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    USMC "Lava Dogs" Photo

    In what probably is taking cue from developers of football helmets that have sensors to determine if the brain trauma, the U.S. Navy’s Office of Naval Research (ONR) is looking into the developing helmets and body armour that have sensors that can determine if a shockwave from an explosion may have injured a soldier’s brain without waiting for a medic to tell him/her.

    A soldier can look fine outside after narrowly escaping an explosive blast, but the danger is inside as the blast pressure or shockwave can cause Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI.  There have been an increase in TBI cases in military veterans who saw action in Afghanistan and Iraq that led to the U.S. Congress enacting the Traumatic Brain Injury Act of 2008 which directs the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and National Health Institutes to determine the best practices for information dissemination and procedures for TBI diagnosis and treatment according to the Military Times.

    The ONR explains that a Department of Defense doctrine requires that those within 50 metres of an explosion to “stand down” for 24 hours for a mandatory medical checkup. However, this presents two challenges: “(1) some forward operating bases are only 100 meters (approximately 330 feet) across, so half of the personnel would need to stand down after an explosion, and (2) 24 hours isn’t enough time for a regular medical exam to detect signs of even mild TBI.”

    To fight TBI, the ONR are sponsoring the development of a three-part system to determine the blast pressure, establish thresholds for the brain and analyse potential symptoms of TBI. They call this system Blast Load Assessment Sense and Test or BLAST.

    (U. S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Alexander Mitchell/released)

    “A system like BLAST is vitally important because it can help recognize the signs of TBI early and tell warfighters they might need medical attention,” said Dr. Timothy Bentley, a program manager overseeing the research for ONR’s Warfighter Performance Department. “This reduces the likelihood of someone enduring multiple blasts and suffering more serious brain injury. BLAST also is unique for its unique suite of technology.”

    BLAST operates by using sensors embedded in the body armour and helmet and these collect data for a medical personnel or even a navy corpsman to retrieve and conduct a vibration assessment to the affected personnel to determine if he/she can continue to fight or stand down and seek further assessment or treatment. The more data that can be collected from BLAST, the more they can predict the presence of TBI.

    Sensors for the BLAST system are now being tested in the laboratories and by the next year and a half will be tested on mannequins and then to actual Marine personnel conducting breaching training. They have a timeline of delivering the technology to the U.S. Navy and Marines in three to five years.


    Top Photo: U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Ricky S. Gomez/Released

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    ORGA + Redwolf BAD556 Kit for TM M4A1 MWS GBB

    For Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS Gas Blowback Rifle owners, if you want to give your rifle a bad-ass look, then better check your bank and if you have enough money, better place your order for the BAD556 Kit for The TM M4A1 MWS quickly. Only 80 kits will be produced, and pre-orders are now being taken from interested customers as posted by ORGA Airsoft on their Facebook Page.

    The BAD556 Kit is said to be a fully licensed product that is a collaboration between ORGA Airsoft and RedWolf Airsoft. Since it is a limited edition release, we are expecting this to be sold out quickly. This is based on the Battle Arms Development Model BAD556-LW Lightweight Billet Receiver Set in 7075-T6 Aircraft Grade Aluminum. However, we do not find any information at the ORGA Airsoft website indicating if this airsoft conversion kit uses the same alloy. Nevertheless, it is a bad-ass looking kit that is priced at 176,900 yen (or roughly US$1,500). Now, that’s pretty much an expensive conversion kit.

    ORGA Airsoft will be selling 70 kits with the remaining 10 already allotted by RedWolf Airsoft in Hong Kong. We know that price would make a lot think twice before parting with their hard earned money,  but since it is a limited edition release, we think the kits will be sold out immediately on just the pre-orders alone.

    The ORGA+Redwolf Airsoft BAD556 Kit, apart from the BAD556 receiver, also comes with a BAD 14.5” Aluminium Outer Barrel with Hop Base; a Fortis 556 with Keymod Handguard; BAD Gas Block and Gas Tube; BAD STOCK and Recoil Buffer; 14mm CCW Flash Hider Attachment; Set Pin; and Outer Barrel Extension.This is expected to be available and shipping by mid-February 2017.

    If you have the cash, a Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS waiting for some cosmetic upgrade, then you might want to get the BAD556 Kit. Better hurry! You might miss it.

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    Westminster Aerial View

    Matt Furey-King, present Chairman of the United Kingdom Airsoft Players Union (UKAPU), made a four-part post early this month about current legal issues affecting UK Airsoft. These legal issues are about proposed legislation being proposed UK-wide, any of the countries comprising the United Kingdom, as well as the European Union (yep, the UK is still in the EU). He encourages readers and members of the UKAPU to share this post to friends and airsoft mates as they need to be aware of what is happening in legislatures that may affect the sport/hobby.

    Here is his post:


    At the start of the year the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Act came into effect. You don't need a licence for any 'barreled weapons' which are non firearms. The policing and crime bill will define 'airsoft guns' as non firearms, but that isn't law yet.

    Paul Cook, our Scotland Representative, has talked with Scots government and Police, and they don't appear to have a set policy on power thresholds until the PCB is enacted. For now the police seem to regard the upper limit for airsoft as 1.3J for fully auto and 2.5J for everything else, same as the PCB airsoft exception and the old ACPO recommendation. The police are taking the new licencing law seriously, so make sure your airsoft sniper rifle is under 520fps with a .20g bb. If you have more questions on the subject, please join the UKAPU Scotland FB group.


    Our members in Northern Ireland want to get an airsoft exception to the 1J energy threshold that mirrors the exception in the Policing and Crime Bill. This seems reasonable, asking the Northern Ireland Assembly to bring the law in line with the rest of the UK. We suspect that making this change happen will only be possible immediately after the PCB is enacted, so please join the UKAPU Northern Ireland group and get involved ASAP, there's much to be done and little time.


    The sneaky proposed changes to the EU firearms directive would have been the biggest catastrophe in the history of airsoft. They wanted to classify all replicas in Europe as firearms. It would have made most airsoft replicas illegal (all the full auto ones, for sure), and the remaining few would become exceptionally hard to obtain. This is exactly how the law is in Australia, where players simply regard it as a straight up ban. It's a ban by any other name. And the European Commision never gave any justification or explanation for it!

    But lobbying from the airsoft community seems to have paid off. The latest leaked draft of the proposal coming from the Trilogue defines a firearm as a device which fires live rounds. Seems that the European Commision has been forced to do a U turn on this issue, airsoft and replicas will not be reclassified as firearms.

