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    Masada Armour Protective Backpack

    With school shootings looking like common occurrences at U.S. schools, it has come to a point that parents are worried about the safety of their kids that they think bulletproof backpacks are now a necessity likes books and pens. With the opening of the new school year, an Israeli company stands to benefit from this new development.

    Masada Armour, a company based in Israel that makes protective equipment is a certified supplier of the Israeli ministry of defence Israeli police, international defence industry companies and civilian companies, got the product they need --- a bulletproof backpack that can be easily deployed in two seconds.

    The company has brought out the bulletproof backpack in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting in Florida early this year and aware of the mass shootings that occur at U.S. educational institutions. They design, which is simply called the “Protective Backpack” transforms into a front and back bulletproof vest.

    The company describes the product as is designed for regular college student, like carrying books, laptop and other stuff. The vest part is closed in separate section of the backpack and it cannot be seen during regular use.

    As for the options, the basic Protective Backpack which costs US$500 weighs around 3kg and this can stop 9mm rounds. For higher level of protection an option that costs U$700 can protect rounds fired from rifles such as the AR and Kalashnikov rifles and weighs around 5kgs.

    At present the Protective Backpack is too heavy for children. The company is working on a lighter model that can be carried by younger students together with their books.

    According to the Times of Israel, the company is getting hundreds of orders and they are now ramping up  their production to 500 units per month.

    It is disheartening to note that parents in the U.S. will need to spend more for the protection of their children rather than devote the money for their educational needs. It is a situation that can be avoided, but for now that is the reality in the U.S., schools are magnets for shooters and students the easy targets.

    Masada Armour are not the only makers of a bulletproof backpack. Previously, we featured the Leatherback Gear bulletproof backpacks that are more affordable than the Protective Backpack.

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    Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

    It looks like the Nazi hunting spree will continue if reports are to be believed, and we really want to believe that it is true. Whilst the developers are focusing on spinoff called Wolfenstein: Youngblood,  according to Metro, they will definitely be doing the next Wolfenstein title after the much acclaimed Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus.

    In the Metro report, Bethesda Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Pete Hines, was quoted as saying, "Absolutely we're making a Wolfenstein III. They said on stage that they're taking a break from the larger story to do. But we all have to see how that ends."

    But for now, there is still not much information on how the Wolfenstein 3 will unfold, if it will still be a continuation of B.J. Blazkowicz ensuring that the world will continue getting rid of Nazis. The development group will still be MachineGames, the game studio based in Uppsala, Sweden.

    Now with the revelation of Wolfenstein: Young Blood at the E3 2018, the twin daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz will be continuing the fight. Jessica and Sophia Blazkowicz will embark on a mission to Paris in the 1980s to find their father, who has gone missing. The Nazi’s remain in Europe even after they were kicked out of the USA during the Second American Revolution in 1961 in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

    The game can be played coop, but anyone can play it in single player. It is a standalone spinoff from the main Wolfenstein franchise and is scheduled to be released in 2019.

    Wolfenstein: Youngblood is not the only spinoff. Another is the first Wolfenstein VR game called Wolfenstein: Cyberpilot which is also being developed by MachineGames for a 2019 release. The player is also set in 1980s and is sent into hacking Nazi robots, turning them against their evil masters and is said to be a straightforward Nazi-killing game.

    There you go, as you wait for Wolfenstein 3, there will be two appetizers for you to take next year.

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    Epic Games Fortnite

    If you are married and an avid Fortnite Battle Royale Game player, you might want to put some reminders in front of your screen to take time off from it. You might not realise that your partner may have just slammed the door carrying off his/her things, never to return. If it already happened to you, then you just blame the game for causing a breakdown in your marriage.

    Yes, Fortnite is said to be causing divorces in the UK, if reports are true.

    According to, it has received 200 divorce petitions since January 1st 2018 with Fortnite addiction and other online games are cited as one of the reasons for divorce.

    According to the company, apart from the usual reasons of alcohol, drug addiction and gambling, there are new addictions that are caused by being being glued to the screen such as pornography, social media, and online gaming. Even if the person is at home, not paying attention due to being engrossed in online games can lead to non-communication and neglect of the partner. Games such as Fortnite give out rewards for playing longer, and as such are being blamed for divorces.

    The company says this number is around 5% of the 4,665 petitions that they have handled during that time frame.

    Apart from game addiction being a probable cause for divorces, gamers might want to look up the fact that even the World Health Organization (WHO) have added recently gaming addiction to its International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems as reported by Esquire. Too much gaming can damage the physical and psychological health of the gamer through sleep deprivation and causing damage to the eyes.

    We have not heard of cases of airsoft being cited as a case for divorce or legal separation, especially since it is can be an expensive hobby and can put a strain on relationships especially on issues of finances. But one thing that is always recommended is to play together as couple, it’s a good guarantee of a healthy partnership.

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    Biolite Headlamp

    Perhaps something that is overlooked by many airsoft players, but for those who go into long weekend games, they find that having a headlamp helps them free their hands when they navigating at night or looking for stuff in the dark. While there are lots of choices of headlamps in outdoors market nowadays, Biolite promises a revolutionary headlamp that may just blow away the competition as it is also affordable.

    Simply called the Biolite Headlamp, the company claims that the 330 lumen headlamp with four lighting modes is comfortable to wear and is also rechargeable.  The company are raising funds now on Kickstarter and with funding goal reached on the same day it was launched, those from Canada and the US who have pledged funding may just receive theirs by the holiday season.

    “We have an amazing community on Kickstarter, which made it the perfect place to launch the HeadLamp,” says BioLite co-founder and CEO Jonathan Cedar. “The Kickstarter environment invites people to really dig into what makes our design so different and create space for a truly unique offering in a historically crowded category.”

