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    AMS Custom Gun Builder 2.0

    Yesterday, Airsoft Megastore sent us news that their AMS Custom Gun Builder 2.0 with even more features, including the ability to put together a custom Gas Blowback Rifle. The Custom Builder 1.0 which was launched in February 2015, and to the surprise of the company, it quickly took off as they sold out their M4 parts and accessories and most of the AK parts and accessories that the Gun Builder used to put together a custom gun where all the parts selected by customers all fit even if done at the click of the mouse button.

    According to Ross Collins of Airsoft Megastore, the Custom Gun Builder Web application is an ongoing in-house project of the company. It is built from scratch by their team of developers based on the idea of the product and marketing team that it could help drive sales by giving their customers a more unique online shopping experience.

    While the Custom Gun Builder makes it easy for the airsoft shopper to put together a custom airsoft gun, it was no joke for the in-house team to put it together. Just imagine going over all the parts and accessories that the customers will need to select; they have to make sure that each works and fits perfectly on their desired build. There will always be compatibility issues since manufacturers usually release parts and accessories that will fit certain brands, but will not always be 100% compatible with other manufacturer's products. Such a job of sorting through all those items and build an online interactive shopping tool that actually works seamlessly is a massive achievement.

    The AMS Custom Gun Builder 1.0 was generally a  "Build Your Own M4 or AK AEG" system. With Version 2.0  it has become a much more refined system. Apart from introducing for the very first time the ability to put together a custom airsoft gas blowback rifle, they increased the number of types of AEGs and GBBs that can be put together, rather than putting them generically as "M4" or "AK".  You can build a Carbine such as an M4 or M16 Rifle, or you can go for a more compact CQB-R or PDW (No AK gas blowbacks yet). It's actually easier to build a custom airsoft gun with Version 2.0 even if there are more choices, and that includes the accessories and consumables such as slings, rifle bags, BBs, Gas, etc..

    Selection of parts is easier too. If you think that a part or accessory does not give the look you need, then you can easily remove that part and choose a new one, or you can start all over again if you are not satisfied with your choices overall. You can take your time building, making it a very personal shopping experience and you will appreciate that what you will receive once the package is delivered is according your selection.

    Speaking of delivery, the custom gun doesn't get shipped at once if you want the Airsoft Megastore tech to put the custom gun together, which is another cost option. You can select the "AMS Tech Service" which gets you a 45-day warranty on parts or defects for US$9.99 or the "AMS Weapon Shield & Tech Service" for US$19.99 and a 180-day warranty. Both services will take around 5 to 7 days before your custom gun gets shipped to you. But if you think you can put all the parts together, then for no additional tech cost, you can have the parts and accessories that you have ordered shipped to you within 2 to 3 business days.

    Even with the Airsoft Megastore Custom Gun Builder 2.0 already out, the AMS team knows that the job is not over yet. They are now planning on another version that will take in other weapon builds though they would prefer that customers would contact them to give their recommendations and ideas on how to improve the Custom Gun Builder further.

    If you do have suggestions, feel free to contact them on YouTube or at their Facebook Page. After all, they take inspiration on building a better Custom Gun Builder by your constant patronage of their onlien store.

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    Graava Self-Editing Action Cam

    Just when we think that new functions and features for action cameras have already reached a plateau, another action camera comes out with a new one. And when you think the action camera market is already too crowded with many offerings from small and big electronic brands, another one jumps into the market. Oh well, newer functions and even more options should always be good for the buyers. I just wish that a price war happens, and so far it has been avoided by the vendors.

    Graava is the latest action camera to enter the camera and has a unique selling point (USP) that those who don't have time or lazy enough to do editing of the footages they have captured would love to have --- a self-editing feature. With all the hours of video footage we take during airsoft events, Graava promises to put a good footage for you to share with your friends and family or upload it on YouTube.

    That's the main feature of Graava, and as for the rest of the specs, it is just in the middle of pack: 1080p at 30fps, 720p at 60fps, 8 megapixel still photos, and 130 degree FOV. But it does have one of the newer features appearing in new action cam releases, Hyperlapse. It may not be as feature-packed as compared to the latest releases from GoPro and Sony, but for many people, the features it has are more than enough to record memories. The self-editing function is what clinches the deal and for those who are intimidated with video editing software, then this is why they will buy Graava for.

    The secret for this feature lies in the various sensors stored in the small case of the Graava Action Cam. The software utilises the microphone, accelerometer, GPS, and third-party heart rate monitors (like those in the Apple iWatch and Android Smart Watches) to determine the most amazing moments in the hours of footage taken. Also, saying "Graava" as a voice command lets it flag a scene that you think it has not captured.

    Now, with the footage captured, you can use the Graava mobile app to indicate the length of final edited video you want made from all the footages you've taken (Graava can record videos for 3 straight hours on a full charge). Just swiping on the touch screen and indicate "5 minutes" the app will then go to work going over the significant moments of your three-hour footage and put them together to come out with 5 minute edited video. Once satisfied with the edited video, you can upload it to the Graava Cloud or share it on social media.

    But if you want to do the editing on your own, no one's stopping you and you can download the clips to your laptop or PC where your video editing software is installed.

    The Graava is still on pre-order with a target release date of early 2016. If you place your pre-order before the 1st of September, you get to save US$150 as you can order it for US$249 (add US$20 for shipping) as the retail price when it gets released will be US$399. That is still half a year of waiting which means other competitors may just come out with their own offerings that can rival the self-editing feature of Graava.

    I like the concept of self-editing of Graava. It helps me help save time on putting together video footages of airsoft games I've been to and upload it on YouTube. If you're only after preserving the best moments of that day you went out and used an action cam, then Graava may just do the job. But if you want an even more elaborate video that comes with more effects, then you might want to consider some of the higher action cameras and also a budget for a video editing software.

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    QuarterCircle10 CLT AR 15 9MM

    Recently, an article at caught my attention about the side-charging upper receiver that will be released by QuarterCircle 10. Side-Charging handles are said to be novelties designed more for guns that will be used in close quarter battles, but what I do really fancy are the QuarterCircle AR pistols that are able to use Glock calibers, from 9mm to .45 ACP.

    QuarterCircle 10 specializes in AR pistol lower receivers, barrels, and bolts that will utilize pistol calibers. We are actually more familiar with conversion kits designed to turn pistols into carbines such as the CAA Ronin, Magpul FPG, and the Hera Arms CPE as these already have airsoft versions and we're looking forward for the QuarterCircle 10 AR Pistols to be available as well. The advantage of AR pistols and carbine conversion kits over regular pistol is that they offer a more stable platform for shooting with pistol magazines and the perhaps shoot over longer ranges.

