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    Amscor .45 ACP AFP Pistol

    We are in the Philippines right now, preparing for an appreciation event for the local airsoft players, the RATRATAN 2018. The local airsoft community is one the oldest and most vibrant airsoft communities in the world, and the local Milsim community works closely with the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in which facilities are opened to the Milsimers for their use in their events that also involve active service people. The local airsoft community are also big users of the 1911 pistols given than it is a popular handgun in the country since the Model 1909  .45 ACP pistols was introduced by the Americans in the Philippines.

    Thus, for 1911 or .45 ACP fans in the airsoft community, the latest news of AFP procuring an additional 50,000 .45 ACP Pistols from Armscor, is good news given the trend of militaries around the world opting more the 9mm round.  The Philippine News Agency posted the news last 22 November 2018 with the AFP opting for the Cal .45 high capacity Pistol M1911 that will supplied by Armscor, the Philippine company known for its Rock Island Armory Pistols and owned by Squires Bingham:

    MANILA -- The Department of National Defense (DND) and ARMSCOR Global Defense Incorporated have signed a contract for the manufacture of 50,000 .45 caliber high-capacity pistols for the use of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

    In a statement Wednesday, DND spokesperson Arsenio Andolong said the contract was formally signed by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana and ARMSCOR president and chief executive officer, Martin Tuason, to start production of the weapons.

    He added that this collaboration between the DND and ARMSCOR is in line with the DND's efforts towards “witnessing a Rebirth of Defense Self-Reliance.”

    "This initiative of optimizing our local resources contributes to the development of our economic and labor industries by providing jobs for Filipinos and contributing to economic growth - positive effects that far outweigh DND’s spending in importation. The SND (Secretary of National Defense) also stated that 'it signifies a trust in our own country’s craftsmanship and expertise'," Andolong stressed.

    Meanwhile, Tuason, in his speech, emphasized his support for the defense sector.

    “I look forward to making more guns, more ammunition and more products that we can do here in the Philippines as we progress. ARMSCOR backs the Filipino people and we support the AFP,” he added. Both parties believe that this partnership will set the standard for future projects of the government in procuring local materials. (PNA)

    As to the design of the 1911 pistol, the photos from Armscor as well as the government-run PTV (People’s Television) as based on the previous 3,000 units in 2017 show that it is a variant of the ARMSCOR/Rock Island Armory’s TAC Ultra FS, a .45 ACP 1911 that comes with AFP markings and has a 14+1 round capacity.

    The Philippine Army has been using WWII-era 1911 pistols which have been refurbished over the years. The new sidearm will compliment the new main service rifle, the Remington R4 rifle, which replaces the locally produced M16 rifle that was supplied by Elisco Tool since its introduction in the Vietnam War under licence from Colt.


    Top photo: AFP .45 ACP Pistol showing the AFP Markings (Source: Armscor)

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    CZ 75 Republika

    If you love collecting firearms and works of art, you can combine both if you have the money and connections, to collect the limited edition CZ 75 Republika pistol. This was designed as commemorative pistol in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic which separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

    Only 100 pieces are made so that means some it will immediately run out. We wonder of Action Sport Games (ASG) would be allowed to make the airsoft version of this given that it has the licence to replicate the CZ 75 and other CZ pistols for the airsoft market. We sure hope so.

    We’ll let CZ explain more of this pistol as based on their press release:

    In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic, Česká zbrojovka a.s. is launching a limited edition pistol, the CZ 75 Republika. There are only 100 models in this limited edition, each one with top-quality hand-crafted decorations depicting motifs of Czechoslovak state symbols, and designated with a unique serial number.

    Today, CZ is the only direct successor of the legendary tradition of the Czechoslovak interwar arms industry. Our company continues to promote the key ideas of the Czechoslovak Republic at the time, such as the vision of a strong and stable state needing a first-rate arms industry that will be able to fulfil the needs of its armed forces. What is more, the democratic Czechoslovakia became a country with liberal gun laws; with legally armed citizens, it saw one guarantee of its security in the spirit of a motto: A firearm in the hands of courageous defenders is the best guarantee of the nation’s freedom!