    There's still a slight problem in that they seem to have slipped back into prior wording defining a firearm, which is a device utilising 'combustible propellant'. Of course, gas powered airsoft replicas use propellant which is often combustible. UKAPU and EAA (European Airsoft Association) brought this up with Parliament earlier this year and they voted to change the wording in their draft, but appears that this amendment hasn't been adopted in Trilogue.

    This is one of the reasons they call the Trilogue 'the death of democracy'. It's a secret meeting hidden from the public, where the result of voting by our elected representatives can be discarded by appointed, unaccountable, anonymous bureaucrats.

    We've contacted the Rapporteur again to ask for the correct wording to be included in the final amendment. The Rapporteur, Vicky Ford MP, has done a great deal for airsoft so far.

    It's hard to predict what the commission will do to live firearms owners in the new directive. It seems like they will try and ban as much as they can get away with. President Jean-Claude Juncker has been trying to smear firearms owners and the european parliament, saying that the gun lobby is overruling the will of the people of Europe. But this evil 'gun lobby' IS the people of Europe, it's sportsmen like you and I writing to our representatives, asking them to save our hobby. No firearms or airsoft enthusiast should sit back and allow the anti gun lobby to chip away at us, allowing them to ban a few more categories of gun every decade till there's no community left.

    You can keep up to date with the situation by following Firearms UK and Firearms United.

    EU Parliament


    The law on airsoft power limits is changing. By carrying on as normal you could be committing a criminal act. This post turned into a bit of an essay, as I wanted everyone to have the full picture, but please do read it through.

    The airsoft exception in the Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16 (PCB) will (amongst other things) set the upper power limit for fully automatic airsoft guns at 1.3 Joules (approximately 370fps with a .20g bb). To classify as an airsoft gun it must be;

    ‘Not capable of discharging a missile (of any kind) with kinetic energy at the muzzle of the weapon that exceeds the permitted level.’

    Due to being over the new lethal threshold and exception threshold, an airsoft gun capable of firing at over 1.3J is a firearm, subject to the firearms act, and if it’s capable of full auto fire then a firearm is subject to general prohibition under section 5(1)(a) of the firearms act 1968. Possessing a section 5 firearm without permission from the secretary of state carries a mandatory 5 year prison sentence.

    1.3J is the power limit recommended by ACPO that we’ve been operating under since 2011, but what’s changed is that this won’t be a recommendation any more. When it was a recommendation it was difficult for the Police to work out whether to press air gun based charges or not, and lethality of the device could still be proven or disproven in court, as the recommendation had little legal standing. So it wasn’t a problem, as it was still so much grey area that prosecuting an airsoft player wouldn’t be worth the hassle. But after the PCB becomes law it will be easy to determine what is and isn’t lethal, it will be made clear that possessing a full auto airsoft gun firing at over 1.3J is possession of a prohibited firearm. Just to reiterate, that could mean 5 years in jail.

    This comparatively low lethal threshold (though, not as low as it would have been if not for all the lobbying over the last few years) raises questions surrounding imports and ‘ready convertibility’ but it’s best to cover that subject in another post if people are interested. We’re not too concerned with semi auto airsoft guns which are capable of exceeding the threshold, as the threshold is much more generous (2.5J) and above that they simply fall into the same class as air rifles. Which isn’t a problem (unless you live in Scotland like me, in which case it could be classed as an unlicensed air rifle).

    The concern I wish to address in this post is that full auto gas and HPA airsoft guns are, generally speaking, easy to push over 1.3J even in off the shelf form, by loading them with black gas, or simply turning up the regulator. It doesn’t matter that you run your gun in game at less than 1.3J, what matters is that your HPA or GBB full auto is ‘capable of discharging a missile (of any kind) with kinetic energy at the muzzle of the weapon that exceeds the permitted level’. If your airsoft gun was confiscated and brought in for testing, the forensic lab would probably try and find out if your gun was ‘capable of exceeding the permitted level’. They would put in the most powerful gas available or crank the regulator up. As it stands most of the HPA and GBBR airsoft guns currently in the UK will be regarded as Section 5 firearms. Not good.

    Some players who message us seem concerned that the UKAPU committee isn’t worried about this situation, that we are only protecting UKAPU members with AEGs. That’s not the case at all. 7 out of 9 people on the committee own HPA guns. Most of us have GBBRs too. UKAPU has been campaigning on this issue since 2010 when we started meeting with forensic labs and writing to ACPO on this very subject. We’ve raised the issue repeatedly with the Home Office at our scheduled meetings, and with MPs. Most people are likely only aware of this issue because we keep banging on about it. So believe me when I say that we care about this problem, we’ve done, and are doing, everything we can. For some reason, which we don’t really understand, few people in airsoft have taken an interest. Even now, mere months away from the new law coming into force, the community is, on the whole, silent on the issue. One or two people are outright denying it’s happening, which is baffling, as the draft bill has been progressing all year, easily available on the parliament website.

    We, the people who are paying attention, need to work turn these attitudes around.

    There are also some people who are arguing that the police won’t care, it will never come up. FELWG (firearms and explosives licensing working group) have been asking the government for years to set a lethal threshold in law, so CPS, the Police Chiefs, etc. were crucial in making this law happen, they do care. If airsoft players and businesses take the attitude that they’ll ignore the new law, they will be jeopardising the airsoft community’s reputation as law abiding. It’s fair to say still have an open line to the government because of how seriously we have taken our responsibilities with the VCRA over the last decade, and our good citizenship in general.

    Recently something has come up which is eerily close to the situation we find ourselves in with airsoft guns and section 5. Everyone assumed that the Steyr LP50 airt pistol didn’t fall foul of section 5 prohibition, but without warning Yorkshire Police took an interest in what had been referred to as a ‘technicality’ and started confiscating them from ranges and retailers (they are £1500, so it’s quite a loss). So it’s fair to say, these ‘technicalities’ are not off the radar by any means.

    Obviously the Police will not be coming to an airsoft site just to chrono guns. But there are scenarios in which the Police could send your airsoft guns away for examination, real situations we’ve seen UKAPU members get into a few times over the years. For example, a nosy neighbour notices you handling a replica in your house and calls it in. Police come to your house but want to use a lab to verify that it isn’t a real firearm (kind of daft, but it has happened). Or perhaps your car is randomly stopped and searched on the way to a game, and the same thing occurs. The Police are totally cool with airsoft players most of the time, but every once in a while there’s a bad officer with a point to prove, who is under the false impression that airsoft replicas are somehow unlawful, and will go to great lengths to prove wrongdoing. Another more likely scenario is when importing an airsoft gun UKBA stop your package to examine it, and run it through a chrono or a lab as a routine check.

