayed by the Ceskoslovenska Obec Legionarska (Czechoslovak Union of Legionnaires) and allowed the participants to learn more about the history of our country.

    Cooperation with Ministry of Defense

    The Czech Ministry of Defense provided us with a 6 panel exhibition about Czech Troops deployment in Mali.

    Border WAR MILSIM Hero Medals

    A special ceremony was held before the game where 25 players were awarded by special Border War MILSIM Hero Medals. These decorations were given to all who have significantly and outstandingly contributed to improving this gaming event in the past decade.

    Sponsors and Shops

    Pilsner Urquell was a main partner in terms of beer supply and we have gain brought back Birel the Best Non Alcoholic beer supplier since Border War 2. The Gold Sponsors of the event were Valken Tactical, Specna Arms, Gunfire, ASG (Action Sport Games), Wiley X, G and G Armaments and ICS. BBs, merchandise and replicas were distributed to the participants to test replicas before the game and in-game as well. This event was also supported by the Bohemia Airsoft Shop, Code Red Headsets, Pistol Academy, Jackets to Go and 365+ tactical shop.

    Logistical Support

    Off zone offered a large variety of airsoft products, shops with equipment for the airsoft players, and a lot of free gifts and samples from sponsors. The players had a chance to get a hold off new products as well. Traditional professional catering provided the event with excellent food at reasonable prices together with the acclaimed non-alcoholic Czech beer.

    Behind the Scenes

    BW10 preparations including a few pre-scenarios complementing the pregame creation took 10 months. On site BW had over 200 staff. Thanks to the top level of the organization of Border War games we were allowed to use the extended large area of the Natural Park for four years in a row. A large scale inspection by the Park’s Forest Rangers this year has again confirmed the high level of professionalism of our team. They have been pleased with our use of Points of Interest banners instead of pre-built constructions (that are not allowed in natural parks). The BW crew once again received very positive feedback from the authorities monitoring the organizational aspect of the event.

    Player Safety and Medical care

    Border War MILSIM’s main focus is the safety of the players via the provision of medical services by the Association of Czech Samaritans who offer an outstanding level of health care for the players. 9 Ambulances, more than 45 paramedics on jeeps and quad bikes, together with doctors were present during the duration of the game enabling high levels medical alert. There have secured a world leading level of health and safety provisions for this airsoft event. On site Security was provided by a professional Security Company Čechymen who have enjoy a reputation for securing large scale events such as the NATO days in Ostrava.

    The local Fire Brigade and Police department were also supporting this event. Ensuring the Health & Safety of the players is essential for the success of our enterprise.

    • The unique achievements of Border War 10
    • Fastest booking registration for the event in airsoft history – sold out in a few minutes in July 2017
    • Fastest on-site electronic registration via in Border War MILSIM history
    • Nature friendly event – Pilot project of Biotope Cultivation activated.
    • Forest roads have been enhanced to improve the game area logistics prior to the game
    • Largest game battlefield ever used in Europe and probably in the world
    • Largest Airmobile drop in airsoft history
    • BVP-1 tracked vehicle employed
    • Largest LARP city in Airsoft history (Including the heavily fortified castle and large scale fortified Task Force base, PSF base, DEA and CN base)
    • Most advanced health and safety standards applied at an Airsoft event in Europe and probably in the world
    • Largest Game Crew ever used to set up and execute an airsoft event in Europe (Maybe in the world) over 200 people.
    • The abundance of Game Props required a couple of large trucks to transport them.
    • 17 chrono stations manned by 25 Border War Chrono Crew managed to accomplish the speediest chrono checks for airsoft equipment compatibility ever in Airsoft history in the Czech Republic. Special thanks go to Romeo 1 and Sebastian and his team of Chrono volunteers.
    • Several heavy trucks were used to transport players in-game and off-game
    • Corporate Responsibility Program – support to development of local region
    • Festive Concert first time in Border War MILSIM history
    • Border War Hero Medals were awarded by the BW Crew to players who had made significant contributions to the event in the past decade.

    About the Organizer

    Border War Crew organize large scale international Airsoft MILSIM games since 2008 with more than 117 organized events since 2003 in its portfolio.

    Border War MILSIM was six times voted as the best Airsoft event in the world by readers of Popular Airsoft Magazine. In 2017 Border War MILSIM entered the Hall Of Fame of Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards thanks to the 5 awards in a row scored by the same team in history of airsoft.

    About the Scenario

    The fictional scenario landed the players at the jungles of Minacuan where a government Task Force Centurion is executing a counterinsurgency operation against guerrilla forces. The game incorporated another 4 player factions: DEA, PSF, CN Observers and Civilians with completely independent scenario lines from main Task Force - Guerrilla Encounter. The scenario was inspired by South American drug war themes but without any concrete reenactment focus.

    Weather was nearly perfect for the event with unusually warm nights in comparison to past events.

    Short Game Flow Summary

    There have been hundreds of small missions implemented throughout the event so here is the main game flow summary.

    Guerrilla forces threatened by a buildup of government troops have speeded up the harvesting of coca leaves employing local villagers and guerrilla infantry to process them into large quantities of coca paste before the fields are destroyed by the Task Force. Guerrilla logistic teams have provided the processing factory with resources needed for large scale production of coca paste. The paste was later on delivered to clandestine PSF laboratories where it was turned into the final product. The PSF, who were financed by an offshore cartel,  smuggled the final products to a PSF castle stronghold where they were turned to final achievement points.

    DEA Units who were not aware until the end of the game that PSF was a fraction representing the cartel, nevertheless managed to capture a lot of the leaf harvest, intel and final products. PSF did not manage to plunder archeological excavation sites with the Incan artefacts due to a strong presence of CN Observer units. CN Observers managed to effectively protect the civilians. LARPers contributed immensely by creating hundreds of special missions and sub quests enriching the entire scenario. Both DEA and PSF managed to protect their stockpiles from being overrun by opponents. Occasionally the spirit of Great Inca appeared in the village involving all surrounding players in a special performance.

    Task Force - Guerrilla Encounter Strategic Outcome:

    Both game sides performed quite well in terms of reaching tactical objectives and securing various key strategic points in the field. TF recon units scouted the harvest cooperative locations before executing organized raids; Guerrilla forces offered first class defense of the production sites and managed to escort paste to PSF laboratories. TF units managed to eliminate 4 people from the wanted list and had mortally wounded General Red Scorpion while raiding the Guerrilla FOB. The Guerillas, on their part, organized a lot of attacks on TF FOB and its surroundings inflicting heavy damage to TF raiding units. None of the main bases has fallen to enemy hands; nevertheless, both were constantly besieged during this dynamic scenario. In conclusion, Task Force managed to inflict heavy losses on the guerilla forces, but the guerillas managed to fulfill their strategic production quotas while performing active offensive maneuvers against TF units in the area. Many new game props have been used in the game to enrich the overall game experience.