    According to the company, real steel shooters will need a special bolt to fire the Glock magazines as these have smaller feed lips than the Colt-style magazines and there needs material to be taken out to properly feed the rounds.

    As for the upcoming side-charging upper receiver,  it allows the shooter to remain in firing position while charging the AR pistol with the non-reciprocating charging handle. It also has a trap door in the rear to keep dirt out of the upper receiver. This is the first time that QuarterCircle 10 will be releasing an upper receiver

    If you are a real steel shooter and interested in the QuarterCircle 10 Lowers, you can click here to check to find out if your existing AR uppers, Trigger Groups, Bolts, Barrels, and Buffers can work with AR pistol lowers for QuarterCircle 10.

    Well, the good thing for airsoft is that we only use 6mm (okay, okay, 8mm too) BBs, so we're not worried about the different calibers for the Glock magazines, though there will be some who might want the .45 ACP-style Glock gas magazine. And there are also 50-round Glock Gas Magazines in the market  and in airsoft this means that they can outgun a shooter with an M4 gas blowback given that most of the M4 magazines are at 30-32 rounds with the exception of the King Arms M4 Gas Magazine which has a capacity of 50 rounds.

    If an AEG/AEP version also comes out, I wouldn’t mind too as there will be options for Glock-type AEP Magazines. I just hope an airsoft manufacturer reads this story and might be interested in having a tie-up with QuarterCircle 10 for an airsoft AR version of their products.

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    The Pocket Shot

    This week, we looked at some ways to enjoy wargaming without relying on airsoft guns alone. Last Tuesday, I wrote about Archery Tag for those who want to use bow and arrow for doing some "silent kills", for this weekend, I go back to another timeless weapon, the slingshot.

    In this case, it's a slingshot that has been designed to be more accurate and more unconventional looking ---- The Pocket Shot. At first glance it looks like a large rubber funnel and far from looking tactical such as those tactical slingshots that come with lasers and weaponlights. It also looks harmless, but once loaded with steel slingshot ammo, it can shoot through cans and bottles at 350fps (weight and mass of the ammo used at this velocity is undetermined as of this writing).

    According to the developers, its patented circular design can allow users to load and shoot The Pocket Shot at three times the rate of a regular slingshot. That speed should do especially if you want to use The Pocket Shot in an airsoft combat situation. Just imagine you've run out of batteries or gas and the only thing you've got are the plastic BBs in your magazines. Just pull out The Pocket Shot and keep on firing!

    Since it's easily pocketable, it's easier to carry around and you can just put it inside any empty pouch on your vest or cargo pockets. As compared to carrying an Archery Tag,  The Pocket Shot won’t take much space or put on additional weight when brought along as a "silent kill" backup weapon.

    Recommended ammo for The Pocket Shot are 1/4 inch up to 5/16 inch steel slugs, marbles, small paintballs around .4 cal, and airsoft BBs. They don’t recommend the BB gun metal pellets as they may tear the pouch and are also dangerous. It can also shoot arrows, but that'll make it even more dangerous. Using The Pocket Shot will entail also wearing eye protection as it is not a toy, it is a weapon. But if you're in an airsoft game, please do stick with the plastic airsoft BBs.

    I'm not sure if game organizers would allow the Pocket Shot as a backup weapon in airsoft and milsim events. But surely some would be open to it since we use pyros, powder landmines, and rubber knives in these games.

    The Pocket Shot costs US$25.00 to purchase and replacement pouches can be ordered in packs of 3, 8, or 12. You can purchase it directly from The Pocket Shot Store or through their authorized dealers.

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    MAS-G Advanced Airsoft Grenade BFG

    I wondered if there are some recent crowdfunding projects for airsoft that have been successfully funded as there is a poor achievement rate for airsoft projects that tapped crowdfunding to turn their developer's ideas into reality. Indeed, there have been a very few projects that were funded over the years, and one of the most recent ones actually is something for airsoft players to look forward to as it is a multi-functional Blank Firing Grenade that has been designed with airsoft in mind.

    Called the MAS-G Advanced Airsoft Grenade BFG and designed by Molyneux Advanced Systems, it achieved 487% if its funding requirements on Indiegogo  last 3 July 2015. Watching the product pitch on Indiegogo, I do really wish it will be delivered to funders. The developers promise a lot of features as shown in the list below:

    • 1-9 Second Countdown Grenade
    • Tilt Mine with Optional 1-9 Second Delay
    • Virtual Trip Wire Mine also with optional delay
    • Zero-G 'In Flight' Arming
    • Beeps after use making it easy to find after the game
    • Lost and Found website so the finder can enter their details and your serial number
    • Smart charger which only works with your grenade serial number (Can be disabled)
    • Waterproof to 30 Metres
    • Beeper volume and Display brightness control
    • Interchangeable bases for Blank / Primer pre-loads and other future options
    • Remote detonation via RIS mounted IR designator (Optional extra)

    Just look at that list! It does more functions apart from being a BFG, with the exception of expelling BBs or smoke. It is a Blank Firing Grenade so it is based on sound as compared to existing airsoft grenades in the market. Just like the Airsoft Innovations Tornado Impact Grenade, it's reusable and can be retrieved with its blinking LED light and beeps after it gets thrown. Though if you're worried that you will lose the MAS-G even with the already built-in "find me" feature, then better ask the developers to rather adopt what Airsoft Innovations did to their Tornadoes --- painted them in bright colours. This way, they would be easier to find rather than rely on blinking LED light and beeping sound since these will eventually turn off as soon as the battery charge runs out.

    With that suggestion said and hopefully the developers would consider it, I think the MAS-G promises to be a more cost-effective airsoft grenade due to is reusability as compared to disposable sound and pyro airsoft grenades in the market, even if it has a higher acquisition cost. Now, what the developers need to do is go through the designs and prototypes and move to production. Molyneux Advanced Systems have an initial target release month of August 2015 but they announced that the time to delivery will be extended as they will go through they will be redesigning the Blank Firing Base that will be specific to the .209 primer and the 9mm half load blank based on the feedback of customers on Facebook.

    We don't know if the developers are taking pre-orders apart from the Indiegogo campaign where at £55GBP, a supporter from the UK will get 1 MASG set and for worldwide customers, it was £60GBP. The best really is to wait for their updates on Facebook or at the Indieogogo funding page.  So far, there is no definite release date yet as the project remains at the Prototyping stage.

