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    Battlezone VR (PC)

    Well, my age is showing again as I get nostalgic reading the news about “Battlezone” now back as a virtual reality game. I was an avid arcade gamer as well as heavily into the Atari console games in the 1980s before I found airsoft later on the during that awesome decade of weird hairstyles and new wave music.

    “Battlezone” in its original form was a an arcade game where you play wearing faux goggles as you command a tank to battle against other tanks and missiles. The graphics then was primitive as it used wireframe vector graphics where the most of the things you see are geometric solids to depict terrain and obstacles. It was a pseudo 3D game and with the use of the goggles of the arcade version made it the first “VR” game (the Atari console and home computer system ports such as the IBM PC and Apple II did not require the use of the faux goggles). But even with such limitations in video games during those years, “Battlezone” was an honorable mention for “Best Commercial Arcade Game: at the Third Annual Arkie Awards in 1982.

    Battlezone Original (1980)

    There were many clones of “Battlezone” but the original game still got released 1995, 2006, with the when Stainless Games ported the Atari game to the Microsoft Xbox 360 with new gameplay features in 2008. Of course, it had much better graphics and audio (5.1 Dolby)  but retained the core of the game which gamers (including airsoft players) are much familiar with since the introduction of CounterStrike and Team Fortress --- Death Match, Capture the Flag, and Team Deathmatch.

    By 2015 Rebellion, the developer behind “Sniper Elite” did a reboot to the game creating the game for PlayStation VR which became a hit last year and now is moving the game to the PC so it can be used with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive making it an even better VR game with the gamer a tank commander with using the top VR goggles using the Oculus technology. With the port to the PC the reviews have come in praising it to be one of the finest VR game titles.

    Battlezone is available at 15% off right now at US$33.99 from the Rebellion website, Steam or the Oculus Store.

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    Revision’s Caiman Carbon Bump Head System

    Revision Military got their Bump Helmet System designed for Special Forces operators. Called the Batlksin Caiman Head System, this is a full spectrum special forces head protection solution. In line with the Revision’s Batlskin head protection design, the Caiman Head System is also modular with various components and accessories that can be added depending on the mission.

    “This new head system, built from the ground up and tailored to the feedback and specialized needs of SOF users, epitomizes Revision’s forward-thinking, holistic mindset,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision Military. Adding that, “Revision upended traditional helmet development for the Family of Tactical Headborne Systems (FTHS) project. The project management team put in untold legwork, going to great lengths to engage key SOF contacts and stakeholders directly, and absorbing unfiltered, informed feedback. This collaborative, iterative process allowed the team to eliminate guesswork and address SOF user demands in real time. Caiman is not a head system created in a vacuum; the contributions from SOF operators are undeniable.”

    The Caiman Head System aims to address the SOCOM's technical challenges head for a Special Forces helmet: optimised weight, protection, and mobility indices and system component integration. The skeletonization of the various components and accessories allowed for a streamlined design and reduction of the overall weight. This helmet system is said to be optimized for coastal, riverine, maritime, high-altitude, freefall, and ground maneuvers. It is designed to withstand an extreme range of environmental conditions, whether tropic or arctic, day or night, arid desert or open ocean, and beyond.

    Revision Caiman Carbon Bump Head System

    According to Revision, the Caiman Head System will be available in stages. The first one is the Caiman Carbon Bump Helmet and for the second stage is a Ballistic Helmet System with a liner system, rail, and a Wilcox mount. The Carbon Bump Helmet will be commercially available in July 2017 while the Ballistic Helmet System will be rolled out later in the year and in 2018.

    The Revision Batlskin Caiman Head System is on display at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2017, which is ongoing right now in Tampa, Florida.

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    Paper Shooters Spitball Blasterz

    Whilst many of us will think of airsoft guns as toys, unfortunately we cannot bring one to the office as it is a most realistic looking toy that might just have security initiate a building lockdown. Nerf Guns are absolute fun too, but then you are limited to how many Nert darts available. The best way to survive an office war is to be able to use the most abundant thing as ammo --- paper, and in this new offering from Paper Shooters, it uses tissue paper.

    Paper Shooters are back for more crowdfunding on Kickstarter, having previously successfully raised and shipped to customers worldwide, the Paper Shooters Zombie Slayer Construction kit, and they have a new product that their fans might want to fund again: the Spitball Blasterz.