    To achieve this design for a headlamp, Biolite credits their proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction:

    That unique design is anchored by BioLite’s proprietary 3D SlimFit Construction; by integrating the electronics and fabrics together into a seamless unit using a custom, composite molded housing, the HeadLamp’s 9mm front sits flush on the forehead and eliminates bounce. Through redirection of the Li-Ion power source to the back of the head, BioLite creates a gravity-friendly design, allowing users to enjoy a near weightless feel without worry of slippage. Moisture-wicking fabrics keep users cool and dry while internally bonded layers protect electronics from sweat. With 330 lumens and four lighting modes, including strobe and red night mode, the BioLite HeadLamp provides top-tier lighting performance.

    The Biolite Headlamp weighs 2.42oz (69 grams) with a 3.5 hour run time on high power and 40 hour run time on low power. The beam throw can reach distance of 16 meters on flood and 75 meters on spot. As for the lightning modes:  it has Dimmable White spot, Dimmable White Flood, Dimmable Spot/Flood, Red Flood, and Strobe.

    The  Biolite Headlamp will be available in four colors: four colours midnight grey, sunrise yellow, ember red and ocean teal. For those backing the product on Kickstarter, they will receive eceive a light-diffusing stuffsack. They can put the Headlamp into it, transforming it into a hangable lantern as well as a storage sack for transport.

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    Cody Wilson (Ghost Gunner Instagram)

    The founder of Defense Distributed and 3D-printed gun activist, Cody Wilson, is back in the news for the wrong reason. He has been charged yesterday for allegedly sexually assaulting a child. The girl is said to have met Wilson via the

    The girl, who remains unnamed as she is under the age of 17 according to the arrest warrant, was paid $500 when she had sex with Wilson at a hotel in Austin, Texas.  In Texas, a person younger than 17 is considered to be a child. The actual charge is a second degree felony count of sexual assault and this carries a sentence of two to twenty years in a state prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000.

    An Austin-based reporter, Tony Plohetski, posted a portion of the Affidavit for Arrest Warrant filed in Travis County on Twitter:

    According to the Austin American Statesman, the girl is said to have told the authorities that she met Wilson on the mentioned website using the username “Sanjuro” which is probably based on a Japanese movie directed by Akira Kurosawa in 1962. The two started exchanging text messages and he identified himself as Cody Wilson and that he is a “big deal.” They then met up at Archer Hotel on August 15.

    Investigators say that hotel records and surveillance footage corroborate the story.

    Wilson has not been arrested yet. As to his whereabouts, the same Austin American Statesman report, he is in Taipei, Taiwan where he frequently travels to for business. He has missed a flight back to the U.S. and may have fled the country after he was informed by a friend of his victim that the police are investigating him.

    Before this case, Wilson was in the news regarding the release of downloadable designs of firearms parts that can be 3D printed on DEFCAD, a website he maintains that is a library for printable designs as well as marketplace for downloadable designs. The website has been ordered to be shutdown by a federal judge in the Western District of Washington in a posting at a Defense Distributed. He also owns Ghost Gunner 2 which is an open source hardware project for CNC mill to make receivers and lower frames.


    Top photo: Cody Wilson (Source: Ghost Gunner on Instagram)

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    Tokyo Marui Lightning Hawk .50AE GBB

    The gaming world has its eyes on Tokyo this weekend as the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2018 is in full swing. Featuring the latest gaming titles from the big game publishers in Japan as well as from around the world, it is Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc., it is the largest video gaming conference in this part of the world.

    But for most in the airsoft community, the interest is more on the collaboration between CAPCOM and Tokyo Marui which has been going strong over the years. Whilst Tokyo Marui supports CAPCOM for the Biohazard/Resident Evil series developing airsoft versions of the guns used in the game as well as design the guns that will be used in the game, the company also shows up to support CAPCOM at the TGS by having the shooting range setup for fans of the game franchise and try the airsoft versions of the guns in the game.

    For this year, Tokyo Marui raised the level of their attraction at Biohazard/Resident Evil in preparation of the Biohazard/Resident Evil RE:2 which is a remastered version of Resident Evil 2 and slated to be released in January 2019. At the TGS 2018, they setup the Kendo Custom Gun Shop that  is based on the game's Kendo Gun Shop in Raccoon City owned by Robert Kendo who was good friend of Special Tactics And Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) member Barry Burton. He is the character who helped create the custom guns for Barry and the other S.T.A.R.S. and with the airsoft versions produced by Tokyo Marui.

    Before the Tokyo Game Show 2018, the company told us that they will not mention which gun will be shown at the TGS as it is going to be surprise. So now, here at the TGS 2018, they finally revealed their latest creation for the Biohazard/Resident Evil RE:2, the Kendo Custom Shop Lightning Hawk . 50AE 10-Inch Magna Port Custom Gas Blowback Pistol.

    Presented in a wooden box, it is basically a customised Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle .50AE Gas Blowback Pistol and the original Marui Desert Eagle slide comes along with the package in case you want to convert it back to its original look. The Lightning Hawk has a Picatinny rail on top and a compensator.  There is also a under rail for mounting a weapon accessory such as a weaponlight or laser with the grip having a wood-like texture.

    The Lightning Hawk will be on display at the Tokyo Marui booth at the 59th All Japan Model Hobby Show that will take place next week.

    Now back to the Kendo Gun Shop at the TGS, this is a reproduced version of the store seen in the game and visitors of the show get to airsoft guns produced by Tokyo Marui. Some banners at the display show a funny side of Tokyo Marui with their play on names and logos of Surefire, calling it “MaruiFire” and FN Herstal calling it “TM Herstal”. Also on display is the new Godhand x Biohazard airsoft maintenance tools.  The Kendo Gun Shop is beside a Raccoon City Police Department (RPD) station and inside it is the shooting range.

