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    Sony RX0

    At the end of August 2017, Sony announce the RX0, a camera with good specifications that is in the form factor of an action camera.  Whilst many of us would want the Sony RX0 an action camera, Sony would rather call it “a new type of camera” with “entirely new imaging possibilities.”

    Indeed, the pricing for the RX0 also puts out of the usual action camera price range. At 850 Euros, it is already priced at the same level as some mid-priced DSLR cameras and already some highly capable consumer camcorders. So what does the RX0 offer at that price at such a small package?

    The RX0 has an 1.0-type Exmor RS CMOS 15mp sensor and wide-angle f/4 24mm ZEISS lens. The sensor itself already sets it apart from the action cameras, which usually have smaller sensors. It is not exactly a 4K camera, as it shoots 1080p full HD internally but it has a Clean 4K HDMI output when paired with an external camera. At 1080p you can edit slow motion footages of 250fps and for super slow motion, it can go for 960fps at lower resolutions.
    Sony is marketing this for videographers who require multiple cameras that that can be triggered to work simultaneously, taking footages at different angles at the same time. With the Sony FA-WRC1M remote, up to 15 RX0s can be triggered simultaneously and with the Sony mobile app, 5 RX0s can be triggered at the same time.

    As for stills, this can take photos  in RAW format at shutter speeds of up to 1/32,000 sec and at up to 16 frames per second. Just like other action cameras, this is a fixed lens system so zooming is done using your feet.

    Can this recommend to the airsoft player who uses action cameras to record gameplay footage? Well, not really as existing GoPros and other similar action cameras are more than enough to take footage that can be used for online viewing, which most airsoft videos end up. Even the accessories such as the cage for it can already get you the latest action camera for use in airsoft. Furthermore, the camera is expensive and the action cameras they already use can already give their money’s worth and more. But perhaps this is more for the more serious Airsoft videographer who is dead set in creating high quality video footages that can rival professionally done videos.

    The Sony RX0 is already available at reputable camera stores in Europe.

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    Standard Manufacturing SKO 12-Gauge Semi-Auto Shotgun

    This decade has been good to airsoft shotguns. Always an afterthought in the purchasing decisions of airsoft players, airsoft shotguns were mainly more of a novelty rather than something serious for airsoft players to use in the field in the past. But this decade, we have seen the airsoft shotgun from the lowly springer airsoft gun into something that can bring serious firepower into any airsoft gun. Thanks to two companies that have led the charge into improving airsoft shotguns.

    One is APS, with its CAM870 CO2 powered airsoft shotgun. Introduced in 2014, it is the most realistic operation airsoft shotgun and is preferred by 3-Gun Nation airsoft shooters. The other is of course, Tokyo Marui. When they released their new Gas Shotgun tech in the form of the M870 Tactical, it was an amazing performer, with a selection of 3 to 6 shots when firing it, and the range is of course like having an airsoft sniper rifle. This is available into the Marui M870 Gas Series as well as the KSG Gas Shotgun. The same tech is now being replicated into other airsoft manufacturer’s airsoft shotguns.

    But one big development in airsoft shotguns is that we finally get to have an electric powered airsoft shotgun, the Automatic Electric Shotgun (AES). Developed by Tokyo Marui, it was first put into the AA-12 AES then followed up by the newly released SGR-12 AES (similar to the soon to be released Resident Evil Thor’s Hammer also made by Tokyo Marui). With three barrels and fire in full auto, the AES is a menace in the field. Now, if we have more real world shotguns that can also use the AES when they get replicated in airsoft, then more choices in airsoft shotguns. I have to admit, the Remington M870 airsoft shotguns are getting boring.

    Perhaps the SKO 12-gauge Semi-Automatic Shotgun from Standard Manufacturing Co. LLC. can be a candidate for the AES.

    It is a new release from Standard Manufacturing, known for their DP-12 shotgun double barrel pump shotgun series. It is a rather a very unique looking shotgun and at first glance your first impression is that it s the G36 of shotguns.

    The SKO accepts 2 ¾” and 3” shells and can be fed with magazines up with capacities of up to 10 shells and a 25-shell drum magazine.  In short, it has features seen in the AA-12 which is also magazine fed. The AES technology of Tokyo Marui was developed for magazine fed shotgun designs.