    Clearly it’s not proportional to lock someone up for 5 years for owning a 371fps airsoft gun. The Home Office were eager to address other issues we brought to them, for which we are extremely grateful. But they didn’t appear very interested in this, the elephant in the room. Like I say, we’ve been pushing this issue hard over the last year. So have UKARA, they’ve met with CPS, NPCC, and firearms lobby groups, trying to draw attention to the problem. In November we were relieved to hear the Home Office tell us that this needs to be looked at. So UKARA and UKAPU will meet with the Home Office firearms department again, in early to mid 2017. There’s no legislation changes on the table, but we will be seeking official guidance on how to comply with the new law. More importantly we’ll be asking them to issue sensible guidance on how to enforce the new laws. Another part of the PCB actually makes it mandatory for Police chiefs to enforce Home Office guidance, so the authority of the HO guidance can’t be underestimated.

    But that leaves us in a sticky situation in the meantime. The PCB will soon be enacted and HPA/GBB full auto guns will mostly be classed as section 5 firearms. Perhaps our meeting with the Home Office will not bear fruit and this will be the situation forever (I hope not, but there’s no way to know). So what I would recommend is that you find a way to comply with the law as is- mechanically limit your full auto HPA/GBB guns so that they cannot fire at more than 1.3J.

    We have been discussing technical solutions on the UK airsoft lobbying group. Feel free to join in.

    I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the future as regards to making HPA and GBBR ‘UK compliant’ prior to import. I was hoping that the retail and manufacturing sectors would be leading this, and would be pushing compliant products already. Perhaps some are working on it, but are keeping it quiet. I’ve no idea.

    The law is soon to be quite clear I think. UKAPU isn’t going to enforce the law, or force our interpretation of the new law on the community, that’s not what we do. We’re not an industry body, or a governing body, we just do what we can to protect the interests of UKAPU members. We’re not trying to justify the way the law has been written. We’re just putting the information out there.

    Don’t be too despondent, I’m sure technical solutions will be available that will allow GBB and HPA to comply with the new law and carry on being used. Improvise, adapt and overcome, as we say in the Army. The Home Office still want to discuss the situation, so that door isn’t shut either.

    Now for the usual reminder- if you are an airsoft player please become a part of UKAPU (if you haven’t already) and spread our message, because UKAPU is only as strong as you make it. We need a strong players association to keeping airsoft from being banned or heavily restricted in the future.

    Kind Regards,

    Matt Furey-King
    Chair UK Airsoft Players Union

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    Oakley SI Prizm

    Since the introduction of the Oakley SI Prizm in 2014, Oakley have expanded the line to cover different environments and activities. Apart from the “Daily” Prizm, they got “Shooting”, “Water”, “Snow”, “Trail”, and even “Golf”. They released a series of videos this week to show the various models for these environments.

    The Prizm lens technology that fine tunes the vision for the environment or sport, making a clearer vision especially for the marksman. As compared to conventional lenses that block the sun and making the wearer, the Prizm lens enhances what the wearer sees, which means more detail and depth. Each lens has been designed for the environment that the wearer will be in so that they can get optimum detail when wearing the Prizm lens.

    The lenses block certain wavelengths along the colour spectrum to maximize contrast between colours, reducing eye fatigue and enhanced vision.

    Here are videos they released for you to evaluate which lens you need for your airsoft operation’s requirements.

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    Apocalypse Now Poster

    "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" is the best speech in a movie in a Blockbuster UK survey amongst film buffs in 2004. Probably is, since it’s one of the most memorable lines in a movie ever. If you do not know what move the line came from, you’ll probably listen to it again if Francis Ford Coppola gets his way.

    Francis Ford Coppola directed and produced the movie “Apocalypse Now” starring Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duval, Dennis Hopper, and Laurence Fishburne. Set in the Vietnam War, the film was released 38 years ago and ranks as one of the greatest movies of all time.

    In the movie, Captain Benjamin L. Willard, a U.S. Army Special Operations officer played by Martin Sheen, was sent on a mission to assassinate Army Special Forces Colonel Walter E. Kurtz, played by Marlon Brando, who was deemed to have gone insane but he commands a group of Montagnard troops in neutral Cambodia.

    Now, 38 years after the movie was released to world wide acclaim, Coppola wants to turn the movie into a video game. The problem is that no major game publisher wants to take in the project, and hence Coppola has turned to Kickstarter to crowdfund the project, with the aim of raising US$900,000 to start turning it into reality.

    Coppola has already recruited a team from the video game industry and this includes Rob Auten, the lead designer of Gears of War and Battlefield, and Lawrence Liberty, who produced Fallout: New Vegas and Dungeons & Dragons titles.

    In the video game, just like in the movie, the gamer will be playing the role of Captain Willard with the task of finding and killing Colonel Kurtz:

    Apocalypse Now depicts the horror and spectacle of the Vietnam War through the character of Captain Benjamin Willard, an American tasked with the assassination of Colonel Walter E. Kurtz.

    The game is an interactive recreation of Willard’s journey, as seen through a survival horror lens in which players with limited resources face unspeakable terrors.

    By choosing how to react to these situations, each player molds a unique version of Willard within the loose confines of the film story. You are Willard and your actions will determine his fate.

    Your mission begins in Saigon, where Willard is holed up in a dingy hotel. Audio and visual distortion evoke Willard’s emotions and past experiences. The game provides you subjective access to a character who is already nearly insane.

    Unlike a traditional RPG, the emphasis is not choosing dialogue, but rather actions and postures. Combat draws from survival horror to emphasize combat avoidance and stealth. This is not Call of Duty in Vietnam.

    You will quickly learn that the gun-blazing solo war machine of other shooters would not have lasted long in the real Vietnam. Instead you will find rewards for proceeding cautiously and managing limited resources with care. Willard is your responsibility; make him an adept soldier and you will command respect in the jungle.

    Brutalism and hubris will bring about severe repercussions affecting your relationship with those around you, especially the crew of the PBR Streetgang (aka the Erebus). Your actions can endanger or empower them and will affect how they view you and their willingness to aid you.