    This limited edition of cutting-edge national pistols with Czechoslovak roots thus represents a dignified way to commemorate and celebrate the centenary of the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic.

    The CZ 75 Republika edition is based on the all steel SA/DA CZ 75 B model in 9 mm Luger calibre, the modern successor of one of the most famous Czechoslovakian guns of all times. The frame and slide are blued and polished to high gloss, with the barrel finished in high gloss as well.

    The outline of the frame and the slide is inlaid with 24 carat gold. Within this area, the surface is engraved with the motif of a linden tree branch which constituted an important element of the interwar Czechoslovak Republic national symbols. The engraving can be also found on the front and back of the grip, where it has replaced the usual vertical checkering for more reliable handling. The golden outline and the linden tree motif engraving are repeated on the bottom of the magazine baseplate.

    In addition, the controls – the trigger, hammer, slide stop, magazine release and manual safety as well as their visible parts on the right side of the frame are gold-plated with 24 carat gold, as are the extractor and screws securing the anatomical grip panels that are made of briar root. The beautiful grain of this brown wood is further enhanced by varnishing.

    There is also a special decorative feature in the form a small Czechoslovak Republic coat of arms used between 1920 and 1938. It is a true copy made of gold (certified by a hallmark), embedded into the right side of the frame, between the gold-plated parts of the safety and slide stop.

    On the left side of the frame there is an inscription ‘PRAVDA VÍTĚZÍ’ (TRUTH PREVAILS – a motto used on the presidential standard and on the greater coat of arms) and CZ 75 REPUBLIKA in elegant Art Deco style font. The pistol also bears the traditional CZ trademark and the calibre designation. On the left of the frame, there is an inscription in Czech stating ‘Made in the Czech Republic in a limited edition of 100 models’.

    On the right side of the frame, on the slide and on the barrel within the ejection port, each model is designated with a unique serial number, CSR-1918 to CSR-2018, as well as with the required proof marks. In addition, there is an inscription marking the anniversary of this edition: 1918–2018 at the front end.

    Each CZ 75 REPUBLIKA model is supplied in a specially designed wooden presentation case, made of three types of wood. A linden tree branch motif is carved on the lid, encircling the Czechoslovak greater coat of arms from the First Republic. The sides of the case are covered with dark burr walnut veneer.

    Inside, the case is lined with dark red microplush velvet. A portrait of the first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and the Czechoslovak Republic greater coat of arms reproduced on handmade paper is mounted into the lid of the case, held open by two tricolour ribbons. The cases are supplied in black protective laminated cardboard boxes bearing the CZ logo.

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    MOA Exhibition 2018 Day 1

    It was a very busy day to us as we are now in Taipei for the MOA Exhibition 2018. If you want to see th Taiwanese airsoft industry in other one roof, plus some more companies from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Japan, then this the trade fair that you will want to visit.

    Happening for the weekend at the Taipei World Trade Center which is beside the world-famous Taipei 101 building, which was before the tallest building in the world, the MOA Exhibition showcases the best that the Taiwan airsoft industry has to offer and perhaps give us a glimpse of what to expect next year. We did have some information that you can be excited out but we were requested for an embargo as they want to announce it next year.

    As seen on our Facebook Page we did some livestreams of some of the exhibitors and presentations at the event. We have some photos as well of the first day.

    We will be making a full report after the event, for the meantime, just follow the videos and photos of Day 1 up to Day 3 at our Facebook Page:

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    MOA Exhibition 2018 Day 2

    The heaviest day of the Military, Outdoor and Airsoft (MOA) Exhibition 2018 organised by the QRF Magazine in Taipei, Saturday saw a deluge of airsofters, industry representatives, as well as purchasers from around the world. The latter is significant as we see airsoft dealers and retailers from Asia and Europe checking out products and sealing deals with potential suppliers to keep airsoft players happy in their locations.