    Available in two models, the Spitball Blasterz use tissue paper, making the ammo 100% biodegrable and perhaps would just annoy the office cleaning crew after you have raided the toilet for more ammo, or grab that tissue box from that cute officemate on the other end of the floor. According to Paper Shooters, these paper blasters have a range of 65 feet. Not exactly you would like if you are thinking in airsoft terms, but for an office battle, that’s already long range.

    Other features of the Spitball Blasterz is the realistic cocking system and real triggers. We are no sure if it still uses the same firing mechanism seen in the Paper Shooters Construction Kit but this is a shell ejecting system so it comes with a brass catcher so you don’t have to pick the shells up after firing them. This is magazine-fed and you can shoot up to 16 rounds before you need to insert a fresh magazine.

    To supply yourself with enough rounds to outlast opponents, you can buy a pack of rounds from Paper Shooters, or you can make ones yourself using the mold that comes with the package.

    If the required funding is achieved, the production will be done by a China-based manufacturer that also has a facility in Vietnam. The production partner is already experienced in mass producing toys for some of the big names in the toy industry and has agreed to work with Paper Shooters.

    Remember to make friends with the office cleaning crew when you get your hands on one of these Spitball Blasterz. You’d probably get an extra roll or box of tissue to give yourself an advantage you’re your officemates.

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    Matt Furey-King

    Matt Furey-King here. I'd like to announce that I'm stepping down as Chairman of UK Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU). When I returned to the role as Chairman in 2015 my intention was twofold; to get the association back on its feet, and to make sure we had player representation throughout the Policing and Crime Bill passage. My return was only ever supposed to be temporary; the committee knew my intention from the start was to stand aside on the commencement date of the new law. So here we are.

    I'm pretty disappointed that the PCA is still an open subject, which we still need to push the government for clarifications in order to find out how to comply with the new law. There's some grey area which I think will one-day spell real trouble for some poor airsoft player. As much as I'm dying to help with this situation, I have to call it a day and move on. Unfortunately, other parts of my life have been suffering due to lack of attention; I've been so distracted by all this airsoft politics going in these last 2 years. My girlfriend Po Ling has been very accommodating but even her impressive patience with me is wearing thin! So it's time to get my priorities straight. The way I see it I've done my bit and to be honest other people now need to step up to the plate.

    I am massively proud of the work UKAPU has done. Over the last decade many hobbies have been restricted or eroded or banned in the UK, modern society doesn't seem to have any room for people like us who like having fun in non-vanilla ways. But airsoft has not fallen, we've stood our ground, we've not been bullied and suppressed, we fought back on every level. It's really impressive, and we have a bright future if we make this unity and determination a core part of our identity as UK airsoft players.

    You might be worried that UKAPU is going to disappear when I go, as most of our announcements come with my name attached. But the reason you see so much of me and not much of the rest of the committee is because I have been the association’s figurehead, actually there's half a dozen people working hard behind the scenes that you don't hear about. I have a huge amount of confidence in the remaining committee and the association. We have 4,000 members, a great reputation and a great future. Let me tell you, the committee have some fantastic plans for the next few years that will be a huge lift for airsoft.

    David Weston, UKAPU Vice Chair, has taken command of UKAPU. Soon he will hold a management meeting and the committee will select a new Chairman, and it would not be appropriate for me to preempt that vote. But there are some really great guys working for UKAPU at the moment and I have every confidence in them to lead the association forward. That said, I won't be disappearing completely and will still be available to help and advise them, if they so wish. Of course I'll be an active UKAPU member and you'll all see me around at airsoft games, as normal.

    All that said, UKAPU does have a high turnover of volunteers (voluntary associations tend to, people’s circumstances change and they often run out of free time to commit). The committee already has a few vacant positions and, unless they can fill positions and spread the workload, the association could go into a downward spiral. So PLEASE, if you are a self-motivated and literate airsoft player and have some free time, give them a message on Facebook and volunteer for a committee position. Now is the time.

    What's next for me? Well, I'm pretty pissed off at the shambolic way the country is being run and politicians’ dreadful attitudes towards civil liberties in general, not just the liberties of airsofters. So I'm thinking bigger, I've made a step into the wider world of politics and I'm running in the upcoming Parliamentary election. I've been selected as the Green Party candidate for Kingswood in Bristol. The Green Party may seem an unusual choice for a firearms guy but I've found it to be a really inspiring movement, the Greens are very far from being the stereotypes people imagine they are. Yes, they do currently have an anti-replica policy in the manifesto but they have no commitment to it and I’m confident I can get them to change it. They didn’t know about airsoft skirmishing or the VCRA when they wrote it. They asked me to help them rewrite it many years ago but I never had the time, so it’s partially my fault. If you are interested, there's some information about me as a candidate here.