    There is also a war of resources. Food, water, first aid supplies, anti-malaria medicine, drugs, ammo, weapons, mission information, and gasoline are all vital to your and Willard’s success. While in U.S.-controlled territory, you can find resources through exploration, interactions with allied forces, completing side missions, scavenging from hostiles, and supply drops.

    Once the Erebus crosses under the Do Lung Bridge, the reigns of control are sheared away. American influence is replaced by something more primal, all ending in Kurtz.

    If you like the movie and would like to relive it being the main character in a video game, then all you have to do is support the Kickstarter crowdfunding project. US$100,00 is the target and it looks like that amount is peanuts for a video game based on one the best movies in history. That is because the Kickstarter is what it is a “kickstart” activity that once the amount is reached, then further crowdfunding activities will be moved to the main website of the project which is From there, another target of US$5 million will commence and the site will also serve as the point of entertainment while the project proceeds to completion.

    The US$25 “Photojournalist” portion at Kickstarter is all gun, but there are still funding pledge options for you to choose from.

    Will a video game project shunned by video game producers be able to turn into a blockbuster just like the movie it is based on? We’ll find it if ever this project gets its required funding and reach completion.

    To end this, let us quote Colone Kurtz from the movie:

    I've seen horrors... horrors that you've seen. But you have no right to call me a murderer. You have a right to kill me. You have a right to do that... but you have no right to judge me. It's impossible for words to describe what is necessary to those who do not know what horror means. Horror... Horror has a face... and you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies! I remember when I was with Special Forces... seems a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to inoculate some children. We left the camp after we had inoculated the children for polio, and this old man came running after us and he was crying. He couldn't see. We went back there, and they had come and hacked off every inoculated arm. There they were in a pile. A pile of little arms. And I remember... I... I... I cried, I wept like some grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out; I didn't know what I wanted to do! And I want to remember it. I never want to forget it... I never want to forget. And then I realized... like I was shot... like I was shot with a diamond... a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought, my God... the genius of that! The genius! The will to do that! Perfect, genuine, complete, crystalline, pure. And then I realized they were stronger than we, because they could stand that these were not monsters, these were men... trained cadres. These men who fought with their hearts, who had families, who had children, who were filled with love... but they had the strength... the strength... to do that. If I had ten divisions of those men, our troubles here would be over very quickly. You have to have men who are moral... and at the same time who are able to utilize their primordial instincts to kill without feeling... without passion... without judgment... without judgment! Because it's judgment that defeats us.

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    7APCA Voting Period 4th Week

    We are now on the final stretch of voting for the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. And that means every reader of Popular Airsoft, and airsoft players who intend on their votes, the window for making up their minds is now fast closing. It’s just a week left for the Voting/Final period of the awards so it’s very important that they cast their votes as soon as they can before it finally closes.

    If you have not cast your vote, click on the button below to start voting:

    For the finalists, it’s now time pull out all the stops like there is no tomorrow. If you have videos, banners and what have you, better start displaying them to those who have not voted yet. With just a week remaining, each day becomes important to ensure their fans cast their votes.

    For the finalists and voters,  we have prepared raffle prizes for the those who have cast their votes. And for those who haven’t cast their votes, below is the list of raffle prizes that would surely make their day when their names are picked as raffle prizes.

    Don’t forget to vote, it’s the final week!

    Raffle Prizes from Tokyo Marui

    Tokyo Marui M4 CQB-R Block 1 Gas Blowback Rifle

    Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle

    Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol

    Raffle Prizes from Gunfire For Airsoft Voters in Europe

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 1:

    • Specna Arms SA-V26 Red Editon
    • Specna's baseball cap
    • Specna's patch
    • Specna's 0.25g BBs

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 2

    • Specna Arms SA-B11 URX in Kryptek Typhon
    • Specna's baseball cap
    • Specna's patch
    • Specna's 0.25g BBs

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 3

    • Armored Claw shield gloves
    • G-light S360 tactical torch
    • Armored Claw buff
    • Gunfire Patch

    Airsoft Atlanta Prize for Airsoft Voter In North America

    G&G Top Tech TR16 R4 DST AEG Raffle Prize

    Don't forget to visit the sponsors of the awards who have made it possible to make this more exciting, with their contributions and raffle prizes:




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    Emerson Gear PMAG-Style Power Bank

    Thanks to a reader in Hong Kong, we get to see information on a product that Emerson Gear is about to release this year --- a PMAG-Style Power Bank. It looks actually cool as you can bring a power bank with you to the airsoft field that will not look out of place as you it will look like just another STANAG magazine in your M4 pouch.

    Since it is a power bank, you can charge your devices in the field in case they run out of juice such as your mobile devices and action cameras. Too bad it is not designed to be an on the spot charger for AEG batteries as it would be totally neat if it can do. As to being a power bank that you can carry for everyday use, we are still a bit apprehensive as it may just raise an alarm in public places that it might just become more of an inconvenience instead of being a useful power bank.

    We do like the capacity of the Emerson Gear PMAG-Style Power Bank, as it has a large capacity of 14400Mah that can charge your smart phone several times. As for output it is 5V2A (10W supply) which hopefully your device can accept an even bigger output for faster charging, but usually your device will draw power as to how it is designed to be (eg. If it is 5W, then it will draw 5W even when using a 10W wall charger).

    We would have preferred that it has to charging ports so you can charge two devices at the same time as many higher capacity power banks now feature two charging ports. As to charging the powerbank, it still uses a Micro-USB port so if you use an Android phone, chances are you can its charger as it is usually is a Micro-USB male that will fit the PMAG-Style Power Bank.

    Emerson Gear is planning to release this next month in black and dark earth colors. No pricing yet was announced, but you can ask the Hong Kong based gear sellers when the will be expecting this to be stock, including pricing. Now, if they can make different types of magazine-style power banks, it would be interesting to know if they are planning to do so.

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    Royal Assent

    It’s finally over! The campaign for exemptions for airsoft in the Policing and Crime Bill has been maintained at 1.3 joules which is approximately 370fps using 0.20g BBs for airsoft guns that have full automatic modes. The Policing and Crime Bill has been given the Royal Assent, meaning that is now law.

    But the UKAPU and other lobby groups concerning airsoft are still worried how it will affect full-auto HPA and Gas Blowback airsoft guns and they are making representations to the Home Office to address this issue as many airsoft players own full auto GBB-Rs and HPA airsoft rifles that that may just fall under Section 5 (will be considered as firearms) since they can be pushed beyond the legal limits. Please refer here to learn more about it.