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    Systema 10th Anniversary Model

    According to Military Blog Japan, Systema Engineering will release a special Professional Training Weapon (PTW) Model to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the introduction of the PTW. The lower receiver will have a special engraving indicating it is the 10th Anniversary commemorative model of which 500 pieces will  be manufactured and made available globally.

    For airsoft players, the Systema Engineering PTW line is what they call the Ferrari of airsoft guns, not only because of the cost but also of performance. Some highly-trained airsoft players always swear by the PTWs and the ability to customize PTWs with many commercial off-the-shelf parts from real steel parts manufacturers usually without the need for modification. Thus, most of the weapons accessories and external parts that Systema PTW users usually purchase can be readily used on real steel M4s and M16s.

    Initially known for their high quality upgrade parts for airsoft guns, especially the Marui-compatible models and also complete AEGs based on Tokyo Marui's version 2 gearbox in the 1990s, Systema Engineering revealed the first PTW prototype during the SHOT Show 2003 though the actual production models of the first PTW was released in 2004. Specifically made to cater to Military and Law Enforcement training markets, the PTWs are very much precisely made to mimic the real steel AR in terms of weight and dimensions as these are truly 1:1 to meet training weapon specifications.

    The PTW is also ground breaking as it the first to feature a split (or break open) gearbox design, like the ICS M4 AEGs but its Planetary gearbox is totally different from Marui designed gearboxes and power-ups through the use of cylinders which eventually were copied by other airsoft manufacturers. This design also allows for realistic takedown of the training weapon. With durability, high performance, and 1:1 scale, even with a high initial price, Systema PTWs deliver the most value in the long run due to cheaper ammo costs as compared to the use of simunitions or paintballs as ammo for training and high level of safety.

    Among airsoft players, there is a loyal following among PTW users and usually they are found PTW User Group Forum. Many players, if given the budget and chance to buy a PTW, would grab that opportunity and join the special PTW User Group.

    Interested airsoft players who want to own the 10th Anniversary PTW Commemorative Model can contact their nearest Systema Dealer to inquire about pricing and reservations. As for the details of this model, here are some initial information based on our rough translation of the Japanese text at Military Blog Japan:

    Systema 10th Anniversary model

    • Models: M4-A1/CQBR
    • Product Series: Body/ Professional Challenge Kit

    Special Specifications:

    • Special inscription "10th Anniversary" Special serial Engraved, Rail top engraved
    • Micro-switch device, BM type stock, MSD dedicated receiver (upper/lower)
    • *Selection of the serial number is not allowed
    • If *Challenge Kit, there is no stamp of 10th anniversary.

    Other Specifications:

    • Super Max and AMBI model.
    • Motor selection (KUMI 7511 or KUMI 490)
    • Number of production: 500 Ding limited
    • *(equivalent to a toy model Super MAX) PTW Mil / LE specification
    • * Blue grip Blue hand guard of the toy industry not for sale is not included

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    VICE Preparing for Invasion: Poland's Paramilitary Weekend Warriors

    Since 2014, what usually is a weekend of fun for Polish airsoft players has taken an even bigger purpose ---  to train for the possibility of another major conflict that will erupt in their homeland. There is a sense of urgency to be prepared for war given the geopolitical situation over the border where Ukraine is preventing further erosion of its territorial integrity from Russian-backed separatist rebels.

    For centuries, the Polish people have a high distrust of the Russians given that they have been at war for many times that dates back to the Middle Ages and are very much wary of Russia's foreign policy actions with 49% of Poles having a negative view of Russia in 2013 according to the BBC.  With the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, this distrust is higher than ever.

    Poland has a professional army that has seen combat as part of ISAF in Afghanistan and the Coalition Forces in Iraq. Amongst EU countries, it is the only one bucking the trend of defence spending, spending more to face the growing Russian threat whilst most have been decreasing their expenditures. It also abolished conscription in 2009 and thus relies on a total strength of 120,000 military personnel with around 20,000 part time civilian volunteers.

    Since there is no conscription, civilians have been taking up some semblance of military training themselves, and around 80,000 civilians are actively going to weekend tactical trainings provided by independent groups or airsoft events. VICE's Germany's office went to Poland to learn more about these weekend warriors:

    The documentary shows that airsoft plays a big role in such training of civilians to become able-bodied patriots willing to take up arms for the defence of their countries (airsoft was mentioned briefly but airsoft is all over the video, especially in the latter part). This situation in Poland of increasing civilian paramilitary groups (though we would rather call them as airsoft communities) is a reaction to the geopolitical situation and that many civilians in other European countries that are close to the Russian border are actively seeking training to prepare themselves in case the situation gets worse.

    With no détente happening in the near future between NATO and Russia over Ukraine, this means that Poland will have to steel itself for the possibility of being one of the frontline nations apart from the Baltic states in case Putin decides to make a move against the whole of Ukraine. That also means more training and preparations for the weekend warriors. Rather than just do some run and gun skirmish games, they will be doing more field training exercises that will be go beyond the milsim scenarios that we are familiar with in airsoft. This will mean join exercises with regular troops for coordination and even familiarization with equipment.

    Getting involved in Polish airsoft events will be more of a patriotic duty rather than a hobby or sport for civilians not in the regular forces. Polish airsoft now has its own mission.

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    Demi Moore In G.I. Jane

    Another special operations unit is set to open doors to women who want to try out if they can pass the tough course they have. The U.S. Navy SEALs are next to experiment on having women try their gender non-specific standards and the possibility of them earning the chance to become members of the Tier 1 unit.

    In a Navy Times news story, Admiral Jon Greenert  and Rear Adm. Brian Losey, the head of the Naval Special Warfare Command, said that should be allowed to serve if they can pass the legendary six-month Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training.

    "Why shouldn't anybody who can meet these [standards] be accepted? And the answer is, there is no reason," Greenert said Tuesday in an exclusive interview with Navy Times and its sister publication Defense News. "So we're on a track to say, 'Hey look, anybody who can meet the gender non-specific standards, then you can become a SEAL..

    This announcement comes in the heels of news of two women passing for the first time the Ranger School.  Most of the U.S. Military branches, are now experimenting in having women apply for all the roles available, including combat roles. This is in accordance with the decision of the Pentagon to open up all the roles for women by 2016. Only the U.S. Marines have decided that ground combat roles, such  as those done by the Marine infantry all male though the MARSOC are reviewing their standards looking into the possibility of having women become part of the special operations unit.