    Later in the year I'm aiming to put more time into my airsoft channel, Claymore Airsoft TV. I've got some fun content planned so please give it a sub or a like if you want to see what airsoft shenanigans I'm up to.

    You can also visit Claymore Airsoft TV on Facebook.

    Huge thanks to all the people who have done so much to help me achieve my aims over the years, especially my fellow UKAPU committee members. I know UKAPU has a bright future ahead if all of you support the next leader of UKAPU in the same brilliant way you have supported me

    Kind Regards,

    Matt Furey-King
    UKAPU Member

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    CBS "SEAL Team"

    CBS Network announced 7 new shows that will start this Fall and two of these shows will be something that airsofters will look forward to. The first one is another TV drama series called “SEAL Team” and the second one is the revival of a hit series in the 1970s, “S.W.A.T.”

    Not another “SEAL” series? Well, many would disagree with you as they can’t get enough of the special operations unit, and perhaps they would start comparing which produces a TV drama about the SEAL Team better, is it National Geographic with their “SIX” or will it be CBS with their “SEAL Team.”

    Perhaps for those are fans of the Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.), the elite police unit, then they might look forward the release of “S.W.A.T.”, which was a hit series in the 1970s and a film adaptation in 2003.

    There is a definite schedule for S.W.A.T. which premieres on November 2 while there is no announced premiere date yet for “SEAL Team.” Full description by CBS of these shows below:

    Failure Is Not An Option When David Boreanaz Leads SEAL TEAM This Fall

    The all-new, David Boreanaz-starring action-drama series SEAL TEAM, coming to CBS this fall, explores the world of the most elite, special-ops forces.

    In this action-packed series, the fearless Navy SEALs conduct high-risk, clandestine missions against impossible odds. But when they return to the homefront, they face stress of a different nature.

    Keeping secrets, deploying at a moment's notice, and the knowledge that each assignment could be their last takes a toll on these brave warriors and their families.

    However, their unbreakable oath and patriotism compel them to persevere.

    SEAL TEAM stars David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Neil Brown Jr., Jessica Paré, A.J. Buckley, and Toni Trucks.

    Executive Producers include Ben Cavell, Ed Redlich, Chris Chulack, Sarah Timberman, and Carl Beverly.

    Stay tuned for more updates on SEAL TEAM before it premieres this fall on Wednesdays at 9/8c on CBS and CBS All Access.

    Shemar Moore Returns To CBS In The New Police Drama S.W.A.T.

    Moore gears up as Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson, the leader of an advanced tactical unit serving his own community.

    Starring as Daniel "Hondo" Harrelson, Shemar Moore returns to CBS in S.W.A.T., a new series inspired by the hit TV show and film of the same name.

    Moore is no stranger to heroic roles given his experience as SSA Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds. His new character—a recently appointed S.W.A.T. Sergeant—will have to unify a team of fearless agents.

    Harrelson will face tough decisions as he straddles allegiances between the streets where he was raised and the specialized tactical unit he now leads. He must reconcile the world he came from—where cops are sometimes the enemy—with that of a brotherhood willing to risk their own lives to save others. As the last line in law enforcement, these unflinching men and women are prepared for the worst imaginable crisis.

    Moore is joined by Stephanie Sigman as Jessica Cortez, Alex Russell as Jim Street, Jay Harrington as David "Deacon" Kay, Lina Esco as Christina "Chris" Alonso, Kenny Johnson as Dominique Luca, and Peter Onorati as Mumford.

    Behind the cameras, S.W.A.T. will be led by Executive Producers Aaron Thomas, Shawn Ryan, Justin Lin, Neal Moritz, Marney Hochman, Danielle Woodrow, and Pavun Shetty.

    Stay tuned for more updates on S.W.A.T. before it premieres on Thursday, Nov. 2 at 10/9c on CBS and CBS All Access.

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    0'20 Magazine English Language Edition

    In a time where almost everything is digital and all you need is a smartphone to access almost anything you need to read, the last thing you would probably think of is buying a print magazine.

