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    Battlefield 1 Winter Update

    Still within the confines of your homes playing online multiplayer FPS games rather than brave the freezing cold outside and play airsoft with your mates? Well, before the snow starts to thaw next month and if you are a Battlefield 1 gamer, then there is good news for you.

    The Battlefield 1 Winter Update is a massive update, rolling out worldwide, the update will require a 4.6GB download for gaming consoles and a 1.6GB for PCs (hooray for PC gamers like us here at Popular Airsoft!).  Based on the feedback of gamers, they are implementing new features and improvements which they hope will keep the players coming back for more.

    According to DICE, they are bringing back the Ribbons for players to collect, with a 300 XP increase whenever a ribbon is collected. These Ribbons are designed to promote good team play and playing the objective. Apart from the Ribbons, it is now possible to unlock an Elite Codex for 8 of the primary weapons available in the game. The requirement is to get 500 more kills per primary weapon and the player is awarded a shiny Elite Codex as well as 25,000 Bonus XP.

    As for the max Class Ranks, the new one has been increased to 50. Once a player hits 50, he/she will be granted some extra Class flair in the kill card. There will also be Dog Tags that can be unlocked as a player progress towards the max Class Rank 50.

    The Winter Update will also include the highly anticipated rent-a-server features. Admins will be able to kick out players from the server by using the in-game UI or ban a misbehaving player and they get priority access to the server. Players will be able to vote for the next map after a match is over and they are given two options which to vote for and whichever alternative that garners the most votes will be the map.

    You can click here to read the full update notes of the Winter Update.

    For March, the first expansion pack “They Shall Not Pass” will be released. The French Army will be joining the fight and there will be 4 all-new maps, new weapons, a new game mode, and much more in store for players anticipating this pack.

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    Mil-Spec Monkey Motale Patch Sheet

    We have received word that Morale Patch Armory, an online shop for morale patches, has successfully trademarked “Morale Patch” as granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last February 7, 2017.  The USPTO published the trademark application to find out if there was opposition to it last November 22, 2016 and since there were no objections, they granted the application of Morale Patch Armory.

    It looked like that the communities that collect morale patches, such as the tactical and airsoft communities were asleep with this development and only moved into action with the posting of Morale Patch Amory at their blog. A group of people have decided to fight the trademark and have it cancelled by the USPTO. Calling the campaign "Morale Patch" Trademark Defense Fund, they have put up a Gofundme Page to raise US$10,000 for the legal work to be done. As of this writing, it has already breached the 10,000 dollar mark and still more people are contributing money:

    Our community is under attack. The term "Morale Patch" was recently trademarked despite it being a common and generic term that our community has used for years and developed its identity around. We've reached our initial goals of $5,000 and $8,000, but keep going...who knows how much this thing is going to cost, but we're probably going to need a sizable war chest.

    We've got engagement letters in hand to retain the legal services of Loza & Loza, a firm specializing in trademark law. We will be filing a motion of "cancellation" of the trademark. We're confident that with the amount of previous usage, this trademark will be successfully and swiftly cancelled.

    The retainer is $2,000 and the cost per hour of the attorney is $350. Any leftover funds after the legal challenge will be donated or used towards a cause that benefits the patch community as a perhaps a charity, an event at Shot Show for all of us, or a special patch for the group of people who answered the call. One step at a time, and right now that step is to defend the community.

    If you'd like to contribute to this cause, $5, $20, or even $1,000 (like Jason Wages aka Modern Arms) or whatever you can will be remembered as a hero and will be forever able to say that you stood up for what is decent and right in the face of tyranny. Now, go back to your Xerxes and tell him that he faces free men here.

    -Violent Little

    Morale Patch Armory posted a statement on Facebook on the issue on their Facebook Page. It is a long reply, denying that they have sent Cease and Desist Letters to companies or individuals, nor asked for licensing fees from those making morale patches. This paragraph summarizes it all:

    We have NEVER asked for any sort of licensing fee so anything you see where people are sharing that is absolutely false. Like ALL other patch companies, they use the term “dealers” for people who resell their patches, for our exclusive designs that would be resold from other companies/designers, we require our designs to be ‘licensed’. But have no plan on requesting or collecting any “licensing fee” on morale patches that they have designed and are selling. So as direct from the source as can be, anything you see people saying or sharing about this is a falsehood and should be treated as such.

    But it looks like the community is not convinced given the reactions to the statement (some of the negative comments were removed). Though we agree with the patch community that the “Morale Patch” should not have been trademarked in the first place since morale patches have been in existence for decades now and the term considered something to be in the public domain.

    It is going to be a legal battle between Morale Patch Armory and the Patch community and we’ll monitor the progress of this. If you want to support the "Morale Patch" Trademark Defense Fund, you can go to the GoFundMe page and show your support by pledging funds in whatever amount you want.


    Top Photo:Mil-Spec Monkey Patch Sheet

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    7APCA HOF Second Inductees

    As we countdown to the next big event in the airsoft industry, the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany, we eagerly prepare also for the gathering of the airsoft industry and the airsoft media for the Airsoft Meetup 2017 which will be on the 5th of March 2017 at the Hong Kong Room of Nuremberg Messe.

    One of the highlights of the Airsoft Meetup is the awarding ceremony of the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, as the winners of the various categories go up the stage to receive their awards. For the 7th Airsoft Players Choice Awards, there is a special moment for the some of the awardees, as they join an elite group of winners in the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards Hall of Fame.

    For this year, there are four inductees to the Hall of Fame. What they have achieved is hard to do, having won 5 times in their categories. Three of the winners have achieved a rare 5 wins in a row. Because of their achievement, we honour the following to be inducted into the Hall of Fame:

    Let us welcome and congratulate the Second Inductees of the Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Hall of Fame:

    Hall of Famer Border War: Best Airsoft Event With Over 500 Players

    Established in 2008, Border War aims to create international high level airsoft MILSIM event with an exciting atmosphere and a great level of enjoyment for all participants.

    Hall of Famer WMASG: Best Non-English Airsoft News Website exists since 2001 which makes us one of the oldest Airsoft community websites in the world. We keep acting as the leading and the main Polish airsoft community platform. This is the biggest website about airsoft & tactical gear in Poland. is a huge data base of airsoft reviews, news, events and also military equipement. Our team are people with longterm experience, wide knowledge, thanks to that for many of our users is a source of final information they are looking for. What is more, for all of us airsoft is only a part of wider military passion! Thanks to that our website is lucky to be trusted from years. is a wide and always on time platform to communicate with and among our users who also create They are not only citiziens but also actual soldiers, policemen, war veterans.


    Hall of Famer Airsoft Innovations: Best Airsoft KABOOM Maker

    We are a company run by airsoft players. We strive to revolutionize the airsoft experience by delivering well-engineered products that expand your game.


    Hall of Famer Best Airsoft Retailer For North America is today, the world's largest airsoft retailer and distributor because of overwhelming support from our shoppers around the world. In return, we offer our fans unmatched services and selection. Inc. is a USA based company with over 100 staff and a mission to provide the best service in the industry.