    Visitors 18 years and above can to shoot at the shooting range and for this year, Tokyo Marui prepared a Desert Eagle GBB Pistol equipped with a Tracer Unit and Microsight.  With the pistol, they can get to shoot at zombies appearing on the screen in the dark with the Tracer BBs having a good effect showing the shooters where their shots go.

    Also at the TGS 2018, CAPCOM released another RE:2 trailer showing the Ada Wong demo. The video below shows the reaction and first impressions of those who watched it:

    The TGS 2018 is ongoing right now until the 23rd of September with the show being open to the public tomorrow and Sunday.

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    GoPro Hero 7 Black

    If you have put off purchasing the GoPro Hero 6 to replace your GoPro Hero 5 Black since you were not impressed with its improvements, you might just consider replace it now with the release of the GoPro Hero 7 Black as it has even smoother stabilization and livestreaming features.

    GoPro released three versions of its world-leading action camera, the Hero 7 Black, Hero 7 Silver, and Hero 7 White. All are very capable action cameras that will meet your budget, but for the airsofter who is heavily into social media, especially sharing videos of the airsoft action on YouTube or Facebook and very much particular about quality and stabilization, then he/she must prepare a budget for the Hero 7 Black, or better yet a pair of Hero 7 Blacks for mounting on the airsoft gun as well.

    The Hero 7 Black is powered by a custom processor that GoPro revealed last year. With 4K videos now a standard since the release of Hero 5 Black, Hero 7 Black now captures 4K video at 60 frames per second and  240fps on 1080p for slow motion video.  Other features are livestreaming, timewarp hyperlapse and Hypersmooth stabilization that you might just ditch that gimbal that you use for better stabilization with your old GoPro.

    I believe that Hypersmooth is very important feature for the airsofter player who is very particular with stabilization, especially when mounted on the helmet. Some use gimbal heads that can be mounted on helmets but they are bulky and add an extra weight. With the Hero 7 Black’s Hypersmooth, they can rest easy as they are assured of a higher level of electronic stabilization not seen in other action cameras as it uses the predictive smarts of its custom processor called the GP1 processor.

    With video capture, it can also do vertical videos and photos (12MP HDR). Now if you have a good data plan with your smartphone, then you can stream live by connecting the Hero 7 Black to it. For now, you can stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, or Vimeo. This means you can stream the airsoft action live either from your helmet or from your gun mounted Hero 7 Black.Other good news is that the Hero 7 Black uses the same batteries as the Hero  5 Black and Hero 6 and can use the same case. It can be used in the water to a maximum of 33 feet also has a touchscreen at the back which is now a standard since the introduction of the Hero 5 Black.

    The Hero 7 Black together with Silver and White editions will be released on the 27th of September internationally and on the 30th of September in the U.S. The Black will retail for $399, the Silver for $299 and the White for $199.

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    Tokyo Marui Product Teaser 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

    It’s a busy two weeks for Tokyo Marui. They just concluded their participation in support of CAPCOM to promote the Biohazard/Resident Evil RE:2 at the Tokyo Game Show 2018. For this weekend, they will be back at the Tokyo Big Sight for the 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show.

    But first, we start with another guessing game typical of Tokyo Marui when they are about to make a big reveal at a trade show and here three product teasers:

    Feel free to guess but it looks like the first one is another AR-style airsoft gun which is either another New Generation Blowback and Recoil AEG or a Gas Blowback using the MWS ZET System. The second was already revealed at the Tokyo Game Show 2018 and as for the third, it might be another Heckler & Kock-style gas blowback pistol.

    Curiously, Tokyo Marui state that they will exhibit“next-generation new products to be released for the first time at All Japan Model Hobby Show and new works under development underway for release.” Are they introducing another new generation of airsoft guns? Their New Generation Blowback and Recoil AEG is already a decade old and their latest electric gun design is the Automatic Electric Shotgun (AES) started with the AA-12 and followed by the SGR-12/Thor’s Hammer.

    Visitors to the 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show to expect many of the products from Tokyo Marui to be on display and they’ll be able to handle these. But only visitors 18 years and above will be able to do so. There is no shooting range for this trade exhibit and the next even that will have a Marui shooting range with the 2018 Tokyo Marui Festival in November.

    Also to be expected is the Official Webshop of the company which will have an offline presence at the Hobby Show. Visitors can purchase various Tokyo Marui merchandise such as t-shirts, caps, mugs, and posters.

    The 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show will be open to trade invitees on the 28th of September with the public being able to enter on the 29th and 30th of September 2018. Admission fee is JPY1,000 (around US$9.00). You can visit the official website here.

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    Glock Model 45

    The fully licensed airsoft Glock 17 and 19 Gen 4 pistols which were released early this year just suddenly look old. Glock announced the new Glock 17 Gen 5 & Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS optic ready pistols and now we are looking forward that the airsoft versions of these pistols will soon follow. Also announced is the Glock Compact Crossover Pistol Model G45.

    Lest you might think the Glock Model 45 Crossover pistol uses the .45 ACP, you will be surprised that it is a compact 9mm pistol that uses a full-size Gen5 style frame with the compact-size slide featuring front serrations and the removal of the half-moon cut on the frame. It has a beveled and flared magwell for faster reloads; nDLC  finish that reduces corrosion and scratches; Glock Marksman Barrel (GMB) which has a more aggressive rifling for even better accuracy; and it also features an Ambidextrous Slide Lever for easier manipulation for left and right handed shooters.

    The MOS, which was first introduced with the Glock 17 and 19 Gen 4s early this January, will allow precision shooting as it allows shooters to mount reflex sights on them. With the Glock 17 Gen 5 and 19 Gen 5 MOS , they also feature front serrations for easier and quicker manipulations just like the Glock 45 and join the Glock 34 Gen 5 MOS that was introduced earlier this year.