    Don't get me wrong, printed materials such as books, newspapers and magazines are cool but you can now get most, if not all of those on your smart phone. Unless you’re one of those book fanatics who we see squashed in a corner of a London Underground train reading.

    Well, personally I don't like books unless I absolutely need to read one. Newspapers are great for what they are, reading the news then they go straight to the bin. The only newspaper that I saved is the one that had my name on the list of nurses who passed the nursing board exam in the Philippines back in the year 1994!

    Now magazines are a different breed, they can be very interesting depending on the specialty they cover. I have collected and kept different kinds of magazines over the years including collectors’ comic books, tattoo magazines and obviously, Airsoft magazines. But one thing I hate about them is their size and how easily they get ruined.

    I met Javier del Castillo during my recent trip to Nuremberg during the 2017 IWA Outdoor Classics. We were talking about the stuff that we do and he mentioned about their publication, 0'20 Magazine. He said that he will give me a copy of the next issue and wants to know what I think about it.

    He also said that the magazine is FREE! Not just for me... it's free for everyone. It won’t cost a penny!

    Okayyyyyy... In my experience, FREE comes with its own price. So I started thinking that it is full of advertising; I bet it has little content worth reading and I bet it looks rubbish.

    The next day, Javier handed me a copy of their issue number 9 and honestly, I was surprised. Firstly, the magazine is small, like pocketbook size small. Secondly, since it in a smaller magazine format (apologie, I'm not well-versed in print magazine size formats), the paper appears to become more rigid therefore holding its form. Okay, you’re probably wondering why the hell am I paying so much attention to this and not just get into its contents. Well... being small and able to hold its form means that I do not have to worry about it getting ruined inside my backpack after a whole day of interviews and photo taking. I actually had it in pristine condition when I got back to our hotel at the end of the day.

    When I had a quick break I started flicking through the pages quickly. I turned the cover and was immediately greeted by a double page spread advert. The next page was the editorial so I said ok. But next to it was another advert. Flicked to the next page and guess what.... another double page spread advert. Then there was a set of table of contents and an advert on the adjacent page then another double spread advert. Hmmmm… I was thinking this is not starting well. I mean, I understand that they need to get some revenues out of it especially it being distributed for free it is understandable that they will have quite a bit off advertising but I need something to read.

    Then I finally got to page 10 where the first article is and it is about a team who use the Green Beret loadout. It was a good read as it was an interview with the team. Then I came across the first Airsoft rifle review. After that, the next article was about how to survive an Airsoft game. Then the second Airsoft rifle review article.

    Well.... all in all, this tiny magazine has close to 100 pages, 11 articles of which 5 are Airsoft replica reviews. I am impressed, not just with the write ups but also with the quality of the photos.

    But, I told myself, maybe Javier gave me the good issue. I'll wait and see if he sends me the next one and I'll give my verdict from there.

    After a few weeks back in good old Blighty, I received a parcel and it’s the issue number 11 of the 0'20 magazine.

    This ssue has the same impressive clean layout as the first one I had. The layout is the same with the first article being a Team interview. Then it rolls on the review articles and write ups with advertising in between articles. The photo quality is again very clean and well thought off. This issue actually has a 6 Airsoft RIF reviews in it.

    So what can I say?

    Print magazines may be seen by many as a thing of the past but they do hold their own against digital versions if done properly.

    0'20 magazine is one of those magazines that you would know when you read it that the people behind it have given a lot of time and effort to make the magazine stand out against their paid counterparts. I didn't expect much from this magazine especially when Javier told me it's a free magazine. But I was soooooo wrong and the magazine completely gained my respect with how it's laid out and how much it contains.

    I always advise newbies to do their research when they get into the hobby. Airsoft is not cheap and new comers need as much help and advice as they need to help them choose which gear they will spend their hard earned money on. And this magazine is one of the good example for this.

    Bad bits:

    • Adverts - I can forgive 0'20 for this as it is a free magazine
    • Very small print - I don't normally wear reading glasses but I had to when reading this

    Good bits:

    • Pocket size - no problem taking it anywhere
    • Tons of photos with very high quality
    • Good articles with a good number of in depth reviews of Airsoft replicas and  tactical gears
    • Available in 4 languages - English, Spanish, French, and Chinese
    • And the best bit.... it's FREE!

    So if you are interested in getting the latest issue of the 0'20 magazine, check out online where you can get them in your area. The magazine issues are released every 2 months and it is also available in digital format.

    Many thanks to Javier of 0'20 magazine for sending me these copies.

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    CNN Revision TALOS

    It looks like the “Iron Man” project of the U.S. Military is proceeding as slowly as it can. But there is some good news for those who have been looking forward to seeing this in reality as the first prototype will be fully built by the end of 2018.

    Popularly called the “Iron Man” suit, the project is called Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS). Four years have already been spent on going over the technical aspects to develop and exoskeleton suit that can be used by special operations units. Revision Military has its concept of the TALOS as shown in this video:

    What is known about this project is to make a bulletproof suit that would protect the operator, especially when breaching doors and other areas where most of the enemy’s gun would be pointed at. Apart from ballistic protection, it provides superhuman strength with the use of exoskeleton, and high technology equipment at the operator’s disposal.

    During the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) in Tampa Florida last week, an update by Col. James Miller, the director of the Joint Acquisition Task Force TALOS, reveals that a team of about 35 vendors, labs and academic institutions are diving deeper on systems engineering, according to Defense News. That will speed things up a bit for the project as critics say it is moving slowly.

    Building the TALOS would take a lot of inputs, as it is a 800 part suit that will utilise carbon fiber, but for the first prototype it will be built using titanium which itself lightweight and high strength. It should be able to regulate temperature inside and would also conduct life-saving procedures in case the operator gets wounded.

    Apart from those, there are also considerations that will need to be thought out and implemented thoroughly such as the power to support all the functions of the TALOS, and that means batteries, though the plan it to use commercially available batteries. Another is ballistic protection, as present day protection does not yet protect the arms, legs and face of the operator. A very important aim of TALOS is to provide ballistic more protection to different parts of the body without the ballistic armor hindering movement.

    Just less than two years to for us to see how TALOS turns from a concept to a prototype. But given military projects not always following the timetable, end of 2018 might just be a very optimistic estimate.

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    New Jersey State Police (U.S. Air Force Photo)

    Sig Sauer is getting big contracts for its handguns in the United States in recent months, from the various branches of the U.S. Military and other law enforcement agencies. However, the company is facing also contract battles like Glock’s protest in the M17 Modular Handgun System and the FN America protesting its win Immigration and Customs. Though it’s more of a third party in this as the procuring organizations are to resolve these protests

    Now, a legal fight is looming over the company with the State of New Jersey being the litigant. In a report on, Sig Sauer is named in a US$2.5 million law suit for selling defective pistols to the New Jersey State Police. In 2014, Sig Sauer won a contract to deliver 3,000 SIG P229 Pistols to the New Jersey State Police.

    The complaint, which was filed last month with the Superior Court of New Jersey, Troopers during a qualification session found their pistols unable to eject the shells, causing the pistol to be jammed. Sig Sauer tried to resolve the issues by first replacing what it suspected to be culprit, the barrel. However, the issue remained the same. The second diagnosis was the problem with the extractor springs and they started replacing.

    SIG P229 (Sig Sauer Photo)

    Also, the State Police were questioning the use of the P229 Elite Enhanced Elite, when what they tested during the bidding process was the P229 Legacy and these pistols use different extraction systems even if they look similar. The company agreed to replace the guns but was unable to keep the timeline and could only deliver half of what was agreed upon in the contract. Testing of the new weapons still resulted into units showing failures in ejecting the shell.

    By January 2016, Sig Sauer determined that the fault was in the barrel. But by this time, the New Jersey State Police decided to return the pistols and award a new contract to Glock, which then supplied the Glock 19 Gen 4.

    Sig Sauer issued a statement regarding the lawsuit as published in The Outdoor Wire:


    May 21, 2017 – Sig Sauer, Inc. is aware of the lawsuit recently filed by the State of New Jersey regarding its purchase of the Sig Sauer P229 model handgun by the New Jersey State Police (NJSP).

    The NJSP selected the Sig Sauer P229 handgun as its new duty weapon after conducting an in-depth review and exhaustive testing of available handguns. Sig Sauer developed a version of the P229 specific to the requirements of the NJSP, and delivered to the NJSP as scheduled in the summer of 2014.
    Following delivery, the NJSP informed Sig Sauer that it was experiencing failures during qualification training with their training ammunition. Sig Sauer immediately began working with the NJSP to determine the cause of this failure and resolve the issue.

    Sig Sauer's investigation of the failure mode indicates a contributing factor may be a compatibility issue between this unique NJSP P229 and the specific training ammunition used by the NJSP. Importantly, these failures were limited to the training ammunition used by the NJSP, and the P229s functioned when using their duty ammunition.

    Sig Sauer had been diligently working with New Jersey officials to resolve the issues associated with the P229 handguns it purchased. In light of these discussions, Sig Sauer was surprised that New Jersey filed a lawsuit. Sig Sauer is committed to customer satisfaction, and stands ready to continue these discussions and work with NJSP to reach an equitable solution.


    Top Photo: New Jersey State Police Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team member (U.S. Air Force photo/Greg L. Davis)

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    DJI Spark Drone

    I have been in the market for a proper camera drone. I got a cheap nano drone at home which was a pain to fly as the controls were just bad and I often just crash it. I got that nano drone to do some basics in drone flying, and now I ready for a bigger and most importantly, an affordable camera drone.

    I almost bought the DJI Mavic Pro, which was flying lot hotcakes off the shelves of hobby shops, literally. I thought it was the best and most affordable camera drone. But the price is still too much for the occasional drone flyer. I intend to use it for airsoft games and or if is allowed in the destination, for travel. But it won’t be something I intend to use everyday, and a £1,000 camera drone is an expensive proposition.

    It looks like DJI has been listening to folks like me and decided to come out with a new camera drone that is affordable and easier to handle for noobs like me. The DJI Spark, to be honest is still over the £500 mark but it is packed with features that will probably make it worth the purchase. For those looking for a 4K drone, they better look somewhere else, or look at the Mavic Pro, as the Spark captures video at 1080p at 30 frames per second. But if you intend to upload the videos to social media sites, then 1080p is good enough.

    Controlling the DJI Spark does not necessarily require you to use a mobile phone or a remote control unit. Using hand gestures, you can take selfies shots with and with FaceAware, it takes off from your hand when it recognizes your face. With a smartphone, it can be controlled up to 109 yards away and with Tapfly, you can set how the Spark will take the footage, especially when your creative juices start flowing. When recording, it has a 2-axis gimbal for stabilization and with the QuickShot feature, it can take a 1-minute footage and edit to a 10-second video that you can immediately share.

    The DJI Spark has one of the features that I want in a drone, obstacle avoidance and thus I can avoid crashing the drone into something. It can fly for a maximum of 16 minutes and a top speed of 31 miles per hour. Also another favourite feature of mine is the ActiveTrack which can track people or objects according to their speed and makes focusing on the easier.

    Whilst there are still cheaper drones that are of the same size such as the DJI Spark, it still brings more to the table than these drones especially the features that I have been looking for in a cheaper, easy to fly and compact package.

    The DJI Spark is available now though they only allow two units per customer given the demand and limited availability in the initial release. We might see more of the DJI Spark at airsoft events once it gets into the hands of airsoft players who have wanting to lay their hands on a camera drone to record them in action. Below is an in-depth review by We Talk UAV:

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    Garrmin VIRB360

    While 4K in action cameras is all the rage these days, another feature in action cameras is also getting increasing demand for those who want to improve their videos such as making them more immersive for the viewers. These days, 360 view videos are now being posted on video sharing sites such as YouTube and videographers want the latest action camera with 360 views.

    Garmin answers the requirements of these demanding videographers, releasing the VIRB360 action  camera. It is able to capture 5.7K resolution unstitched videos at 30 frames (4K at 30 frames per second stitched by using in-camera stitching) and adds something more that should also delight users, a feature to create 360-degree augmented reality overlays using GPS or GLOSNASS which they call G-Metrix.

    It also has 4 microphones to capture 360-degree audio and 4K spherical stabilization for smoother video capture. One request by users is the ability to livestream the action and VIRB360 allows that and is compatible with YouTube and Facebook. To edit, share and livestream the videos there is the app for both Android and iOS devices.

    As for battery life, the rechargeable battery can power the camera for one hour and supports up to 12GB MicroSD cards. Apart from the one-touch control, record and stop operations can be done with voice controls. Time lapse and burst photos options are also included.

    Just like the GoPro Hero 5 Black, it is waterproof. But then GoPro’s latest camera does not yet do 36-degree video nor does it allow AR overlays. Connectivity options are Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ANT+ and NFC.

    As for the price, it is expensive at US$800 compared to similar offerings such as the Nikon KeyMission 360 or the Samsung Gear 360 which just got announced to be available this week as well.

    The Garmin VIRB360 will be available next month in the U.S.