    A great part of the objectives of the airsoft lobby has been approved as they worked hard to ensure that airsoft hobby is protected. Now we wait until Guidance in order to be within the law has been released in order for the airsoft community to properly comply with the law.

    Here is the update from Matt Furey-King, Chairman of the UKAPU:

    The Policing and Crime Bill 2015-16.....

    Is now the Policing and Crime Act 2017!

    Commencement of the firearms provisions will come next. New guidance for airsoft players will come, and several manufacturers are looking at how new and existing products will comply with the new law. My feeling is overwhelming positive for the future of UK airsoft, so please be patient as things are worked out behind the scenes.

    We are very pleased to see the community talking about this situation, there has been an exponential increase in the number of players now aware of the upcoming law change. But please do stop contacting the Police or MPs on the subject as its essentially out of their hands (MEPs have nothing to do with the PCA 2017 so don't email them either).

    If anything you could disturb the work of UKARA and UKAPU, who are right now working with the Government towards a good outcome for airsoft.



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    Team Multicam

    Multicam, or for some airsoft, Guccicam, has expanded the from its original Multicam Pattern to a variety of patterns under the “Multicam Family of Camouflage Patterns” that have been designed to fit certain operating environments (e.g. Urban, Tropical, Snow, and Arid). As of now the Multicam pattern is the most famous camo pattern that has been adopted by several countries.

    Now apart from its family of patterns, Multicam has put together a group of Brand Ambassadors under “Team Multicam”. Whilst most of the members are retired servicemen from the U.S. Armed Forces, they also selected a group of professional sportsmen. The whole team is made up of men, though women would have welcomed a female member of this team.

    With the formation of Team Multicam, Multicam will be releasing a series of video documentaries at their YouTube Channel that will highlight each member Brand Ambassador. Starting yesterday, with the introductory video of Team Multicam and over the months, videos will be released.

    Full press release below the introductory video and airsoft players can look forward to the upcoming videos of Team Multicam to inspire them:


    Brooklyn, NY – MultiCam®, a camouflage pattern designed for use in a wide range of conditions, has partnered with renown video production house, Foxhound Productions, to launch a documentary video series highlighting the Team MultiCam® brand ambassadors.

    The fist video of the series, set to premiere February 1st through MultiCam®’s YouTube channel ( ), is an action-packed cinematic thrill ride meant to highlight the collective talents of Team MultiCam®. After this initial release, viewers can expect monthly video installments throughout 2017 that will individually profile each team member with an in-depth look into their backgrounds, careers and hobbies.

    Team MultiCam® is made up of a diverse group of individuals, both military and civilian alike. The group includes decorated service members Jeff Benrud (US Army ret.), Jamey Caldwell (US Army ret.), Luie Zendejas (US Army ret.), JD Potynsky (US Army Ret.), Mark Llano (USMC ret.) and Kyle Defoor (US Navy ret.). These men, who in addition to pursuing their passions, lend their years of military experience to help train active duty military units and help fellow veterans.

    Jeff Provenzano (pro skydiver), Travis Gibson (pro shooter), Luke Johnson (off-road racer) and Ricky Johnson (off-road racer) round out the team. With each member also providing training to military and law enforcement in their respective fields.

    Collectively through the Team MultiCam® Military Charity Initiative, the team raised $40k for various military charitable funds in 2016, and aim to raise even more in the coming year.

    “MultiCam® has always been a unique brand known for doing things a little differently,” stated MultiCam® Brand Manager, Ernesto Rodriguez. “As we built this group of brand ambassadors, we looked for unique individuals with interesting stories who would showcase our brand to new audiences. This video series is our way of providing that platform for the team to do so; and we hope everyone can appreciate them as much as we do.”

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    GoPro Karma Drone Relaunch

    If I were somebody choosing the name for the first drone offering of GoPro, Karma is what I would not have chosen it to be. When it was first released last year to much fanfare, it had to be recalled as it tended to lose power in flight. Such a problem made its biggest competitor in DJI, to surge ahead with its feature packed and affordable Mavic Pro.

    As announced prior to CES 2017, GoPro announced that problem causing the loss of power was due to a faulty latch mechanism that disconnects the battery and that they have corrected the problem and promised to release the drone in February.

    Promises need to be kept and they announced yesterday that they are now taking orders for the Karma Drone. The drone will be returning back to selected dealers and international buyers will have to wait until Spring to get theirs. The Karma drone will retail for US$799.99 or if bundled with the Hero5 Black, it will be US$1099.99. It is compatible with the GoPro Hero4 Black and Silver action cams as well.

    The Karma Drone is an easy to transport drone with the rotors folding into the body so it can be packed away. What also makes this unique is that it has a removable grip that it can used as a handheld gimbal when the drone is not in use, giving smooth videos in places where a drone is a no go. DJI has the comparable OSMO, but it cannot be mounted on any their drones.

    Now the big question, will the Karma Drone be able to get market share that the DJI Mavic Pro has taken, given that they are of almost similar offerings? The Mavic Pro is more compact (you can even holster it to your belt) and has obstacle avoidance features. Good luck to GoPro and hopefully they got another drone on the drawing board that can offer more than the Karma, as well as picking a better product name.

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    Heckler & Koch HK433 Assault Rifle

    The start of February 2017 did come with some good news that got at the attention of the real steel and airsoft communities. Heckler & Koch has unveiled their new assault rifle, the HK433 that comes with the best features of two of its successful predecessors, the HK416 and the G36 assault rifles. A hybrid, you will say, but if it truly does feature the best of these rifles, then military organisations should pay close attention to the HK433 if they are looking for a new assault rifle to equip their soldiers.

    With the Bundeswehr looking for a new rifle to replace the G36 due to problems and ended the contract (which Heckler & Koch won the dispute in court), companies are lining up with their offerings. For the company, they are determined to participate in the bidding a new rifle than offer an older rifle in a report at

    "Of course, we will take part in the bidding process - assault rifles are our core business," Heckler & Koch CEO Norbert Scheuch told the DPA news agency. "We are very well positioned for the upcoming competition," the CEO said, after presenting the new HK433 assault rifle in Las Vegas as an alternative.