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    USMC M27 IAR in Afghanistan (Wikimedia)

    Last February 10, 2071, the US Marine Corps sent a Request for Information (RFI M67854-17-I-1218) for manufacturers that can meet the demand of producing 11,000 M27 Infantry Automatic Rifles (IAR). This further solidifies the reports that the Marines are looking into replacing the M4 with the M27 IAR as the standard issue rifle.

    Last November 2016, reported that the M27 IAR was issued to the 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines rather the M4 for pre-deployment exercises to experiment with the rifle as the mainstay rifle for the Marines. Officially, the M27 IAR is used as a support weapon for the Marine infantry, replacing the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) in 2010, alongside with the M4, which is the standard rifle at present.

    But with the cost of the M27 IAR at US$3,000.00 and with just 11,000 rifles that are planned to be ordered, it is still not close to fully equipping the Marine infantry with enough M27 IAR. Perhaps, it is just adding more IAR ready to be issued for squads as there are just about less than a hundred of the IARs issued to the squads at present. Adding more M27 IARs to the Corps’ 32 infantry battalions would further enhance the firepower of the Marines at the fire team level.

    The M27 IAR is base on the Heckler & Koch HK416 Assault Rifle, but with the RIF, the U.S. Marines will be requiring competitive bidding among interested manufacturers that can meet the required 11,000 IARs that are compatible with the existing weapon. The M27 IAR has a fully automatic fire option as compared to the M4 rifle and is more accurate due to its free floating barrel as well as longer range. As stated above, the M27 IAR is about three times more expensive the M4 with the latter costing US$750 per unit.

    The U.S. Marine Corps are expecting responses from interested vendors by March 17, 2017.

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    Remington Model 700 CDL SF

    In 2014, Remington recalled their Remington Model 700 and Model Seven Rifles to replace their triggers after complaints that they were firing when they were not supposed to. Fast forward to 2017, a federal judge in Missouri began hearing arguments for a suit brought against the company by owners of the rifles, which is one of the most popular bolt-action rifles in history.

    For airsoft players, their encounters with the Model 700 is in the form of its military versions, which is either the U.S. Army’s M24 or the U.S. Marine’s M40 series (M40, M40A1, MA403, and M40A5) that are made by Classic Army (M24) or ASG-VFC and Tokyo Marui (M40 series).

    The models recalled by Remington were the rifles that were built from May 1, 2006 through April 9, 2014 that use the XMP (X-Mark Pro) trigger which the company says have been assembled with too much bonding agent. But complaints also cover the original trigger, called the “Walker” trigger

    According to, more than 20 people have been killed by the rifles which their owners say fired without them squeezing the trigger. With the problem recognized by Remington, it may lead to those accused or convicted of shooting the victims who claimed that the rifles fired on their own to be declared innocent.

    In one case, as covered by CBS News 60 Minutes, is about Zac Stringer, who his father talks about in the show, was sent to prison for killing his brother with the Remington 700.  Zac maintains his innocence that he didn’t kills his brother and that the rifle went off without him doing anything to make it fire.

    Zac Stringer is now out on good behavior, after serving five years of his 10-year prison sentence.

    In 2010, CNBC conducted an investigation before on the Remington problem, and that thousands of owners of the rifle have complained about the trigger problem ever since the rifle was first introduced in 1940s. The original designer, Merle "Mike" Walker, who was already 98 years old when CNBC conducted the investigation, proposed a safer trigger in 1948 when the rifle was being tested but was rejected since it will add to the cost though the added cost, adjusted for inflation is US$0.55.

    In the 60 Minutes report, the X-Mark Pro trigger was supposed to correct the “Walker” trigger problem , but actually made it worse. Remington blames human error rather than the gun’s fault. They may have to stand with this assertion as it may cost them real big if they have to replace every trigger as lawyers estimate that it will be 500 million dollars. That’s a lot of money, and thus the lawsuit will deeply impact the company if they lose.

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    Linc Smart Walkie Talkie Moto Mod

    For those who want to bring their smartphones in the field for any airsoft game or milsim event may sometimes get spotty signal or no signal at all as outdoor fields for airsoft can be out of cellular coverage. That’s where the value of radio comms come in, and many wish if they can have PTT capabilities with their smartphones.

    Owners of the Moto Z series are in luck, as there is an accessory that can be used with the smartphone and turn it into a walkie talkie. The Linc Smart Walkie Talkie MotoMod for Moto Z is now on Indiegogo, with the aim of raising US$12,000 in order to start production of the initial batch of their accessory. Apart from the Moto Z, it can also connect to other Bluetooth enabled smart devices.

    When paired to the Moto Z smartphone with the Linc app installed, the Linc Moto Mod, allows access to SMS, GPS locations sharing, channel selections, Radio-Over-Internet mode, VOX, & more. With a range of up to 5 miles (8 kms), it should be able to function as smart walkie talkie for an airsoft team. Even without a cellular service, the team can still communicate with via radio and it will work with FRS and GMRS with a total of 22 channels with 121 Privacy codes so you can have group communications with minimal chatter.

    With the ARC controller app, it allows you to send group or 1-to-1 text messaging just like the way you send SMS messages. You can also broadcast your location to others without the need for WiFI or cell coverage. If you unlock the dual-band feature, which is the 2m and 70cm band and with a verified call sign, you can gain access to APRS tracking and Packet Radio capabilities. But you will need a ham radio license to operate in these bands.

    This is not first time we encountered a project where an accessory can give walkie talkie features to a smartphone. Over two years ago, I wrote about the Beartooth accessory which has most of the functions of the Linc. Linc is more feature pack and allows it to communicate with other walkie talkies whilst Beartooth only works with other Beartooth devices.

    Since it is dust and water resistant, then it can along with you in the field. It also has its own 1500mah rechargeable battery so it does not have to draw power from your smartphone’s battery and it can last 20 hours on standby.

    If interested in owning one, you can pledge at least US$159 which contains the Linc Smart Walkier Talkie with UBS cable. If you want to own more than just the basic package, you can pay US$169.00 or more to get accessories such as a base charger, Bluetooth shoulder mic. The bigger amount you pledge, the more you get such as getting a 5 unit or 15 unit pack to equip a small or big airsoft team.

    The Linc Smart Walkie Talkie is estimated to be ready for delivery by December 2017.

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    Call of Duty: World At War

    In what could be a victory for fans of the Call of Duty franchise who want a more historically-based game releases under one of the biggest titles in FPS gaming. Activision announced that Call of Duty will be going back to its traditional roots. If we take it to its old releases, then it will be based on historical events as Call of Duty started as a World War II FPS game.

    Call of Duty went futuristic in the last titles such as Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. Infinite Warfare was a let-down in terms of sales and since the release of Ghosts, the Call of Duty series has been losing gamers who probably do not find space dogfights and other futuristic firefights as convincing enough to plunk down their money. With the release of the Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 1 which is set in World War 1 to much acclaim and positive sales from gamers wanting something more grounded on historical events, then this must have triggered the reversal of direction of Activision for Call of Duty.

    The lead developer to take back Call of Duty to its roots will be Sledgehammer.

