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    8 APCA Voting Period Final Day

    There is nothing much to say to remind everyone that today is the final day of voting for the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. After a month of the Nomination Period and now a month for the Voting/Finals Period, the biggest online airsoft event is finally coming to an end.

    If you have not cast your vote yet, better do so now by clicking on the image below:

    For the finalists, it’s about making the last hurrah, and really get the vote out if they really are serious in winning an award. We wish them all the luck as that’s what they need today, having Lady Luck smile on some of them and bring the shiny silver plate with the gold rim as proof that they won the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. No need to remind them what to do today but just go all out.

    Yes, today is the final day of the Voting Period. Votes will not be accepted by 12 midnight PST.

    Just two more reminders:

    Awesome raffle prizes await voters of the Awards. If you want to win, better cast your vote now:


    SGR-12 AES

    AK-47 Type 3 New Generation AEG

    USP Gas Blowback Pistol


    First Tactical Tactix Half-Day Backpack OD Green

    Helikon Raider Backpack Shadow Grey


    SET 1

    Specna Arms SA-A03 Chaos Grey
    Gunfire Patch
    Specna Patch
    Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

    SET 2

    Specna Arms SA-C04 Half-Tan
    Gunfire Patch
    Specna Patch
    Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

    Set 3

    Rush Plate Carrier
    Waist Bag
    Gunfire Patch
    Specna Patch
    Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

    Also, please take time to visit the sponsors for without them, running the awards won't be as big as this over the years:



    ASG APS Gunfire

    Laylax RedWolf Airsoft Military 1st


    Specna Arms Airsoft Atlanta Low Speed Gear Airsoftjunkiez WGC Shop

    Remember, it's the final day to cast your votes. Better make them count!

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    WarZone 2018 Brazil

    Rarely do we get to post something big that is going to happen in South America. Whilst we all know that the continent has a very healthy airsoft communities in the different countries comprising it, we rarely get to post news. It is like airsoft is on its own world there. Nevertheless, we are seeing more stirrings in the area that it will be the next big growth in airsoft.

    We usually get to hear events happening in Chile, which has a very vibrant airsoft community. Now we get to hear from the biggest country, Brazil. Airsoft is expensive in Brazil as importation taxes add 60% more to the cost of the value that sometimes we hear that an entry level AEG in the country will setback an airsoft player around U$600.00. Still, airsoft players in Brazil try not to be deterred by such administrative obstacles and there has been an estimate of almost a 100 thousand people playing airsoft the country.

    Now, airsoft players in Brazil want to host the biggest event in the Americas. Called the WarZone, they are expecting players from the different countries in South America and even outside of the continent. Set for the 7th to the 9th of September2018 in the Rua Esmeria Maria Rodrigues, Arujá  at the outskirts of São Paulo.

    Interested in experiencing airsoft in Brazil? We’ll let 2a1 Cenografia, the organiser of the event, to tell more:

    The 2a1, a specialized company in solutions for scenography, is bringing for the first time in Brazil the Airsoft event that is considered to be the major one in the Americas: The WarZone, which will be held between September 7 and 9, in a 1.5 million square metre area and there will be an expected number of 650 participants. Such incredible records will surely put the event hosted by 2a1 as the largest event of this kind in Brazil.

    The WarZone is the first event of airsoft to be held in Brazil with an international game status, since it has been the only one recognised by Federacion Internacional de Airsoft Associacion (FIAA) so far. “We are impressed with the magnitude that WarZone has been taking. We have at the moment 600 subscribers in pre-registration only, many of them from outside Brazil. Competitors from all over America are signing up,” said Caio Paulino, Marketing Director at 2a1 Cenografia, the company responsible for the management of the competition.

    The Warzone will be conducted in Milsim mode and the players will be divided into three armies: Santa Ana, Domus Dei and Leograd, each with its own history and particularity and participants are allowed to register in the group they are most interested in. These three armies will participate in the Genesis mission, which features an original plot that is specially written for the event.