    The U.S. Navy SEALs Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training, or “BUD/s” is a  six month course designed to test the mental and physical capabilities of the candidates. This includes the "Hell Week" where candidates are always on the move, wet, covered in mud, their eyes lined with sand, and with only a maximum of four hours of sleep. It is one of the toughest selection courses for special operations forces and candidates can drop-out anytime by ringing the bell.Those who pass the course will then earn the coveted Trident Pin.

    So far, there no announcements when the next training will take place that will finally include women. So far, the only female U.S. Navy SEAL that we only know of is Demi Moore in the G.I .Jane movie.

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    Team Megabots USA Kickstarer Project

    With the challenge accepted by the Japanese owners of the Kuratas Giant Robot, there's no turning back for the owners of Megabots. This means that within one year's time, they should have their fighting Megabot ready for melee combat against Kuratas in what would be the first Giant Robot Duel in history.

    The Megabot that will be built to take on Kuratas would be different from the Megabot that we have seen in the videos, it is just too slow and lumbering compared to the Kuratas which can run circles around it. In melee combat it will be how fast a robot can land blows, how agile to avoid hits, and how tough or armored to take punishment, will determine the winner. But of course, in order to do that there are too many things for Team USA to do, and therefore the Kickstarter project to raise the funds required to build the Megabot that can match the Japanese advantage in robotic technology.

    It's going to cost them at least US$500,000 to get the initial upgrade with certain funding targets that go beyond the initial funding goal, they will be building a Megabot that involves practically the best people and companies in the USA and that should make the Japanese worry.

    For the half a million dollar goal, they get to start to have the Megabot Mark II with a high performance track base. To achieve this, they will be working with Howe & Howe Technologies, the builders of the fast track machines popular known as the RipSaw. With the custom track base, they might have the Mark II move twice faster than Kuratas.

    If they hit the golden 1 million dollar mark in funding pledges, they will go for the Dynamic Balancing Algorithm, working with the winners of the Darpa Humanoid Robotics Challenge, IHMC Robotics. The objective of this will be for the Mark II to maintain balance while in combat. They don't want their robot go down with just the first hit from the Japanese mech warrior.

    Now, if they breach the 1.25 million dollar mark, then they will go for something even better --- Life Safety Systems and where will they go for this? Nowhere else but NASA where  they will tap the experience of their scientists to protect humans in extreme environments. They want to build a cockpit that will protect the pilot with NASA know-how.

    For US$1,500,000 then it's going to be full aesthetics. The Mark I looks bland and rusty, but for the Mark II, they want to create a Hollywood-grade artistic look with FonCo Creative Services. If they achieve that they may have a giant fighting robot that deserves to be carrying the American flag.

    So far, we haven’t heard from the Japanese side on their preparations and it looks like they are very quiet for now. Who knows? They might be planning to convert Kuratas into the first real life Gundam Mobile Suit. Oh dear! That would surely be a big, big problem for the Megabot Mark II.

    It is just a disappointment that this will be a melee combat rather than use their already built-in weapons with Megabot using Paintballs and Kuratas spewing out airsoft BBs with its minigun (I do really want Hellfire missiles!)  But whatever the two sides agree upon just to have this fight happen next year then so be it. There are still a lot of details that need to be filled up such as where the fight will take place, fight rules, etc., and with the days passing by, they better get those firmed up as there will be people who would want to know where and when to buy their tickets.

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    Nerf Rival

    I always look at Nerf Guns with amusement. This is not belittling Nerf users as I think it's awesome for casual gaming and when shooters, whether airsoft or real steel, get their trigger fingers itchy but are somewhere that such guns are not applicable (office, home, party, etc.) and need to scratch their itch. Also, Nerf Guns won't get you into trouble as they obviously look like toys to keep that nosy neighbor from calling the police while you play backyard skirmishes. My amusement I guess, is due to my airsoft background, since whenever we hear about brighthly colored guns, alarm bells always go off.

    But with the Nerf Rival, here is something that I can bring anywhere with pride if I'm not at the airsoft site or gun range. I can just stash it in the car or bring it to work just to be ready when office warfare erupts. If airsoft team mates just got lazy to drive to the nearest airsoft facility and would like to chill at home with you, then just bring it out for some fun time ruining your mother's garden shooting each other with the Nerf Rival.

    The Nerf Rival was developed to answer the need by Nerf users for something faster and more competitive to use. With two models, the Apollo XV-700 and the more expensive Zeus MXV-1200, the Nerf Rival Blasters fire off dimpled Nerf Balls at a speed of almost 70mph or 100fps max. The ammo can be purchased at 50 round refills that cost US$17.99, or at .35 cents per round. Still not as economical as plastic airsoft BBs, but as long as they don’t get totally deformed or torn, you can still pick them up for reuse. The Nerf Rival blasters are magazine fed with the Apollo XV-700 more of standard magazine style while the Zeus MXV-1200 reminds you of the PP-19 Bizon where the ammo feed is done with a horizontal magazine. The foam Nerf Balls are dimpled like golf balls for more stability while in flight.

    The US$25 Nerf Rival Apollo XV-700 has a manual reloading mechanism and a 7-round magazine. All you have to do is slap the magazine into the pistol grip and load it with the charging handle that is on top of the gun,

    The US$50 Nerf Rival Zeus MXV-1200 is battery operated as it has an electric motor-operated firing mechanism. It also has a higher capacity 12-round horizontal magazine that can be loaded either on the left or right side. Upon its release, somebody made a modification to make it fire in full-auto. In a battle of Apollo versus Zeus Nerf Rivals, it’s obvious who will be outgunned.

    If any of the videos are any indications, playing with Nerf Guns  just got more fast paced with the arrival of the Nerf Rivals. Not exactly as powerful and as tactical as airsoft guns, but at least they can provide us with a safer way to shoot each other when we are just too far from the nearest airsoft skirmish site.

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    Iraqi Special Forces

    Our airsoft community's favourite grunt, Darkhorse of One Grunt's Opinion, wants to form an Iraqi Special Operations Milsim Club. By the name itself, the group will in decked in Iraqi Special Forces loadout known for their black uniforms. They will be traveling around the U.S. to participate in various milsim events put together by some of best in the milsim events business.

    Whilst many airsoft teams get inspiration from units in their countries, many also take inspiration from units mainly from Western Countries (Navy SEALS, GSG9, SAS, GROM, etc.), and Russian ones, mainly Spetsnaz, this is the first time for one to take an interest in a Middle East special operations unit. The Iraqi Special Forces was created in December 2003 by the Coalition Forces after the Invasion of Iraq as a counter-terrorist unit of the Iraqi Army. There were special forces units under Saddam's Iraqi Army, but were disbanded by the Coalition Forces after the invasion.