    Now speculations are strong on another World War II title, as that’s how Call of Duty began in which three titles were released though we would not mind another Call of Duty that is based on contemporary events. Modern Warfare which was released in 2007 and had a remastered version that was released in conjunction with Infinite Warfare, was a highly successful game title at that time as it was set close to events at that time, setting in the Middle East. Though the plot set the game to 2011, players can relate to it in 2007 as the War on Terror was still in full swing.

    I really would not mind Sledgehammer going back in time to the Great War, even if EA has been ahead in this genre with Battlefield 1. It would be interesting how a "Call of Duty: World War 1" is made if it will be another contrast in game development vis-à-vis the EA Battlefield franchise.

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    The Complete Book Of Tokyo Marui

    If you are a fan of Tokyo Marui airsoft guns, then you probably would want to get a copy of “The Complete Book of Tokyo Marui”. Released last month with World Photo Press being the publisher, this book shows the 270 airsoft guns from Tokyo Marui and more with over 140 pages of full colour photographs and illustrations.  You may call it a product catalogue for 2017 by the most well known and respected airsoft company, but it actually goes beyond being a product catalogue.

    The book is well designed, and even if you do not understand Japanese, there are some English words that give you the idea of what section you are in. Opening the book, you will be first greeted by the upcoming the HK416 Delta Custom New Generation AEG as well as the SGR-12 AES that uses the same shotgun gearbox as the AA-12 AES. The HK416 Delta Custom is set to be released on the 9th of March 2017 and for those who are into collecting HK416 airsoft guns, this should be on top of their list of airsoft guns to buy for this year.

    Also in this section are brief mentions of the following upcoming gas blowback pistols: Glock 19, USP, V10 Ultra Compact, and the Colt M45A1 CQB Pistol.

    The next section is about the New Generation AEGs (NEGs), which was first introduced in the 2007 with the announcement of the AK74MN. The NEG’s distinct features are the electric blowback and simulated recoil although the AK74MN has already been discontinued. The NEGs are the mainstay products of the company and are seen in AKs, ARs, HK416s, HK417, FN SCAR Series, and G36s. We just wonder when they will be able to release NEGs in the SMG category.

    For those curious how many types of gearboxes that the company have introduced over the years, there are a total of 8 gearboxes for the AEGs (versions 1 to 8); a total of 4 gearboxes for the NEGs (versions 1 to 4); 5 gearboxes for the High Cycle Custom Series (they are targeting 8 gearboxes); 1 gearbox for the AES; 1 gearbox for the AEP; and 1 gearbox for MAEGs or SMG AEGs. The gearboxes for the AEGs, AEPs and SMG AEGs have been mainly copied by other airsoft manufacturers.

    The AEG section is the most extensive in the catalogue as Tokyo Marui has the most diversified list of airsoft guns of all and no other airsoft manufacturer has ever come close to what they have accomplished. No other airsoft manufacturer has a line-up of products of AEGs from versions 1 to 8 gearboxes and they are mainly stuck with producing airsoft guns that use the Version 2, Version 3, Version 6, and Version 7 gearboxes. Most, if not all, airsoft guns produced by other manufacturers are said to be “Marui compatible.”

    Tokyo Marui also manufacturers exclusively the Biohazard series of airsoft gas blowback pistols. In cooperation with CAPCOM, they have been releasing limited edition versions of the Biohazard pistols, famous of which at the Samurai Edge pistols, since 1998.

    After the electric gun sections comes the Gas Guns section which are also the most successful series of airsoft guns having produced best sellers such as the Hi-Capa, Colt 1911, M92/M9, and Glock series. There is not much to be said about these gas blowback guns, but they are very much copied by other airsoft manufacturers as well. They also have fixed slide pistols such as the MK23 SOCOM and the Centimeter Master.

    Only in the 21st century did Tokyo Marui introduce SMG and AR gas blowback rifles, such as the MP7A1, the M4A1 MWS, and the M4A1 CQB-R Block 1. Whilst not much discussed by airsoft players, the company also has a good line of airsoft revolvers, mainly comprised of Smith & Wesson M66s, and the Colt Python Series.

    The latest in their gas gun series are the shotguns which started with the M870 series, then followed by the KSG.

    All the gun sections have their mechanisms explained, and how I wished they released an English version other non-Japanese readers can have a chance to follow what was written in the book.

    Other guns that the company manufactures are the bolt action airsoft sniper rifles, bannered by the best selling airsoft sniper series, the VSR-10, as well as other air cocking AR rifles, shotguns and pistols.

    Most serious airsoft players will focus on the 1:1 scale airsoft guns but they can also check on the smaller scale airsoft guns produced by the company like the BOYS series.

    It’s not about airsoft guns only as  Japanese celebrities who play airsoft were featured as well: Kataoka Kotaro (Kabuki actor), Yoshihiro Takayama (pro wrestler), and Koji Akimoto (mechanical designer/cartoonist). They talked about their careers and their preferred Tokyo Marui airsoft guns. Apart from the celebrities, there were interviews with employees of Tokyo Marui and they talk about their airsoft gun collection.

    They also have a parts and accessories compatibility chart for you to check on the which part or accessory can be used for Tokyo Marui airsoft gun.

    Other feature stories is about the use of Tokyo Marui airsoft guns for training in the Japanese Self Defense Forces and Japanese Law Enforcement as well as the guns used in the John Wick movie, which the company emulated in their promotion of the KSG gas shotgun.

    To top it off, they also included a manga safety booklet called “Airsoft Guns and & Girls Enjoy It Safely”. This was illustrated by Sakasaki Furetei.

    If you want to collect “The Complete Book of Tokyo Marui” you can only order this in Japan via the Mono Shop though you can ask the retailer if they will be able to ship a copy overseas.

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    Airsoft Meetup IWA Outdoor Classics 2017

    In a few days’ time the next biggest event for the firearms, tactical, outdoor, and airsoft industries will begin. The IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 will run from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany and tens of thousands of trade visitors from over 100 countries will visit the trade fair and checking out over a thousand exhibitors.

    In this trade fair, one significant event for the airsoft industry is the Airsoft Meetup on the 5th of March when the who’s who in the industry will be meeting with the Airsoft Media, presenting their offerings and activities for 2017. This is the only one of its kind in the world where you can find you can find the industry and media in one room to focus on what’s ahead for airsoft the year.

    SlickAxe of NLAirsoft has posted at the Airsoft Meetup website, the line-up for this year’s speakers:

    • Paul Chu of RedWolf Airsoft/RWA
    • Carlton Chong of Airsoft Innovations
    • Lukasz Bonczol of Gunfire
    • Josh of Valken Tactical
    • Rossco Tucker of Nuprol
    • Johnny Pedersen of Action Sport Games

    There are other distinguish guests attending the Airsoft Meetup for the first time to observe for themselves what happens and perhaps next time they will be doing the presentations themselves. You will find some of these companies making their presentations at their booths but at the Airsoft Meetup you will be able to hear more revelations on their plans for the year in detail.

    To wrap-up the Airsoft Meetup is the awarding ceremony of the 7th Airsoft Players Choice Awards, where the second batch for the Hall of Fame will be inducted.