    The HK433 is said to have the gas system of the G36 and the AR lower of the HK416 with the handguard showing the use of the KeyMod rail system that allows for a lower and sleeker profile. With the use of the gas system, it eliminates the need for a buffer tube that will allow for the use of a folding stock as well as any other stock that will be compatible with it (like third party accessories makers can build new stocks for it).

    Just like the G36 and HK416, the ammo will be 5.56mm, though according to Europäische Sicherheit & Technik there are planned versions that that can take in the 7.62mm NATO and will be called HK231, .300 Blackout, and 7.62mm x 39 Kalashnikov which will be called HK123. The tubing lengths are also selectable: 11 ", 12.5", 14.5 ", 16.5", 18.9 "and 20". This shows the HK433 series will give clients more options to choose from.

    It is also said to be cheaper than HK416 as the HK416 is an expensive weapon and that will make it more affordable for militaries looking for the features of the HK416 but are on a budget.

    Even with the dispute with the German government over the G36 issue, Heckler & Koch is seen as a front runner for the new assault rifle contract as the G36 will be phased out by 2019. The company will have to win this contract as it will be a big one, and given that they are in debt by several hundred million euros, they will have to work really hard to give what the Bundeswehr wants.

    All photos by Heckler & Koch.

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    7APCA Voting Period Final Day

    After two arduous months for nominees and finalists working hard to ensure that their names get into the voting period, we finally hit the final day. We are looking forward for this day to arrive as we want to quickly determine who will be the winners for the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards.

    There is nothing for us to say to the finalists but to encourage them on to invite fans, friends, and customers to bring in the votes. They should leave no stone unturned, no social media page empty, no one on their lists not sent an email to be invited to vote.

    For Popular Airsoft readers and airsoft players, they better make up their minds now since the clock is ticking. Our only advice is that when they go to the voting form, they better make sure that the names they are giving their vote truly deserve it.

    If you have not voted, today is the final day to click the button below and vote:

    We say good luck to everyone, both to the finalists and voters. The voting period ends at 2400H PST (Pacific Standard Time).

    The winners will then be announced on the 13th of February 2017 with the raffle winners announced a week after. Raffle prizes for the voters listed here and they will soon be in the hands of new and happy owners:

    Raffle Prizes from Tokyo Marui

    Tokyo Marui M4 CQB-R Block 1 Gas Blowback Rifle

    Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle

    Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol

    Raffle Prizes from Gunfire For Airsoft Voters in Europe

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 1:

    • Specna Arms SA-V26 Red Editon
    • Specna's baseball cap
    • Specna's patch
    • Specna's 0.25g BBs

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 2

    • Specna Arms SA-B11 URX in Kryptek Typhon
    • Specna's baseball cap
    • Specna's patch
    • Specna's 0.25g BBs

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 3

    • Armored Claw shield gloves
    • G-light S360 tactical torch
    • Armored Claw buff
    • Gunfire Patch

    Airsoft Atlanta Prize for Airsoft Voter In North America

    G&G Top Tech TR16 R4 DST AEG Raffle Prize

    Don't forget to visit the sponsors of the awards who have made it possible to make this more exciting, with their contributions and raffle prizes:




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    EA Star Wars Battlefront

    Releasing a Star Wars Battlefront was indeed a success for Electronic Arts (EA) as it recovered from criticisms of buggy FPS Battlefield series. With such a success, EA, wanted to push the game more for their customers to stick to their FPS games as releasing just a multiplayer only game was not enough, and with DICE, EA Motive, and Criterion, work has began for the Star Wars Battlefront 2.

    This time Star Wars Battlefront 2 will have a single player campaign and should make those who avoid online multiplayer game but would play the game as long as there is a single player mode look forward to its release.

    As mentioned above, it won’t be DICE that will be working on the next release and two more studios will be doing more work as Star Wars Battlefront 2 is said to span multiple eras as compared to the first one in which it covered mainly the first three original films (Episodes IV to VI). Thus, we will expect the Clone Wars up to the Last Jedi for this game. With the success of Rogue One, we do hope that map for the Battle of Scarif will also be included it was an epic battle (it was the final expansion pack for the first Star Wars Battlefront).

    With such a game spanning multiple eras, expect  more characters and units than ever before then you will need to brush up on your knowledge of Star Wars movies. Apart from playing the game, guessing the characters and what movie they first appeared should be fun too.

    Star Wars Battlefront 2 will be released during the Holiday Season of 2017, and most probably will have its marketing coordinated with the release of Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. Many FPS shooters that have enjoyed the first Battlefront may appreciate that they will get more than their money’s worth with the inclusion of the single player campaign.

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    Laser Shone At Pilot (Stock Photo by MPSHeathrow

    Laser pointers are cool stuff to use, on or off the airsoft field. Apart from using it as a targeting tool for more accurate shooting against the OPFOR, lasers can also be used as for presentations in front of clients and students. But they can also be dangerous even if they look harmless as they can pose a danger to pilots, drivers, and motorists. Anything that happens to them in the course of their duties if they get disoriented or temporarily blinded by a laser shined on them can cause catastrophic  accidents that can lead to serious injuries and death.

    Whilst, the United Kingdom government has been clamping on such offenses as pressure for pilots’ unions kept on increasing, the number of incidents of laser being used against pilots, and now against drivers of trains and buses has been increasing over the years.  There are punishments such as a fines up to £2,500 under the Air Navigation Order, or if it is more serious, prison terms are meted to offenders.

    The police had to prove that such action must prove the aircraft was put into danger, but now the UK government will get tougher and they will taking a “common sense” approach to this increasing menace to drivers and pilots. This time, it will make it an offence to shine at any transport operator, be it in the air, sea or land. No need for the police to prove that the vehicle and occupants was put into danger, as they just need to prove only the offence of shining the laser.

    Laser Pens (Source: Wikimedia)

    Secretary of State For Transport, Chris Grayling said, “Shining a laser pointer at pilots or drivers is incredibly dangerous and could have fatal consequences. Whilst we know laser pens can be fun and many users have good intentions, some are not aware of the risks of dazzling drivers or pilots putting public safety at risk. That’s why we want to take the common sense approach to strengthen our laws to protect the public from those who are unaware of the dangers or even worse, intentionally want to cause harm. This kind of dangerous behaviour risks lives and must be stopped.” He further adds that, “There are around 1,500 laser attacks on aircraft every year in the UK and we know there have been similar attacks on trains and buses. What I am announcing today (5 February 2017) are plans to give the police effective powers to investigate and bring those who misuse lasers to justice.”