    The Iraqi Special Forces were initially trained by U.S. and Jordanian Special Forces in Jordan and at present are heavily involved in fighting against ISIS. Given the influence of U.S. Special Forces, they are mainly seen with using U.S. Military weaponry, equipment, and vehicles though sometimes they are also seen using Kalashnikovs which they need to given the abundance of such weapons in their areas of operations.

    It will be interesting to have the Iraqi Special Operations Milsim Club seen in action at milsim events, like the Rushing Russians Airsoft Team helping milsim event organisers have an OPFOR that airsoft teams that use NATO/U.S. loadout can play against.

    You may wonder why Darkhorse called for the formation of such a club? Here is his post on the OGO Facebook page that he wanted us to shared and spread the word around:

    True inspiration guys has hit me. It hurt too. I am officially starting the Iraqi Special Operation Milsim Club. I'm dead serious and the requirement for this team is to put together an Iraqi Army Special Forces impression. Yep, it's an impressionist team and it's foreign Special ops too.

    The great thing is this team is easy to get kit for. Any solid colored gear works whether green or tan and weapons systems can be US or Russian based. Multiple kinds of footwear from tennis shoes to combat boots will work. You have to get a black uniform and the appropriate patches though. No Multicam, no Crye, no AOR, Kryptek. Solid colored gear, black uniform, the correct patches and we meet at ops.

    I'm even creating a group for it so guys can sign up and we can get organized. So much wonderful flexibility in this and easy to join options.

    Here are some reference pics to get you excited and PM me if you're serious about joining in on the fun.

    Like the idea and want to join this group? There is now the Iraqi Special Operations Forces Milsim Club Facebook group created with already 71 members as of this writing. Looks like Darkhorse is on a good start and we'll start hearing more from this group in the following months.

    For more information about the real Iraqi Special Forces, you can follow them at their own Facebook Page.

    Photo Credits: العمليات الخاصة Iraqi Special Operations Forces Facebook Page.

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    Snake River Shooting Products Drone Munition

    With the proliferation of drones everywhere, there will come the time that they might turn into public nuisance if they are used recklessly. In recent times, authorities are concerned about drones flying into airspaces around airports, crowded spaces, and getting in the way of first responders. In neighborhoods, people are starting to get riled up seeing drones over the backyards and feel that their privacy is being invaded.

    While there are no outright calls for banning civilian drones, there will be those who will take it upon their hands to prevent drones from being privacy nightmares. In one case, a Kentucky man shot down a drone with his gun after one of his daughters, who was sunbathing, told him that a drone was hovering over their property.

    Now one company has released the ammo specifically designed to take down pesky drones and then some.

    In a press release, River Snake Shooting Products announced that they are releasing gun shells designed to shoot down drones. Here is the description of their product, called the "Drone Munition":

    Drone Munition was created in conjunction with targeting aerial drone/quad copter training and range shooting systems.  In addition, the product also generates a discussion on the growing drone market in general. If you haven’t been paying attention to the news, or haven’t noticed the exponential growth of drones in the skies around the country, you should start! Drones are now a $50 million industry and growing daily. The Drone Munition brand provides a cost effective solution for self defense as the Federal Government and States scramble to take action. Self defense applies whether it is a person based or machine based threat and is just as important as protecting your family! Our shot shell solutions provide a cost effective way to do just that! From standard lead free solutions to electronic defeating loads (coming soon), and extended range platform, we have the products to defend against the most sophisticated tech! As responsible drone owners ourselves, we recognize the largest threat to responsible drone fliers are irresponsible drone fliers!  Drone Munition is also a fantastic hunting load for small game, waterfowl, and turkeys!

    DISCLAIMER: Federal, State, and Local laws dictate when, where, and in what situations a firearm can be legally discharged.  We are in no way condoning the use of this product for illegal activity! Be sure to follow ALL firearm laws at all times!

    The Drone Munition comes in 2 shot and BB varities and being lead free, they are safe for the environment and can also be used to shoot game animals.
    The company also cited another danger that drones might pose, a drone was equipped with a Glock Pistol that can be fire remotely. Thus, you can never tell if that drone hovering above you is a harmless camera drone or a drone that may just rain bullets on you:

    For now only drone owners in the U.S. may have to worry about flying their expensive toys in neighborhoods many home owners are also gun owners. Even for those going into product delivery business using drone such as might have to worry about such ammo. Who knows? Someone with a shotgun with Drone Munition might think of shooting down delivery drones to get those goodies in them.

    Still, for Drone Munition users, they might want to think twice before aiming their shotguns at the drones. The FAA has come out against shooting down drones as there is a possibility of collateral damage such as property damage or injuring persons due to falling objects, or worse, collide with other object in the air that might contain human passengers.

    For Drone owners, it's really best to use drones responsibly and fly these in areas where they are allowed by authorities. If they can’t avoid flying over other people's properties, the best thing is to inform them ahead and assure that them they are not to take videos of them without their knowledge. Perhaps it's always best to refer to Drone Etiquette or Drone Code when flying drones.

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    iZHarms Roman Candle Gun (S) PART 3

    It’s a slow week at Popular Airsoft as most of us are more preoccupied with our plans for the weekend, the final Summer weekend when there will be major airsoft events around the globe, errr... well, the Northern Hemisphere. In the UK, it is the Ground Zero Weekender National Airsoft Event, but  there are also other weekenders where other players opted to join. There will be lots of happenings as this will be the final Bank Holiday Weekend for 2015 before Christmas Day.

    I was watching a video that Sploid (Gizmodo Blog) wrote. It's about iZHarms, who probably is one of the pyro-craziest guys on YouTube, and I envy him for his bravery at making some crazy (and perhaps dangerous) contraptions in order to have fun with pyros. In  airsoft , we do have our share of pyro crazy BB heads, but so far we don't know of anyone who does what iZHarms does.

    Just watch him in the video below having fun whilst dual-wielding what he calls  as Roman Candle Guns like he was an Armored Personnel Unit (APU) shooting at the machine Sentinels in Matrix Revolutions:

    Now, just imagine those Roman Candle Guns used at an event. I'm pretty sure you like what you see in your minds, imagining smoke, fire in the air, and airsoft players running for cover avoiding such pyro attack. The effect would be good for a milsim event, and would be fantastic to watch on YouTube.