    “The MOS platform offers a convenient way for users to mount reflex sights without costly alterations to an original Glock slide,” said osh Dorsey, Glock vice president. “The resulting combination of optical sighting and the unparalleled accuracy and reliability of the new generation of Glock pistols set a new standard for this class of pistol.”

    Both the Glock 17 and Glock 19 Gen 5 MOS will be available to purchase come October 5 though no pricing has been announced yet. The Glock Compact Crossover Pistol Model G45 will be presented at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Conference next month.

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    Angstadt UDP-9

    With the sub compacts now being introduced in the airsoft market, the U.S. Army is not far behind. The on and off Sub Compact Weapon Programme of the U.S. Army is now moving further.  The Firearm Blog further confirms this in their follow-up report that the U.S. Army has awarded six companies early this month the contract to provide the evaluation units for testing.

    The United States Army Contracting Command - New Jersey posted at the website, contracts which are separately and specific to each contracting firearms supplier:

    Under Section 815 Other Transaction Agreements (OTA) authority, pursuant to 10 U.S.C. § 2371b, the United States Army Contracting Command - New Jersey, on behalf of Project Manager Soldier Weapons, awarded six (6) separate Fixed Priced, Full and Open Competition (F&OC), Prototype OTA's to:

    Global Ordnance LLC - Sarasota, FL; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1030 (award 09/17/2018)
    Angstadt Arms LLC - Charlotte, NC; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1031 (award 09/14/2018)
    B&T USA LLC - Tampa, FL; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1032 (award 09/14/2018)
    Shield Arms, LLC - Bigfork, MT; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1033 (award 09/15/2018)
    Sig Sauer, Inc. - Newington, NH; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1034 (award 09/17/2018)
    Trident Rifles, LLC - Odenton, MD; OTA award number: W15QKN-18-9-1035 (award 09/14/2018)

    These Prototype OTA's will be for the delivery of functional Sub Compact Weapon (SCW) systems along with accessories and spare parts. The SCW systems will undergo the required Government testing and if successful, a follow-on production OTA or Federal Acquisition Regulation based contract award, may be made to one offer or for up to 350 SCW systems, which will include an option for additional quantities up to 1,000 SCW systems that may be exercised in quantities no greater than 350 SCW systems. The expected Prototype OTA duration is six months after award.

    So with announcement, you might still wonder which specifically these sub compact weapons that made the cut for further the testing, here they are:

    Global Ordnance LLC is pushing for the STRIBOG AP9A3S that is made in Slovakian firearms manfucturer, Grand Power:

    Angstadt Arms LLC will be submitting the 9mm AR-style UDP9:

    B&T will be submitting the B&T APC9 SDK for testing:

    Shield Arms B&T USA LLC  have the SA-9 K as their entry (no photo available):

    Sig Sauer Inc. got the MPX K which is already well known:

    Trident Rifles LLC will be submitting another B&T subcompact which already known to airsoft players, the MP9:

    It will be interesting which of these sub-compacts will be the chosen one. As for us airsoft players, aware that airsoft manufacturers are now in a sub-compact frenzy, may perhaps ask them to make more sub compacts based on these.

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    Marine with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division

    Saving weight is always an objective in the development of gear for soldiers. There are always two benefits on lessening the load: the first one less load stress on the soldier minimising injuries that can be caused by carrying heavy loads;  and the second one is that it allows the soldier to carry more of vital supplies and gear.

    For the US Marines, the use of the ULTRAcomp from Blue Force Gear, can potential reduce the weight of their load by several pounds. According to’s Kit Up! blog, ULTRAcomp can replace every strap used by the Marine, from slings to backpack straps, and can shave off a total of around 6 to 8 pounds.

    If you are familiar with the Blue Force Gear Micro Trauma Kit NOW! or the Mag NOW! It is made of ULTRAcomp and other companies such as Safariland, Mayflower and Velocity Systems are developing products using the material. To explain what ULTRAcomp, here is how the company describes it:

    ULTRAcomp® is a High-Performance laminate that far exceeds the military standard air textured nylon in tear and abrasion resistance.  Its hydrophobic features allows products to stay dry and light, whereas air textured nylon retains water and gets even heavier when wet.

    ULTRAcomp® combines the durability of a polymer based laminate with the benefits of a Cordura® face fabric.  This is a case where the sum is greater than the parts in creating a unique material resistant to tear, abrasion and water all while reducing IR signature in a number of colors and camouflage patterns.  The combined strengths of the two materials becoming one pushes the limits on design while exceeding established standards of strength and durability.

    It is also anti-microbial so it can resist staining and bad odour. Kit-Up! quotes Stephen Hilliard, Blue Force Gear's director of product development who was at the Modern Marine Expo, that they see a weight reduction around 15 to 20 percent, "When you look at the bigger picture and think about transporting 100 Marines on an aircraft and you're saving, say, 6 pounds for each, that's 600 pounds less. That's less fuel getting burned on the aircraft."

    The blog also mentions that the ULTRAcomp is already being used by the Special Operations community with the Marine Raiders using their own funds to buy their kits that use the ULTRAcomp material. Blue Force Gear hope that other services will soon follow to get the benefit of weight savings.


    Top photo:A Marine with 3rd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division  (U.S. Marine Corps Photo by Cpl. Carlos Lopez)

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    Tokyo Marui 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

    It’s now ongoing, the 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Taking place at the Tokyo Big Sight, today is mainly for invited trade visitors so exhibitors can have more time having meetings with potential and existing trade partners before the doors are opened for the general public excited to see what in store for them tomorrow and on Sunday.