    If you are an airsoft business, the MOA Exhition is an event that can be hard to ignore. Whilst the bigger names in airsoft can be found at the SHOT Show in the U.S. as well as the IWA Outdoor Classics in Germany, the MOA Exhibition showcases some brands and companies that do not have presence in this bigger trade fares. There are interesting techs and products carried by the smaller companies in Taiwan that checking them out in person is worth a trip to the island.

    The airsoft media got a get together as usual. For now it is an informal affair with,, Airsoftology, TacticalTwo, Hyperdouraku, Arms Magazine, QRF Magazine, and of course Popular Airsoft. The more airsoft media reps present here, then we might have a side event so that both the airsoft media and the Taiwan airsoft industry can have a more beneficial relationship. Apart from the usual talk on the exhibit floor, our Hot Pot dinner has grown bigger.

    Whereas we were four before, now we are nine. Hopefully, next year we get to see more of the airsoft media in Taipei to join us in covering the event.
    Full story of the event to follow, videos are on the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page as well as the second day photos.

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    MOA Exhibition 2018 Day 3

    The airsoft fun continues as the MOA Exhibition 2018 goes on its third day. Whilst exhibitors are tired as well as us in the airsoft media, we continued on as many visitors continue to enter the exhibition floor despite a wet Taipei Sunday.

    The popresentations, whether at the main stage or the booths of the trade exhibitors, went on with even products that are hitting or will hit the airsoft market, whether these are gear or airsoft guns. It was actually a funny Sunday at the MOA Exhibition 2018 that it seems everyone has joke to tell or just going around with their antics like the TMC guys roaming the exhibition corridors with an RPG.

    I was introduced to some companies that have promising products that have military and real world applications apart from airsoft. If I were a purchasing manager for an airsoft distributor or retailer, I better be loaded with business cards as all of the exhibitors are ready to do business. Walking around, some were closing deals or making contacts for big purchases.

    One of the things that we are looking forward to be released is an airsoft version of the U.S. Army’s new service pistol, the M17. Before we had a story about an M17 that is in air gun form and finally the airsoft world will be getting an M17 blowback pistol of the plans of WE Airsoft goes well. It was on display at the WE booth together with the SIG P320 GBB Pistol.

    I still have many things to write about the MOA Exhibition 2018, but I will have to do that once I get back home. For now, the final batch of photos from the event can now be viewed on the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    9 APCA Nomination Third Week

    The window for the Nominations Period of the 9th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards is getting smaller as the days go by. Always remember that the Nomination Period will end on the 28th of December 2018 by midnight. If you don’t make it by then, then your nominees may not make to the Finals/Voting Period.

    As always, our advice is for you to draw up a list of nominees in each category if you want to nominate in all these categories. Better think each nominee well as you can only nominate one per category. So if you have a strong belief in that nominee then go ahead, include him/her/it in the list.

    If you have not nominated yet, better do it now by clicking on the button below:

    A nominee can be anyone or anything in the world, except for the Best Airsoft Retailer and Best Gear Retailer categories where you can nominate anyone belong to a particular region.  You can compare notes with other players as well, especially your team mates when you want to do a campaign for your nominees to get into the top 5 in their categories.

    You can even share your list publicly, nobody’s stopping you from doing that.  If that’s what it takes, then share your list on your social media pages, blog, or event make a video for them. Surely,  that will be appreciated by your nominees.

    So get those nominees in before it’s too late!

    Please do take time to visit the sponsors of the Awards by clicking on their logos below. With their support, the Awards have been a successfully endeavour year after year.

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    Ratratan 2018 Food Packs Reg Final Call

    Attention to our Philippine-based readers! If you are intending to go RATRATAN 2018 this Saturday and would like to avail of the food packs, your deadline for registration is today, the 11th of December 2018 and this registration portion will cut off by midnight. Game fee including food packs is Php400.00.

    If you have not registered yet, please register at the Popular Airsoft Events Page.

    If you miss the deadline for food packs registration, the final deadline is on the 13th of December 2018 midnight. But then you will pay the same registration fee but without the food packs. Please bring your own food or lunch pack as you will not be allocated the food packs.