    “Altogether, there will be 44 hours of creative plot, military vehicles, scenographic cities, everything so that we can get as close to reality as possible. It will certainly be an event to spotlight Brazil and once and for all put the country on the World Airsoft map”, explain Paulino.

    Key Information:

    Date: September 7 to 9
    Place: Rua Esmeria Maria Rodrigues, S/N, Arujá – São Paulo

    Important: We will not rent weaponry and clothing for Brazilians. Weapons will be made available for rental only to athletes from other countries.

    It sounds an exciting event to attend to. With seven months to go, we hope that will be enough preparation time to save up and attend this event. You can go around São Paulo, which is like the New York of Brazil in terms of urban landscape after the event or fly to Rio de Janeiro right after and check out the sights and sounds before heading back home. Remember, Brazilians know how to party, airsoft or not.

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    Airsoft Meetup 2018 Call

    Now that the SHOT Show 2018 is in the past, many airsoft companies are preparing for the next big event in the airsoft trade calendar --- the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018. Held every year at the Nuremberg Messe in Germany, the IWA Outdoor Classics is now on its 44th Edition and covers about outdoor equipment, functional clothing, hunting sports and shooting sports.

    There are more exhibitors from the Airsoft Industry at the IWA Outdoor Classics as compared to the SHOT Show. What is more convenient for trade visitors at this event is that most of the airsoft exhibitors are located in Halls 7 and 7-A, easier to find them if the visitor is focused on the airsoft business. At the SHOT Show, airsoft exhibitors are scattered inside the Sands Expo. Thus, for the airsoft media wanting to to find out the latest from the industry most converge at the IWA Outdoor Classics as compared to the other trade exhibits.

    The IWA Outdoor Classics is where the Airsoft Meetup takes place and perhaps it is the biggest airsoft meetup in the world in terms of the airsoft media and industry meeting together and discuss the latest in the airsoft market. Started in 2011, the Airsoft Meetup is hosted by and Popular Airsoft.

    Exhibitors from the Airsoft Industry, whether offering airsoft guns or tactical gear, are invited to present for 15 minutes in a more formal setting. Interested exhibitors can contact NLAirsoft to book their slots as there are only limited slots.

    The Airsoft Media, whether print or digital, bloggers or vloggers, will be there to record the presentations and ask questions. Exhibitors can conserve more time for presenting to more Airsoft media representatives as compared to doing at their respective booths.

    Also, the Airsoft Media is where the awarding ceremony of the Airsoft Players Choice Awards takes place.

    If you are not an exhibitor but a trade visitor, you can book your seat by registering at the Airsoft Meetup website. In order to attend the Airsoft Meetup, attendees should first have tickets to visit the IWA Outdoor Classics 2018. Attending the Airsoft Meetup is free.

    We’ll see you next month so please do remember the Airsoft Meetup details:

    Airsoft Meetup 2018
    IWA Outdoor Classics 2018
    11 March 2018
    1400 to 1700H
    Hong Kong Room (NCC Ost/East)
    Nuremberg, Messe

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    RPK-16 Russia Beyond

    The start of 2018 is looking good for Kalashnikov Concern. Last month, the Russian Ministry of Defense finally approved the use of the AK-12 and AK-15 rifles for use in the Russian Army. Then last Tuesday, the approved and signed the contract for an undisclosed number of RPK-16s. cites a report from Russian news agency, TASS, on the latest firearms acquisition. When Kalashnikov Concern CEO Alexey Krivoruchko was asked if a contract has been signed, he answered in the affirmative.

    The RPK-16 is upgrade of the RPK-74 and is chambered in the 5.45×39mm cartridge and it uses the traditional Kalashnikov gas-operated long-stroke piston system Just like the AK-12 and AK-15 it also uses Picatinny rails to mount weapons accessories such as aiming devices, polymer hanguard and a detachable suppressor. Up front is a bipod for a more stable shooting.