    However, it will just remain to be a dream to use the Roman Candle Guns. It's dangerous to have everyone running around with such pyro guns in the airsoft field or AO for a lot of reasons especially during summer. We can just easily set off a wildfire in very dry conditions, pose danger to property and people, and put even ourselves in danger too.

    Even if you find the pyro gun fun, it's still best to leave such contraptions to those who know how to put and handle these. Please don't try this at home and at the airsoft field without proper supervision. We'll have to settle with those airsoft pyro grenades that are safer and still fun to use.

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    Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival 2015

    Rain or shine, wet or dry, all roads in the United Kingdom will lead to Ringwood, Hampshire this weekend. Surely, there are lots of events happening in the UK this long weekend, but for airsoft players in the British Isles and mainland Europe, it's all about going to the Ground Zero National Airsoft Festival 2015. Also called as the National Airsoft Event or the Ground Zero Weekender, it is one of the longest running annual airsoft events in the world.

    Started in 2007, the Ground Zero Weekender has become the largest airsoft event in the United Kingdom, and one of the largest in the world. For this year, a confirmed number of over 2,200 players will be partying like mad and shooting like crazy when the mainstay groups, Bravo, Delta, and Others go at each other again to find out who wins this year.

    Will Bravo defend its title this year or is Delta determined to win? The Others, ever so happy-go-lucky, can never be discounted out from the event, having pulled off a massive win in 2012.

    Airsoft is usually 60% social and 40% playtime. That's very much true at the Ground Zero Weekender, it's very much a party atmosphere when you go to the camp areas where you might stumble into a tent and come out with a can of beer and a burger to go with it. Others will be offloading their unwanted airsoft guns and gear at the boot sale on Saturday, and there will be a long queue of raffle winners waiting for their prizes as there will always be a lot of raffle prizes each year.

    If you haven't booked your slots, too bad that bookings have already closed. But for those who have confirmed their bookings, they're in for another weekend of mayhem in a target rich environment, Whether you are in for some serious airsoft gaming capturing objectives as ordered by the group leaders or just after rock and rolling at full auto at any moving target, then the Ground Zero Weekender is for you.

    But be prepared for some wet weather airsoft as it's been getting wet and cold in recent days. With the unpredictable British weather, the rain will always be a part of the playing environment. So that will be muddy boots, wet gear, and big, big smiles this weekend.

    And Popular Airsoft will be there to report the action.

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    Oshkosh Defense JLTV

    It looks like the Humvee's era is coming to an end as the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps, after almost a decade, have finally decided to award to Oshkosh Defense the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) contract. Oshkosh won the contract over Lockheed Martin and AM General (the maker of the Humvee) in the final phase of the competition and after a series of rigorous tests. For the company, it's hitting pay dirt as this contract will most likely grow into tens of billions of dollars.

    The JLTV will be the workhorse of both the U.S. Army and the USMC and it will be transporting troops, supplies, and provide light vehicle support just like what its predecessors did, starting from the legendary Jeep of World War II.

    According to the Washington Post, the initial contract will be for 17,000 JLTVs that will cost US$6.7 Billion. But if the full requirements of the U.S. Army of around 49,000 vehicles and the USMC about 5,500 units, the contract will be around US$30 Billion for almost a decade. Production is seen to start in the first quarter of 2016.

    The Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle (L-ATV) design of Oshkosh, which is their entry for the JLTV competition, incorporates the durability and protection  of the Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP), which became the vehicle of choice in Iraq and Afghanistan and the agility and speed of the Humvee. The Humvee was inadequately protected against roadside bombs or IEDs in Iraq and Afghanistan leading to the design of the MRAP and it became the interim vehicle until a replacement of the Humvee has been chosen.

    It incorporates the patent pending TAK-4i  intelligent independent suspension system that can be lowered or raised using interior controls to meet transportation requirements and has 20 inches of wheel travel for better off-road capability. As for weapon systems, Turret Operated Systems, Remote Weapons Systems and Tube Launched Missile System can be mounted on the JLTV to meet mission roles.

    It is Net Ready where it can use different types of communications, network and software integration, display systems for command and communications. Even more impressive are its on the move Battlefield Situational Awareness features such as Long Range Surveillance, Shot Detection, Silent Watch Power Systems, Visible Light and IR camera systems.

    For those who want to own a Humvee then they can just wait for the surplus and cheaper Humvees to flood the civilian market once the Oshkosj JLTV deliveries begin. One will just need to hope that gas prices would remain low as these are gas guzzlers, consuming 10 to 14mpgs, which is on the optimistic side as many say it averages 8mpg on the highway and 4mpg in the city. If that's not a problem, then better start saving up for your own personal Humvee to bring to future airsoft games.

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    Panasonic Assist Suit

    We must have been looking in the wrong direction. Whilst we have been reporting about exoskeletons being developed in the military sector which for now are still in testing with no idea when these will be issued, Panasonic, the Japanese electronics company, are about to produce commercially an exoskeleton designed to assist works for lifting heavily loads with ease and at lesser risk of injuries.

    Developed in partnership with their subsidiary, ActiveLink, the exoskeleton is called the Panasonic Assist Suit AWN-03 (the Japanese have a penchant of calling these mechs as "suits"), it is about 13 pounds in weight and can be attached to the legs, feet, and thighs, and can assist a worker carry an extra 33 pounds of load. Though the military exoskeletons we are looking at can carry more than 33 pounds, Panasonic and ActiveLink are working on another Assist Suite that is larger and can carry up to 220 pounds.

    The mechanical exoskeletons are designed to give super human strength to the user, allowing him or her carry more twice his or her weight. Thus, the military and industrial sectors are keen on the development of exoskeletons as they allow each personnel to carry more loads than ever before. Soldiers are carrying more equipment these days and workers can safely work on heavy loads without worrying about breaking their backs. Those who work in construction and warehouses will benefit most from the Assist Suit.

    Japan has the most advanced robotics technology and with a growing number of senior population, it is seen that that exoskeletons will play a role to provide assistance to their mobility and ability to perform tasks that is required in the workplace. It won't be surprising if Panasonic or another Japanese company will be developing exoskeletons for the Japanese Self-Defense Forces given that the Chinese PLA are now working on exoskeletons for their ground troops given the geopolitical tensions in the East Asia.

    Panasonic will be selling the basic Active Suit in starting in September 2015 and the price seen is US$8,000.00 but there are also looking into renting the exoskeletons out. It sounds expensive, but from a business point of view, it is a good investment in terms of increased productivity and lesser risk to injuries to workers.