    In general, all sides performed very well as confirmed by all representatives in the game. I would say it was a quite challenging multi mission large-scale scenario with a rapidly changing operative situation. It was professionally managed by all HQs who engaged in measures to monopolize on the tactical superiority on the playing sides.

    We would like to mainly thank all BW Trustees, Game Masters, Coy Commanders and PLT commanders for leading the players to their objectives. You have done a great job!

    We have evaluated the feedback from the players sent electronically and we have received a very positive response.

    In conclusion, BW10 was a successful event, achieving yet another significant milestone in airsoft history.

    Allow us once again to thank all the players for their trust and loyalty to this event!  It would all be impossible without your quality gameplay and dedication! We are looking forward to seeing you next year at the Border War MILSIM 11th episode called The Pestilence Blade!

    Mike von Bulow and the BW Crew

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    UKAPU Policing and Crime Act 2017 Anniversary Cake

    The Policing & Crime Act 2017 is now a year old and the airsoft community in the United Kingdom is breathing easier these days that airsoft with improvements on the recognition of airsoft in the legislation, not regarded as a firearm, and an increase in the FPS limits. There are still some grey areas that need to be ironed out. The UKAPU are working on these together with other airsoft organisations and hopefully they get resolved soon.

    But for now, it is counting the blessings we have and we observe the first year of the PCA 2017. Jonathan Hill of UKAPU sends us a press release and a photo of cake as they celebrate with their members:

    Policing and Crime Act 2017 Anniversary Cake!

    It has now been a year since the commencement of the Policing and Crime Act 2017 and thanks to the community, lobbying, retail and trade groups, airsoft ultimately came out on top. So here are a few words from the committee members here at UKAPU.

    “Here we are then! A whole year has passed since the Policing and Crime Act 2017 came into effect; the Earth is still turning and we are all still happily enjoying our wonderful sport.

    As a result of the PCA 2017 – and for the first time since airsoft arrived on our shores – it now has a proper definition in law. Airsoft has been referenced in primary legislation and is no longer loitering within secondary legislation. This is rather significant for us as it affords airsoft more protection and actually shows that parliament is happy for it to continue to exist.

    UKAPU committee members worked tirelessly towards ensuring that skirmishers didn’t get a bum deal. Our primary goal was to ensure that skirmishers had a voice during the discussion and consultation stages, that we weren’t stuck with a 1 Joule maximum energy limit and that airsoft didn’t get shoehorned into or tacked onto some piece of existing firearms legislation.

    It goes without saying that without all the support of our members we really would have struggled. Your donations contributed towards getting committee members to Home Office consultations and meetings, creating and distributing campaign materials and promoting the issue amongst the airsoft and firearms community and press.

    Unfortunately after all this hard work we still have some unanswered questions. We are still dealing with a couple of grey areas with regard to the wording and players have been contacting us on a regular basis since the commencement of the PCA, all asking how they can stay legal. The present situation is that we can’t currently give any definitive advice. Trust us when we say this is as frustrating for us as it is for you and getting this situation rectified is still an ongoing priority.

    So what can we take away from all of this? Though there are still some unknowns, airsoft is arguably in a much better place both politically and legally than it was before and strengthens our position lest we face challenges in the future”

    So to celebrate the first anniversary of the PCA 2017, our chairman David has procured a cake! He said he would share it if he could but, as he can’t he will eat it on behalf of the committee and our members!

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    Tokyo Marui 56th Shizuoka Hobby Show

    It’s May and in airsoft it is a month in which airsoft players will expect Tokyo Marui to unveil their initial offerings for 2018. But for all those who collect plastic models of different types, genre, character, the 57th Shizuoka Hobby Show is the place to be this month.

    Japan has a thriving plastic model industry since the industry started more than half a century ago. Most of the companies are around Shizuoka making the place the “Plastic Model Capital of the World.”  The Shizuoka Hobby Show, which will be on its 57th year next week, showcases what the Japanese plastic model industry has to offer the world.

    For fans of Tokyo Marui, it is an opportunity to see for the first time products that they now want world to know. The company takes research and development seriously that the products they announce were being worked on years before they are happy to reveal them. The company rarely gets delayed in product releases and so far they are the only company to announce exact dates of the product releases as compared to other companies who just give estimates.

    As I have already written before, Tokyo Marui have revised their product announcement schedules. They only do it twice a year with the first one at the Shizuoka Hobby Show in May and the second one at the Tokyo Marui Festival in November. Previously, the second announcement was done at the All Japan Hobby Show but they decided to do this at their own Festival to give a proper spacing of product revelations.

    But one thing for sure, they will have their shooting range set up again for visitors to try their airsoft guns.

    As always it's a guessing game what they will revealat the show at their website. Hyperdouraku usually does some speculations when the teaser goes up before the event, so better tune in to that blog to see what Yas will be predict.

    If you are planning to go to Japan or already in the area, the 57th Shizuoka Show is set on the 10th to the 13th of May 2019. 10 and 11 of May are reserved for trade visitors and the 12 and 13 of May will be open to the public.

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    U.S. Army Ghillie Suit

    It’s time again to look at the Ghillie suit. Yes, that contraption that snipers use to conceal themselves. The P.E.O. Soldier posted an RFI last April 23 for a design for an "Improved Ghillie System." The RFI will demand a lot from interested parties and should be able to be used over existing combat clothing that can be easily attached and not to exceed 5lbs.

    Interested parties are expected to respond on or before the 8th of May 2018. Portions of the RFI below:

    Request for Information (RFI): Design for Improved Ghillie System - Over Garment and Kit

    The Program Executive Office, Soldier (PEO Soldier) is posting a RFI in advance of a request for proposal (RFP). This RFI is posted solely to communicate needs regarding upcoming RFP and does not constitute a formal solicitation for proposals and will not directly lead to any contract awards. The following sections of this announcement contain details of the scope of technical efforts of interest, along with expected instructions for the submission of responses to this RFI.

    Background & Scope

    In 2008, Product Manager-Soldier Clothing & Individual Equipment (PdM SCIE) and Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center (NSRDEC) developed the Flame Resistant Ghillie Suit (FRGS) and the Ghillie Suit Accessory Kit (GSAK) as an interim solution through the Rapid Fielding Initiative (RFI).