    The main draw of the RPK-16 is that it has an interchangeable barrel system—a 550m long barrel to perform the role as a light machine gun and a 370mm shorte barrel for use as an assault rifle.  The system has been designed that it is easy to do a barrel swap without the need for tools. Whilst it is designed to use a 96-round drum magazine, it is able to use the magazines made for AK-74 and RPK-74.

    If used with as an assault rifle with its stock folded, it can be used for close quarters. The stock contains a cleaning kit. It has a cyclic range of 700 rounds per minute and an effective range of 800 metres.

    There is no information when Kalashnikov will start delivering the RPK-16s though the Ministry of Defense have already ordered an experimental batch.

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    Battle Arms Development Paratrooper & Tanker .300BLK PDW SBRs

    While we were mainly focused on the airsoft announcements at the SHOT Show 2018, there are also products at the show on real firearms that we also want to take a look and just wish airsoft versions for them are available. But there were two that were on display there that we do really want to be in our collection: the Paratrooper and Tanker .300BLK PDW SBRs from Battle Arms Development.

    As Short Barreled Rifles, both the Paratrooper and Tanker have 7.5-inch barrels. What we like are the touches of wood such as the handguard and the pistol grip which are made of Grade A French Walnut. Both use the RIGIDRAIL M-LOK free float rail system but if you want to know what separates one from the other as at first glance they’re like twins but the Tanker has its buffer tube as another piece from the lower receiver and it is attached with the use of a short buffer tube. The Paratrooper has the  telescoping stock machine to the lower.

    "PARATROOPER" 7.5" .300BLK PDW - SBR

    TANKER 7.5" .300BLK PDW - SBR

    Both have been designed as homage to World War II weapons and their finishes match M1 Garand, M1 Carbine, 1903A3, and other weapons of that era. These are made to order weapons and customers must allow 6 weeks for one to be put together. The Tanker will set you back US$2,999.99 and the Paratrooper will cost you US$3,050.00.

    This means that any chance of airsoft versions being made as well if far-fetched unless PTS Syndicate, which has the license from Battle Arms Development, will have the time to do such custom work. Thus, unless you’re in the U.S., the chance of owning one is almost nil.

    But we can still drool and dream that airsoft versions can be made too.

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    8 APCA Winner Announcement

    After over two months of the awards process with many of the finalists campaigning to be voted as the best their categories, we finally announce the winners of the 8th Airsoft Players Choice Awards. They deserve to win an award because you, our readers (or their fans), have voted for them as the winners in their categories.

    We’re sure you want to know the winners, all 25 of them, so here they are:

    Best Airsoft Retailer for North America

    Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe


    Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia

    RedWolf Airsoft

    Best Gear Retailer for North America

    Best Gear Retailer for Europe

    Military 1st

    Best Gear Retailer for Asia

    eHobby Asia

    Best Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)

    Airsoft Action Magazine

    Best English Language Airsoft News Website

    Airsoft & MilSim News Blog

    Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website

    Best Airsoft Blog (Regardless of Language)


    Best Airsoft Community/Forum

    ASG Evo Scorpion Owners Group

    Best Airsoft Video Posted Online in 2017

    Krytac Kriss Vector AEG - Redwolf Airsoft TV

    Best Airsoft Event (Over 500 Players)

    Border War 9

    Best Airsoft Podcast or Video Channel


    Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker


    Best Airsoft KABOOM (Grenade/Mine/Mortar/Rocket/Pyro) Maker

    Airsoft Innovations

    Best HPA Airsoft Engine

    PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine

    Best Airsoft Pistol (Regardless of Power Source)

    ASG CZ-P09

    Best Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle

    Tokyo Marui M4 CQB-R Block 1

    Best Airsoft Shotgun (Regardless of Power Source)

    Tokyo Marui M870 Breacher

    Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle

    Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G-Spec

    Best Airsoft Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)

    Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta Custom

    Best Airsoft Manufacturer

    Tokyo Marui

    Special Airsoft Player Award (Male)

    Marty Airsoft 

    Special Airsoft Player Award (Female)

    Kelly Louise Hardwick

    "Femme Fatale Airsoft"

    Congratulations to all the winner and commiserations to the other nominees and finalists. Remember there will be 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards and there is more than enough time to start on working to be the best in what they do.