    As always, the airsoft community always looks forward what Tokyo Marui shall reveal at any major trade show and there are usually three shows that they do product reveal. The 58th All Japan Model & Hobby Show is the second trade show and for this show they unveil the Tokyo Marui MK18 Mod 0 Next Generation Recoil and Blowback AEG, Hi-Capa 5.1 AEP with EBB, HK45 AEP, and two upcoming products with prototypes.

    We’re pretty much sure that you want immediate information on the details of the new product reveal so we have them right now as well as the Biohazard Lightning Hawk Gas Blowback Pistol revealed during the Tokyo Game Show 2018.

    Series: Next Generation Automatic Electric Gun
    Price: Undetermined
    On-Sale: December to January (Undetermined)
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • The newest CQBR modeled NEG “Mk18 Mod.1”.
    • SUREFIRE type 4 prong Flash hider.
    • KAC type flip up front site. KAC type 300m flip up rear site.
    • Reproduced Daniel Defense RIS.
    • Regularly equipped CQD type Front sling adopter and Rear sling plate.

    Production Specifications:

    • Length: 715 mm / 790 mm (Stock extended)
    • Inner Barrel Length: 275 mm
    • Weight: 3,210 g (Planned. Including empty magazine)
    • Capacity: 82 rounds
    • Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.28g)
    • Power Source: 8.4V 1,300mAh Ni-MH SOPMOD Battery

    Series: Gas Blowback
    Price: Undetermined
    On-Sale: Undetermined
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • Collaboration with CAPCOM new game “Resident Evil 2”.
    • The first limited edition.
    • Selectable 6inch barrel slide assembly is attached for 10inch barrel custom model.
    • Hybrid grip is in the motif of “K”.
    • Safety lever is original shape.
    • Silver plated frame.
    • Package is reproduced as a “Wooden box” which is appeared on the video game.

    Specifications of dedicated 10inch barrel slide:

    • 20mm rails are attached on upper and lower barrels.
    • Dedicated 10inch barrel front/ rear sight.
    • Muzzle tip is Magna port processed.
    • Engraved “Lightning Hawk” on side. Printed prototype on top.
    • 10inch barrel and slide is matte black color.

    Specifications of Dedicated 6inch barrel slide

    • Front sight is hybrid type which is combined light focus and phosphorescence.
    • Rear sight is only for 6inch barrel.
    • Silver plated 6inch barrel and slide.

    Production Specifications:

    • Length: Undetermined
    • Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
    • Weight: Undetermined
    • Capacity: 27 +1 rounds
    • Caliber: 6mm BB (0.2〜0.25g)
    • Power Source: HFC134a, HFO1234ze+LPG

    SERIES: Automatic Electric Pistol
    PRICE: Undetermined
    On SALE: November to December (Undetermined)
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • Selectable Full/Semi auto type. Operating the selector, switch to Semi or Full auto or safety mode.
    • Accessories as flash lights are mountable to the 20mm-wide under rail.
    • A compact cartridge type battery fits under the barrel. Needless to connect to connector. Easy to change batteries. Slide is locked by hummer.
    • Variable Hop-up system.
    • Slim and portable diecast magazine.
    • Dedicated long magazine (100 rounds) is planned to release. Mount adopter is released as optional parts. When attaching mount adopter, enable to attach the optical site and silencer.

    Product Specifications:

    • Length: 200mm
    • Inner Barrel Length: 115mm
    • Weight: 685g
    • Magazine Size: 30 rounds
    • Bullet: 6mm BB
    • Power Source: 7.2V500mAh Micro 500 Battery

    SERIES: Electric blowback Full auto
    PRICE: JPY 3,980
    ON-SALE: November to December (Undetermined)
    TARGET: Over 10 years old


    • Subsequently to EBB Hi-CAPA 4.3, EBB Full Auto Series Hi-CAPA 5.1 will be released (over 10 years old).
    • Under 0.135J muzzle power is securely used for under 18 years old.
    • Full auto and Semi auto is selectable with switch inside of trigger guard.
    • Without putting in the grip safety, BB bullet cannot be shot. (Thumb safety is dummy)
    • Slide is moved with shot.
    • Flash light can be attached on 20mm under rail.

    Production Specifications:

    • Caliber: 6mm BB (0.12g)
    • Power Source: AAA Alkaline battery x 4


    • Coming soon: JPY42,800
    • Except the color, the specification and operation are the same as BLACK model.

    Curiously, we see some “Prototypes” showing mainly some concept bullpup rifles, and pistol, and the stock for what looks like a bolt action sniper rifle with a folding skeletal stock. If they are indeed planned airsoft guns by the company, then we are absolutely excited in looking forward to their eventual production. Or they can just be display designs to show the creativity of their product development team in airsoft gun design.

    The newly released airsoft guns, the MTR16 Gas Blowback Rifle and the P90 Ver.LLENN AEG are on display as well for visitors to check out. The P90 Ver.LLEN is just a limited release so if you are planning one, better buy one or reserve one at your favourite retailer before they are all gone.

    On display too also are the Glock 19 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistol which will be released next month and the planned Springfield V10 Ultra Compact 45 Gas Blowback Pistol.

    More photos at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page. If we get more information about the upcoming products, including the “Prototypes”, we’ll post them. So stay tuned.

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    US Air Force BATDOK

    The healthcare arm of the Dutch electronics giant, Philips, just recently signed a non-exclusive license with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory to use the Battlefield Assisted Trauma Distribution Kit or BATDOK, a remote patient monitoring application that runs of on mobile devices such as a smartphone or a tablet computer.

    The BATDOK is part of the Battlefield Air Targeting Man-Aided Knowledge or BATMAN the technology program of the U.S. Air Force that focuses on dismounted Airmen.  With the BATDOK, PJs or the Pararescue will be able to treat and monitor multiple patients at the same time. Previously, it was mainly more of a one to one.