    According to the Department for Transportation (DfT), the measures will be included in a vehicle technology and aviation bill, which will be published and submitted to the UK parliament very soon.

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    Rainbow Six Siege Operation Velvet Shell

    As of the 7th of February, Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 officially started with the Velvet Shell rollout. This is the fifth expansion ever since it was released and the first of four that will be released for 2017. What everybody got excited about the Operation Velvet Shell is the introduction of two more operators, new customization options as well as a new multiplayer map. Apart from that, the release also came with fixes to bugs that affect the playing experiences of gamers.

    The two new operators are from the G.E.O. of Spain or the Grupo Especial de Operaciones which does counter-terrorism and VIP protection. The first operator, called “Jackal”, is a tracker equipped with a mobile tracking device which can detect breadcrumbs to trace the enemy player. The other operator, “Mira” who is a Defender, can put one-way bullet-proof windows into walls. The defenders, using the one-way window, can see the enemy without being detected and they can pop-up the window to get a clearance to shoot.

    These operators are immediately unlocked for Season Pass owners, who get a headstart of 7 days with these characters which are then released globally on the Valentine’s day for those with Renown or R6 Credits.

    As for the multiplayer map that will go with the Velvet Shell rollout, it is called “Coastline” and is located in Ibiza, Spain. It looks like the multiplayer battle will happen in the world-famous party place, at a place called La Perla Blanca and thus, there will be intense close quarters combat along pools, bars, and dance floors.

    The User Interface of the game also gets an update with challenges, news, and boosters available in one place. The full menu will be available for players to use while waiting for matchmaking, allowing them to do other activities as they search for matches to participate in.

    Coming with the UI update also are the options for customization, with players now able to check the new skins called Chupinazo, El Dorado, León Furioso and Crossfader.

    With the release of the Velvet Shell update, there also plans by Ubisoft to further increase the roster of operators. For now, there are a total of 28 operators, with 8 scheduled for release this year. Instead of adding new game modes, the roster of operators will be increased from around 50 to 100 over the years. If Ubisoft will be pushing hard for eSports for Rainbow Six Siege, then having this big pool of operators for players to play with is a good move.

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    U.S. Army PEO Soldier Weapons BOSS

    This week is actually dearth in terms of news about new firearms as well as new airsoft guns as most have been announced last month, especially during the SHOT Show 2017. The next instance that we’ll get a deluge of information from both the real steel and airsoft industries will probably be at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany next month.

    So time to look for other technologies, while not actually applicable for airsoft, are nonetheless technologies that will affect the warfighting capabilities of militaries. In this case, the U.S. Army’s PEO Soldier Weapons is looking to a system that allows a sniper to hit a person-sized target at extreme ranges.

    Called the Ballistically Optimized Sniper Scope or BOSS, this is an integrated fire control system for sniper rifles. Realizing that improvements in sniper and ammo will not change substantially over the years, the researchers turn their attention fire control devices that takes into consideration the limitations of such rifles and ammo and be able to improve accuracy as well as reducing time for a shooter to properly aim and make a high probability hit.

    The rail-mounted BOSS is an automated, full-solution fire-control system for sniper weapons. It comes with a 6-22x optic with a precision, eye-safe laser range finder. It also has an internal environmental sensor suite, platform orientation inclinometers, and sophisticated ballistic calculator. Overall, this is a sniper scope with a lot of computing power to help the sniper aim accurately and hit a target at greater distances. It has a fail-system that allows the sniper to continue operations even in the event of loss power that the various components of the BOSS fail to function.

    Regina Stonitsch, Assistant Product Manager for BOSS at Project Manager Soldier Weapons said in a story at the U.S. Army website, "To improve sniper effectiveness, especially at extended distances, we need to find a way to increase accuracy by reducing aiming errors, and minimize the time for the shooter to figure out where to correctly aim his weapon. We believe the answer could be the BOSS Project."

    She further adds that, "Since sniper rifle and ammunition technologies are unlikely to change considerably in the foreseeable future, we're concentrating our efforts on developing a revolutionary fire control system that will provide a leap in shooter performance and likewise a big return on investment."

    While, the lightweight BOSS, (weighs 3.5lbs) is made for snipers, it can be readily adapted for other small weapons systems. If the Army decides to adapt the BOSS for use, it could be available for use by soldiers in 2020.

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    The Airsoft Meetup 2017 At The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 Is On

    It is now less than a month and the one of the largest trade exhibits in the world where you see a lot of airsoft manufacturers and gear makers, as well as firearms manufacturers all in one place will take place. The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 is all set to welcome guests and trade visitors from all around the world from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany.

    For the airsoft industry and community, it is also another opportunity to gather together and update each other on what is happening, especially in terms of product development and commercial activities. Started in 2011, the Airsoft Meetup has been gathering together the airsoft industry, airsoft community, and the airsoft media under one roof and is growing each year.

    As always, for this year, we expect various presentations from the companies that work hard to provide their customers and airsoft players products they think will enhance or give them a good airsoft playing experience. For the airsoft media, they can also sit and relax to get more information as compared to visiting their booths where the din and noise of such a large trade exposition will sometimes drown out the audio for their videos. At the Airsoft Meetup 2017, they will hear them loud and clear with more information prepared.

    Apart from that, the awarding ceremonies of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards also takes place after all the speakers are done with the presentations. Awardees present will be given their awards from the largest airsoft event online where the community awards those industry and as well as community members who they think have provided an excellent product or service.

    To attend the Airsoft Meetup 2017, airsoft visitors should have their invitations to visit the IWA Outdoor Classics via the airsoft exhibitors they know of. Once they get their IWA invite, they can then proceed to the Airsoft Meetup 2017 website to get their free tickets.

    Details of the Airsoft Meetup 2017:

    Airsoft Meetup 2017
    IWA Outdoor Classics 2017
    Hong Kong Room
    Nuremberg Messe
    Nuremberg, Germany
    5 March 2017
    1300H – 1600H

    See you there!

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    7APCA Winner Announcement

    After two months of nominations and voting, we finally get to have the privilege again of announcing the winners of the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards for the 7th year. They all deserve to be winners as they got the respect and recognition from the readers of Popular Airsoft as well as the global airsoft community.