    For the IGS effort, PEO Soldier is seeking an improved system to include an over garment layer to which kit materials and natural elements can be easily and securely attached. The over garment layer of the system may include, but is not limited to, items such as hood, cape, sleeve, over shirt and/or veil. The over garment layer should be a lightweight, modular, mission tailorable and counter-surveillance capable.

    The base uniform recommended for wear with the IGS is the FR Army Combat Shirt (ACS) and the FR Army Combat Pant (ACP), which will provide an FR layer beneath the IGS. The ACS and ACP are not included in this requirement but should be considered when deciding on optimal colors/shades. The use of the ACS and ACP reduces the need for the over garment to provide the needed FR protection therefore, allowing for possible material solutions with reduced weight, improved breathability and improved performance over current FRGS system.

    Technical Requirements for Over Garment:

    • No observed melting or dripping (Threshold)
    • Provide ability to easily add and remove accessories from kit or natural environment
    • Not exceed 5 pounds T=5 lbs O=2lbs
    • Be one size to accommodate the 2nd percentile female to 98th percentile male in fighting load configuration using the Smart Adaptions Study (T=O)
    • Not hinder mobility
    • Allow for donning and doffing within 2 minutes or less T=2 min
    • Be capable of being stowed in top flap of the MOLLE Large pack or MOLLE 4000 pack (T)Constructed of quick drying materials T=4 hr, O= 1 hr in lab conditions, as measured by MM TS 07 for Dry Time, AATCC 201 for Drying Rate and ASTM E96 for Moisture Vapor Transmission
    • No audible signature from movement at greater than 50 meters for 90% of possible detections.

    Technical Requirements for Kit ((Skeins)-Jute or "jute like" material such as burlap, hemp, etc)

    • No audible signature from movement at greater than 50 meters for 90% of possible detections.
    • Exhibit a lower burn rate than burlap. Should qualify as Class 1, normal flammability, per 16 CFR Part 1610 Standard for the Flammability of Clothing Textiles, with no observed melting or dripping (Threshold). This may be intrinsic fiber property or achieved through topical finish or spray. Self-extinguish when ignition source is removed (Objective). Note that this is a starting point for the flammability requirement for IGS.
    • Retain the ability for modification of the shape, size, and color using standard materials in the Army supply system and non-standard materials not typically found in the Army supply system (i.e. dyes, paints).
    • Prevent visual detection by a trained observer at 200 meters (T); 50 meter (O)

    It is interesting to find out what the new generation Ghillie suits for the U.S. Army will be if ever the RFI moves into a full search for the Improved Ghillie System. Honestly, we're curious about new "cloaking" technologies that are being proposed such as materials that bend the light around it such as those from Hyperstealth technology. In this age of stealth fighters and ships, it's time to see what can be done in actual combat clothing to allow snipers to get into position undetected or operators get to the objective before they reveal themselves at the last monent (0r maybe not reveal themselves at all).


    Photo Source: U.S. Army

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    US Marine with M27 IAR (

    The U.S. Marine Corps are keeping the Heckler & Koch factories busy as they confirmed that they have signed a contract with a maximum ceiling of US$29.4 million. This five-year, firm-fixed price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite quantity contract will mean up to 15,000 M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles (IARs) and corresponding spare parts will be delivered to the Marines while the contract is in effect.

    The U.S. Marines have settled with the M27 IAR, which is based on the Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle customised to meet the specifications of the USMC. Initiially, the M27 IAR is meant to replace the M249 Support Weapons, but the Marines are interested in having it replace the M4 rifle as the standard weapon.

    Whilst the M27 IAR’s numbers will increase with the new contract, it will just partially replace the M4 rifle.

    In the same report from Marine Corps Systems Command, Chief Warrant Officer 5 Joel Schwendinger, Combat Development and Integration Gunner  of the USMC said, “Since the M27 has been fielded, it has proven to be extremely reliable, durable, and accurate.” He further adds that, “The Marine Corps Operating Concept describes a future where units will be operating with greater dispersion and experiments such as the [Sea Dragon 2025 Exercise] identified the need for increased lethality in Marine rifle platoons and squads. The M27 provides the Corps with the necessary increase in lethality.  Unlike other infantry specialties that primarily fight with crew-served weapons such as mortars and machine guns, rifle platoons primarily fight with rifles, and the M27 has proven to be the best overall fighting rifle.”

    U.S. Navy HM3 Jordan A. Kopf, fires the M-27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR) (Photo by Lance Cpl. Aaron Patterson.

    As the actual contract, here is the contract announcement from

    Heckler and Koch Defense Inc.,* Ashburn, Virginia, is awarded a maximum ceiling $29,427,750 five-year, firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the purchase of up to a maximum 15,000 M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle systems and spare parts.  Work will be performed at Oberndorf, Germany (70 percent); Columbus, Georgia (20 percent); and Ashburn, Virginia (10 percent), and is expected to be completed by April 30, 2023.  Fiscal 2016 procurement (Marine Corps) funds in the amount of $37,536; fiscal 2017 procurement (Marine Corps) funds in the amount of $2,650,003; and fiscal 2018 procurement (Marine Corps) funds in the amount of $4,771,071 totaling $7,458,610, will be obligated on the first delivery order immediately following contract award.  The fiscal 2016 funds in the amount of $37,536 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  This contract was awarded on a sole source basis under the authority of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, Part 6.302-1.  The Marine Corps Systems Command, Quantico, Virginia, is the contracting activity (M67854-18-D-1248).

    With the more M27 IARs coming in, the Marines are planning to issue these to active and reserve infantry platoons by the beginning of next year.


    Top Photo:Gunnery Sgt. Patricio A. Mora fires the M-27 “Infantry Automatic Rifle”  (Photo by Lance Cpl. Peter Sanders.

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    COD Blacks Ops 4 Reveal

    Since March, we have heard about the new latest in the Black Ops series of Call of Duty with Black Ops 4 having a release date of October 12, 2018. The release date surprised us actually as Activision usually releases Call of Duty titles in November. Perhaps this time, the decision is one to get ahead of main rival EA which releases Battlefield titles ahead of Call of Duty. But one thing that news sites covering video games are buzzing about is the rumor that Black Ops 4 will not be having a Single-Player campaign.

    The first two Black Ops titles got solid single-player campaign stories whilst the third one got good reviews from critics. But for Black Ops 4, it is a bit unsettling for veterans of the game to imagine a COD title without a linear single player campaign story. Accordingly, Activision says that the game will have “multiplayer innovations” with Polygon reporting that it will focus more on the multiplayer and additional zombie modes with emphasis on cooperative gameplay to make it more compelling and perhaps players would forget that there is no single-player campaign.