    What we like is the build material of the SKO as the upper receiver from a machined 7075 aircraft grade aluminum billet; with the lowere receiver machined from a forging of 7075. We do not know if say, Tokyo Marui, if it would they would the SKO design, would also resort to using the 7075 as material for the airsoft version. The long protruding tube is the 18 7/8-inch barrel and it also has a 22-inch rail mount for weapons accessories such as optics, lasers, and weapon lights. As for the rear part it has a 6-position adjustable stock.

    The SKO is on a limited production for now Standard Manufacturing is selling it for US$1,100 as the retail price.

    Now, let’s see if Tokyo Marui would want to put their AES tech on an airsoft version of the SKO.

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    Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (Wikipedia)

    In an actual exchange of shots by those with airsoft guns against those with real guns, it will always be a lopsided battle. The ones with real guns win, all the time. Everybody knows that. We always say in the airsoft community that it is absolutely no use intimidating anyone in public with an airsoft gun, or even just displaying airsoft guns in full public view as it can lead to serious injuries and deaths when police are called to the scene.

    What’s even worse than carrying an airsoft gun in public? Carrying an airsoft gun under the influence of drugs.

    According to CBS Los Angeles, LA County Sheriff deputies were called to West Valinda as a man was causing a disturbance. It was believed that the man’s family reported to the County Sheriff that the man was under the influence of drugs.

    When the deputies arrived, the man then locked himself into one of their home’s bedrooms. He then climbed out of the window to get into the backyard where the deputies found him.

    However, the man was carrying two firearms with him and according to the LA Times, a rifle and a pistol. He fired at the deputies with the pistol causing them to immediately return fire, hitting him several times and he died at the scene. A neighbor said he heard about 9 shots fired by the deputies.

    When the deputies inspected the guns, they then did find out that they were airsoft guns.

    You probably would wonder if the drugs have made him think that the airsoft guns were real firearms. It has not been established if he actually owned the airsoft guns or he just found them in the bedroom here he locked himself up, thinking they are real. The shooting incident is still being investigated as of this writing.

    Real guns still win against airsoft guns, all the time.


    Top photo: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department (Source: Wikipedia)

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    War Zone 5: The Green Zone

    War Zone is probably the largest international airsoft milsim event in Southeastern Europe and takes place on the island of Crete, Greece. On the 12th to the 14th of May of this year, more than 250 airsoft players gathered in Crete to feel the unique emotions that War Zone 5 “The Green Zone” produced nonstop for 3 days. An event full of action which focused on milsim engagements combined with lots of LARP!


    The conflict takes place at “Atlantis”, a small but rich country. Two main armies exist in this country and they are about to collide: The GRC (Guard Regiment Command), formed by ex-military personnel of the Atlantis army; and the Government army led by the Octapus organization. The United Nations rushed to form a special mechanized platoon in order to protect civil population of the country from the atrocities of the war. Also, foreign forces participate in the conflict and these wanted to take advantage of the country’s wealth and its land resources. The USA sent an Army Ranger platoon so Russia reacted without delay and deployed the 25th Spetsnaz unit.

    In War Zone 5 ,the Unite Nations forces had to keep safe the villages in the conflict area, enforcing a safe “Green Zone” for Atlantis people.  At the same moment, the villages were the main objectives for the two large armies (GRC and Octapus) gold mines where situated close to these villages.  The Ranger and Spetsnaz units were trying to form alliances and earn as much gold as they could from special missions as assigned by their allies. If we take into account that all factions have as main objective to gather the largest amount of gold, we understand that alliances in this event did not last long.


    In War Zone 5, the organizers try to get the most of every participant. Their aim is to form strong and capable HQs so all players get to know what they are up to. From special operations using squads-sized units up to full company-size assaults, using mechanized units and long range bombardments!  Also, the  organizers know that in order to create the right game atmosphere you have to establish a unique LARP environment. Allies, traitors and spies exist among your comrades!

    This takes into account that War Zone is not a “come all” event as it focuses on the right airsoft attitude and the correct participants’ mentality. Therefore heavy filtering of registered players was applied. This is to ensure that the right people gather together to have fun and of course to take on the scenarios designed as “not easy to tackle” missions.