    If you have not booked your free tickets for the limited slots, you still have a few days to do so. Please make sure you have access as a trade visitor to the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 as a ticket to the Airsoft Meetup will not give you access to the trade fair.

    See you in Germany!

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    During the Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments 2017 (AEWE 2017) , photos of the RolaTube got our interest. The RolaTube they use is a roll-up mast that has VHF and UHF embedded. Once deployed as a radio mast, a soldier needs to just it into a radio. Since it is a roll-up mast, it can be easily packed away.

    UK-based RolaTube Expeditionary Systems explains that the product uses the revolutionary Bi Stable Reeled Composite (BRC) Technology, and they deliver mast products and structural systems to customers in the Defence, Homeland Security, Emergency Services, Disaster Relief, UN and NGO sectors.

    Photos: RolatTube during AEWE 2017 (By Angie DePuydt, U.S. Army)

    So what does that really mean? The RolaTube is a fabric that is made with fiberglass that when it is deployed, turns into a rigid structure usable as a mast and other purposes with the thickness dependent on the width of the fabric. For soldiers, they can also put together a ladder with the RolaTube if they need to go over an obstacle and can just pack it away to fit a rucksack.

    What’s more, you can also use the RolaTube as a tripod for the support weapons and sniper rifles. It is that versatile and rigid enough that it can readily take vibration caused by firing an M240 machine gun. This example of a tripod can also make it readily useful for civilian purposes such as film crews and surveyors.

    We don’t know how to get one of these RolaTubes for airsoft purposes, given that it has military applications. For radio masts to ladders, and to whatever application that we can think of, any serious milsim player can find more uses for the RolaTube as one can just improvise in the field such as turning it into an instant stretcher for an injured player or as a pole for a poncho to put up instant shelter.

    Now, where do we get these? The company has distributors around the world. In the U.S.A., they have ADS Inc., and Shakespeare Military and in Europe they have distributors in the Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, and France.

    The company is also looking into developing applications for use in spacecraft.

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    Alien: Covenant

    One of the movie franchises that continues to bring horror to the sci-fi fans, will do it again this year. Alien: Covenant, the second in the prequels to the overall Alien series, will be released on May 19, 2017. Unfortunately, there won’t be Colonial Marines in this movie bringing their M41A Pulse Rifle MK2 which has an airsoft version.

    Written by John Logan and directed by Ridley Scott, Alien: Covenant follows the first prequel, Prometheus, in which the Walter, a rebuild of the android David that survived in the Prometheus Expedition is aboard the colony ship called the Covenant on its way to the other side of the galaxy in the year 2014. They landed on a remote planet which they thought to be “uncharted paradise” but was a dark and dangerous world with the synthetic David 8 from Prometheus and of course, the creatures that will be their worst nightmare as inhabitants.

    For this movie, the cast is comprised of Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England and Benjamin Rigby. Noomi Rapace will reprise her role as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and the only human survivor of the Prometheus Expedition.

    Previously, a posted was release showing the word “Run”, but yesterday, they released a posted with the word “Hide” showing a facehugger head and the release date of 19 May (12 May for the UK):

    Today, a second trailer will be released by 20th Century Fox, the distributor of the film and also the production company together with Scott Free Productions. Optimus Prime would probably post news of the second trailer after he gets to watch it.

    You probably, as an airsofter, would want to know what firearms are going to be used in the Alien: Covenant. So far, identified two so far: the Thales F90, and an AR-15 and their entry will be updated if more information comes in.

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    Sig Sauer P320 Pistol

    The U.S. Army will have to put off testing of the XM17 Modular Handgun System for now. Glock has filed protests over the awarding of the handgun contract to replace the M9 pistol to Sig Sauer. The Sig Sauer P320 pistol was chosen by the U.S. Army over other competitors, with Sig Sauer winning over Glock at the end of the selection.

    It is a big money contract, as it the contract costs US$580 million over a ten year period and thus Glock is not willing to give up without a fight.

    Glock filed their protest at the Government Accountability Office (GAO) last February 24, 2017 with the U.S. Army having until the June 5, 2017 to reply. No documents are available at the GAO website to download so we can go over the general details of the protest.

    Sig Sauer is to supply the U.S. Army both the full size and compact versions of the P320, a polymer striker-fired pistol that has interchangeable grip modules and can be configured to fire different calibers. In this case, the U.S. Army has settled for the 9mm caliber. It can also be equipped with a slider mounted optic for more accuracy.

    With the protest filed, the production for the M17 Handgun will have to be put on hold until the matter is resolved so that also means the first batch of the new U.S. Army’s official sidearm will have to be delayed.

    We’ll monitor how this goes and shall post updates in the feature or news section once new information comes in.

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    IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 (photo by NürnbergMesse)

    We are now in Nuremberg to attend the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 from the 3rd to the 6th of March 2017. It’s the day you will expect a deluge of reports in airsoft, real steel, and tactical gear from various airsoft and firearms news outlets. We are excited again to see what the airsoft industry has in store for us, and there are more airsoft exhibitors than ever before.

    The Nuremberg Messe, the home of the IWA Outdoor Classics, is a massive convention centre where it has several halls that care to different interests. Most of the airsoft vendors are in Hall 7 and Hall 7A where they are mixed with air guns and real steel displays. For tactical gear, they can be located at Hall 9 and we shall try to spend more time in this hall this year to as many want to find out the latest in tactical gear and clothing.

    As part of our coverage, we will be visiting the airsoft manufacturers such as ICS Airsoft, Modify-Tech, King Arms, Action Sport Games, VFC, Classic Army, and Star Rainbow Company (SRC). Other big names in airsoft will be there such as RedWolf Airsoft, Gunfire, and SKWAirsoft.
    Also, the Airsoft Innovations Burst XL Sound Grenade will be making its appearance in Europe finally and Carlton Chong will be telling us more about their new product.

    Apart from reporting from the exhibit floor of the event, it is also a big weekend for the airsoft media in Europe as they will be seeing each other again, socialising with vendors, and of course getting wasted over German beer and sausages. 

    The annual Airsoft Meetup will take place on the 5th of March at the Hong Kong Room from 1300H to 1600H. If you are at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 and want to meet the airsoft media, community and industry in one room, better get yourself a ticket now.

    So stick around this website for the next four days, we have lots of things to tell you.


    Top Photo:Nuremberg Messe East Entrance (Photo by NürnbergMesse)

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    IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 Day 1

    It was an early start for us at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017. Masterchief and I got up early to go Nuremberg Messe for the first day of the trade expo just to beat the morning crowds. We were really early as we got our press passes and found a closed press room that was to open 30 minutes later rather than 0800H. So off to the nearby cafeteria and waited until the press room got opened.

    I wanted to be early at the press room  so we can do our online stuff since the internet connection at our hotel was atrocious, always slow when many guests are using the internet connection at the same time. At least at the venue, I can always use their local network which has better bandwidth.