    The awarding ceremonies will be during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classic 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany. If you want to receive your award at the Airsoft Meetup, please do ensure you have trade visitors pass to the IWA Outdoor Classics and reserved your seat at the Airsoft Meetup. The Airsoft Meetup will take place at the Hong Kong Room, NCC East, Nuremberg Messe, on the 11th of March 2018, from 1400 to 1700H.

    If you are winner but have will not be attending the Airsoft Meetup, please do get in touch with us in order for us to ship your award.

    We would like to thank the following sponsors for the Awards, without them, the Awards would not happen over the years. Please do take time to click on their logos below and visit their websites:



    ASG APS Gunfire

    Laylax RedWolf Airsoft Military 1st


    Specna Arms Airsoft Atlanta Low Speed Gear Airsoftjunkiez WGC Shop

    Tomorrow, we announce the raffle prize winners. Who will be lucky voters of the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards?

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    8 APCA Raffle Winner Announcement

    Whilst congratulations are being thrown around to the winners of the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, there is also that other part of the Awards that is about the voters themselves.  For their participation in the awards by nominating and voting for the finalists, they also get the chance to win a raffle prize from the awards sponsors.

    We are envious of the winners as they get to have some awesome airsoft guns and gear. They do deserve such raffle prizes though we hope we can have more goodies to raffle off next time. We just hope more sponsors would volunteer more raffle prizes for the next awards period.

    So here are the lucky raffle prize winners of the 8th Airsoft Players Choice Awards (their names with asterisks to avoid their names and email addresses harvested by web spiders used by spammers):

    Javier R.

    Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES

    Nicolas P.

    Tokyo Marui AK-47 Type 3 New Generation AEG

    Keith W.

    Tokyo Marui USP Gas Blowback Pistol

    Martin K. H.

    First Tactical Tactix Half-Day Backpack OD Green (From Military1st)

    Angel R.

    Helikon Raider Backpack Shadow Grey (From Military1st)

    Simon T.
    (Czech Republic)

    SET 1 (From Gunfire)
    Specna Arms SA-A03 Chaos Grey
    Gunfire Patch
    Specna Patch
    Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

    Michal T.

    SET 2 (From Gunfire)
    Specna Arms SA-C04 Half-Tan
    Gunfire Patch
    Specna Patch
    Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

    Lysakov A. A.

    Set 3 (from Gunfire)

    Rush Plate Carrier
    Primal Gear Waist Bag

    Gunfire Patch
    Specna Patch
    Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

    The raffle prize winners will be contacted to get their shipping addresses and also their requirements such clothing sizes or if there is a need to downgrade the airsoft gun raffle prize to meet local laws. Raffle prizes winners are advised that they are in charge of customs duties when the raffle prizes are shipped to the, if there are any.

    Congratulations to the raffle prize winners! We hope they like what they won when their goodies arrive at their doors.

    Please do take time to visit the sponsors for the awards. Without them, the awards events would not happen. Our big thanks to them for all the support to them and we hope they continue supporting the awards.



    ASG APS Gunfire

    Laylax RedWolf Airsoft Military 1st


    Specna Arms Airsoft Atlanta Low Speed Gear Airsoftjunkiez WGC Shop

    This finally concludes the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. See you all at the 9th Edition!

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    US Air Force Airmen Repairing Vehicle

    Whew! Over 10 years of content that our website is getting really rickety. We will be doing maintenance of the site to do some initial clean-up of the content to make the site spritelier. This is just the first phase of our plans to improve the site which we kept on putting off.

    Thus, in the following days, you may find some intermittent slowdown or the site going offline. But we’ll try to keep online for most of the time. We’ll be posting regular news still, so it does not mean that website will be dead in the water. Feature stories will be a bit slowed down as we prepare the site for new features.