    War Zone as it seems “is not just an airsoft event”, or tries hard not to be, to say the least.

    Enjoy some photos and check on the upcoming War Zone 6 which will be held in May 2018. Again, organized on the sunny island of Crete and this will be announced in October 2017.

    More photos at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    Forces Of Freedom NAF 2017 Winners

    The airsoft community is one base that the video gaming industry can always rely on, especially for shooter games. The biggest video game titles apart from Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda have always been shooter games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield, and in these game franchises, they can count on many airsoft players help improve their sales.

    But sometimes though, the love is a not two-way street. We rarely see cooperation between the game publishers and the airsoft community when in fact they can have something in common. We do not see Call of Duty or Battlefield marketers making an effort to reach out to the airsoft community to do joint promotions or show their appreciation when this community take a lot of time, effort and money to show up in gear seen in video game characters, helping further promote the game.

    Then there are those video game companies that make a conscious effort to do so. One is CAPCOM and their continued cooperation with Tokyo Marui for their Resident Evil/Biohazard series. This is seen in the airsoft guns made by Tokyo Marui as based the game and this recently went to new heights with the introduction of the Thor’s Hammer in the upcoming Resident Evil 7 “Not A Hero” DLC which is based on the SGR-12 AES, an airsoft shotgun that is totally designed an airsoft company and not based on a real world firearm design.

    Another company is Bravo Company Ltd. (formerly known as Koyoki Ltd.), the company behind the video game “Forces of Freedom” are making  a conscious effort an involving airsoft players in the improvement of their video game made for mobile devices. We first encountered them at the National Airsoft Festival 2016 where they invited airsoft players to test the video game.

    Now with over 5 million installs for their Early Access edition, they go back once again to the National Airsoft Festival 2017 to have a mini eSports for “Forces of Freedom”. Not as glamourous as the eSports of Call of Duty or DOTA where big money awaits the winner, but it is something for airsoft players to notice, a video game company that takes time to involved the airsoft community in their video games.

    The Forces of Freedom tournament took place on the first day of the National Airsoft Festival 2017 last month. Just like the National Airsoft Festival, the “Forces of Freedom” had the main factions: Bravo, Delta, and The Others battle it. As written in my AAR last week, Delta players took the prize and were given special missions to gather more points for their group during the actual days of skirmishes.

    We had ring side seats to this event, so to speak. Thus, we have the full video coverage of the event though we’ll mainly show you the meaty parts of this event. Not exactly as high tech as watching an eSports game in Twitch but I hope this will do for you.

    Watch how the tournament unfolded and if you want to play the Forces of Freedom on your mobile, you can download it right now for early access from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

    Now, have a nice weekend playing the video game on your smartphone of tablet.

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    Battlefield 1942

    EA are having a field day with their Battlefield 1 game and with the upcoming release of the Call of Duty: WW2, some Battlefield fans are looking to a Battlefield World War 2 theme too. But so far, there is no news of a Battlefield World War 2 theme even if the video game franchise started as PC and OS X game in 2002 with Battlefield 1942, which of course is a World War 2 based video game. It was developed by Digital Illusions Created Entertainment and released in 2002 initially for the Microsoft Windows with the Apple OS X version in 2004.

    It looks like that one fan cannot wait for the a new Battlefield World War 2 game and decided to take it upon himself to do something --- a Battlefield 1942 playable in High Definition, and in this case making it scalable to 4K. According to Kotaku, ScureHD, the modder behind the Battlefield 1942 Remaster Project says  the first version in early November. Probably to rain on the Call of Duty: WW2 parade? Maybe, but then it would be nice to have WW2-themed video games available in November.

    ScureHD says that the game has the following mods as posted on Mod DB:

    New particle effects (dust, smoke, explosion, etc)
    New water effects
    New higher resolution reflections on some objects.
    Higher quality LOD
    New skybox (upscaled for now + minor tweaks)

    New, more detailed shadows on most objects.
    Advanced shaders thanks to ReShade.