    In checking a patient, wireless sensors are placed and these will send vitals to the mobile device and the PJ will be able to act on the information that is shown on the screen. Since it is a mobile application it can be used in remote areas and thus can be a valuable tool for civilian use such as areas hit by calamities.

    The license agreement was finalized last July 10  according to Techlink, the group that works with marketing inventions from the Department of Defense Labs  and help in putting together licensing agreements with the private sector to put these inventions for commercial/civilian use. The financial terms were not revealed and will allow Philips to pursue product development using BATDOK and be able to offer the technology solution to government and civilian customers.

    “By combining exceptional mobility, user experience, and reliability, Philips will use Batdok to improve patient monitoring. This all-in-one mobile solution will enhance care delivery by bringing critical data to decision makers.” said Kirk Hendler, Philips’ vice-president of business development for government solutions.

    Photo: BATDOK used in mass casualty training (Source: 711th Human Performance Wing, Human Effectiveness Directorate)

    “We’re confident Philips will deliver products with multiple levels of benefit,” said Dr. Jim Kearns, technology transfer and domestic alliances manager for the 711th Human Performance Wings. “The Wing has brilliant people doing cutting-edge research. Collaboration with businesses, case in point, enhances their work and gets it to the warfighter.”

    Will the commercial version of the BATDOK from Philips have its own use in airsoft? Perhaps, depending on the airsoft event such as grueling milsim events that take place in the outdoors. A trained marshal or medic on the BATDOK can monitor any injured player in case of an accident while waiting for emergency services. But for the civilian sector, a tool will soon be available for better patient monitoring especially in remote locations.


    Top photo: BATDOK worn on the wrist (Source: 711th Human Performance Wing, Human Effectiveness Directorate)

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    Airsoft Amigos

    Yesterday, we posted the trailer of the upcoming “The Airsoft Show”, a talk show that will be launched today by Airsoft Amigos, the YouTube Channel that first appeared on the world’s largest video sharing platform in October 2016. Since then, the Airsoft Amigos have been building their subscriber base and their list of videos to inform and entertain their viewers.

    One of their significant videos, “A Few Good Boys” is their first professional airsoft action film and involved friends and a production crew to come out one of the best airsoft films in 2017.  In this film, RedWolf Tim, was saved by the “Boys” when he was the last man remaining in an airsoft firefight.

    The Airsoft Show builds on some things that different airsoft channels have been offering, but integrating them into one comprehensive YouTube series with better production. It looks like they will be following the format of certain TV series that have garnered worldwide following, if The Airsoft Show becomes like a “Top Gear” of airsoft, then we welcome its development. Below is the trailer of the first episode which will be launched later today:

    Here is the full press release by the Airsoft Amigos that contains even more information on what they plan with The Airsoft Show:

    The AIRSOFT AMIGOS is proud to present the first episode of THE AIRSOFT SHOW, a brand new concept centered around one of the most exciting action sports on the planet.

    (Sept 28, 2018) . Launching on Oct 1, the highly anticipated first episode of the first airsoft talk show is hosted by The AIRSOFT AMIGOS (Matt Campbell and Tim Selby). Featuring airsoft celebrities, skits, witty banter and special video clips from the community, it is a show created by passionate airsofters, for passionate airsofters.

    About the Airsoft Amigos

    THE AIRSOFT SHOW came to fruition when (formerly REDWOLF) Tim moved to Canada to pursue his acting dreams. In Canada, he met with friend and filmmaker Matt (founder of AIRSOFT AMIGOS), who was pushing to create “airsoft entertainment”, something everyone can enjoy, not just gameplay videos and reviews but films, skits, and entertainment centered around a sport we all know and love.

    With similar passions and ideologies, Tim decided to partner with the AIRSOFT AMIGOS, bringing his creative strengths and knowledge to the table. Combined with Matt’s understanding of film work and unique creative ideas, the AIRSOFT AMIGOS is set to take the Youtube world by storm with their creative outlook on a sport loved by many.

    Photo: The Airsoft Amigos: Matt Campbell & Tim Selby

    About The Airsoft Show

    THE AIRSOFT SHOW was initially conceptualized by Timothy Selby. He brought the idea to the table and with a few beers and many late night discussions, a strategy and game plan was launched to create the first airsoft talk show.

    This one of a kind show is a brand new venture into a new area of the internet: airsoft entertainment for everyone. Focusing on relevant topics, interesting gear and tech, and the latest in airsoft development, the show is looking to bring a lighter side of the airsoft world to the masses.

    The show is looking to create a 20-30 minute episode exclusively for the Youtube channel ( ) each month, featuring a new topic, guest, and a variety of surprises.

    Currently looking for gear, sponsors, and unique gameplay clips to feature, they are poised to take the airsoft world into a new generation of creative content. Created for the community, by the community, THE AIRSOFT SHOW IS EVERYONE’S AIRSOFT SHOW.

    Visit our channel:

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    Battlefield 5 Combat Role

    Last week DICE held a Reddit AMA to answer questions about the classes and roles in the upcoming Battlefield 5. This was held to clarify further the Battlefield 5's four classes: Assault, Medic, Recon, and Support which were first explained in the four blogposts by the developer. Dan Mitre, General Community Manager, handled the session to discuss about the changes.

    Players learn that each class will have two combat roles that also come with their own loadouts that will meet the game styles. For the Assault Class, the roles will be Light Infantry and Tank Buster; the Medic Class, it will be Field and Combat; Support Class will be Engineer or Machine Gunner; and for the Recon class it will either be a Sniper or Pathfinder role.