    It was Masterchief’s first time at IWA, having found time from his day job so he can help me out cover the event, especially that Dom was not able to come and is more of an IWA guru than me. After having updated the Popular Airsoft, it was time for us to go to Halls 7 and 7a to see the airsoft companies who have set up their booths for one of the biggest events in the airsoft industry.

    Our plan for the morning was to drop by and say hello to the companies and set appointments so we can take videos of their displays and what they have to offer to airsoft players. In a matter of two hours we were able to make appointments with most of them.

    The first of the lot is Classic Army to finish the morning as on the sport they had someone available to talk about the products on display. Most probably, every airsoft player should be familiar with their miniguns, the M134, but the more interesting bit is their line-up of AEGs with their “Nemesis”  series which is comprised of 6 AEGs for now. These are M-Lok compatible, use 9mm bearings, have 6.03 inner barrels, and very much programmable with their own ECS or the Electronic Control System that you can just program the Nemesis AEG without the need of another device just to do it.

    We had a quick lunch after the Classic Army presentation as the afternoon of Day 1 was more packed with appointments. We got to the RedWolf Airsoft booth and it was full of people checking the different products and learning more about the brands on display. Max Lai was there waiting for us so he could start with his presentation and he talked about RWA products like the Cerakoted custom guns they have as well as the new HPA airsoft products they carry, which mainly are from Wolverine Airsoft.

    We dropped by booth of SKWAirsoft, where Kristel and Gonzalo were more than helpful enough to set our appointment and gave us a quick tour of their booth, showing the Zoxna mortars and a glimpse of their Duel Code line. We’ll post more information about their products as soon as we are finished with our appointment with them.

    Next stop was Action Sport Games, where Thomas Mikkelsen was already to accommodate us with our request and to talk about more the EVO line, especially with their release of an EVO HPA that is done in cooperation with Wolverine Airsoft. I also had some interesting discussions with our friends from the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog who for this year are taking a more relaxed approach in covering the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017.

    For those who missed the ASG twins for about three years, I am happy to inform you that they are back for this year.

    From Hall 7 we went to 7a as there are several airsoft companies as well. We dropped by BOLT Airsoft where Henry talked about their B.R.S.S. products (Bolt Recoil Shock System), with their AR line-up as well as the SWAT which is basically a BRSS that takes inspiration from the MP5 design. Their prototype of the AKS74U BRSS, first seen at the last month’s Hooha Show in Taiwan, was not display.

    Modify have expanded their XTC Series with two more additions to join the original XTC-G1 --- the XTC CQB and the XTC-PDW which for now has a 3D-Printed Stock Prototype. Both still retain the nice features of the XTC-G1 which is a very capable AEG with really good economics. Also, they have a new wireless electronic targeting system that can easily detect and record BB hits.

    More on the Modify products once we post the video at the Popular Airsoft YouTube Channel.

    By 4pm, we were done mainly for day save for our last booth visit, which was Nuprol. Their booth keeps on getting bigger each year and for this year, they are all dressed up smartly, donning suits instead of being more “tacticool” to reflect on their seriousness on the business aspect of airsoft. Rossco Tucker talked about their jump into actual airsoft gun manufacturing, as Nuprol is more known for airsoft accessories, gear, and consumables.  Perhaps less known is their tie-up with Ares Airsoft with their Amoeba brand to come up with the Delta series that most will probably quickly identify as the “Honey Badger” type. But as for their own AEG line, they have AEGs with interesting names such as “Freedom Fighter”, “Recon Alpha”, and “Pioneer Defender”.

    Wrapping up our first Day of the IWA Outdoor Classics was a quick meeting with Mr. Frog Lee and Derek of APS. We talked about how business is going with APS, and they are happy that they have negligble returns on their products ordered by airsoft players after making a serious effort at improving the quality of their internals and externals. They wanted us to take a closer look at their APM40 sniper rifle and so Masterchief had arranged for a review unit to be shipped to him after the IWA.

    It was already 1730 we finished our first day of the trade event. Mike of Border War met us at the Press Room so we can all go back together to the city centre. We had an “Airsoft Media” dinner with and Javier of 0’20 Magazine and we were joined by Laylax headed by Managing Director Koji Nomura and Masaki who is already a very much familiar face in both North American and European airsoft media.  They were also joined by their colleagues for their sister company Gas Blowbacks, which handles the export business for Laylax.

    By 2100H, the Laylax team decided to go back to hotel as they still need to sleep off the effects of jet lag, whilst for the rest of us we moved to Finnegan’s to join friends in the British airsoft business as well as RedWolf Airsoft, with Marck and Maxim; and G&G Armament with Amanda and Charlie. Whilst we thought our day was over by 2400H, it still went on til the early morning as we all wanted to savour the most enjoyable night we ever had Nuremberg.

    Photos of the first day of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 Day 2

    I had to wake up early to start writing the first day report of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017. As I have mentioned, a slow uplink for the broadband connection at the hotel, I do really need to be at the Nuremberg Messe early so I can upload the photos on the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

    That means I had to send Masterchief on his way to do the videos for the appointments of the day, and that started with Vega Force Company where Ray showed the first real world reveal of the VFC Avalon Monster Leopard Series. These series have a handguards that are shaped like a leopard’s head at the frontend, and I believe somebody remarked if it can be used to open a bottle, though I believe it’s too wide for that purpose.

    Next for him was to meetup with Charlie Suarez of G&G Armament, where he presented the products of the company for the year. He started with their Night Vision Goggles (NVG) which we first reported as the Lucie-Style one and got a lot of buzz in the community.  From there he shows the G&G Gas Blowback Pistol Series starting with three pistols: GPM92, GPM1911, and their own in-house design, the GTP 9. They also fully-licensed Knights Armament AEGs, and shows the ARP 9, G&G’s AR-style AEG that has a 9mm-style magazine.

    By 1030H, I was already done and had to rush to the West area of the Nuremberg Messe where I had to handover the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards to Military1st’s Michael Grzybowski for winning the Best Gear Retailer For Europe Category which is a new category for the awards. He won’t be able to make it for the Airsoft Meetup the next day, but it is still nice to hand over the award to him in person. If they win again next year, hopefully they can accept the award at the awarding ceremonies.

    I meet up with Masterchief back at Hall 7, at the booth of Valken Tactical, where Josh shows the line-up of the company this year. He explains that their Battle Machine line, which started with the entry level Polymer series, is now moving into the high-end metal series which they call the “Allow Series”. They have MOD-C CQB Variant of the Battle Machine line as well as  well as their news Accessories line, showing the Crane-stock that is designed to have a battery compartment for the rear-wired gearbox. They also have the enhanced pull-string 300-round high capacity magazine for AEGs. He also shows Tango Series of uniforms which they launched in 2016.

    It was almos 1200H by the time we were finished at Valken Tactical so back to the press room for us so I can transfer some of the files of the photos I have taken as I needed to free up space for more and at the same grab some lunch. But we decided if we can make our appointments move along earlier than the appointed times, we might end the day of doing our job early. So we went to King Arms where we were lucky the Sarah Hung was already free.

    Another licensed product that they have is the Predator Tactical which they started last year releasing with the Iron Shrike. Now, they have more pistols to show under the brand and for first time we see them having their own Peacemaker revolvers.

    After King Arms, we moved to ICS Airsoft, finding Alice Chen to inform us that their presentor, Lee Morante was ready to show their offerings for this year. ICS Airsoft also have branched out into airsoft pistols, with their Black Leopard line-up and they will be producing even an airsoft Makarov. What is also interesting with ICS Airsoft is that they have a new member in the CXP family, which they first revealed in the real world at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017, the ICS CXP-M.A.R.S. or the Modern Assault Rifle System Series. They have four different models and two colour schemes and they sport a LVOA-style handguard and feature the ICS Airsoft Transform4 system.

    It was Gunfire up next for the video where Marek showed us the line-up from their Specna Arms and they have a Redline series, which is the part of the trend in airsoft where manufacturers releasing sport rifles plus a new line of water-transfer of Specna Arms AEGs with different camo patterns. He then led us to their E&L Airsoft display, high quality AEGs especially their AK AEG lineup that airsoft players appreciated.  E&L Airsoft also produce AR-type AEGs. Gunfire also carry other popular brands in airsoft such as LCT Airsoft, Tokyo Marui, and ICS Airsoft.

    Gunfire also known to have series of products designed to support AEGs such as the Electro River electronic accessories such as chargers. Other products they had on display at their booth are the Rockets Bbs, Theta Optics, and Primal Gear, amongst others.

    By 1600H, we went to the ASG booth where they were hosting cockatils with invited guests, and we are fortunate that have been invited but unfortunately left our invitations at the hotel. But we are lucky that the ASG twins recognised us and let us in. The airsoft media was already dear, such as NLAirsoft,, Femme Fatale Airsoft, Airsoft Action Magazine, and more. It was also a winding down for the day for us after a hectic day and happy to see familiar faces that we met in our travels covering airsoft events in Europe.

    At around 1730H, we decided to call it a day as we had to rest a bit and freshen up for our annual dinner with Gunfire. It is a tradition now for us to meet up with them  to exchange information on the trends in the airsoft industry as well as talk anything under the sun, well, in this case under the moon. We met up with them at this nice Greek restaurant in the City Centre.

    It is always enjoyable to have this talk with Gunfire, as we always exchange of  lot of stories, not necessarily about airsoft. Over great food and drinks, we realised that it was almost midnight when we decided to break-up the party. We were already knackered at this time, and unable to catch up with other friend who also had plans for that night. It looks like age is catching up this time, as we cannot keep up with our younger friends in the airsoft media and airsoft industry. So we decided to call it a night as tomorrow, there are still more appontments as well as need to be looking fresh for the Airsoft Meetup.

    More photos at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 Day 3

    We greeted the morning of the third day of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 much more refreshed than the previous day for having decided not to party hard that night. We had to make sure of that since the third day is always the best day for the airsoft industry at this event as most of us get to meet and greet each other in one room since it is also the Airsoft Meetup.

    Arriving at the Nuremberg Messe and dropping off our stuff at the press centre, we went to our appointments. We visited the SKW Airsoft’s booth to check on the latest stuff they had on display. One are the Secutor airsoft guns with their Rudis and Gladius blowback pistols, and their Velites airsoft shotgun series. Many airsoft players and game organises would surely be interested with the Duel Code Bomb Simulators and their airsoft grenades which Ruben happily demonstrated how they work to us.

    Following SKW Airsoft, we went to Star Rainbow Company (SRC) to see what they have on offer. On display were some airsoft carbines with the Wirecutter/LVOA-type rail and their tried and tested Gen III gearboxes as seen  in their SR4 AEG series.  They are also the manufacturer of the Battle Machines for Valken Tactical.

    If you have not heard about ViperTech, then now you get to learn more about them as they produce high quality AR-type airsoft gas blowback rifles. It was our first time to see them at the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 and seeing these up close, we do recommend that you consider them when on the market for a new airsoft gas blowback market.

    By 1100H, we had to go back to the press room to file the Day 2 report as well as prepare for the Airsoft Meetup. With more photos to upload and which we hope you enjoyed seeing them on the Popular Airsoft Facebook account, I was lucky that I was able to upload the Day 2 photos with just a minute to spare before the Airsoft Meetup started.

    The Airsoft Meetup for this year was a more straightforward affair. Slickaxe of NLAirsoft opened the Meetup with the introducing,one of the partners for this gathering, to introduce the latest in their Airsoftdb project. Airsotftdb allows you to search for airsoft products in your area and worldwide making it more convenient website for airsoft players. They announce the ability for airsoft websites to get a widget for them to embed Airsoftdb at their own websites and that means Airsoftdb will always be at the click of the mouse button at participating airsoft website, be they airsoft blogs, community forums, and airsoft news and information websites.

    Gunfire came up the stage with a more quicker presentation this time, starting with their GF Point event, a unique airsoft event which mainly involves orienteering as they go about achieving their objectives. The GF Point also requires physical and mental stamina as it happens in the dead of winter in Poland. They also explained their own airsoft products such as the Specna Arms line, their GF Custom Guns, Primal Gear, and more. Apart from that, they are one of the bigger retailers that carry more airsoft brands such as G&G Armament, LCT Airsoft, and E&L Airsoft.

    Paul Chu of RedWolf Airsoft did the introductions for this company with Rob Manore of RedWolf Airsoft USA taking over to announce significant things for the RWA brand. They will be making Battle Arms Development airsoft rifles, produce Fortis parts, and that they are now carry NPO-AEG, the Russian airsoft company that produces the airsoft guns based on Soviet and Russian weapons design, including the new AK-12 rifle that is now being tested by the Russian Armed Forces if it will become the standard-issue rifle for the 21st Century Russian warfighter.

    He also mentioned about the upcoming RWA Lee Enfield No. 4 Rifle which is getting collectors of period airsoft rifles even more excited with this. Another is the Airsoft Surgeon collection that is comprised of custom airsoft guns designed for practical shooting such as Action Air and 3Gun. We really dig the custom Sport Rifles with receivers that he actually machined himself rather than using the CNC process which many use nowadays.

    Carlton Chong of Airsoft Innovations came up the stage for a quick presentation of the new XL Burst Airsoft Grenade. This is the first sound grenade for the company as before they produce mainly BB grenades. It’s a loud simulation of a flash bang grenade and with the demo, it is indeed emit a loud bang, and for airsoft players in a smaller rooms during CQB games, it will be more defeaning, as this emits noise at 125dBA.

    Masterchief took over the stage from Slickaxe as it was time for the awarding ceremony of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. Half of those who won an award were present this year, but the awarding was made more special as the community honoured the late Mark Rasmussen, the founder and CEO of Airsoft Denmark who passed away last year in the UK. ASG received the award on behalf of his mother, with Paul Wignell reading the message she prepared, unable to hold back the tears. It was an emotional moment, with the everyone rising up for a standing ovation for Mark for what he had done for airsoft, his mother for the message of appreciation for the airsoft community, and for Paul and others who have worked hard for Mark to receive this award.