    Here is a video showing some of the remaster project:

    Why has EA not doing any remaster project, when the other big name studios such as Blizzard Entertainment (Starcraft Remastered), Activision (Modern Warfare Remastered) are doing so. According to International Business Times, in an interview with EA Executive Vice President Patrick Soderlund, in which they brought up the topic remasters, if there is a demand by fans, they might just work on one.

    The final release of the Battlefield 1942 Remaster Project is expected to be in early 2018. We assume that this will only for Windows PC and no versions for consoles such as Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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    Thales F90MBR

    With the conclusion of the DSEI 2017 at the Excel in London, one firearm has gotten our attention --- the F90MBR Bullpup Rifle. Announced by Thales during the show, this is an update of the F90 bullpup rifle, which is the export version of the Australian EF88 Rifle made by Lithgow Arms, whose parent company is Thales Australia. The EF88 Austeyr rifle itself is a licensed version of the Steyr Aug made by Steyr Mannlicher of Austria (at least I got the countries right as other people usually interchange these countries) though it has a lot of distinct upgrades.

    It is a light bullpup rifle, weighing 3.25kg. In terms of operation, with fully ambidextrous -forward bolt and magazine release controls. With the rifle’s open architecture it incorporates a NATO tri-rail system and magazine compatibility to so it will be interoperable with existing NATO weapons.

    It will be available in multiple barrel lengths, and a “drop free’ magazine release function that regardless of the dominant hand of the shooter, it will facilitate faster magazine changes. Its case deflector can be easily reconfigured by the shooter without the need for tools, so it can be placed either for left or right handed ejection. Depending on the mission requirements, the shooter can reconfigure the rifle with the Grab Case --- change the barrel and attach compatible weapon accessories.

    It can be used by amphibious forces with its ‘Over the Beach’ capability with soldiers able to fire the weapon upon emerging from the water surface after a swim. And they can shoot accurately with it up 600 meters.

    “The F90MBR is the result of our ambition to support soldiers on operations – we’ve made long term investment in an advanced weapons manufacturing capability in Australia, and this is reinforced by over 100 years of weapons engineering and leading design expertise, at our facility in Lithgow, Australia,” said Chris Jenkens, the CEO of Thales Australia in the Thales press release.

    He further adds that, “The F90MBR is a weapon ideally suited to the modern integrated solider. Light, compact and adaptable, its compatibility with existing NATO weapons and ammunition offers a cost-effective upgrade with a substantial degree of future-proofing.  The new generation weapon is evolved from a reliable, battle-proven platform in the F90 Assault Rifle, unsurpassed for its high levels of accuracy and reliability.”

    Now, if we get another bullpup airsoft rifle in the market, as there is a dearth of new bullpup airsoft rifles for airsoft players to choose from. The F90MBR or even its older F90 sibling, are good candidates for airsoft.

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    US Air Force Nerf Fight

    There you go, another warning about playing with toy guns that fire projectiles. Doctors are warning Nerf gun users better take precautions in protecting their eyes when playing which looks like a tame game. Doctors from Moorfields Eye Hospital in London are calling for the use of eye protection. In the BMJ Case reports, the doctors treated three people from unrelated incidents in which they suffered internal bleeding around the eye, blurred vision, and pain when they were shot at by children.

    They also recommend that the age limit for the safe use of Nerf guns by children should be reviewed.

    Nerf is owned by Hasbro, which is one of the biggest names in toys. According Webmd,  spokesman from the company said, "Product safety is of utmost concern at Hasbro. Nerf products are designed based on years of consumer insights and research and undergo rigorous reviews and testing to assure that they are safe and fun to play with and meet or exceed global standards and regulations.

    "Nerf foam darts and foam rounds are not hazardous when used properly. Consumers must never aim Nerf blasters at a person's eyes or face, should only use the foam darts and foam rounds designed for specific Nerf blasters and never modify darts or blasters."

    Photo:A Nerf war where players wear eye protection. (Source: Wikimedia)

    Whilst the company also produces the Nerf darts, players can also buy cheaper and unauthorized version from other vendors online and they are usually not the same as the Hasbro specs. The doctors say they can be harder and can cause more damage. They also mentioned that a patient told them there are videos on how to modify Nerf guns to shoot faster, harder, and at a longer range.