    For those who have noticed that the Tanker and the Pilot are not seen in the option of classes, they are assured that they are available in the game but cannot be pre-selected. In order to be a Tanker or Pilot Class they player has to spawn in either a vehicle or a plane, automatically being in the Tanker of Pilot Class.  Both classes are not customizable but they will be able to customise the vehicles.

    As for concerns of restrictions of weapons in the Class, where the player is limited to just one weapon, it is not the case. As answered in the Reddit AMA, here is what was said,“No, the weapon restrictions sits on your class and not on the combat role. So if you play support and pick the machine gunner role you will be better suited to handle MMGs with the passive traits you have, but you are not limited to MMGs you can play with any support weapons you like.”

    For customization of the player’s character in the game, it is explained as, “Hey! The way we are splitting visual customization for our soldiers is per faction. Meaning there are a set of jackets, pants, headgear etc specific for each faction. So if you unlock a certain jacket for the German faction, you can equip that jacket on all your classes within the German faction. The primary focus here is being able to easily differentiate between the two factions. We are also leaning into the colors available between the two factions, the British will have access to a set of colors for their uniforms, while the Germans will have access to another set of colors.”

    Battlefield 5 will be released on the 20th of November 2018 and will be available for the the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.  Standard and Deluxe Editions will be available and these come with pre-order bonuses.

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    US Army Jackal Stone 2016

    The U.S.  Army is finally fixing the problem with the M4 rifle firing unintentionally. This glitch is in the fire selector switch in which the rifle would not fire when the selector is between “semi” and “auto”. But once the selector is place on the “semi” or “auto”, the rifle will fire even without the trigger being pulled.

    This glitch poses danger to soldiers and when the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command sent out a safety message on March 26 regarding the problem weapons safety check being conducted already found 3,000 M4 and M4A1 rifles to have failed inspections as of June 2018.  The fix has been found after 50,000 rifles have been inspected.

    In a story on, TACOM spokesman R. Slade Walters announced in an email that:

    "After receiving a significant number of reports from the field and an average failure rate of about 6 percent of the weapons inspected, we ended the inspections and have determined that the cause of the problem is a tolerance stack of the internal firing components. The problem is fixed by modifying the selector to remove the tolerance issue and the fault. TACOM is working on an Army-wide directive to repair weapons with the issue that will be released when it is approved at the appropriate levels."

    Photo: US Army Sniper School (U.S. Army photo by Master Sgt. Michel Sauret)

    More M4A1s suffered from the problem with those converted from the M4 to M4A1 having a fail rate of 9% of the 23,000 rifles inspected.  Original M4A1s have a fail rate of 6% with 14,000 M4A1s inspected. Less than 1% of the M4s and M16s inspected suffer from the glitch.

    The U.S. Marines have also been informed of the problem and they are also conducting their safety checks. So far, they have not disclosed numbers regarding the number of rifles that have failed the inspection and the total number already inspected.

    Even the M4A1s that are just being issued in the U.S. Army will also undergo inspection and fixed if the glitch is found.


    Top photo:Jackal Stone 2016 (U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Marcus Fichtl)

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    Putin With The Kalashnikov SVCh-308 Sniper Rifle

    The Russian Army will soon have a replacement for the aging Dragunov sniper rifle. Kalashnikov Concern have been developing the Chukavin SVCh-308 Sniper Rifle and it was test fired by Russian President, Vladimir Putin at the Patriot Park, the big military theme park located in the outskirts of Moscow.

    According to media reports he was able to hit the target 600 metres away, three times out of five shots.

    First announced during the Army-2017 International Military-Technical Forum, the SVCh-308 which uses the 7.62x54 caliber, was developed using suggestions from Russian special forces soldiers. It will be offered to the Russian Defence Ministry as a possible replacement for the Dragunov Sniper Rifle. It can also be chambered with the NATO .308 Win and .338 Lapua Magnum to tap into export markets.

    The rifle has an inverted U-shaped receiver and has a top rail for the whole length of the main body of the rifle for mounting optics. For Russian military use, it is able to use the existing Dragunov magazines and is a short stroke piston gas operated action and rotary bolt locking. It is fitted with folding bipod, a manual gas regulator, and ambidextrous firing controls. It can be equipped with a bipod as well as suppressor.

    Photo:Chukavin SVCh-308 Sniper Rifle (Sourc: Kalashnikov Concern)

    Overall length is 1,140mm and 730mm when folded with the 410mm barrel. Magazine capacity can be 10 to 20 rounds. The barrel can also be replaced with longer barrels either 460mm or 565mm.

    Depending on the round used, the SVCh-308 can have a maximum range of 1,500 metres and has an accuracy of no more than 1 MOA at a distance of 100 metres. Nowadays, the Lapua Magnum is the preferred choice of round for sniper rifles and DMRs, with records being set on the farthest shots hitting targets in a combat situation.

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    Springfield Armory XD(M) 4.5" OSP

    A pistol that is already familiar to airsoft players as it has a version made by Tokyo Marui and WE Airsoft now comes ready for optics. Springfield Armory just announced that they are releasing the new XD(M) or the Xtreme Duty (Match) 4.5" OSP 9mm Pistol that includes threaded and standard barrel in the package.

    The XD(M) 4.5" OSP comes with the threaded barrel already pre-installed so the shooter can readily attach a suppressor to it and it is a Melonite treated hammer-forged barrel. But if having a suppressor is not in the list of the shooter, he/she can swap the threaded barrel with the standard barrel. For those in the U.S., they can then carry this pistol in States where threaded barrels are not legal.

    “You have the versatility of both the threaded and non-threaded barrel without the hassle of going aftermarket which tends to produce complications in fit,” Springfield Armory VP of Marketing Steve Kramer explains in a press release from the company. “Because our barrels are factory crafted, there is no risk of an ill-fitting barrel and we are able to provide the kit at a lower cost to our customers.”