    Treyarch is spearheading the development of Black Ops 4 which it has been doing since the Black Ops series for COD started in 2010.

    The other addition to the development of Black Ops 4 multiplayer focus is the Battle Royale mode which will be developed by Raven Software. If the rumors are true, this Battle Royale mode will be like Fortnite which is now said to the world’s biggest Battle Royale game online which had a peak of around 2 million people playing the game at the same time.

    Now, if you are looking for Call of Duty game title with a single player campaign that will be released this year, then there is one. Eurogamer reports that it's going to be the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered and it will not include a multiplayer mode, perhaps leaving the multiplayer goodness of the Black Ops 4. But for those who want to reunion with Roach, Captain Price and Ghost, then this is something to look forward to.

    No idea yet if both will be a combo package or standalone come October 12. So take your pick, a single player campaign with remastered game or just multiplayer battle royale and zombie killing?

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    UCP Pattern

    In an effort to save money during the transition from the Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP) to the Operational Camouflage Pattern (OCP), Lawmakers at the U.S. House Armed Services Committee’s subcommittee on readiness are interested in re-dying the existing UCP inventory with the new pattern.

    According to Kit-up! of, the U.S. Army is scheduled to fully transition to the OCP with each soldier fully fitted with the pattern come October 1, 2019. The U.S. Army has selected the OCP in 2014 to replace the UCP.

    The OCP, which is based on the Scorpion W2 which in turn is a modified Scorpion Pattern developed by Crye Precision on 2002 which became the commercial Multicam patten. Due to dispute in printing fees the United States Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center developed the Scorpion W2 and retains licensing rights to it. The USSCOM first used the Multicam Pattern with the other branches started using the pattern during deployment in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Though the U.S. Army will call it as OCP, for many, it will be seen as the Multicam pattern, not noticing the difference between the two. Mulitcam is darker with thicker splashes of colour.

    U.S. Army Soldiers in Kunar Province, Afghanistan 2010. Photo shows both the UCP and Multicam Patterns.
    (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Gary A. Witte)

    The Program Executive Office Soldier is evaluating dyeing technologies that will be able to turn the big inventory of UCP uniforms that will blend better with the OCP as seen in the marked on the released proposed fiscal 2019 National Defense Authorization Act document which Kit-Up quotes:

    “This evaluation could validate processes that could alter UCP printed products into a color palette that blends with the new camouflage prints, allowing the Army to conserve resources by overdying UCP materials for use with OCP patterned equipment."

    The U.S. Army has been criticized for adopting the UCP in 2004 over other competing patterns including the Crye Precision Scorpion pattern which the UCP performed poorly against in tests and in actual conditions such as in operations in Afghanistan. The U.S. Army could have saved billions of dollars if it had selected the Multicam pattern early on.


    Top photo:U.S. Army soldiers with the UCP uniforms (U.S. Navy photo by Petty Officer 1st Class Daniel N. Woods)

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    HistoryCon Manila 2018 SIX Airsoft Tournament

    Preparations have gone early this year for the SIX Airsoft Tournament at the HistoryCon Manila 2018 this coming August. After successfully staging last year’s SIX Airsoft Tournament, the organizers in cooperation the local airsoft community have decided to expand the airsoft experience for this year.

    Initial details have been released, and according to those in charge with the tournament, the following events are open to interested airsoft players:

    1. Milsim CQB
    2. Speedsoft/Speedball
    3. Airsoft Practical Shooting

    Last year was a 2-day competition in a MOUT CQB setup.

    HistoryCon is also a big event for cosplayers as they will be converging again for what is billed as the biggest entertainment convention of the year in Manila. Airsoft players are encouraged to come with their gear to the event though we won’t encourage them to be wearing their gear and carrying their guns in public on their way to the venue. They can just put them on when they enter the venue.

    The SIX Airsoft Tournament gets its name from History Channel’s “SIX” military combat drama series. The series is about the U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six which in the first season was sent on a mission to hunt down a Taliban leader in Afghanistan but the mission went bad when they uncovered an American citizen working with the terrorists.

    Video below shows the second day of 2017 tournament and awarding ceremonies (beware: flashing lights):

    Apart from airsoft, there will be other events such as automotive displays, trade stalls, workshops, and more just like last year. The official webpage of the HistoryCon Manila 2018 is not yet up, but they can visit the History Channel’s page to have an idea on what the HistoryCon is.

    An initial page for the HistoryCon Manila 2018 SIX Airsoft Tournament Facebook Event Page has been setup by the Philippine Airsoft Events Facebook page, though the organizers say that they are still threshing out the details so more information will still be released in following weeks.

    Interested airsoft players can email the organizers at

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    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (1998)

    If you are one of those who played the original Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six in 1998, would you agree that the game was tough cookie to crack? I spent countless hours planning and re-planning, changing team compositions, and of course many deaths at the hands of the Phoenix Group, and eco-terrorist organisation. But it was a fantastic game even if it frustrated me many times as I proceeded through the story that it was one the top rated games in that year.

    The Rainbow Six video game franchise is still alive and running, longer the Call of Duty and Battlefield video game series.

    But didn’t you know that the guy in the original Rainbow Six cover worked for Heckler & Koch? More specifically, he was the VP for Sale and Training of one the most well known and innovative companies in the firearms business.

    I learned about this as the information about cover model, John T. Meyer Jr., the former H&K VP, is being shared on Facebook and now being picked up by blogs and news sites. Zim EDC Military Hobby, a Facebook Page dedicated to Military and Law Enforcement images and cosplay:

    Meyer himself acknowledged that he was indeed the guy in the photo as he commented on the Facebook post, mentioning that H&K also sent two instructors for motion capture to use in the game.

    Reading Meyer’s Facebook page, after leaving Heckler & Koch, Meyer, he established Team One Network (T-1) in 2003 and is a training group for military and law enforcement. Its team is comprised of nationally and internationally recognised subject matter experts and has trained thousands of students over the years.

    As for Rainbow Six, it remains a strong video game franchise, with Rainbow Six Siege having 30 million online players worldwide ever since it was released in 2015.

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    Tokyo Marui 57th Shizouka Hobby Show

    The 57th Shizuoka Hobby Show in Japan is on its third day and many are expecting what Tokyo Marui will unveil at the event. The company did not disappoint as there is a new collectible from the Biohazard Series as they continue their collaboration with CAPCOM;  a new Gas Blowback Rifle Design;  a new Glock GBB Pistol; and black version of the Best Airsoft AEG for the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards.