    Hat tip to Freon for the link.

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    Heckler & Koch USA HK417

    With the accuracy problems hounding the mainstay Bundeswehr assault rifle, the G36, the German army now are pondering on whether to replace this rifle with a new one. But for the meantime, reports from German media indicate that another rifle from the same supplier of the G36 which is Heckler & Koch, will be used for the interim period, the 7.62mm HK417 Rifle.

    According to Süddeutsche Zeitung, the German Defence Ministry have decided to procure 600 G27P (HK417 rifles) and 600 MG4 Light Machine Gun in a deal that is worth €18 million. 60 units will be expected to be delivered by the end of November of this year and they expect full delivery of these weapons by the middle of 2016.

    The G27P/HK417 is already in use in German special forces units.

    In previous reports early this year, the Defence Ministry confirmed the problems they discovered in the G36. According to the tests they conducted it is the whole system that has problems, which is not only about the composite material that holds the barrel in place that loosens up as the temperature rises when the rifle is fired in long rapid bursts. The tests show that the rifle's accuracy fell 30% when temperature increased 30 degrees Celcius and there are accuracy differences by 35% between different munitions even if the best cartridges are used. Heckler & Koch strongly denies that there are problems with their CEO wondering why that with almost 20 years of service of the G36 in the German Army, the problems were discovered only recently.

    This is a bit of a surprise as we are expecting another Heckler & Koch Rifle that, the more famous 5.56mm x 45mm NATO HK416 rifle since the G36 uses the same type of ammo. The Germans opted for a heavier ammo this time, which was previously used in their G3 battle rifle. We don't know if the Germans are looking outside of Germany for a replacement of the G36, but most probably they will still go for something from Heckler & Koch.

    The decision on the future of the G36 is expected in about a month's time as the commission tasked to investigate the accuracy of the G36 will release the results of the tests.

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    Ground Zero NAE 2015

    My first Ground Zero National Airsoft Event (NAE or also as the National Airsoft Festival) experience was epic! I had to take loads of player photographs and failed miserably as I could not stop playing! It all started for me on Saturday morning, making an early rise and a two-hour drive to the NAE. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it for the whole weekend, but just as the organization put so well, you can do your own thing, make it your own event.

    Arriving there was easy, my Satnav easily found the postcode provided and it was clearly marked from the road.

    Once I got there, I saw people registering to confirm their bookings and get their kits, since you could book in advance or even just do a spur of moment thing and just walk on one of the event days. Just great since not all of us are able to plan their lives with a lot of time in advance. Booking was closed on the 1st of August 2015 to give time for H and the organisers to prepare the event based on the confirmed advanced bookings.

    So I took myself for a stroll around the stall area, which looked more a like a small Vietnam village with speakers boasting the Apocalypse Now, Good Morning Vietnam and several other well known theme songs from war movies.

    Many were already up and about eating and drinking at the various stalls that had been installed at the village.

    I then started looking for the range to zero my AEG, afraid that it was going to be small and very busy. It was busy indeed but was quite spacious and had more than enough slots for everyone to shoot at the great steel targets that included distance markings. Just brilliant!

    At around 0900H I get the first real impression of how big the NAE is --- as a sea of people who were eagerly waiting for the briefing, and to get to know the objectives and game rules, congregated on the village centre. The briefing took the needed time but not too long, which was great!

    Come 1000H all players were hushed to their respective bases where everyone was cheerfully chatting and gathered in their smaller groups and teams. Then out of the blue came huge explosions, and I mean HUGE!  Upon hearing the explosions, it was GAME ON! OH, YEAH!!!

    Everyone started making their way to the objectives which included capturing nests, and raising flags, gathering drug packages, defending the base, and firing missiles.

    Three teams were in play: Bravo (orange armband), Delta (green armband) and Others (blue armband). I was placed in the Others team and we swiftly went for the first nest which was on top of a hill.

    Not long after, we encountered the first foes and the first skirmishes begun. I was still finding my way around the terrain when I was met by an enemy BB and had to make my way back to the Dead Zone which was very well identified with netting all around and a sign that indicated how long you had to wait. The sign did change as the day went by, since at the beginning we started with a 15-minute wait time to respawn and more to the middle of the day that sign then said 5 minutes.

    This does bring an interesting consideration which is the fact that the whole organization headed by H was constantly monitoring the game and making it as dynamic and challenging to every team. By creating an evolving game plan, it meant that it gave every team a shot at winning, but most importantly kept things fluid and fun.

    Ground Zero made this possible by having multiple game objectives that were revealed throughout the day once you made your way back to the base. Apart from the objectives declared on the mission briefing, these base mission orders helped each team to gain more points.

    However, lunch came and most of us, including myself after finally getting shot, made our way to lunch only to comeback to get a taste of payback from the team that now had the hill! I have to give it to the Delta and Bravo teams that they made us work hard for each kill. Some rain ensued after a very warm and sunny morning, which was great and refreshing!

    However, lunch came and most of us, me included after finally getting shot, made our way to lunch only to comeback and getting some payback from the team that now had the hill! I have to give it to the Delta and Bravo teams that they made us work hard for each kill. Some rain ensued after a very warm and sunny morning, which was great and refreshing!

    We then moved to defend our base that we had to hold until 1630H from repeated attacks, and then we had to move to the OP situated on top of another hill as the game approached its last couple of hours.

    Here it was also another great Airsoft moment with all teams moving in masses up the hill.

    I found myself going over a hill with many paths made of massive bushes on both sides and a strong resistance from the opposing forces. Many of them hiding in the bushes took many of us by surprise as we were making our way up, so I doubled back a bit, got myself into those bushes which looked more like the Dagobah forest and was able to intercept several attack attempts to my teammates as I hid in one of the small holes and waited for them! Just brilliant! I then decided to progress into the enemy territory only to find a gun point at my head just as I left the giant bush! Well played, whoever you are!

    I then made a small break to eat something and realised it was only 5 minutes from the end of the game and I still felt compelled to re-join the killing, so I headed back the hill towards all the yelling, explosions and mayhem that was then taking place as the last attack happened. Just glorious. Hearing around 2,000 players all yell at the same time as the last moments of the game were happening and everyone shooting was just epic!

    Coming back to the Village it was time to eat, drink and socialize! The weather started to get a bit chillier and rainy but still quite bearable. I just had to get something warm to eat. Fortunately you could choose from hot dogs, to burgers, sausages and pizzas. I ate a brilliant wood-fired pizza which was the most comforting meal of the day!