    Raffle prizes are still coming in, increasing chances of players to bring something home during the raffle draw.

    For those whose registrations have been approved by LZ Delta Game Site, please check the map and directions elow on how to get there. Please be there by 0800H so that chrono and confirmation of registration can be done early.

    See you all on Saturday!

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    U.S. Army Nike "The Big Red One" Uniform

    The U.S. Army chalked their third consecutive year of winning over the U.S. Navy in the annual Army-Navy Game. Already on its 119th year, the Army-Navy Game is an American Football Game of two oldest branches of the U.S. Military. Held last December 8, 2018, the Army Black Knights won over the Navy Midshipmen with a score of 17-10.

    For this game, the Army Black Knights wore the Big Red One uniform designed in cooperation with Nike. This was in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the army’s 1st Infantry Division that was deployed to help end the First World War. It was the first American division to meet the Germans in the battlefield during the Great War.

    Both teams traditionally wore uniforms in honor of a unit or significant military event. The 1st Infantry Division is known as “The Fighting First” and “The Big Red One.” The black and red colors of the uniform by the Black Knights is in honor of the uniform colors of General Pershing who is an 1886 West Point graduate and commanded the American Expeditionary Forces in World War 1.

    The helmets are in black matte showing a red "1″ on the front which is also the shoulder patch on the division’s original helmets. The American Flag at that time of the War feature 48 stars and are seen in the uniform. The black lion on the shoulder of the uniform was added in honor of first major American victory at the Battle of Cantigny and with the Division’s 28th Infantry were then called the as “the black lions of Cantigny.”

    As for the U.S. Navy their uniforms is in honor of their mascot, Bill The Goat. It was designed in cooperation with Under Armour.

    To learn more about the U.S. Army Black Knight’s “The Big Red Army” Uniform, you can visit the Nike website.

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    Ratratan 2018 Reg Final Call

    Better get those gear ready and guns cleaned as we are now on the final two days on preparation for RATRATAN 2018, Popular Airsoft’s revived player appreciation game in the Philippines. But before you proceed to the LZ Delta Airsoft Game Site in Las Piñas on Saturday, better make sure your name is included on the list of approved players.

    How to be included? Better register now at the Popular Airsoft Events Page.

    The final, final deadline for registration of players will be by 2400H, today, the 13th of December 2018. We will not be accepting registration of players after the deadline and if players who have not registered appear at the game site, they will be put into a waiting list of players subject to approval by us and the management of the LZ Game Site.

    Please be aware that if you have registered after the 11th of December, your game fee of Php400.00 just covers game participation but no foodpacks. You will have to bring your own lunch for the game. We have announced this previously so it is no we hope you are aware of it.

    As for game rules, click here to know more about the game rules. The site management will not tolerate any breaking of the rules and we all want to have fun. Stick the rules and parameters of the game scenario and we will all be happy! 

    So better register now before it’s too late. See you on Saturday!

    Here is the map and directions to the gane site:

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    Ratratan 2018 Game On

    WE'RE GOING HOT TOMORROW! We are now deep in preparations for the big day tomorrow. We would like to thank the Filipino Airsoft (FAS) for allowing us to promote the event and the help of 6mmTV and SpartanX spreading the word around. But before we start the action tomorrow, here is  more information for the players.

    To all players who will be joining in the funsoft event, please arrive early as December 15 is going to be a heavy day with traffic expected to be at its worst in Metro Manila. If you can be there at 0730H the better. If we can start early, even better.

    For those who failed to register but show up at the event. It will be at the discretion of the LZ Delta Airsoft Game Site Management to allow you or not to play at the event. The game fee will still be Php400.00 but no food allocation since they did not make the deadline for foodpacks registration.

    All questions will be at the RATRATAN 2018 Facebook Events Page.

    Be ready to exhange BBs!!! RATRATAN NA!!! :D

    Don't forget to download the map and directions below:

    Photo: RATRATAN 2007 Santa VIP Protection Mission