    For the first two days, the event is open to Trade visitors. Thus, it is more of a business-like atmosphere at the show as buyers go all over the Twin Messe Shizuoka to check out what is on display and determine what products they want to procure for their hobby companies and sell to their end consumers in their own countries.

    By the weekend, the event will be finally open to the public. For airsoft players planning to visit the Tokyo Marui booth at the show, they can expect more, apart from the new products that have been unveiled. They can check the airsoft guns on display or try them out at the shooting range they have setup at the venue. There is merchandise from the Tokyo Marui Official Webshop that can be purchased on site. As always, there will be product presentations which are always well-attended.

    We’re pretty sure that you want details and specifications of the new products, so here they are they are as based on the product documents Tokyo Marui happily translated for us:


    Series: Gas Blowback
    Price: JPY22,800
    On-Sale: Planned to be ready in June 2018
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • Collaboration with CAPCOM game for the “BioHazard” series.
    • This model is not a limited edition like “Samurai Edge standard model”. This is available throughout the year.
    • Blue umbrella medallion of “UMBRELLA CORPORATION” which appears in “BioHazard 7” is embedded in the grip. 
    • Product name is “ALBERT.W.MODEL 01P”. Last letter of “P” is the first letter of “Performance”.
    • Setting of “this handgun is made in UMBRELLA CORPORATION” which is adopted by special force of UMBRELLA CORPORATION which appeared in video game “RESIDENT EVIL7”. *Although this model is not a “Samurai Edge”,  therefore “Samurai Edge” is not included in the model name.
    • Dedicated short type outer barrel.
    • White dot combat sight.
    • The slide is not the brigadier type. Engraved “UMBRELLA CORPORATION” in the side, also engraved serration in the front side.
    • 20mm rail integrated frame is beaver tail.
    • The space is available to stock AWM01P in the gun case of “THOR’S HAMMER <ALBERT.W.MODEL 02>” limited model which releasedwas released this February.

    Production Specifications:

    Length: Undetermined
    Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
    Weight: Undetermined
    Capacity: 26 rounds
    Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
    Power Source: HFC134a、HFO1234ze+LPG


    Series: Next Generation Automatic Electric Gun
    Price: JPY 69,800
    On-Sale: Coming soon
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • Decided to release an all black version of the Next Generation Electric Gun “HK416 DELTA Custom”
    • SMR HK type handguard, detachable rail, receiver, grip, and stock are all black.
    • KAC type backup site is originally equipped.
    • SUREFIRE type flash hider attached. Hider and dedicated outer barrel are made by aluminum cutting.
    • Adjustable six-position crane-type stock.
    • Shooting performance is the same as HK416DELTA CUATOM and HK416D.

    Production Specifications:

    Length: 711 mm/787mm(Stock extended)
    Inner Barrel Length: 275mm
    Weight: 3,365g (Additional rails x3, empty magazine, battery included)
    Capacity: 82 rounds
    Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.28g)
    Power Source: 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH Mini S Battery


    Series: Gas Blowback
    Price: Undetermined
    On-Sale: Coming soon
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • G19 original blowback engine is equipped with 15mm cylinder. Short recoil mechanism is renewed.
    • With extending the distance of the stroke of the piston, the recoil shock is enhanced with slight increase in gas consumption
    • Based on actual measurements of the real G19 to reproduce more realistic detail.
    • The extractor is made as a part (conventional Glock series are slide integrated type as G17). Focus on the coating of slide and the detail of appearance.
    • Magazine is newly made for G19 new Gas blowback engine.

    Production Specifications:

    Length: Undetermined
    Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
    Weight: Undetermined
    Capacity: Undetermined
    Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
    Power Source: HFC134a、HFO1234ze+LPG


    Series: Gas Blowback Machinegun
    Price: Undetermined
    On-Sale: Summer 2018 planned
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • Tokyo Marui Original M4 Custom. “MTR16” is an abbreviation of “Multi Tactical Rifle 16inch”
    • The first short magazine of GBB Machine gun is equipped with a 20-round magazine. This magazine is compatible with the Tokyo Marui GBB M4 series.
    • M-LOK rail system is equipped with aluminum cutting resulting with a slim handguard.
    • 160inch light weight barrel is processed as twist with thinning.
    • Side two-port compensator is mainly used for real guns.
    • Charging handle, Magazine catch, Selector lever and Bolt catch are ambidextrous. Their sizes have been enlarged to for easy operation.
    • Straight-type Trigger.
    • Large-size trigger guard makes it easy to pull the trigger with gloves.
    • Grip is almost vertical to hold easily with the stock shortened.
    • QD sling adaptors are provided in five places: at the back of the frame (the bottom back of buffer tube), handguard (two spots), and end of stock (two spots).
    • Transform-stock in which the back of the stock can be reconfigured. When the direction of extension part at the bottom back of stock is changed, it is selectable convex type which can be moved up and down while posing, or concave type which the shooter put his body on stock tightly.
    • Picatinny rail appears when taking off the extension parts at the bottom back of stock. Monopod can be attached to it for stable shooting in prone position.

    Production Specifications:

    Length: 837 mm
    Inner Barrel Length: 250 mm
    Weight: 2,676g (if the magazine is empty)
    Capacity: 20 rounds
    Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
    Power Source: HFC134a, HFO1234ze+LPG


    Airsoft Guns

    • Gas Blow Back Machine Gun: Type 89 - Planned to be ready in summer, 2018 / Price (undetermined)
    • Next Generation Gun: AK74MN - Coming soon / JPY54,800. Decided to resale NEG AK74MN (No modification)
    • BB Air Revolver: PYTHON PPC CUSTOM 4in SILVER - Coming soon / JPY4,980

    Option Parts

    • Gas Blow Back Machine Gun Type89 Mount Base - Release date: Same as Type 89 / Price (undetermined)
    • Gas Blow Back Machine Gun Type89 Spare Magazine - Release date: Same as Type 89 / Price (undetermined). Compatible with GBB Machine Gun M4 model
    • BB Air Revolver: SPEED LOADER .357 - Coming soon / Price (undetermined). SPEED LOADER.357 is available for following BB Air revolver models. Just pushing Speed loader set with cartridge into cylinder enables to reload BBs. Cartridge holder is equipped to set the cartridge into loader.

    We'll post more information as they come in.

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    AT4-CS (U.S. Army Photos)

    It’s not something for airsoft players to worry about in general, but for those who are still in service in their countries’ militaries may want to read the hazards that shoulder-fired heavy weapons pose to their brains.  This means that those who handle these types such as the AT4, Carl Gustaf, and the LAW will have to be concerned.