    Mark Rasmussen’s photo was projected on the screen as the award was being read. Big thanks to Matt Furey-King of UKAPU for the image and who also worked hard to get that recognition for him.

    Also honoured were three of the four latest inductees into the Airsoft Players’ Choice Wars for having on five times in their categories --- WMASG for the Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website, Border War Milsim for the Best Airsoft Event, and Airsoft Innovations for the being the Best Airsoft Kaboom Maker. Not present was Evike, the Best Airsoft Retailer for North America.

    DM Diffusion made the final company presentation for the Airsoft Meetup. A family-run company based in France, they mainly carry Classic Army products. But they also carry Umarex, Tanio Koba, WE Airsoft, and KWC.

    With that, Slickaxe, concluded the Airsoft Meetup with more time to spare. It was the shortest of the Airsoft Meetup series but we do want a longer meetup for next year’s IWA.

    After saying our congratulations to all those who presented and received awards, we dropped off our bags at the press room and went to the RedWolf Airsoft booth where we found some of the people that we had been meaning to talk to. Rich of Wolverine Airsoft talked about the HPA product range and also about the Quake Recoil Stock. Also there were Jim and Stephen from The Grange where they talked about the new CQB game site, called The Grange Live Gaming situated in the heart of Birmingham. This is a 6-storey 72,000 square metre game site and they accept bookings for airsoft games 7 days a week.

    It was already 20 minutes before 1800H when we decided to call it day. Picking up our bags at press room, we went back to the hotel for a quick rest. Dinner came soon and we joined other airsoft exhibitors who have turned Finnegan’s Irish Pub into the official watering hole for the airsoft community during the IWA Outdoor Classics. By 0300H the next day, I decided to call it day (or a night if you want to call it that way) and went back to the hotel to get some much needed sleep.

    Photos of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 Day 3 can be found on the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    IWA Outdoor Classics 2017 Day 4

    Work hard, party hard. Do that for four days and you will have a hard time getting up in the morning.  On the final day of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2017, that was the case for me. Eventually, I got up and took a show at around 0800H. It was a good thing that we started packing our things yesterday and the small bits were chucked into the bags and off we went back to Nuremberg Messe.

    The fourth day of the event had the least traffic, vehicle and people-wise, since a good portion of visitors has already gone home yesterday. Whilst, I prepared the third day report, I sent Masterchief out to make a quick round of the other halls of the trade show, especially the gear and firearms section.

    After uploading the photos of Day 3, I grabbed my camera to make my final round, checking out if I missed other airsoft exhibitors. In Hall 7A, Lonex Airsoft had a big booth but it looked like the two persons they had manning their booth were busy doing some paperwork at the table, oblivious of my presence. So I just snapped some pictures and headed off to find a booth where they have people that were more attentive to approaching visitors.

    On a side note, the same thing happened to us with LCT Airsoft for two years in a row that we finally decided not to attempt to get an appointment with them for the next IWA years.

    In this case, it was Silverback Airsoft, and there was a grinning Nicolas Regin, founder and director of the company. A really nice French chap, Regin immediately greeted me to talk about the products they have, calling his engineer Jackal Lee and Project Manager, Denis Rabaud to explain what they have on display and what airsoft players can expect from them this year.

    The Silverback DesertTech SRS Sniper Rifle was pretty much well-received by airsoft players who are more appreciative that the company is very responsive to their needs such as releasing a pull bolt. Now, left handed players can soon order one SRS that is made for them. The pricing will be bit a higher, but it added cost should bring more convenience for them. A really well made rifle, the SRS can be configured to different lengths and is balanced well.

    Photo of a custom Silverback Airsoft SRS in PenCott Greenzone that is owned by Ennmydtat (Julien)

    Another that airsoft players should be excited about it is the announcement of the Silverback DesertTech Micro Dynamic Rifle (MDR), a bullpup AEG, that is based on the real steel version and Silverback Airsoft has a licensing agreement with them. On display was prototype but shows the fully ambidextrous operations, and easy change of the barrel from the standard length to a more compact one. It will have it is own geabox as AEG gearboxes from other bullpup airsoft guns such as those from the P90 or the Tavor, cannot fit in this body.

    Another airsoft sniper rifle is in the works and it also has ambidextrous operations that Silverback Airsoft are also planning to release the chassis kit and complete gun versions --- the Silverback DesertTech R7S. It is am impressive-looking bolt action sniper rifle, and this is a prototype (the real steel version is also in prototype too). The stock can be folded to the left and right, and is based on the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 internally. For those who use the VSR-10, they can just purchase the Chassis version and use the VSR-10 internals. For those want a complete gun, Silverback may just release one with upgrade parts already included in the package. No release date and pricing information has been revealed to me.

    Thanking the amazing guys of Silverback Airsoft, I made my way to iWholesales, a distributor of a lot of airsoft products in the United Kingdom. Talking to Jacky Singh, he said that the the EMG-SAI airsoft rifles will be available in the UK. For those curious where the A&K K5 Mod1, or what many would say the A&K KRISS Vector AEG, was not on display but was there as well and I had the opportunity to take photos of it.

    We started saying our goodbyes to all the airsoft and gear retailers who have been so accommodating to us by 1445H. We had long conversations at the Gunfire as well as RedWolf Airsoft which are two of the most supportive companies to Popular Airsoft, over the years.  Realising that it was already 1530H, we made quick goodbye to G&G, Bolt Airsoft, and Modify as we needed to retrieve the bags from the press room.

    Leaving Nuremberg Messe by 1600H, it was the first time for me to leave the IWA Outdoor Classics under the rain as the last day was always the brightest and sunniest of all the days in my experience of going to this event. On the way to airport, I reflected that there will be some consolidation in the industry, as pointed it out to me by Lukasz Boncol of Gunfire. There will be upcoming companies that will take place of some of the established ones and many are looking forward to the demise of one company that is experiencing a period of difficulty that it looks like it might not be able to recover unless its management will be able to reorganize and stave off the bleeding.

    The Airsoft industry’s presence at the IWA Outdoor Classics is growing  bigger each year that I won’t be surprised that in a few year’s time, it might be occupying half of Hall 7, crowding out other non-airsoft gun manufacturers. But that means this event is offering the industry better business opportunities than other events that they attend to and it is really a good sign. As for the airsoft media, it is also a good event that we get to mingle, exchange information, and catching ourselves in unguarded situations (that is off the record). It is good to see these people, with friendships developed over the years apart from our love of the hobby. I hope to see more of them in the next months and years.

    Now, if only my luggage gets reunited with me this week, some of the tools of trade are in there and it’s sitting somewhere in the caverns of Amsterdam Schipol Airport.

    Photos of the 4th Day at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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    Airsoft Meetup 7APCA Special Airsoft Player Award Mark Rasmussen

    The Airsoft Meetup that takes place at the IWA Outdoor Classics is always a straightforward affair: quick speeches, quick presentations, quick awarding. Bang! Bang! Boom! Done! But this year’s Airsoft Meetup is something that we shall remember for a long time.

    The Awarding Ceremonies of the Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards is one of the major parts of the Airsoft Meetup. All awardees have been voted by Popular Airsoft readers and the general airsoft players from around the world, making it the largest awarding event in the airsoft industry, and also the largest online event in airsoft. It is also one of the sweetest moments awardees, and it is a big recognition to the hard work they have put into airsoft in whatever capacity they are --- as an airsoft retailer, manufacturer, blogger, publication, YouTube Channel, and as an airsoft player. For this awarding ceremony, it was also honouring a player who has given much to the hobby to be taken away from us as at such a very young age.

    Mark Rasmussen, the founder and CEO of Airsoft Denmark, passed away last November 2016 in Oxford, United Kingdom. He was 22.

    He had plans for Airsoft Denmark to be big, and for the UK airsoft scene, Mark became a familiar face, an active participant at various events in the UK. It was an unfortunate that his plans had been cut short by his death.

    But the airsoft community did not want his efforts go unrewarded. The United Kingdom Airsoft Players’ Union (UKAPU) spearheaded the campaign to have Rasmussen nominated for the Special Airsoft Player Award of the 7th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. Joined by others such as Rasmussen’s supporters in Denmark and by ASG, voters have decided to give Rasmussen this award posthumously.

    During the awarding ceremony, Action Sport Games (ASG), led by Paul Wignell, joined by RedWolf Airsoft’s Marck Daniel West, got up the stage to accept the award and read a message on behalf of Rasmussen’s mother, Lone Rasmussen.  The message was sweet and short, but Paul was not able to hold back his tears having overseen the growth of Rasmussen in airsoft in the UK:

    If you were not able to make out what Paul has read, here is the full text which he posted on his Facebook Page:

    "Dear All,

    On behalf of my son Mark Rasmussen, who unfortunately is not here anymore, I thank you with all of my heart, for the fine gesture you have shown him here today.

    Mark would have been so proud if he had been allowed to experience this moment.

    I thank the airsoft community for your support and kind words in connection with the Marks death.

    Mark was passionate about what he did and I was there all the way on the sidelines. There was not room for much else. However, Mark had a wonderful girlfriend, Andra, whom he loved more than anything else. Andra was Mark`s cookie and she had a unique patience and understanding for his work.

    A special thanks to ASG in Denmark. They believed in Mark and his work. And a big thank you to Paul Wignell from the UK who took Mark around the sites in the UK. Mark really cared for Paul.

    The last major cooperation Mark obtained before his death, was with Redwolf. They also deserve a big thank you for believing in his work. Thanks Marck.

     Unfortunately, I have to say that Airsoft Denmark as a company is closing, but I will continue to pay for Mark`s site. I think it should be, as a memento of Mark`s outstanding work.

    To conclude, I think that I will inform you all about the cause of Mark`s death. He died of a brain inflammation, possibly caused by a virus.

    Once again, many thanks for the nice gesture you have shown my son. I am deeply honored.

    Dear Mark, Congratulations on the title, I'm so proud of you. See you in Valhalla.


    Sincerely Mark's mother,


    The audience at the Airsoft Meetup gave a standing ovation honouring Marck for getting an achievement after his death; Lone for believing in her son’s airsoft passion; Paul, ASG and RedWolf Airsoft in supporting Mark and Airsoft Denmark. It was an emotional moment and it was a moment that we will never forget.

    And we will never forget Mark Rasmussen.

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    Kalashnikov Concern Building

    Last week, Kalashnikov Concern, the Russian company that produces various firearms, including the famous AK rifles and other weapons systems started moving to protect is intellectual properties in Russia, especially the use of the Kalashnikov name in airsoft products. Formerly known as Izhmash Concern, which is the legendary Russian defense manufacturer that the father of the AK-47 worked for, Kalashnikov concern looks like it will be making a full court press into the airsoft market.

    One of its moves is to file a case against Cybergun last 3 Mach 2017 in a report filed by RAPSI, or the Russian Information Legal Agency. It says:

    The firearms maker Kalashnikov Concern has filed with the Commercial Court of the Udmurt Republic a lawsuit against French company Cybergun over alleged trademark infringement, according to court records.

    The plaintiff demands to recognize its right to use the labels "Калашников" and "Kalashnikov" as part of trademarks and brand names and right to use the name of M. T. Kalashnikov in economic activity. Kalashnikov Concern also asked court to declare the defendant’s actions illegal.

    The court will consider the case on March 13.

    It is the second in the legal headaches of Cybergun as they got sued in the U.S.A. by Sig Sauer for breach of contract in 2015 such as failure to remit royalty payments. Sig Sauer wants to put a stop to the use of its name in airsoft products made by Cybergun, as well as recall all Sig Sauer airsoft products  and remaining inventory for destruction.

    For the Russian airsoft market, Kalashnikov Concern has been going after Russian stores, as posted by Marty Airsoft on Facebook:

    It has been known for years now that Kalashnikov Concern has been eyeing the airsoft market. In fact, five years ago, under the old Izhmash Concern name, that they planned on producing an AK-74M AEG, and actually manufacturing it rather that outsource it to another company in the Far East. But we have not heard much about it afterwards perhaps due to other pressing concerns in the defense industry where it faces obstacles in exporting to the West due to sanctions placed caused by the Russian occupation of Crimea and supporting rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Another is the hiccup of transfer of the Kalashnikov name as before the rights to the name belonged to the family of the AK-47’s inventor which they won in a court case last April 2016, paving the way for the company to fully maximize the use of the Kalashnikov name.

    We still do not know how Kalashnilov Concern will approach the airsoft market as there are no clear announcements from the company regarding its actions on the Russian airsoft market. Will it further enforce the use of its trademarks in other countries outside Russia? For now, those who have much to worry about is Cybergun and the Russian airsoft businesses.


    Top photo:Kalashnikov Concern Building (Photo Credit: Kalashnikov Concern)

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    Revision Military ACH

    Another win for Revision Military as they get awarded another, and bigger contract to supply the Advanced Combat Helmet II for the U.S. Army. This order is worth US$98 million entailing the company to supply the Army over 293,000 units.

    This is not the first time that Revision Military won a contract to supply helmets for the U.S. Army. In 2014, the company won a US$21 million contract to supply 90,000 ACH helmets.

    The ACH II Helmet is said to be lighter by than the current helmet by 24 percent. The current helmet weighs around 3 pounds. Before, Gentex Corporation supplied the ACH helmets for the U.S. Army, but 34,218 helmets were recalled as certain screws for the chinstrap and other parts of the helmet were not conforming to standards which the company blamed on a subcontractor for fabricating compliance certificates. The screws failed at extreme temperatures during ballistic tests.

    U.S. Army Photo

    For this contract, the helmets are priced at over US$334 per item. Revision Military is expected to deliver these helmets for a period of five years, with an estimated completion of delivery in March 2022.

    Revision Military is a world-renowned provider of eye and head protection systems. It has a line-up of ballistic eye protection wear that is in use by soldiers, law enforcement, sports shooters, and airsoft players. It also has its own fully modular head protection skin for the soldier called the Batlksin that can be used with the ACH that can be configured to meet mission requirements and even provide protection for the mandible.

    Revision Military is based in Newport, Vermont and can be visited online at

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