    According to the company, this pistol package is all about options. It is optics ready with a factory milled slide and co-witness suppressor height iron sights. With these features, the shooter can choose what optics to mount and suppressor to install.

    For those who prefer red dot sight already with the package, they can opt for the Vortex Venom Red Dot Sight. The Venom offers a three MOA red dot and ten levels of brightness. It also features a top loading battery compartment that so replacing the battery can easily be done whilst maintaining zero.

    Being an optics-ready pistol, the XD(M) OSP comes with three base plates that will fit some of the most popular red dot sights available in the market such as the Burris FastFire 2, Burris FastFire 3, Leupold DeltaPoint, Leupold DeltaPoint Pro, JPoint Sights, and Trijicon RMR.  If there is not optics mounted, a contoured cover plate is also included in the package.

    Will an airsoft version be made soon? Perhaps, since there is already an airsoft version of the XDM.40SW, it is just a matter of tweaking the design to make it look like the XD(M) OPS and also include the base plates to mount the red dot sights, especially the RMR which has airsoft versions. Airsoft manufacturers who plan on making one should not forget to make two barrels for it as part of the package.

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    IAPS Dionne Dutch Open 2018 Lead Photo

    Come November 2018 will be the next biggest event in airsoft practical shooting and this year’s biggest event in Europe. The NABV’s (Dutch Airsoft Association) International Airsoft Practical Shooting (IAPS) group will be hosting the Dutch Open 2018 which will be on its fourth year and will be held at the National Airsoft Centre in Geldermalsen for the second time.

    Shooters from different countries will be going through 24 stages over a period of 2 days from the 10th to the 11th of November 2018. Dutch shooters will compete who will be crowned in the various divisions for the Dutch IAPS Championship 2018 and all competitors will work here to be the winner in the divisions for the IAPS European Championship 2018.

    According to Gerard Timmers, Director of the NABV Office and Chairman of the Competition Committee, they are expecting more shooters from even more countries this year, “This year we have a total of 24 shooters in the pre-match and 144 shooters in the main match. We will have shooters from 13 different countries, including various EU countries, Brazil, Hong Kong and the Philippines.”

    This marks the first time that the Dutch Open will have shooters from South America and Asia, making it a truly global competition. With the presence of some of the top airsoft practical shooters from Hong Kong and some of world’s top shooters who competed in the first Action Air World Shoot earlier this year, the shooters will be facing toughest competition.

    For this year, the categories available are the following:

    NABV Dutch Open 2018 Practical Shooting:

    Standard Division

    • Open Division
    • Production Division
    • Classic Division
    • Junior Standard Division
    • Senior Standard Division
    • Senior Open Division
    • Super Senior Standard Division
    • Super Senior Open Division
    • Ladies Standard Division
    • Ladies Open Division

    IAPS European Championship 2018

    • Standard Division
    • Open Division
    • Production Division
    • Classic Division

    Dutch IAPS Championship

    • Standard Division
    • Open Division
    • Production Division

    Popular Airsoft will be there to cover the airsoft practical shooting action as we have been doing since its inception. We have been coordinating with the NABV-IAPS for the possibility of being able to livestream some of the action, the opening and awarding ceremonies. Hopefully we’ll be able to pull this off and if we do, it will be first time for the Dutch Open to be streamed live.

    See you all shooters in The Netherlands next month!

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    8th APCA Winners - 9th APCA Promo

    The shiny things you see in the photo will soon be vied for by different airsoft players, companies, and products. The 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, the biggest airsoft event online shall kick off on the 26th of November, when the first but important phase, the Nomination Period, will start again.

    Airsoft players from around the world look forward to the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards to give recognition to players and companies in their efforts to better the hobby. For those nominated and have won an award, it is the pinnacle of achievement for their hard work, real hard work.

    It’s no easy task winning an award, as nominees go through grueling process just to get the privilege of raising that shiny plate during the awarding ceremony or putting the award on a prominent display in the office or home. They will have to go through the Nomination Process where many will try to be on the top 5 nominees in the various categories and become finalists. As nominees have been whittle down to 5 finalists per category, then they will undergo the voting period, campaigning for votes. The finalist who gets the most number of votes in each category wins.

    For the 9th edition of the awards, there are 25 categories:

    1. Best Airsoft Retailer for North America
    2. Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe
    3. Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia
    4. Best Gear Retailer for North America
    5. Best Gear Retailer for Europe
    6. Best Gear Retailer for Asia
    7. Best Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)
    8. Best English Language Airsoft News Website
    9. Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website
    10. Best Airsoft Blog (Regardless of Language)
    11. Best Airsoft Community/Forum
    12. Best Airsoft Video Posted Online in 2017
    13. Best Airsoft Event (Over 500 Players)
    14. Best Airsoft Podcast or Video Channel
    15. Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker
    16. Best Airsoft KABOOM (Grenade/Mine/Mortar/Rocket/Pyro) Maker
    17. Best HPA Airsoft Engine
    18. Best Airsoft Pistol
    19. Best Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle
    20. Best Airsoft Shotgun
    21. Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle
    22. Best Airsoft Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)
    23. Best Airsoft Manufacturer
    24. Special Airsoft Player Award (Male)
    25. Special Airsoft Player Award (Female)

    Remember, only one winner per category. As for the schedules of the awards process, here they are:


    26 November to 28 December 2018


    07 January to 04 February 2019

    The awarding ceremony will take place during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2019 that will take place in Nuremberg 8-11 March 2019. For the Airsoft Meetup, the largest meeting of the airsoft community in Europe, it will take place on the 10th of March 2019 from 1300H to 1600H.

    So better get ready. If you or your company is eyeing an award, better prepare for battle to win it.

    For interested sponsors and supporters, can contact us for details.

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