    First reported at Task & Purpose, we checked out the study cited by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) and here are some of the key findings:

    • DoD studies have demonstrated that some servicemembers experience cognitive deficits in delayed verbal memory, visual-spatial memory, and executive function after firing heavy weapons, even within allowable limits.
    • DoD studies have also found higher rates of concussion and post-concussion associated symptoms among individuals with a history of prolonged exposure to low-level blasts from breaching and shoulder-fired weapons.
    • Primary blast pressure waves are an important mechanism for brain injury, but the specific causal mechanism is unclear. Multiple theories exist, each with varying degrees of support.
    • The Army does not currently have a requirement to protect against brain injury from exposure to blast pressure waves from explosions (aka primary blast injury).
    • Computer models and physical experiments have suggested that existing Army helmets provide some modest protection against blast waves and that improved helmet designs, such as adding a modular face shield, could reduce blast pressure in the brain by up to 80 percent.

    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a bigger problem now in the U.S. military with treatment to head injuries conducted more that chest or abdominal injuries. The same study cited by CNAS also state that over 300,000 in the U.S. military suffer some form of TBI since they started tracking TBI in 2000.
    In using should-fired heavy weapons, the primary cause for brain injury is the wall of blast pressure of when it is fired which travels than the speed of sound, up to 1,600 feet per second. The other problem is the stigma of having TBI that it may be under reported and that veterans with PTSD may have a form of mild TBI symptoms.

    Recommendation on helmets used by soldiers is that they should be modified change the strength and distribution of blast waves inside the head. The present ACH can mitigate the blast pressure, the introduction of face shields or mandible protection could further reduce the exposure to blast pressure.
    Another is the requirement that soldiers have to wear blast gauges to measure blast pressure exposure and monitor the record (“blast history”) so that if any injury that may arise, the records can provide valuation information in developing a treatment plan.

    Apart from training precautions, the study recommends that, “The Army should review and update its firing limits for shoulder-fired heavy weapons, such as the AT4, LAW, and Carl Gustaf. Firing limits should be revised downward to a level such that allowable exposures are not associated with cognitive deficits after firing. Additionally, firing limits should cover exposures across a longer time period, on the order of 72 to 96 hours. Firing limits should include a minimum safe distance for observers and instructors, and should account for the possibility of multiple types of heavy weapons being fired in a single day.Additionally, the Army should establish cumulative annual and lifetime limits for blast exposure in training.”

    The study concludes that the U.S. Army should further invest in TBI research in order to have a better scientific understanding of brain injury. Especially with TBI being an increasing problem and it has cost the Department of Veteran Affairs US$234 million in 2015 and projected to increase to US$2.2 billion in the next 10 years protecting the soldiers from TBI will become a matter of urgency.


    Top photo: AT4-CS being fired (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Westin Warburton)

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    Battlefield 1 Apocalypse

    We have now heard of the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 but what will be EA’s answer to Activision’s biggest FPS video game? Battlefield 1 players found out via Easter Egg in the game that EA will soon reveal what this year’s Battlefield installment will be this month.

    Eurogamer reports that players with the Battlefield 1 “They Shall Not Pass” Expansion pack finally got to unlock the door in the Fort Vaux map that they have been baffled with whilst playing game.  By following a sequence of breaking signs and flipping switches that spells out “isolement”, which is “isolation” in French. They then see painting of a white horse with what looks like vehicle tracks over it. A dripping pipe is actually dropping sounds in Morse code that when decoded, reveals a URL pointing to the EA website revealing “23 May 2018, Battlefield” which everybody understands to be the reveal date for the Battlefield title.

    Reports say that the next Battlefield title will be called Battlefield V and will match Call of Duty’s WWII as it will be a change of technologies from World War 1 as played in Battlefield 1 to World War 2 with the tire or tank threads on the horse painting. Whilst Call of Duty’s offering for 2018, Black Ops 4, will be mainly multiplayer with no single player campaign and more zombie gameplays, Battlefield 5 will be having a single player campaign, loot boxes and coop mode.

    Battlefield got World War II titles as it started as a WWII game title with Battlefield 1942 in 2002 with the last being the multiplayer-only Battlefield 1943 in 2009.  Now, how will the 2018 release make itself different from the last decade apart from new graphic resolutions and better gaming platforms?

    We just hope that Battlefield V will provide a compelling story that is better than Battlefield 1, which in itself is a tremendous success. So on 23 May we will find out if the series will “never be the same.”

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    USMC Rifle Squad

    The U.S. Marine Corps is planning to shake up the Rifle Squad. The present Rifle Squad is comprised of three four-man Fire Teams and the Squad leader but with a newly revamped Rifle Squad, it will be three three-man Fire Teams, the Squad Leader, Assistant Squad Leader and the Squad Systems Operator. That also means that the new Rifle Squad will have 12 members instead of the current 13.

    In a Marine Corps Times report, Commandant Robert B. Neller announced the new configuration at the Marine Corps Association and Foundation Annual Ground Awards Dinner. According to Neller, the Squad Systems Operator is the most tech-capable Marine in the squad and will come from the infantry ranks.

    With the increasing number of the technologies being used in squads, the Squad Systems Operator will perform tasks that will insure that these work and integrated in the squad. This will include small unit UAVswhich can be used in aerial or building reconnaissanc in bulit up areas.

    Photo:A Marine Squad at Exercise Chosin (Photo By: Lance Cpl. Levi Schult)

    The members of the Rifle Squad will all be equipped with the M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR), including the Systems Operator. Originally, the Systems Operator was proposed to handle an M4 rifle, but was dropped as he/she might be identified quickly.

    The squads will also be equipped with tablets so they can communicate can and coordinate effectively in the field. Furthermore, they will also be issued suppressors as lessening the noise can help them communicate more clearly during a firefight. A designated marksman will be carrying the M38, which is an M27 with a Leupold TS-30A2 Mark 4 MR/T scope that has a variable magnification from 2.5x to 8x. Also, instead of the M203 rifle grenade launcher, they will be equipped with the M320 Grenade Launcher Module.

    Neller said that these changes will happen in the next months as well as changes that are being proposed at the company level.


    Top photo:1st Squad, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment (Photo by LCPL Stephen Kwietniak)

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    The Predator

    It looks like some people are going to dust off the good old but heavy and big Classic Army M134  or the Craft Apple Works (CAW) M134 Minigun in anticipation of the release of the reboot of the “Predator” series. The original “Predator” in 1987 was a success even when it initially had mixed reviews and over the years it has been looked on favourably and considered to be one of the best action films of all time. It is also the movie that every airsofter will always imagine when they get to hold the M134 minigun airsoft version, especially the scenes where Blain and Mac get to hold the beast and fire it.