    Just keep on visiting the site for the latest news as there will always be. We would like to thank you for reading our content and being patient and considerate enough with our antics over the years.

    So relax, keep on reading.

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    Gun Digest SIG MCX Rattler

    It looks like operators from the US Special Operations Command are looking into having a new PDW without having to reorient themselves to another weapons systems. They intend to purchase the SIG MCX Rattler PDW kits to convert existing M4A1 carbines. What this does is meet the USSOCOM's demand that for a compact weapon that can be chambered in both 5.56x45mm and .300 Blackout.

    SIG Sauer already won the Modular Handgun System of the US Army in the form of the SIG P320 or the M17 (official designation).  According to The Firearm Blog, there are still contenders for the PDW requirement but for now time will tell if the MCX Rattler will hold up to the test.

    Below is the announcement of the U.S. Army on this posted a FedBizOps:

    The U.S. Army Contracting Command-New Jersey, on behalf of PM Soldier Weapons, intends to solicit, negotiate, and award a sole source contract to Sig Sauer pursuant to the authority of 41 U.S.C. 1901 as implemented by FAR Subpart 13.106-1(b). This contemplated sole source contract is for is for the purchase and delivery of the commercially available Sig Sauer MCX Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) Kits to satisfy the Government's requirement for Special Operation Command (SOCOM). The contemplated effort will be a Firm Fixed Priced (FFP) Purchase Order to be completed once the kits are delivered 14 days after award.

    Sig Sauer was the only company identified through market research that could provide the necessary 10 each MCX Personal Defense Weapons (PDW) Parts and Kits which met the Government's requirements for a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) conversion kit for the M4A1 to create a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

    The acquisition of production items from sources other than Sig Sauer will not meet schedule requirements. Sig Sauer was the only company identified through market research that could provide the necessary MCX PDW Parts and Kits which met the Government's requirements for a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) conversion kit for the M4A1 to create a PDW that meets the specifications identified in the sources sought notice posted to Federal Business Opportunities (FBO).

    The U.S. Government anticipates award of one single purchase order as a result of this solicitation. Please note this notice DOES NOT constitute a Request for Proposals (RFP). However, any responsible source who believes to be capable of meeting the requirement may submit a capability statement, proposal, or quotation, which shall be considered by the agency, only if received by the closing date and time of this notice. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed contract action based upon the responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government.

    The anticipated award date for this action is planned for 2QFY18.

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    Nikolas Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooter (Source: Instagram)

    Last week, another tragic incident took place at a school in Florida last week. 19-year old Nicolas Cruz, shot and killed 17 people at his former High School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida using a semi-automatic weapon. On Valentine’s day, he used a Smith & Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle, killing 17 students and teachers and injuring 15 more people.

    A member of the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC), he was a member of the school’s air rifle team. He was said to be having anger management problems and often talked about guns and  violence. He is said to have been subjected to disciplinary action for threatening students and eventually was expelled from school.

    One neighbor took a video of him practicing target shooting with an airsoft pistol at home in October 2017 wearing a MAGA cap (Make America Great Again), the slogan used by U.S. President Donald Trump during the 2016 Presidential Elections, and the MAGA cap is often worn by Trump supporters. The neighbor mentioned him being seen practicing with bottles and cans with an airsoft pistol though he was not seen with a real gun in their area. Online, he is said to made slurs against muslims, blacks, Mexicans, and gays, and holding extremist views.

    His online profile shows him posing with various weapons such as long knives, shotgun, and BB pistols.

    School cameras recorded Cruz as the shooter at the school, with rampage lasting for 6 minutes. He then discarded his weapon and mingled with the students to make his escape. He was then stopped by a police officer in Coral Springs and eventually brought into custody without any incident.

    If found guilty for committing capital murder by a jury, Cruz may face the death penalty. Florida state prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty.