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    Columbus Ohio Police Ford Interceptor Utility (Photo By Raymond Wambsgans)

    Another tragic day in which using an replica gun to scare off pursuing police ended in the snuffing out a young man’s life. Last September 14, 2016, police in Columbus, Ohio have reported that a 13-year old boy was shot dead while they were in pursuit of robbery suspects after pulling out an BB gun from his waistband, leading the pursuing officers to open fire.

    It will always be a losing proposition for anyone who thinks that using a replica gun (BB gun or airsoft gun) to commit a crime is a good idea. The criminal will always either end injured or dead when police respond with force. In the case of brandishing an realistic looking gun, it will always be met with deadly force even if the airsoft gun itself is not lethal at all. That’s the inherent risk in carrying an airsoft gun in public since it is very much realistic that it can be mistaken for the real thing.

    In this case, the deceased was carrying an Umarex 9XP/40XP CO2 pistol that can fire .177 pellets equipped with a laser sight as shown in the photo below that was posted by the Columbus Police Department. It is not an airsoft gun, but you get the idea that the deceased will get the same result if it were an airsoft gun.

    Criminals who do not have access to real guns will try their luck using replica guns that can be easily bought at big box stores such as Walmart. Even if the suspect is a minor, any responding police officer will respond to protect his/her life and those around her if a gun is pulled out, even if it is a replica. Sadly, in this case of the boy, who has been identified as Tyree King, made a bad decision to think he can get away from his pursuers by thinking that they will stop in their pursuit if they see the replica gun he brought along.

    Photo: Umarex 40XP Blowback BB Pistol (Source: Columbus Division of Police on Facebook)

    Here is the news report from the Columbus Division of Police on Facebook:

    ***3rd UPDATE 6:30am (news release)

    Public Information Office
    September 14, 2016
    Suspect Killed After Armed Robbery

    Columbus Police are investigating a police involved shooting as a result of an armed robbery in the area of S. 18th Street and E. Capital Street.

    On September 14, 2016, at approximately 7:42 pm, officers were dispatched to the area on the report of an armed robbery involving multiple suspects. Upon arrival, the victim told officers a group of individuals approached him, one of them brandishing a gun, and demanded money.

    Officers observed three males matching the descriptions in front of 33 Hoffman Street and attempted to speak with them, when two of the males fled on foot. Officers followed the males to the alley in the rear of 27 Hoffman Street and attempted to take them into custody when one suspect pulled a gun from his waistband. One officer shot and struck the suspect multiple times. The male was taken to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead at approximately 8:22 pm. The officers and other suspect were not injured.

    Crime Scene Search Unit detectives processed the shooting scene and collected what appeared to be a handgun. Upon further inspection, it was determined to be a BB gun with an attached laser site. The gun was recovered and transported to the Columbus Police Property Room. Witnesses to the robbery and to the shooting were interviewed by investigators.

    The suspect has been identified as thirteen year old Tyree King. The male with Tyree King was identified, interviewed and released pending further investigation. Additional suspects are being sought. Anyone with information is encouraged to call Columbus Police at 614-645-4624.

    (As in all police involved shootings, the involved officer(s) will receive mandated psychological support counseling. Officers are also afforded an opportunity to take leave time to assist in recovery from a traumatic experience. This incident will be investigated by the Critical Incident Response Team (made up of specially trained investigators from the Homicide Units). The final investigative package will be forwarded to the Columbus Division of Police Firearms/Police-Involved Death Review Board and the Chain-Of-Command for review.)

    **2nd UPDATE 10:55pm Officers responded to the area on the report of an armed robbery. Officers chased several suspects on foot to a nearby alley where one suspect was shot. He was transported to Nationwide Children's Hospital where he was later pronounced dead. The investigation is underway.

    *UPDATE 9:55pm The suspect was pronounced deceased at the hospital.


    We are investigating an officer involved shooting on E. Broad St.

    1 person was shot and taken to Nationwide Children's Hospital in critical condition.

    No officers were injured.

    We have no more info to release at this point when we do we'll pass it along.


    Teaser Photo: Columbus Ohio Police Ford Interceptor Utility by Raymond Wambsgans.)

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    Gov Planet AM General M988 Humvee

    Airsoft players have been sharing information on Facebook about surplus Humvees that will be auctioned off by the U.S. government via Gov Planet. Now, this is not exactly something really new as Gov Planet has been auctioning off surplus Humvees in batches since 2014 to the delight of those who have been wanting to own a Humvee at bargain basement prices.

    Though in 2014, the starting bid was at $10,000, and for those who are really low in budget but deadset on owning here 2016 is probably the chance to win one at a much lower starting bid, which is $4,000 for these over 20-year-old workhorses of the U.S. military.

    For those who can pony up 4K or more to own one, the dream of having one to bring the airsoft field should be reason enough to register an account at Gov Planet as the next auction will be on the 21st of September. But before anyone of you think that it comes with all the accouterments that made them fit for military deployment, they have been stripped of these (so no machine gun mounted if that’s what you are thinking about) and what you get is the basic mil-spec Humvee that you can use for an airsoft gun truck project to use for the big milsim event you have been looking forward to attend.

    When you go to the Gov Planet website, details about the vehicle are listed there such as condition of the engine, exterior and interior. This can also help you decide if you need to add more on top of the winning bid price which probably you will since there are bits and bobs missing and sometimes the engine may not be in good working order. But if you know of a garage or shop that can put it back to life, then you’re in business.

    But before you dive into bidding for one and hoping that you will win, there are caveats in getting one of these surplus Humvees.  The buyer should be a citizen of the United States; be able to submit an End-Use Certificate (EUC) before the items gets released; and that the vehicle shall be for “off-road-use only” meaning that you won’t get licence plates for it that will make it certified to be used on the nation’s roads.

    So worried about not being able to drive it on the road after winning one? According to Andrew P. Collins in writing for Jalopnik, it is  not easy, but it is possible and lists down the tips to have a higher percentage of making it street legal. Good luck in owning one and share it for use in airsoft events.

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    M67 Grenade Throw By U.S. Soldier In Afghanistan

    Yes, you read it right. The M67 hand grenade that is much in use in the U.S. Army has been around for 40 years. Introduced in the 1968 and lobbed by soldiers during the Vietnam War, it is the mainstay grenade to dislodge the enemy whether in caves, rooms, and bunkers. Finally, the U.S. Army have taken steps to design its replacement as it has inherent flaws that need to be corrected.

    The US Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center (ARDEC) at Picatinny Arsenal, New Jersey, are now on a new grenade which is safer and multipurpose. Called the ET-MP or the Enhanced Tactical Multipurpose Grenade, if it gets finally approved for use, will give soldiers an option to select either a concussion or fragmentation mode before throwing it against the enemy at the flick of switch.

    Illustration: ET-MP Hand Grenade Design (Credit: U.S. Army)

    “They are currently carrying one M67 grenade that provides lethal fragmentation effects. With the new multi-purpose grenade, they can carry one ET-MP grenade and have the ability to choose either fragmentation or concussive effects desired for the situation,” said Jessica Perciballi, ARDEC Project Officer for ET-MP, U.S. Army, Grenades & Demolitions Division.

    With the use of an electronic fuze rather than a mechanical one will make it safer to use. The use of an electronic delay makes it more reliable and more precise to use. Also, the design takes into consideration left-handed throwers as the M67 has been designed for right handed throwing, and incidents of lefties injured in training accidents with the M67 grenade makes designing a new grenade that can be safely thrown by left handed soldiers imperative.

    Photo:An Army cadet aims before throwing a hand grenade during basic training on Fort Jackson, S.C., Sept. 19, 2015. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Ken Scar

    Surely, there are more types of grenades that are in the market to be use for tactical and crowd control purposes. But for soldiers going into battle, they always go for the concussive and fragmentive ones and with the ET-MP Grenade, they can carry more such grenades knowing that they both have such options to use. Before the U.S. Army were using the MK3A2 concussion grenades that from World War II up to 1975, where they had to withdraw it as it presented danger to those friendlies as well as it its coating contained 50% asbestos.

    The current plan for the ET-MP will transition to the Project Manager Close Combat Systems by 2020 which is also located at Picatinny Arsenal.


    Teaser Photo: U.S. Army Lt. Charles Morgan, with the 6th Squadron, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, throws a M67 fragmentation grenade during skills training at Kunduz province, Afghanistan, July 3, 2013. U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Avila.

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    GoPro The Karma Drone

    We were expecting GoPro to make an official announcement on their products this week, and they did not disappoint at all. What they unveiled are products to tell the world that they intend to be on top of the action camera world and expand into other territories to bring the fight to other big competitors.

    By the looks of it, GoPro have their sights on Garmin, Sony, Olympus, and DJI with their new product offerings: the Karma Drone and Hero5 action cameras:

    Hero5 Black

    Airsoft players will be more interested in the new action cameras from GoPro so I start with the Hero5 black and it is a major upgrade that before you pull the trigger on buying other competitors’ offerings, it’s best to check out its features. One feature that many users have been clamoring for is an LCD Screen, which the Hero4 Silver has but the Hero4 Black doesn’t even though the Black version commands a more premium price. For the Hero5 Black, it now comes with a 2-inch LCD Touchscreen on the back and simplified controls.

    That also means there will be no Hero5 Silver edition, making your choices simpler --- the Hero5 Black or the Hero5 Session.

    As for video resolutions, the 4K is at 30fps whilst 1080p Full HD recording can be done at 120fps, allowing for better slow motion footage when editing the video. Audio is also enhanced and the Hero5 Black comes with 3 mics and adjusts automatically to the mic that has the best audio coming in.

    With Voice Controls, the Hero5 negates the unique offering from Garmin’s Virb Ultra 30 which has this feature and you can bark commands at the Hero5 better than the Virb Ultra 30. You can command it to take stills or photo burts whilst taking a video or doing a timelapse and it can understand 7 languages.

    You many not necessarily need the waterproof case to bring the Hero5 underwater as it can go skinny dipping up to 33 feet but if you are unsure, then use the waterproof case which can also serve as protection case in airsoft games.

    Another feature that we want to see in the newest Hero action camera is built-in electronic image stabilization that many of its competitors such as Sony, Olympus, and Garmin offer though Sony offers optical stabilization on their new X3000R action cam than the rest. For those who want more control on the quality of output, it can now shoot in RAW and WDR.

    Hero5 Session

    Now, the Hero5 Session is a bit as capable as the Hero5 Black albeit, it is smaller and does not have an LCD Screen. It can record at 4K 30 fps and 1080p at 90fps, it is waterproof and can also take voice commands. The other features not available on the Hero5 Session are RAW + WDR photos and location capture.

    If you are on a budget and want a smaller action cam that you can use for everyday lifeblogging purposes, then you can opt for the Hero5 Sessions.

    Both the Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session come with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity. Users can opt to upload their video and image files to the GoPro Plus Service Cloud which is their subscription service for users. As for editing the footage on the go, GoPro has the Quik mobile app which they acquired previously.

    GoPro Karma Drone

    What I can assume when GoPro were designing the Karma, they have DJI in mind as DJI now have established themselves as the company to be reckoned with in drone technology and have started to encroach into the market of GoPro with the release of the DJI OSMO which is a 4K camera with a 3-axis gimbal for smooth videos. The release of the GoPro Karma Drone hits DJI in both areas --- drones, and handheld camera stabilization for budding videographers.

    So does that mean the GoPro Karma Drone is a two-in-one product? Yes it is and that should make investing in the Karma Drone more feasible as compared to getting a DJI Phantom Drone and and DJI OSMO (or its new OSMO mobile gimbal for smartphone cameras) which will rack up your costs significantly. 

    But before that, let’s go into the features of the Karma Drone. It is a very much a portable drone to bring along as it has been designed to fit in a backpack by retracting its four rotor arms into the main body where they click into place and ready to be placed inside the backpack.

    If you are a console video gamer, then you would welcome the Karma Drone’s controller as it has been designed like a video game controller. It is easy to use and with the GoPro Passenger App, you can have friends help you out as you fly the drone as they can watch the video and control the GoPro action camera used on it.

    The GoPro Karma Drone does not come with Hero5 action cams in the package by default and you will need to buy them separately and there is a Karma + Hero5 Black/Hero5 Session bundle. The drone will work with the Hero5 Black, Hero5 Session, and the Hero4 Black.

    It is not yet as sophisticated as other drones in the market, especially the DJI Phantoms and the Inspire One but it does come with presets for shooting such as dronie, cable cam, reveal, and orbit that can be more than enough in covering an airsoft event.

    Now, the Karma Drone comes with 3-axis stabilization. The action camera is mounted far upfront of the drone so that propellers are not in the way when recording is taking place. Now, this is where a unique feature comes in as the camera mount of the Karma Drone is also a 3-axis handheld gimbal for the Karma Grip, allowing you to do handheld video recording that is smooth with the gimbal. This goes against the DJI OSMO and the DJI OSMO Mobile and if you look at the Karma Grip, it looks almost like the OSMO grip.

    The Hero5 Black and Hero5 Session will be available on the 2 October 2016 with a price of $399.99 and $299.99 respectively. The Karma Drone will be released on the 23rd of October 2016 with a price of $799.99 and the Karma Grip has a price of $299.99 and the same release date as the Karma Drone.

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    Tokyo Marui 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

    It is a busy September for Tokyo Marui in terms of public appearances. They were with CAPCOM during the Tokyo Game Show 2016 that took place last week and for this week, they will be at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show. The All Japan Model & Hobby Show will be the last show for the year that the company will be having a big presence of their own.

    For hobbyists, this show is a must visit as they get to see the biggest names in the hobby industry from Japan such as TommyTec, Tamiya, Bandai, Crown Model, and Hasegawa. Even with the proliferation of hobby toys and model kits from China, these companies still set the standards in design and innovation. Tokyo Marui is part of this group, innovating and setting standards in airsoft that have not been surpassed.

    The first question is, will Tokyo Marui unveil new products again and surprise the airsoft community with their upcoming products? We cannot tell for sure, as the company keeps mum about product development no matter how much we badger them for information. It is always a big day in the airsoft world when Tokyo Marui announces new products, but perhaps this year, it is more of releasing what they have announced during the Shizuoka Hobby Show last May.

    Of the products that we are expecting this year, the KSG Gas Shotgun, Samurai Edge Standard Model and the Glock 22 Gas Blowback Pistol have already been released. We will be expecting the following models to be released from now until December: M4 CQB-R GBB and the M40A5 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. All of these will be on display at the 56th All Japan Hobby Show as well as the Samurai Edge Special Variation Color which will be released in November in celebration of 20 years of the Biohazard/Resident Evil Series.

    So if you are thinking of your airsoft Christmas gifts, then some of these may just be in your list.

    The 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show is set for the 23rd to the 25th of September 2016. The 23rd will only be open for trade visitors and the public can come in the 24th and 25th. The venue will be at the Tokyo Big Sight West Halls 3 & 4.

    Expect an after event report on Popular Airsoft.

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    Baltimore City Hall

    For airsofters in Baltimore and the general airsoft community in Maryland, it’s time to move into action to preserve their beloved hobby. If the proposed Ordinance in the city gets approved, ownership of replica firearms, airsoft included, will be banned.

    Filed by the District One Councilman Jim Kraft last September 19, File # 16-0761 is now on first reading and is titled as“Police Ordinances - Replica Gun Ban For the purpose of prohibiting the possession of replica guns in Baltimore City; defining a certain term; making replica guns subject to seizure and forfeiture; establishing the procedures for seizing and forfeiting replica guns; imposing certain penalties; and generally relating to replica guns.” It defines “replica gun” as “any toy, imitation, facsimile or replica pistol, revolver, shotgun, rifle, air rifle, B-B gun, pellet gun, machine gun, or other simulated weapon, which because of its color, size, shape, or other characteristics, can reasonably be perceived to be a real firearm.”

    The bill was filed by Councilman Kraft as a reaction to a recent incident in which a teen died of gunshot wounds when he was shot by Ohio Police for holding a replica firearm and also to a similar incident in Baltimore in April where a 14-year old boy carrying a spring-BB gun was shot and injured by the police.

    The proposed city ordinance is fast getting support from various political leaders and is expected to be passed in December. If indeed it gets approved as an Ordinance, Baltimore follows New York City, Chicago, and Washington D.C. in putting restrictions to owning replica firearms.

    For violations, the offender will be given a citation and the replica firearm seized. A third time violation will result into a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine of US$1,000 and/or 30 days in jail.

    So far, we have not heard of any effort by the local airsoft community to block the proposed Ordnance from reaching the Mayor’s desk. Previously, the Maryland airsoft community successfully campaigned against SB742 and HB879 in the State legislature that aimed for prohibition of imitation firearms, and were withdrawn by their authors.

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    Platoon Attack U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Seth Starr

    Modern-day camo patterns are effective (no thanks to the UCP though) in breaking up the shapes of soldiers that they cannot be detected by the naked eye. However there are now sensors widely available commercially and are also affordable that can detect soldiers in camo as they strongly contrast in the environment they are in when these sensors are used.

    Thus, threats to soldiers in camo clothing are night vision, thermal cameras, and other devices that can detect parts of the light spectrum that are invisible to the naked human eye. Smartphones nowadays can be equipped with modular thermal or night vision cameras which are even affordable. Thus, not only professional armies can use these devices, terrorists, insurgents, and violent extremist groups have access to these making it imperative for militaries to research on making their soldiers invisible to SWIR (Shortwave Infrared) sensors.

    The Marine Corps have an excellent camo pattern, the MARPAT, but when tested with commercial available SWIR devices, they found out that the uniforms glow when seen through these devices. Whatever the advantages of camo patterns are, they are immediately negated by advances in technology.

    In a blog post on’s Kit-Up! The Marines are looking for a dye to use on the uniforms that won’t be detected by SWIR devices:

    In August, the Army published a request for information for printed fabric materials, including MARPAT woodland and desert camouflage swatches that reduce the fabric’s signature when it’s seen through short-wave infrared, or SWIR, optics. Officials at the Army’s Natick Soldier Research, Development & Engineering Center in Massachusetts hope the samples they obtain will determine the availability of existing technology and materials that will meet operational goals as they continue research.

    Photo:US Marine in MARPAT uniform training in Okinawa, Japan.  (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Lance Cpl. Carl King Jr.)

    Such uniform dye should be able to reduce the signature fabric when seen through SWIR devices. The research will be looking into the full spectrum, including the use of UV light which makes certain colors glow when put under it such as paper bills when checking for counterfeit money.

    There are companies that are offering mitigation of signatures so soldiers, vehicles and equipment won’t be quickly detected by these devices. But these can be more expensive solutions and a dye solution can be cheaper in the long run as it can be produced in larger quantities to be treated on uniform fabrics.

    Having a new dye which that does not reflect infrared light and help the soldier still blend well into the environment may not be the ultimate cloaking device, the holy grail in concealment, but it can be a positive step forward.


    Top Photo: Lance Cpl. Steven Hoggand, a machine gunner and section leader with 7th Marines, directs his Marines’ fire while suppressing an enemy position during platoon attack drills, July 24, 2015 aboard Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California.  (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Seth Starr)

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    Tokyo Marui 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show Booth

    The 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show is ongoing as of this writing, with today and tomorrow being open to the general public to check all the nice toys and hobby kits that the members of the Japan Plastic Model/ Figures Industrial Cooperative are putting on display. For those who follow the Japanese hobby industry, some of the biggest names in the hobby world are there right now and they have some really cool products on display.

    For airsoft players, the main focus of interest will be Tokyo Marui, expecting for new product announcements. For this year’s show, there are no new product announcements for reasons that we shall explain in a post-show report. But if you are intending to include some Tokyo Marui airsoft products in your airsoft Christmas shopping list, you won’t be disappointed.

    Photos: Tokyo Marui booth being prepared for the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

    As always, Tokyo Marui have a big presence at the All Japan Model & Hobby Show, and for this year, they made their onsite shooting range bigger, taking up half of their display area. At this range, people who have not tried their hands on airsoft, can shoot the AA-12 AES, HK416 DEVGRU Custom NEG, and the new Glock 22 Gas Blowback Pistol.

    Photos: Tokyo Marui Shooting Range being prepared for the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show

    For others, it was checking out what will be released by November and December, just the months to do their Christmas shopping. Here are the updates on the remaining products that Tokyo Marui will release in 2016 (copy and pasted from the product specs the company sent to us):



    Series: Bolt Action Air Rifle
    Price: 39,800 JPY
    On-Sale: November to December (Undetermined)
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • Internal mechanism is newly designed (Incompatible with VSR-10 and L96 parts)
    • Main parts are made of metal and have high rigidity. (Main parts: taper barrel, muzzle brake, night/ thermal vision mount and receiver etc.)
    • To reproduce the reality, taken measurement of real gun stock.
    • The distance of bolt stroke is shortened to 68mm (real gun is 100mm). This is able to shorten the time a lot from cocking to fire.
    • Cocking indicator is equipped at the rear of the bolt.(PAT.P)
    • With or without using BB bullet, easy to notice weather to pull the bolt for cocking.
    • Bolt handle lock system is installed to avoid going down the bolt handle while cocking. Not only pulling and placing back the bolt smoothly, but also preventing the damage of safety lever.
    • Newly trigger system is developed. When pulling the trigger, it is easy to know where the sheer is released.(PAT.P)
    • Adjustable cheek piece up and down. Enable to adjust the stock length by adding the spacer between stock and butt plate. Attached spacers are total 4pcs(S x 1, M x 1, L x 2). Enable to attach some spacers together.
    • Reproduced real gun magazine can be installed 5 bullets. Magazine capacity is 35rounds.
    • To reproduce the set position of magazine, BB load is newly equipped. Even though BB bullet is left inside of BB load, safety function is equipped as preventing accidental shooting once taken the magazine.
    • The stock will be released in O.D and Black color at a time.

    *Front site and rear sights are not attached.

    Production Specifications:

    • Length: 1,200 mm
    • Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
    • Weight: 3,200 g (Undetermined)
    • Capacity: 35 rounds
    • Caliber: 6mm BB
    • Power Source: Air (Bolt Action)



    Series: Gas Blowback Machinegun
    Price: Undetermined
    On-Sale: November to December (Undetermined)
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • Variation model of M4A1 MWS. The mechanism and shooting performance are the same as M4A1 MWS.
    • 10.3 inch short barrel.
    • Adjustable six-phased crane type stock. CQD type rear sling hook on the stock base.
    • Adjustable front site elevation.
    • LMT type rear site is adjustable for elevation and windage.
    • KAC type QD flash hider and vertical fore grip are equipped.

    Production Specifications:

    • Length: 698 / 780 mm (Undetermined)
    • Inner Barrel Length: 250 mm (Undetermined)
    • Weight: 3,111 g (Undetermined)
    • Capacity: 35 rounds
    • Caliber: 6mm BB
    • Power Source: HFC134a



    Series: Gas Blowback
    Price: 26,800 JPY
    On-Sale: Estimated in November
    Target Age: Over 18years old


    • 20 years anniversary limited edition model for CAPCOM game “Bio Hazard”.
    • Various sand color is used for slide, Frame, barrel and grip. This model has military mood and is different atmosphere from previous model.
    • Variable HopUp system. Blowback engine is the same as U.S.M9.
    • Reproduced safety function with decocking.
    • Enhanced the strength of Brigadier slide by increasing in the thickness of locking lag, slide is engraved the names of “S.T.A.R.S.” which is the name of special forces that appear in video games. It is also engraved “LAW ENFORCEMENT USE ONLY”, this marking seems like real law enforcement model.
    • Tactical combat site is with white dot.
    • Manageable long type slide stop.
    • The medallion engraved “S.T.A.R.S.” is attached to bicolored grip. The medallion is arranged by black color to match this model.
    • Serial number is attached on gun case.
    • Special pin badge attached.

    Production Specifications:

    • Length: 216 mm
    • Inner Barrel Length: 115 mm
    • Weight: 947 g
    • Capacity: 26 + 1 rounds
    • Caliber: 6mm BB
    • Power Source: HFC134a



    Series: Gas Blowback
    Price: Undetermined
    On-Sale: November to December (Undetermined)
    Target Age: Over 18 years old


    • HK45 base variation model.
    • Our first GBB hand gun model with attachable suppressor. Aluminum made and lightweight HK45T suppressor attached.
    • Attached suppressor is only for HK45T. Other suppressors cannot be used for HK45T. (This suppressor is not 14mm left-hand screw)
    • Outer barrel is made from metal and ABS for suppressor
    • To attach the suppressor, newly developed front site and rear site.
    • Ambidextrous Thumb safety.
    • Black color slide, tan color frame.
    • Muzzle guard is attached for protecting the damage of screw when not using a suppressor.
    • Replaceable back straps are attached like HK45.
    • Magazine is the same as GBB HK45.

    Production Specifications:

    • Length: Undetermined
    • Inner Barrel Length: Undetermined
    • Weight: Undetermined
    • Capacity: 26 + 1 rounds
    • Caliber: 6mm BB
    • Power Source    HFC134a

    Post event report on Tokyo Marui's presence at the 56th All Japan Model & Hobby Show to follow.

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    Novritsch Airsoft Pistol Squad

    Sometimes, it’s nice to have some controversy to spice things up in the airsoft community when the days and weeks were mainly more about airsoft guns, gears, and games. When things get boring, surprisingly, an issue comes out in the open that will have almost everybody forming an opinion for or against the main subject of the issue.

    If you have been glum in the past days after hearing that the Angelina Jolie is divorcing Brad Pitt, ending one of the most famous power couples in the world, perhaps you might want to check Facebook, YouTube, and even Reddit as the world’s most famous airsoft celebrity right now, Novritsch, has his own hot story moment and got the airsoft community buzzing.

    Last 22 September, Airsoft Park Tirol, an airsoft game site in Austria where Novritsch usually plays, posted on Facebook a statement that they are issuing a temporary ban on Team Novristch for site rule violations:

    Offizielle Stellungnahme zum Mehrmaligen Fehlverhalten vom Team Novritsch im Airsoftpark Tirol:

    Ich und mein Team haben uns zu diesem und anderen Vorfällen beraten und EINSTIMMIG beschlossen das Team NOVRITSCH bis auf weiteres Spielverbot im Airsoftpark Tirol zu erteilen!!!

    Da es schon öfters vorgekommen ist dass das Team Novritsch gegen div. Regeln verstoßen hat oder einfach die Geländekante Irgnoriert und somit Nachbarsgrund betreten hat, wie eindeutig auf dem letzten Video zu sehen ist, ist damit entgültig Schluss!

    Ich Persönlich lege auch allen anderen Spielfeldbetreibern, Vereinen usw. die ein Game Veranstalten ans Herz, schaut dass div. Regeln eingehalten werden damit wir endlich allen Cheatern das Handwerk legen und dass ein Reibungsloser toller Spieltag von statten gehen kann!! So bleibt der Spielspass erhalten und es entstehen keine Probleme am Feld!

    Wir haben uns für die Zukunft auch ein paar Neuerungen einfallen Lassen die ihr am Spieltag in der früh bei der Ansprache erklärt bekommt!!!

    Sorry Jungs (Team Novritsch) aber dass habt ihr euch selbst zuzuschreiben!!!!

    No way for cheaters!!!!

    Lg Manu

    Here is the translation of the statement, with thanks to Chris Bravo of Airsoft Milsim and News Blog:

    "Official statement regarding the repeated misconduct of Team Novritsch at the Airsoftpark Tirol:

    My team and I discussed this as well as prior incidents and unanimously decided to ban Team Novritsch from the site until the ban is lifted.
    Team Novritsch repeatedly violated the rules or left the game area and entered private property - as it can be seen in his latest video, that will now come to an end.

    I personally prompt all site owners and clubs to make sure that people observe the rules and make sure that the players can enjoy a safe and fun game day and that we can put a stop to the cheater’s game.

    We’ve come up with a few alterations, that will get explained to you at the beginning of each upcoming game day.

    Sorry guys (Team Novrtisch), but this is your own fault!!!!

    No way for cheaters!!!!

    Best regards,


    Here is the video that led Airsoft Park Tirol to finally decide on issuing the temporary ban so you do not need to leave this page:

    In the following day, Novritsch posted a video from a hotel room In Moscow, as he was about to join Russian airsoft event, explaining his side that the rule was not clear and that he would not upload a video of himself cheating:

    As to who is wrong or right in this issue that is not what this article will go into. It is more likely that this will not be resolved at all and serve more of a lesson for both sides (for the game site owners to be more explicitly clear about their rules to avoid confusion and for Team Novritsch to perhaps clarify with game organisers about what exact meaning of “boundaries”).

    Being an airsoft celebrity, or being a celebrity in general, the biggest tradeoff is being under the intense glare of the spotlight and in this Internet age the glare will be even more intense that even the smallest mistake will be magnified. Some disdain YouTube celebrities thinking that they will do even the damnedest things just to rack up views and subscribers to the point that they accuse them of cheating just for the ratings. For those who appreciate what they do, they recognise that they push the limits on what they can do and being unofficial ambassadors for airsoft.

    Making these videos take dedication and resources and thus, if there is an objective to profit from creating such videos, then by all means, they should do whatever they can to earn as long as it is done within bounds. But then, in trying to be a celebrity these days, someone has to blur the boundaries if not pushing the limits. It is easy to create a YouTube channel and upload a video, but to stand out amongst tens of thousands of videos being uploaded everyday will take a great deal of creativity, craziness, and sometimes, controversy. In doing so, some will pushback, especially if it is done at their own expense.

    We’ll let Georaga Airsoft have his say in this video:

    It’s just another day in airsoft, and controversies also happen in our sport. All’s well.

    0 0

    French Air Force Commandos with HK416

    September is a very good month for Heckler & Koch. In the past years, the company has been experiencing problems such as in 2013, when it was first reported to be having financial problems due to delayed deliveries and then in 2015 problems with the G36 rifle used by the Bundeswehr came out in the open. On September 2, a German court cleared the company of any fault in the G36 issue and does not need to pay the government any compensation. Then last September 23, it won the tender for the the Arme Individuelle du Futur – Future Individual Weapon project of the French Armed Forces that was confirmed by the French procurement office, Direction Générale de l’Armement (DGA).

    Photo:The French FAMAS Bullpup Rifle

    The HK416 will replace the French-made FAMAS rifle that has been in service in the French Army since 1977, the first Army in the world to adopt a bullpup rifle. Production of the FAMAS rifle has stopped in the 1990s after having fully met the requirements of the French Armed Forces, with no further orders and plants have closed down. No effort has been made by the French to have an indigenous design to replace the rifle in the 21st Century, leading them to look elsewhere for its replacement.

    Five companies answered when the French DGA issued the first tender for the FAMAS replacement with the FN Herstal SCAR-L and the HK416 chosen as the finalists. The first tender will award an order of 100,000 units that will delivered for a period of over 10 years. Eventually, the French chose the HK416 to be their new mainstay rifle which is already in use by Paratroop units such as the Commando Parachutiste de l'Air n°20 of the French Air Force and the 13th Parachute Dragoon Regiment or 13ème RDP of the French Army.

    This makes France as the second country to have the HK416 as the main assault rifle for its armed forces after Norway. The HK416 is mainly in use in special operations forces around the world.

    The estimated value of the 15-year contract is said to be around €300 million ($336 million). Official press release from Heckler & Koch below:

    France selects the HK416 as its new assault rifle

    After an extensive evaluation lasting more than one year, the French Direction Générale de l’Armement has selected the HK416 as the successor of the famous "FAMAS" assault rifle.

    Heckler & Koch GmbH is honored and proud to announce that it has been officially awarded last week by the French Direction Générale de l’Armement the contract for the supply of the future French assault rifle. Known initially as the "Arme Individuelle Future" (AIF), the selected weapon is a variant of the battle-proven HK416A5 assault rifle.

    The HK416 will replace the well-known "FAMAS" assault rifle which is no longer produced, bringing modularity and flexibility to the needs of the French military.

    The contract calls for the supply over a period of 15 years of up to 102,000 5.56 x 45 mm NATO rifles, 10,767 40 x 46 mm grenade launchers, ammunition, spare parts, support services and accessories. The weapon will be available in two versions with different barrel lengths depending on the user mission and will equip all Army, Navy and Air Force personnel.

    After a technical evaluation which pushed all competitors to their technical limits, the HK416 was a top performer and the cornerstone of a high performance and fully integrated weapon system.

    The HK416 is a robust, reliable and accurate weapon produced in Oberndorf am Neckar, in Germany’s Black Forest region, using the finest materials including the best French steels which provide its legendary robustness. It is a user-friendly weapon that has proven its capabilities on military operations in numerous occasions.

    Photo teaser: French Air Force Commandos with HK416 (Credit: Armée de l'Air - Ministère de la Défense)