    There is always one thing that we should always remember: if we play or work with anything that has projectiles, or can produce parts that can just blow up, wear eye protection. Even if Nerf darts look harmless, we’d rather recommend wearing eye protection. Just like in airsoft, Hasbro recommends not to aim at the eye or head so not to accidentally hit the eye. But do not take chances as accidents happen.

    Whether you buy Nerf for office warfare or for playing with the kids in background, it’s best to bring eye protection. Basic eye protection is very much affordable and it will save the money to go to the doctor.


    Top photo: USAF Airmen in Nerf battle at Shaw Air Force Base in November 2014. (Photo by Airman 1st Class Jensen Stidham)

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    Tokyo Marui at 57th All Japan Model & Hobby Show Announcement

    The All Japan Model & Hobby Show 2017 is fast approaching. Going on its 57th year, this show showcases the products of some of the biggest toy and hobby companies of Japan that influence the global toy and hobby industry. We see the names of Bandai, Tamiya, TommyTec, Kyosho, Hasegawa, and of course airsoft’s very own Tokyo Marui at this event.

    The All Japan Model & Hobby Show is the second to the last major event that Tokyo Marui shall be attending, with the last being their own Tokyo Marui Festival that is set in November. They always have a big presence at the show and this year is no different.

    Their display area is usually divided into three areas but if they have the shooting range again, then it will be for areas. At the new product section, they will exhibit next-generation new products to be released for the first time at All Japan Model Hobby Show and new products that they have under development and already underway. These are usually planned for release in the following year. The models that will be display in this area are not to be touched as they are either mock-ups, or prototypes.

    For the already released products, visitors can hold and check how the airsoft guns handle though only those 18 years above. There are products for children, just like the train guns but we do not know if they will on display this year. If the shooting range is up, those who are curious about airsoft can fire the airsoft guns they will make available for them to use.

    They will also their Official Webshop setup shop at the show, so to speak. Items that will be available for purchase at the show will be at an event price, perhaps with a good discount that can be availed of by visitors.

    No teasers for now on upcoming products so we might as well wait for the event to take place and we’ll find out what they have in surprise for us. If you plan on going to the All Japan Model & Hobby Show, the event will at the Tokyo Big Sight East 7-8 Hall. The event will be from the 29th to the 1st of October with the first day open to trade visitors only and the next two days will be open to the public. Entrance fee is JPY1,000.00

    You can visit the offiical event website here.

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    Albuquerque Police Department (Wikimedia)

    Another round between airsoft gun versus a real gun gets reported this week. We all know which wins this round just like in every other round when an airsoft gun is used against someone who is with a real gun. In this case, a 23-yeard old robber found out the hard way when he tried to rob a Circle K store in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    According to KOAT-7, Monday of this week, police were called to a Circle K store located at Eubank and Candelaria NE for an attempted robbery and there they found the robber had been shot by a clerk. The suspect was identified as Ferron Mendez and he suffered from a gunshot wound in his torso. He was taken to the hospital where he is said to be in a serious but stable condition as of Tuesday.

    In the KOAT-7 TV news report yesterday, September 21, policed confirmed that Mendez was said to be carrying an airsoft gun when he attempted to rob the store. He also had an accomplice.

    Unfortunately for the suspect, the Circle K clerk Jennifer Wertz decided to arm herself that night as she felt uncomfortable walking to her car at night and she was to work until 10pm. When she heard about another convenience store was just robbed, she put her gun in her pocket. New Mexico is an open carry state where gun owners can carry their guns as long as they are in full view. Wertz had her gun in her hip and was at the door when Mendez barged in.

    In the Tuesday TV news report from KOAT, Wertz said that they are not supposed to defend themselves. They are not to chase or provoke and just give what robbers want so they will leave quickly. But this time, she said, “I’m sick and tired of being a sitting duck. He pointed the gun at my face, I grabbed my gun from my pocket, I cocked it and I shot.”

    Police said that they are not going to file any charges against Wertz while Mendez will be put to jail after the hospital discharges him.

    The Circle K management has suspended Wertz for two weeks. While New Mexico is an open carry state, businesses can tell persons not to bring their guns into their property.


    Top photo:Albuquerque Police Department - Traffic Unit (Source: Wikimedia)