    Then I moved on to the other stalls where there were a few brands represented, such as Viper Tactical, which were showcasing their very nice tactical gear. They were also running a COD competition in which a player could win a brand new Viper Lazer Cut Molle System.

    Next up, I made a stop at the Magnum Boots stall and learned some nice facts about where their boots have been deployed a bit all over the world, including being used by the Brazilian BOPE which even helped to design their products, mainly the Spider boots based on their feedback.

    Incentive Designs were also there with a purpose built WWII Church featuring a huge LMG on the tower bell, just wonderful stuff from these guys.
    Tippman were there with their gas propelled airsoft guns, as their entries to the Airsoft market. These are quite light when handling, and have a nice construction. The gas bottle on the grip does seem to be a bit awkward, but there’s an option to run it with a hose.

    Tippman were there with their gas propelled airsoft guns, as their entries to the Airsoft market. These are quite light when handling, and have a nice construction. The gas bottle on the grip does seem to be a bit awkward, but there’s an option to run it with a hose.

    Dynatex Grenades were also there with their well-known range of BFG.

    Other retailers and companies such as, GBF Militaria and others were also present and had their hands full with the many queries from the NAE participants.

    The Pilgrim Bandits charity was also there, to remember the strength and resilience of the human spirit before adversity and help keep hope and give a reason to live to injured servicewomen and serviceman.

    The Zero One Airsoft was of course there and in full strength with their massive 4,800sq. ft. structure inside of which were hundreds of Airsoft products, from tactical gear to AEG’s, pistols, batteries, accessories and even internals. It is an impressive the amount of stock that these guys hauled into this event! The shop was of course highly sought as some last minute and not so last minute purchases took place.

    Also very sought for was the repair shop which had a significant queue, and couldn’t have proved more convenient to the many airsofters who had the misfortune of having malfunctions in their guns.

    Next to the shop, there was a bar with live music to keep the spirits up and warm throughout the night, and just behind the stage was the G&G Armament Shooting Competition, where a team of two could experience a course of targets in a very nicely setup environment where you had to do some team work in order to shoot all the targets in the shortest amount of time. The winning duo from that weekend would then be given a chance to travel to Taiwan with all expenses paid and have a go at the 2015 G&G World Cup Shooting Competition where they will get a chance to win a big cash prize of US$10,000!

    The course consisted of a 5x5 wall of the  MET target system that you had to shoot, followed by an obstacle course with many MET targets which made the players work as a team in order to get through the course at the fastest time.

    At the end of the day, one of the day’s highlights happened when 14 AEGs where raffled amongst the players present at that time and then a dozen more prices were also given away on the big screen. I had the privilege to participate on the draw and have a unique perspective of an assembly of over 2,000 players, the record so far on any NAE event since it first started in 2007!

    I came home that evening just gutted I couldn’t stay there for the next day. But I know now as I leave this great event that has been so carefully put together by people who know and love the sport as much or even more than I do, that I will book holiday and will do the whole weekend next year!

    More photos at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    Chaotic Moon Studios C.U.P.I.D.

    Police drones in North Dakota will soon be armed. But they won't be armed with guns, instead they can be armed with tasers, guns that fire rubber bullets, teargas, and other  "non-lethal" weapons after a Bill in the State House passed. This means that police departments in North Dakota will soon have another tool at their disposal and have drones do some more active roles besides surveillance and monitoring.

    Originally, a bill sponsored by Rep. Rick Becker (R-Bismarck), HB 1328, was proposed to ban weapons on police drones and also limit the powers of the police on surveillance given that police departments in the USA look more like military organizations rather than law enforcement ones. However, due to lobbying by North Dakota Peace Officers' Association, an amendment was allowed to permit non-lethal weapons to be used on police drones.

    Rep. Becker said that while he is against weaponized drones, he can live with the amendment.

    Police need  a warrant before they can use a drone for surveillance purposes. Now with this bill the police can do more with their drones and the local drone industry would now start looking into development of drones to fulfill roles for the police such as prosecution of suspects with a drone that can swoop in and immobilize a suspect with the use of a taser, or for crowd control purposes where drones can be used to drop teargas with more precision as compared to handheld teargas launchers.

    A year ago, a design studio demonstrated a drone that can fire a taser gun. Chaotic Moon Studios (already acquired by Accenture) designed the C.U.P.I.D. or the "Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone" that can fire an 8,000 volt taser. While police tasers go up to 50,000 volts the C.U.P.I.D. shows that the taser copter is now a reality. The design factored in the EMP blast that will be generated by the taser and protected the drone's guts with a Faraday cage, according to the Verge.

    So if you are up to no good in North Dakota in the future and thinking that you can get away from the police, chances are, a drone would be ahead of the police cars and ready to fire 50,000 volts up your ***.

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    AFP Remington R4 Rifle (Wikimedia)

    The Philippine Army can now finally go into battle with a much more current assault rifle as it finally accepted delivery of around 44,816 Remington R4 Rifles from Remington Defense. The R4 is the version of the M4 assault rifle by Remington Defense which won the bidding for the next assault rifle for the Philippine Army in November 2013.

    Initially ,the US$47 million contract was for over 40,000 rifles and accessories but in the second half of 2014, increased the order to 63,000 units.

    The Philippine Army and other regular infantry units in the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have long been using the Vietnam-era M16A1 Rifle which was produced locally under licence by Elisco Tool and Manufacturing. Special Operations units of the AFP are already equipped with M4 variants and other newer assault rifles. The feared Philippine Army Scout Rangers use the Steyr Aug .

    However, tests of the initial deliveries of the Remington R4 compelled the AFP to return around 22,000 rifles to the supplier as they were defective. This was the batch of 27,000 rifles and the 5,000 which passed the tests were issued to the Philippine Marines. A batch of 24,300 rifles were also accepted and to be distributed to the Philippine Army troopers with the remaining 19,886 rifles still to be tested before they authorise distribution of these to more units.

    The AFP is embarking on a modernisation program to bring its defence capabilities to the 21st Century. The Philippines after World War II had one of the strongest militaries in Asia but deteriorated over the years duty to government neglect and corruption. It's Air Force is almost non-existent though it has already ordered T-50 Trainer/Fighters from South Korea. The Philippine Navy, which needs to really beef up given the tensions in the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea is very much antiquated with its latest ships being the Hamilton-Class Cutters of the U.S. Coast Guard that were commissioned in 1965.

    While the AFP will be having the Remington R4 as the main assault rifle, the older M16s will be refurbished by the Government Arsenal (GA) and will remain ready for use when needed.

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