    A good number of winners in for the 7th iteration of the biggest airsoft awards are consistent ones, winning in their categories for 3 or more years. We wonder why airsoft players don’t get bored and keep on voting these same names, companies or brands. The answer is pretty much obvious --- these companies have been very much consistent in providing excellent service, experience, or products that their customers and fans keep on voting them back.

    But of course, there are new names also given that there were new categories created to give more companies a chance to bag an award and also that there are some names that probably have done better for the 7th year of the awards that they managed to dislodge the defending champions, so to speak. This means that there is always an opportunity for every airsoft company, airsoft player, and airsoft media outfit to get an award. They just need to work harder or learn what the consistent winners do for their customers or followers.

    We’re pretty sure you want to read the list of winners and here they are:

    Best Airsoft Retailer for North America

     Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe


    Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia

    RedWolf Airsoft 

    Best Gear Retailer for North America

    Best Gear Retailer for Europe

    Military 1st

    Best Gear Retailer for Asia

    eHobby Asia

    Best Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)

    Airsoft Action Magazine

    Best English Language Airsoft News Website

    Arnie's Airsoft

    Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website


    Best Airsoft Blog (Regardless of Language)

    Airsoft & Milsim News Blog

    Best Airsoft Community/Forum

    Airsoft Society

    Best Airsoft Video Posted Online in 2016

    RWTV Biggest Airsoft Game Ever:
    Armored War VIII in Russia

    Best Airsoft Event (Over 500 Players)

    Border War 8

    Best Airsoft Podcast or Video Channel


    Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker


    Best Airsoft KABOOM (Grenade/Mine/Mortar/Rocket/Pyro) Maker

    Airsoft Innovations

    Best Airsoft Pistol
    (Regardless of Power Source)

    ASG CZ P-09 Duty

    Best Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle

    Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS

    Best Airsoft Shotgun
    (Regardless of Power Source)

    Tokyo Marui M870 Tactical Gas Shotgun

    Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle
    (Regardless of Power Source)

    Tokyo Marui VSR-10 Professional Sniper Version

    Best Airsoft Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)

    Tokyo Marui HK416D
    New Generation Electric Gun

    Best Airsoft Manufacturer

    Tokyo Marui

    Special Airsoft Player Award

    Mark Rasmussen

    The awarding will be done during the Airsoft Meetup at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 in Nurember, Germany. For the winners who will be attending the Airsoft Meetup, please do get in touch with us so we can bring your award. For the winners who won’t be able it make it for the Airsoft Meetup, please do get in touch with us as well as we will need your shipping/delivery address so we can ship your shiny award.

    A big, big, big congratulations to the winners! A big salute from the Popular Airsoft team.

    Our big, big, big thanks as well to all the voters of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, without your participation the awards will not happen. Don’t worry, we shall be announcing the raffle prize winners next so make sure you visit the Popular Airsoft website to find out if you won one of the raffle prizes.

    And a massive thanks to our sponsors, without their support, we won’t get the wheels of the awards process moving. They do want those who work hard in the airsoft community and the airsoft industry get the recognition they deserve, and they see the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards as they proper vehicle to give that recognition, and with it the respect from airsoft players.

    Please do click on our Sponsors’ logos and learn more about them and the products/services they provide:




    See you at the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards!

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    7APCA Raffle Prize Winners

    Now, here is the next great news from the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards after we announced the winners of the categories --- the raffle prize winners. This is our and our sponsors’ small way of thanking those who submitted their nominees and those who cast their votes. As we always say, if we can only give all those participated raffle prizes, we would. But sad to say, we are only limited in the number of raffle prizes.

    For some technical stuff, if you won an airsoft gun as a raffle prize and you live in the United Kingdom, we will need you to provide a VCRA Valid Defence such as a UKARA Number or you shall forfeit the raffle prize and it will be raffled off again. If you live in a country that has a law that only airsoft players ages 18 and above can own an airsoft gun, then you must be at least 18 years old or else you will forfeit the prize and will be raffled off again.

    Winners have a maximum of 180 days to claim their raffle prizes.

    Here are the lucky winners of the raffle prizes (we blotted their names out for privacy and anti-spam purposes). Congratulations to these lucky guys! :)

    Tokyo Marui M4 CQB-R Block 1 Gas Blowback Rifle
    Winner: Romain <r_ro***>

    Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle
    Winner: Helmut <helmut_ba****>

    Tokyo Marui HK45 Tactical Gas Blowback Pistol
    Winner: Simon <shen*******>

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 1
    Winner: Rauno <raunoil****>

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 2
    Winner: Saul <saulma***>

    Gunfire Raffle Prize Package 3
    Winner:    Martin <moc***>

    Airsoft Atlanta G&G Top Tech TR16 R4 DST AEG Raffle Prize
    Winner: David <Dok***>

    on't forget to visit the sponsors of the awards who have made it possible to make this more exciting, with their contributions and raffle prizes:




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    U.S. Marines Riding the Polaris MRZR-D ATV

    The first batch of the ultralight Polaris MRZR-D All Terrain Vehicles s are set to be delivered to Marine infantry units this month. Last year, the U.S. Marines ordered 144 Polaris MRZR-D ATVs last year to the tune of US$2.5 million with the aim of improving readiness through rapid logistics support in the field in a report by Mathuel Browne, Marine Corps Systems Command at the website.

    The fast ATV can carry up to four Marines or carry 1,500lbs of supplies and each Marine infantry regiment will be equipped with 18 units of these vehicles. Already in use by some special operations units, this ATV can fit inside the Marine V-22 Osprey and CH-53E helicopters for easier and faster deployment. This version of the MRZR-D, while it is diesel powered, can also run on JP-8 fuel.

    Jessica Turner, team lead for Internally Transportable Vehicles/Utility Task Vehicles at Program Executive Officer Land Systems (PEO LS), “The Marine’s pack is getting heavier, and they are carrying more gear than ever down range. Infantry Marines were looking for a capability that would lessen the load while increasing the area of operation, and the UTV is that solution.” The PEO LS is the U.S. Marine Corps’ acquisition arm for major land programs and they joined the Marines Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC) to deliver the capability with a shorter time frame.

    The MARSOC partnered with Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory to evaluate the vehicle if it meets the need of Marine infantry. Marines who will be authorized to drive the vehicles will need to complete operator training and off-road vehicle safety procedures.

    According to the Marines website, the Polaris MRZR-D ATV shipment will be going to I and II Marine Expeditionary Force in February, and III MEF in March and April.


    Top Photo:U.S. Marine Corps photo by Private 1st Class Rhita Daniel

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