    There have been two sequels of the Predator film, Predator (1990) and Predators (2010) which were generally well received as compared to the sequels of Aliens and Terminators which are mixed bags.  (Yeah, yeah, those Alien vs Predator movies too)

    Also known as Predator 4, The Predator will be directed by Shane Black (Iron Man III director), who was the first member of the team in the original film to die. Said to be story that will bridge the 1990 and 2010 sequels and this is its synopsis:

    From the outer reaches of space to the small-town streets of suburbia, the hunt comes home in Shane Black's explosive reinvention of the Predator series. Now, the universe's most lethal hunters are stronger, smarter and deadlier than ever before, having genetically upgraded themselves with DNA from other species. When a young boy accidentally triggers their return to Earth, only a ragtag crew of ex-soldiers and a disgruntled science teacher can prevent the end of the human race.

    The cast is made up Boyd Holbrook, Olivia Munn, Trevante Rhodes, Keegan-Michael Key, Sterling K. Brown, Jacob Tremblay, Yvonne Strahovski, Alfie Allen, and Thomas Jane. Arnold Schwarzenegger discussed appearing in the film as the same character in the original film and Benicio del Toro was initially signed up for the film but had to be replaced by Boyd Holbrook for the lead role due to scheduling problems. There is no confirmation of the Schwarzenegger will be appearing in the film at all, even if it is a cameo.

    The Predator will be shown on the 14th of September 2018 and distributed by 20th Century Fox.

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    Joerg Sprave: Rey’s Blaster

    Pew! Pew! Pew! The Slingshot Guy, or Joerg Sprave/Jörg Sprave of the Slingshot Channel, is back with another creation using his unparalleled knowledge on slingshots to actually create a replica of Rey’s Blaster. If you are a Star Wars fan, you would of course remember Rey, who is one of the main characters in the new Star Wars trilogy and is seen as the heir to Luke Skywalker.

    What is nice with what Sprave created is that it shoots out “lasers” which are actually glow sticks that are propelled out of the replica NN-14 Blaster (the actual model name of the blaster) using rubber bands. So it should work better in the dark when a glow stick that shoots out of the blaster replica will look like an actual laser beam being fired off.

    For Star Wars cosplayers, it is a cool contraption mimicking a laser blaster that shoots out laser.

    Rey got to own the NN-14 Blaster when in the “Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens” Han Solo gave her the blaster to defend herself when they landed on the planet Takodana. She was able to use them against the stormtroopers of the First Order when they raided Maz Kanata’s castle though the blaster proved useless against Kylo Ren who just deflected the beams when she fired at him. The NN-14 remains to be Rey’s blaster in “Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi.”

    If you like to own the NN-14 Blaster made by Joerg Sprave, tough luck, it’s not for sale. But if you want to make one for yourself then better watch the video carefully as he gives details on how he made it. You will need some patience in doing some woodwork, really good rubber bands, and glow sticks. We would recommend red glow sticks as the NN-14 fires red laser beams, not green.

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    Metro Exodus

    In the next few days, expect more stories on video games from us as May is the month in which major game publishers start announcing their upcoming offerings for the next months. For us in the airsoft community, it’s more on the new FPS titles from existing game franchises so we can plan which of these games we can purchase to play during the winter season in which it is too cold to play outside.

    For those who follow the Metro video game series, which is based on the Universe of Metro 2033 which was first written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, they will have to wait a little bit for the release of the third installment of the Metro game, which us Metro Exodus. It is based on the post-apocalyptic stories written by various authors that began in Russia and has become popular in Eastern Europe.

    4A Games and publisher Deep Silver released a statement regarding the delay Metro Exodus:

    Deep Silver and 4A Games would like to share some important information with you regarding the release date of Metro Exodus.

    The development of Metro Exodus is progressing well; we are all really excited by what we are seeing. We have been constantly reviewing the games progress to ensure that we deliver a product that gamers and fans of the Metro series want and deserve, as well as keeping an eye on announcements from our competitor products. We want everyone to be able to experience what is the most ambitious Metro game to date at its absolute best and therefore we have taken the decision to move the release date to Q1 2019. We know that this will be disappointing news for fans that had hoped to play the game this year, but also know that you will appreciate the results that this additional development time and new release date will bring.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to confirm that at E3 in June we will be revealing some brand new gameplay from a never before seen game environment for you to enjoy.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding, we look forward to sharing more with you in June.

    The story for Metro Exodus is set in the year 2036, 23 years after Earth was devastated by a nuclear war forcing the inhabitants of Moscow to use the Metro underground system as a place of refuge. It is the sequel to much well-received Metro: Last Light, in which together with the Rangers, the player, taking the role of the main character Artyom had to battle various factions for the control of D6 and depending on the karma the player has acquired he/she either destroys D6 in the “bad ending” and in the “good ending” he was prevented by the little Dark one who then with rest of the Dark ones, defeated Korbut’s army. He was assisted by Anna, the Ranger’s best sniper and the daughter of Colonel Miller. In Exodus, the player, again taking the role of Artyom embarks on a journey with the Spartan Rangers to go the Far East Side of Russia. Anna has now become Atryom’s wife.

    Metro Exodus is a single-layer FPS game with no multiplayer mode. It will be available on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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    Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal

    Activision officially revealed all the initial information on what to expect from the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it is an affirmation that Fortnite and PUBG got the formula to get players keep on playing online --- ditch the single player and go on Battle Royale. Yep! No more single player with Call of Duty and just go on a shooting spree in Multiplayer gameplay.

    Does this mean that Call Of Duty has run out of ideas to have a single player campaign? Perhaps. But we’ll miss those days when there was a really compelling story that makes you want to line-up in the middle of night and be one of the first get a copy and that was the Modern Warfare story.

    At the Reveal event, Treyarch announced that they putting back Specialist in the game, and in the reveal trailer it looks like a take on Rainbow Six: Siege there are an initial 8 specialists: Ajax, Battery, Crash, Firebreak, Recon, Ruin, Seraph, and Torque. Each specialist has ability and teams are allowed only one Specialist in a match. Items will be recharge-based and health does not regenerate and will need a recharge meter or wait for a Specialist Medic to heal a player. In a regular Multiplayer game, it will be 5 vs 5 this time, down from 6 vs 6.

    Weapons will be having major changes with more possibilities for customization with 3D tracers to see where a player is being shot from.  If you are wondering what the Battle Royale is, it’s called “Blackout” and the map will be massively bigger than Nuketown and players will drop on maps from all the Black Ops titles.

    Fog of War will limit what the player sees in the map so one will have to be on his/her toes all the time and will rely on a lot of communications with team mates.

    For those who prefer playing on then good news! Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will the first in the Call of Duty series to be played in rather than on Steam.

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be released on 12 October 2018 making it the first in the series to be released in the month of October whereas before the COD titles were released in November.

    It will be playable on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More videos from the reveal, zombies and all, below:

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    Northern Shooting Show 2018

    All roads led to Harrogate last weekend as the Northern Shooting Show 2018 took place. Now on its fourth year, according to its organizers the NSS is a celebration of shooting sports, aiming to be a “one stop shop” in which every facet of shooting is represented. This involves the big manufacturers as well as the smaller retail shops. Thus, from hunting to shooting sports, anything that is considered legal in the UK is represented at the show. That includes Airsoft as well.

    It was a long drive for us from London, as there were road closures along the M1 and upon reaching Harrogate, it was a long queue of vehicles to the Yorkshire Event Centre. That was almost four hours for us to reach the event, having left my place at 0630H and arriving at around 1115H.

    It was our first time to visit the Yorkshire Event Centre as well as attend the Northern Shooting Show. It is an expansive place as it is the largest single space events place in the North of England giving events organizers options to have indoor or outdoor events. In the case of the Northern Shooting Show 2018, the place was maximised as there were ndoor and outdoor displays and just bit beyond the exhibition areas were the sound of gunfire as there were shooting events too.

    For me and Master Chief, our focus was on the Airsoft “Experience” at the Northern Shooting Show where Airsoft had its own indoor and outdoor spaces to allow anyone to try their hands on airsoft as well as try some airsoft shooting disciplines such as 3-Gun and practical shooting. Before the airsoft exhibitors were in the open but for this year, a massive tent has been set up for them.

    At the Airsoft “Experience” area, the first exhibitor that caught our attention was Nuprol as there were just at the entrance. Trent Halligan was there to greet us and we had some small talk about the stuff they had on display such as their new Raven Pistols and also the G&G products as they are officially carry them now in the UK. On the other side was Herman Monk manning the RedWolf Airsoft UK/RWA where the RWA Lee Enfield No. 4 airsoft rifle and the new Avatar Airsoft Grenade. The space where RedWolf was located was shared with Fubar Bundy. Based in Leeds, it is a big retailer in the North of England, and they were a big presence at the Northern Shooting Show with different types of airsoft brands on display.

    Opposite RWA is the Landwarrior Airsoft display with their EZ Distribution which handles the distribution of different products in the tactical and airsoft markets such as Umarex and Krytac. On the other side are the booths of ASG where Paul Wignell and Ben Webb were busy entertaining questions from airsoft players as well as curious visitors encountering airsoft for the first time.

    Also present was the Gunfire and Specna Arms UK partner, more known as Gear Custom Paint that is based on Stockton-on-Tees. Master Chief had a good discussion with Stuart talking about the various Specna Arms AEGs. On display at their booth were Armored Claw Gear and custom airsoft guns.

    The Special Forces Charity, Pilgrim Bandits, who use their training and experience to help and inspire injured personnel to live life to the full were there as well.

    Outside are the airsoft shooting areas for visitors to experience more airsoft shooting. Most of the grounds are taken for the 3-Gun Shooting and Action Air that have been setup by Halo Mill led by Mark Farrar, Elite Shooting of Mike Cripps and the Northern Practical Pistol Club. Calibre Shooting setup a CQB area for those who want a taste of airsoft combat.

    Here is the full list of airsoft and airsoft-related exhibitors who were either at the Airsoft "Experience" area or in other exhibition halls: Ammo Drop, Airsoft Action, Elite Shooting, RedWolf, Fubar Bundy, First & Only, Viper Tactical, ASG, Halo Mill, Landwarrior Airsoft, GI Sportz, MR Military, Nuprol, Military Patrol, Cannae, UKPSA & Tippman sports. Airsoft Media partner is Airsoft Action Magazine with Nigel Streeter. Other airsoft media present are Airsoft & Milsim News Blog with Aryan Alipour and Private Military Contractor International Magazine (PMCI) with Bill Pryce-Thomas.

    We went around checking the other exhibition halls whilst we looked for a place to have our “Mealsim” which is our food session when attending an event. Sport shooting, shotguns, airguns, gamekeeping, hunting gear, optics, inert rounds, off-road vehicles, and more were on display. For those looking for a bargain or “exhibition prices” can really grab some good deals.

    Time flew fast that by the time we realised, it was already 1630H and we planned on driving back to London around 1600H. We said our goodbyes to the exhibitors at the Airsoft “Experience”.  On our way back the clouds opened up and it rained on the A1 all the way to the M25 as we drove back home.

    More photos of the Northern Shooting Show at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    We continue with stories of video games that airsoft players may take interest as the month of May where plans of game publishers and developers are announced. In this case, another post apocalyptic game that was widely that had its last installment released almost a decade ago, have started development again. Sergiy Grygorovych who owns the Ukrainian game development company GSC, announced on Facebook last Tuesday, the 15th of May 2018 that they have restarted the development of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2.

    The STALKER series is a first person shooter that was first released in 2007. Starting with Shadow of Chernobyl, it was then followed by Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat. STALKER 2 was announced in 2010 but was cancelled in 2012. Various game publications gave the game when it was first released high marks for the gameplay but is mainly criticised for its story.

    The announcement came as a surprise to the fans of the game who have given up that STALKER 2 would be released as it was 6 years ago when it was announced it was cancelled.

    With the announcement that development is being started, with the exception of the year in which it STALKER 2 will be released, there were no further information revealed. These days, players expect more such as teasers and initial graphic work or screenshots to show that the developers are committed to the project.  The supposedly developers of the STALKER 2 when it was cancelled, put up their own game studio called Vostok Games and released the free-to-play Survarium.

    STALKER was a unique game on its own as it was a sandbox environment allowing players to progress on their own. There are no restrictions with players able to kill anyone in the game, including other stalkers. In the Shadow of Chernobyl, there are multiple endings which are dependent on what the player has accumulated during the game as well as memories of the main character are put together.

    STALKER 2 was supposed to be developed on a new multi-platform game engine that was written in-house by GSC. But with this announcement, Polygon reports that the Epic Unreal Game Engine 4 may have been licensed by the company thoughh it remains to be confirmed by GSC.

    The STALKER 2 website is already up but it’s only a splash page, no further information can be gleamed from it for now.

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